Anti-gun santa nerf gun
Courtesy Sabella DeCarlo
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Since this is 2020, tis the season for breaking little kids’ hearts and telling them they can’t have the toys they really want for Christmas. That seems to be the M.O. of a politically correct Santa at a suburban Chicago mall who told a tyke he wouldn’t bring him a Nerf gun this year. Because violence, or something.

That kind of thing may make Shannon Watts grin like the Grinch, but the confused little boy broke into tears.

In a Facebook post, the kid’s mom wrote . . .

My poor baby. This was the first year Michael was excited to go see Santa. It was supposed to be magical but instead I had to watch my sweet little boy fight back tears because Santa told him No because of his own personal beliefs. I had to think fast and explain to him that this Santa was just a helper and not the real guy. I just wanted to console my baby and get him out of there, flipping out on Santa would have only made it worse. His Elfie is going to bring him a Nerf gun directly from the North Pole, from the real Santa, tonight.

Here’s video of the jolly old a-hole crushing a little kid’s dreams.

Fortunately, the mall quickly canned Woke Scold Santa and sent the real Kris Kringle over to the kid’s house with an apology and a Nerf gun almost as big as he is.

Let’s hope the PC jerk who made little Michael cry ends up boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. Humbug.


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    • The smile on the boy’s face when Santa “magically” made one red foam ball turn into two in the boy’s hand made my day.

      Those in charge of the Santa event at this mall did the right thing. I hope that little boy loads up his new Nerf gun and has so much fun he can’t help but be tired for bedtime.

      • Did you hear the condescension just *dripping* in that fake Santa’s voice?

        That POS was getting off on breaking that kid’s heart.

        Pulling crap like that is why I *hate* Leftist scum.

        May every last one of them get cancer and die a painful death alone…

        • Yep. The progressive left is absolutely vile.

          While I don’t hate all who think they’re progressive — there are a lot of people who have just been hoodwinked and would be decent folks given the chance — the SJWs and all the people who pull their strings are not only spreading misery individually, they’re poisoning an entire culture. They can all die in a fire. I’d gladly strike the match.

    • Everybody’s talking about the Santa, what about the parents?

      No fight in them.

      Thanks for someone else making it viral.

      • I can only imagine the genes in this family if this is a “baby”. Prolly an nba player in the making. Or is it mom who needs to keep her kid (looks about 5 Y/O) a baby. That will make him a baby forever.
        ps I can see the flames already.

      • If you haven’t seen the Louder with Crowder interview with the family, you should watch it, the boys father turns out to be a police officer. The interview starts at the 49;00 minute mark in the video clip below.

        NOT ON MY WATCH! Save Christmas from the Woke Communist !

        • Thank you for sharing this. I have to sort of retract my previous statement… I agree with ING about the “best possible outcome”, but I just honestly don’t know that I would personally be able to not be confrontational at that point. You made my son cry, now it’s your turn. Im certain I would have remained somewhat professional but I certainly could not just walk away and hold a phone while my son is in tears because some dumbass got political.

      • What were they supposed to do, punch Santa right in the mall and get arrested? It might’ve made you feel better, but it wouldn’t have helped their kid. This looks to me like the best result you could possibly hope for.

      • The Mom specifically said she didn’t want to starta fight with a Santa, and no matter how justified, the optics would stink. Out of all the bystanders who would see the fight, only those close by would have any idea of why. Why ruin Santa for everyone else, and why ruin Santa for her kid beyond what the Santa himself did?

        • I get it, but if “Santa” makes your kid cry, it’s time to have that talk about what christmas really is. It would have been a rough day. This is why I loathe the idea of lying to children. We all remember that feeling. How hard would it be to come up with something else “in the christmas spirit”. It’s that same hope for reward that religion provides the “sinners”. I did good all year, I get presents. I didn’t want to get all bah humbug but that’s the reality of it and the negative side to a capitalist holiday like this. There are better ways to celebrate the holidays and christmas.

  1. Watts and Bloomberg would be proud. No weapons for you little kid, just be a good little docile consumer and Santa will bring you a copy of the NY Times and some Starbucks.

    • I have been reading aloud to my young kids CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, and they love the part where Santa Claus comes and gives the child protagonists weapons like swords and bows (and magical healing elixirs). Santa gives you the tools you need to overthrow tyranny and nudges you in the direction of responsibility and growing up. The tyrannical queen just gets you hooked on her false Turkish delight which leave you addicted but never satisfied, forced to do her bidding or face imprisonment or slavery if you resist or even think for yourself. And no you can’t celebrate Christmas or feast with friends or family, always Winter but never Christmas.

      Hmm, I see parallels… Anyway my kids are working on BB guns and safe handling, nerf guns will come in time but I need to get the biggest nerf gun for myself for self defense first!

