Allegedly Breaching a Contract With the NRA Can Be Expensive – Quote of the Day

“In the face of this politically motivated coercion, Lockton should have honored its fiduciary obligations and longstanding business relationship with the NRA and taken full responsibility for any compliance related concerns. Simply put, Lockton ceased to protect the NRA and its interests.” – NRA complaint filed in the Eastern District of New York in NRA Sues […]

Question of the Day: Is NRA Carry Guard (and Similar Programs) “Murder Insurance”?

In the video below, Rashad Robinson declares that the NRA’s Carry Guard program is “murder insurance.” The Executive Director of Color of Change is aghast that gun owners can buy a policy that protects them against the financial burden of defending themselves after discharging their firearm. “It’s incentivizing people to shoot first and ask question […]

IMI Systems Quote of the Day: Shannon Watts Has An Unhealthy Obsession With the NRA – Enter to Win 1000 Rounds of IMI 9mm Ammo

“NRA Carry Guard proves that for the NRA’s leadership, no idea is too absurd, reckless or depraved. For years, NRA lobbyists have pushed to allow guns for anyone, anywhere, anytime — no questions asked. Now they’ve figured out how to profit from gun owners concerned about being accused of murder. Carry Guard is just more […]

TTAG Daily Digest: Redesigning the Conversation, Conservatives for Registration and Pushing “Murder Insurance”

Good luck with that . . . Can We Redesign The Way We Talk About Gun Control In America? Fred Dust, partner and global managing director at the design company Ideo,  also suspects that Americans’ common baseline on issues of gun control is more extensive than surface tensions would indicate. A distilled version of the […]