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Man holds up store with submachine gun:

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  1. Any bets on this being an airsoft rifle? SBR P90 and 5.7 ammo are not exactly common and this guy being a ‘gamer’ would have an affinity to more exotic toys. Enough so that he had to tell the clerk what it was.

  2. I’m with Severe: it’s an airsoft. The cops have probably shown this video to the owner of every gun store that sells 5.7mm ammo already, and they’ve probably never seen this guy because his PS90 shoots little plastic balls instead.

  3. I’m going to have to jump on the airsoft bandwagon. If he had the cash to buy a PS90 in an sbr configuration legally, he wouldn’t be holding up a GameStop. If he had the underground contacts to get one illegally or steal one, robbing a GameStop would be pretty small time.

  4. It’s a Tokyo Marui P90 airsoft rifle ($300) not a P90 (which cannot be bought by civilians) or a PS90 converted to an SBR (which runs $2700 for the PS90 + $900 for the SBR conversion and tax stamp. If this perp could afford a PS90 SBR he wouldn’t be robbing a game store for a few outdated Xbox games. In fact, he could have sold his airsoft P90 for a few hundred bucks and saved himself the felony conviction for armed robbery.

    I love the news report’s description as a “scary gun”. Would the store clerk feel better if robbed at gun point with a Walther PPK or a Kimber Solo because they aren’t scary looking? Who writes this drivel anyway?

  5. She’d rather be robbed by a pink Hello Kitty Walther .22 than an OD green airsoft? Probably true.

  6. Did anyone else notice that the chief of police said that the P90 was a semi-automatic weapon? Someone didn’t do his homework before his big television interview.

    I have to agree about the Airsoft idea. This guy was bragging about the(very unique and easy to track through sales records) type of firearm he was using? He also walked into a place that has tens of thousands of dollars in inventory on the shelf and does nothing other than wearing glasses to hide his face from the cameras that he had to know were there? It sounds like he got desperate and purchased a cheap, easy to conceal Airsoft and decided to be a criminal. He is definitely not a pro at the robbery thing.

  7. That was definitely an airsoft gun and this isn’t exactly unprecedented either I heard from a cop I used to know that they caught some kid who was running around robbing liquor stores with an MP5K. His first thought was airsoft because where did some teenager get an MP5K.

  8. This fool will soon be in cuffs because he most likely lives down the street from the store. When the home owner in RI was robbed by three teens back in Feb., the cops arrested the three stooges a week later. They lived a couple of streets from the house and they walked to the victims home. One of the stooges had done some handy work for the poor victim

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