        • Your local liquor store sells a temporary ‘potion’, usually by a 750 ml bottle.

          (So I’ve heard… *hic* 😉 )

      • Great! I did the same for my children when they were young. Narnia, Ivanhoe, Tale of Two Cities…a few dozen classic titles in abridged versions intended for children. After completing each book I wrote the month/year on the inside of the front cover. The books will go to them soon to be read to their own children.

        I miss those days. When the final hour of their day consisted of wrestling on the living room floor (sometimes with me), running around the house as we played the nightly “catch me” to get them into bed, a chapter from one of the books, then a goodnite prayer.

        (sigh) I need grandkids.

        • “Turns out, grandkids are even more fun than the regular kids.”

          Because you get to hand them back to mom and dad at the end of the day? 🙂

          (Or is it that you both have a common enemy? 🙂 )

        • I have an 18 month old grandson, and even though I have great kids and a wonderful relationship with them, I can assure you grandchildren are the absolute best. It’s scary to immediately love something that much. He’s a blast, and I’m going to enjoy being the rogue grandparent!

        • Congrats, Tom (PA, not OR, lol). In a couple of years you’ll be giving pony rides and hearing the infectious giggling only a youngster can give.

  2. This people are clinically sick! Fired? No, he should be stripped naked, tied up, and mercilessly shot with nerf guns by children of NORMAL people!

  3. He should have said, “maybe your mom would get you a nerf gun”. Many kids don’t have a dad in the picture (it didn’t appear he was there). Santas are trained to say “maybe” or “look at a nod from the parent before promising a toy. He could have said that he would try to talk to mom about it, because some parents do not want their children to have guns(or anything fun).
    It could have been handled better. Just like anything else, training before they go on the job is lacking.
    As another thought crossed my mind, what is the mall thinking, putting Santa and the kids (and ultimately everyone at home) in danger in this time of Chinese Plague?

    • I agree he could have said parent instead of dad, but he can’t promise a gun. The parents who would be upset with a promise of a gun can get pretty nasty about it.

      Either get a signal of approval from the parent, or say something cheerfully noncommittal.

      It would be interesting to know what guidance he was given before going on the job.

      That said, he sounded like a shitty Santa, just listening to his voice and tone would be a huge letdown for kids. I detected no cheerful in him.

      • It’s been a really long time since I made requests of a Santa in a mall, but I seem to recall they never committed to anything. They took your list or your request and asked if you were good, and said “I’ll see what I can do.” or something vague but hopeful.

        Maybe this one should have just said “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

        • My dad kept a list I made one year. It’s pretty funny. There’s basically just one non-weapon related toy on the list. Yes, a BB gun was on the list, but I never did get one.

    • “Many kids don’t have a dad in the picture (it didn’t appear he was there)”

      That was a normal dad, he was at work… 😉

  4. I think the mall santa was really Joe Biden in disguise. He was hoping the little boy would sit on his lap and he could get to sniff his hair. 😁

    • “It’s the small people that make life worth sniffing… Things. I meant the small things that make life worth living.” Corn Pop, probably.

      • Many men enjoy interactions with kids. It is how we are wired and a man who is comfortable with himself can talk to and play with them. There is nothing wrong with it. In this day and time, I would not want to be left alone with them, but asking them what their stuffed animal’s name is and just humoring them is a good way to teach them socialization.

        • Well, yeah. I love children, they’re wonderful. Do you think Joe Biden is anywhere close to normal dude?

  5. Progressive Liberalism spreads one diseased mind at a time…The symptoms are an absence of rational thought, a lack of kindness, extreme selfishness, a total dearth of conscience / morals, no tolerance for other POV’s, megalomania coupled with an overwhelming sense of victimhood.

    In the late 80’s my son and I had a lot of fun with our Nerf guns…graduating to paintball and detailed scenarios in the 90’s. Fun times and excellent practice on using cover, concealment and tactics.

  6. The presents come from parents. Why are they giving a fake fat guy credit when they’re the ones who deserve their childrens’ gratitude?

    • It’s called Toymass, and if your really good, dont lie( we certainly don’t want our children lieing to Us) or do wrong, a magic man will reward you with the toy you want.

      • My son, 12 5, decided he wants a few good useful things. From me he wants a really good keyboard and mouse for his PC. I told him he won’t be getting anything else. He’s already getting a new bike from his Grandparents.

    • It’s important to you to have your childs “gratitude”? Don’t have children please. They are not a prop for your ego.

