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“Part Norman Rockwell nostalgia, part ‘Edward Scissorhands‘ on steroids, The American Dream is the work of Australian indie developers Samurai Punk,” reports. “After working on an early split-screen multiplayer shooter, the Samurai Punk team decided to take the first-person shooter concept to its logical conclusion and create a VR world where guns aren’t just for bad guys, they’re for everyday life.” How does that work? Like this:

“Imagine the guy from Call of Duty, and the only way that he can interact with his world is through a gun,” Tang said. “How would he live his regular life? What happens when he goes home?

“We crafted this whole bizarre 1950s, Epcot Center, World of Tomorrow-style theme park, where gun companies are trying to teach the common man how they’re going to use guns to enrich their everyday life.”

That means clearing rubbish from the roads using guns, eating from a gun, driving a car with gun hands. The team even went down the rabbit hole of asking, How would you go to the toilet?

Yes, well, I’m still not sure if The American Dream is a logical follow-on to, say, Call of Duty. Nor am I — or anyone else — sure if this gun-hand gun game is trying to pillory the American gun culture, celebrate it (in its own special way) or both.

As YouTube commentator MadDemon64 observes, “I know this game is trying to give a message about something, but I don’t know what it is.” Skyrilla is equally perplexed: “Not sure if liberal gun outlawing bullshit or satirical take on gun lovers by gun lovers.”’s got no doubts about where the game fits in the political “debate” about gun rights:

And it’s certainly thumbing its nose at global gun culture.

As Tang said, “There’s all these conversations about gun control, but most of our time in games is spent shooting things. Something’s not quite right there.” . . .

“I think [Americans] like the irony of it.”

Bottom line: file American Dream under “have my cake and eat it too” for a politically correct game designer who’s not averse to banking big bucks. Still, could be fun.

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  1. Ehhhhh…

    At least in that world, it would be more polite…


    I’m just not seeing the ‘play-ability’ of that concept.

    • The science is very clear. White, Western Civilization folks kill each other at a lower rate than, well, pretty much every other group on the planet.


  2. Aw, how cute, a bunch of Australian libtards who think they’re giving all those backwards american the middle finger by being clever and edgy, and, like, aware, or something.

    • Australia has about 2/3 the population of California. It’s a pathetic little country, populated by the genetic offspring of those who the British thought to be bad enough to send on a many thousand mile voyage, to a shitty island for punishment.

      Take Ozzies for what they’re worth – sometimes amusing, generally worthless.

      • They may all live under a “Benign authoritarian government.” But, some of their woman are sure hot !!! 🙂

        • And they *really* like American men, because those men tend to treat them as people, which Aussie men do not. You haven’t lived until you see a couple of Aussie hotties walk into a bar with ordinary looking guys, then minutes later noting that the chicks were sitting together while the guys were dancing with each other. Good grief.

  3. wow, I guess i could play that game if it ever exists….or I could play a computer game that was in anyway fun.

  4. It’s an anti-gun, anti-american piece of shit…and , based on that lame video, the graphics suck balls…if you want to play a game about shooting guns, just go out and shoot guns..this is pure lefty agit-prop crap.

  5. Off-Topic BREAKING NEWS – Florida early voting closed at 7:00 pm, EST.

    Early voting has been tabulated, and the results are in:

    “The latest numbers also support Trump’s message that polling results are being inaccurately reported by the mainstream media in favor of Secretary Clinton. Oversampling also has been an issue with recent polls out of Reuters, ABC, and The Washington Post, which included a 9-point sampling bias toward registered Democrats.”

    Clinton – 760,003

    Trump – 881,274

    This is GOOD NEWS, people!

    • Well, whadda ya know. I hate Trump, but I actually feel pretty good about that news. Maybe we won’t have to watch a poisonous harridan soil the White House after all.

      As for this “video game”…I thought games were meant to be fun.

    • No one has any idea who those votes were cast for, that would be illegal. What’s reported as such is votes cast by registered Republicans are assumed to be for Trump, registered Democrats assumed to be for Clinton, a good reason to be registered independent. If I were a registered Democrat in a heavily Democrat area, I would vote early to avoid violence, and I’d vote for Trump. So those numbers mean less than nothing.

  6. Pretty sure even “the guy from Call of Duty” (Even I know it has a rotating set of characters, so throw this into the big pile of “art” games by people who hate video games) has a context sensitive “use” command.

  7. In same old news: Virutal reality Games still suck. gamers wonder why he spent $900 for head set and $700 for graphics card

  8. Where are all of the articles on what is going to happen with this election? We are possibly looking at the beginnings of civil war here and they want to keep posting articles on video games. We are so fucked.

    • This is a gun site, not a political news site. If the political news is too far away from guns 90% of the readers will bitch in the comments.

    • Only excuse to start a civil war over an election is that the election was not held, someone declared himself dictator for life. If you’re thinking the results (whatever they are) alone justify violence, trust me, you will be alone, and quickly dead. Because that’s crazy.

  9. The irony, of course, is that if Americans hadn’t come with their guns in the 1940s, the Australians would’ve published their silly game in German!

      • For a period, yes, Australia would very likely have been subjugated by the Japanese Empire, although with a fierce, and almost assuredly continuing guerilla, resistance.
        Now – who knows how the world would look like?
        Hitler would have eventually turned on the Japs, just as he did do to sq the Soviets, provided he could have advanced that far – Obviously not, if one of the many more assassination attempts that would have surely continued had succeded, and considering he would have had to fight through half of the USSR, assuming Japan conquered the Eastern half, and then assualt Japan, with them holding China and the surrounding areas. By then the Reich would likely have had atomic weapons, guided rockets (missiles) and jet bombers though, sooo…
        Good idea for a far better video game.

    • I feel like there’s a clue hidden somewhere in your username. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe they figured it out. 🙂

  10. No thank you…Ill personally continue to putter around playing Skyrim, Fallout series, Surpreme commander: Forge alliance, minecraft, and a couple of others. I’m old and slow…But loven it…My nephews still playing Doom, and Fallout4 on his xbox one !

  11. Aussies are starting to act so stupid that I’d be surprised if they can wipe their @sses without an instruction booklet.

  12. Honestly to me the more important point is that there really is no good use for VR gaming technology. Not in any way that can justify the cost of the damn hardware 😛

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