  7. Yeah I saw this scrooge azzhole…a freaking nerf gun. When I was a lad I got a quite realiatic Mattel Tommy Gun & a beautiful 38 snubbie. From my parents because I never believed in Santa! We had a “German” Christmas where we opened presents on Christmas Eve. Good on the mall. Santa gets a lump of coal…

  8. Good job, SJW Claus. Now the kids despise you along with the rest of us and you’ve learned how put yourself out of a seasonal job you secretly hated.
    Congratulations on forging a life-long firearms obsession by telling someone they can’t have it.

  9. Now take the time to Thank the Harlem Irving Plaza in Norridge Ill. There are still companies out there even in a Gun Control State that understand and are willing to correct adults for their bad behavior.

  10. Aside from his making the kid cry, he doesn’t sound the least bit like Santa Claus. Where’s the booming baritone? You should never have a whiny, soprano St. Nick who sounds like Ratso Rizzo.

  11. I don’t know what’s worse, the Santa, or the parents not having an ounce of fight in them.

    if someone else wouldn’t have been recording and made it viral, nothing would have happened.

    • Oh Sally, Kyle is going to walk because it was self defense.
      Also, the little boy who wanted a NERF gun is more of man and definitely more of a decent human being then you could ever even in your wettest of dreams become.

  12. So Christians condone lieing to there children.
    “Santa” was absolutely correct, a fat man in a red suit is not going to climb down the chimney and give you anything.

    • And you leftists lie to everyone including yourselves.
      Now if I were you I would ask my doctor if THORAZINE is right for me.
      Merry Christmas Dippy.

  13. The LIbertard Punk who told the kid no Nerf Gun should stay in his Mommy and Daddy’s basement where he belongs playing his Play Station and stop irritating people with his left wing socialist crap. We get enough of it from the Democrat Crime Organization and their Propagandist Toadies with the Josef Goebbels Memorial Propaganda Machine.

  14. I am honestly shocked that in 2020 the mall actually did the right thing instead of doubling down on the woke a-holery.

    • I was shooting BB guns as my Father helped me lift the rifle. I was shooting .22s with my Father and Grand Father when I could hold the gun up without help. I was shooting shotguns and rifles when I was big enough to hold them up. That’s how all boys were raised when I was young. That’s how I raised my daughters.

  15. You have to hand it to them…..they know how to right a wrong, with style!
    1st Santa sucked and but the kid will remember Santa #2 because he was AWESOME!

  16. I’m in Chicago and I heard this morning a$$hole Santa was from the Chicago area… The family lives in Forest Park Illinois so I wonder what mall it was? North Riverside mall? Oak Brook mall? Too bad there are no crying liberals around to dox a$$hole Santa… I know some elves that would like to make his acquaintance…..

  17. Being anti gun should not be described as woke. Woke has to do with black people fighting their enemies. Every single time pro gunners use the phrase woke they are talking about white people who have nothing to do with the beliefs of black people. Its offensive because it stands for misrepresentation of a people and culture. You wouldn’t like it if somebody but words in your mouth and called you an anti gunner. Malcolm X was woke. He didn’t like white liberals. You are confusing the beliefs of militant African Americans with those of something else that is nameless. It’s probably a bad idea to do that, some might say silly frivolous and slightly feminine.

    I have been busy with corona. Business is booming. I can’t really fight you or your misguided racist slurs anymore but hear all and see all. When referring to Malcolm X instead of using his imagery to get blacks on your side you insulted him by saying he used his trigger finger to pick his nose. Nose jokes about Black people. So that is not the best use of political wording.

    The quality of your comments has gone down hill and apparently you have lost focus. I have all the money so will buy dicks and sell guns or Just Build the largest chain of sports and outdoors stores in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the country.

    • Woke is a modern term that came much after Malcom X regardless of whether you apply the term to him or not. Woke is a word originally for people who describe themselves as smarter than everyone else. “Don’t tell me to wake up, I’m already woke. It’s you that needs to wake up”. It’s used in today’s context to mock those we would perceive as using the word.

      Your attempts to race bait are pathetic

    • So sorry to hear that you are suffering from that gritty not so fresh feeling again.
      You should ask Santa for some Masengale or a nice Monastat yeast infection cream.
      Ho, Ho, Ho you “woke” ignoramus.

  18. And leave your house full of reindeer shit! Hope you don’t have to call 911, your out of luck you moron!

    • my grandkids can no longer visit my home because I “keep guns there”…forcing alternative arrangements…just the reality some of us have to deal with these days….

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  20. So now it’s hands across America because someone told this kid no? I’m a Conservative, and I strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment, but dammit, teach your kid not to burst into tears just because someone tells him/her no. This damned cancel culture bullshit because someone said something you don’t like. We all need to get over ourselves, both Libtards and Conservatives, and stop being such snowflakes. Getting this guy fired because he said something you don’t like…friggin pathetic.

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