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California’s Kamala Harris, the best-looking attorney general in the nation, has signed a letter mandating micro stamping technology for all new semiautomatic handguns being sold in the Golden State. [Read the letter here.] Any new model handgun must have a microstamped serial number somewhere on the gun’s frame and a firing pin that stamps a unique number onto the cartridge before (or as) it ignites the primer. I immediately reached out to Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition to confirm. Confirmed. Brandon has assured me that the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale is being challenged in court as a whole. Meanwhile for those Golden State gun buyers this means . . .

Californians who surmount the paperwork and scrutiny required to purchase a handgun can still buy any of the handguns on the current Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale. But that’s about it. As of today, all new models which manufacturers want to introduce for sale in California will need to follow the new guidelines. They’ve got to be capable of microstamping.

There’s not a single handgun manufactured in the United States that microstamps a cartridge. Not one. Why should there be? The technology is both expensive and useless (the firing pin can be replaced or sanded down in seconds) and consumers may well balk at the idea. So gun makers looking to introduce new models into California are going to have to design and build handguns that microstamp or . . . nothing.

Chance are they’ll walk away. Even without this microstamping misegos, gunmakers are dropping California compliant models. The state’s registry of acceptable gats has declined by half since its introduction, from 2400 models to 1279 today. SIG SAUER “lost” 17 models in the month of March alone.

There may come a time when California gun shops may have only a dozen or so new handgun models for sale. Or, perhaps, none. Think that’s an exaggeration? California still has no less than 46 civilian disarmament bills floating around in the Sacramento legislature. It’s a slave state for sure.


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  1. Ok, now we’re really fscked. Double irony that I read this on my phone in the parking lot of the Chabot range where there are hundreds of people shooting on a beautiful spring Saturday.

      • Stupid, unnecessary and ultimately ineffective, yes.

        Unfortunately it’s enforced at the sales counter instead of on the street, which is ALL too effective. It also gives me hope that this is an overreach that will be slapped down by the courts. Eventually. Someday.

        • Thank god the b!tch left my revolvers alone. How long do we have to buy a new auto before this abortion becomes law? At least until the courst slap it down.

        • This is a boil-the-frog-slowly measure. Nothing is banned, we just don’t get any new handgun models. Which has already started.

          I’m lucky in that I can afford to buy guns using the single-shot exemption if I want, but (a) the SSE is ALSO at risk, and (b) I would much rather not spend an extra $200+ per gun on SSE fees.

        • Your grandchildren can look forward to it. Or not. In a non-upside down, non-bassackward era, Cali would be expelled from the Union, and war waged against them.

        • DID she leave revolvers alone? It can be argued that a revolver still qualifies as a “semi-automatic” pistol.

        • Heller: Banning entire classes of weapons is unconstitutional. Sales of guns should continue despite this C-word’s obsessive, tyrannical, utopian desire.

      • Not here. There are two democrats for every republican. And this post is just Kamala’s stepping stone to the governor’s mansion. And she is rabidly anti-gun, our version of Lisa Madigan. Unless the federal courts here decide to act–and so far the Ninth Circuit has for the most part steadfastly refused to act–things are looking increasingly bleak. To quote Dante, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

        • I had a choice of “entering” I choose not to.
          It’s only a slave state if you can’t leave.

          Why not choose to leave and seek a free state?

          They have more jobs anyway and you can actually buy a house without being a millionaire.

    • Off topic. How is Chabot? I have been shooting in Livermore and like it but i wouldnt mind a change in scenery.

      • Chabot is okay if you don’t mind being told to cease fire when turkeys and deer wonder onto the range. I go to Chabot because I shoot surplus bi metal Russian steel cased ammo which ain’t always welcome at other ranges.

    • I want to know who said she is the best looking!?
      Further more the law she is trying to enforce is unconstitutional and will be shot down under appeal. The policticial grandstanding on this issue only brings out the assholes. Which is a good thing so now you know who they are and get’em out of office!!

  2. Kalifornia’s Democratic Supermajority in action… These little tin god wannabees are a waste of oxygen…

    • “These little tin god wannabees are a waste of oxygen…”

      I made this up the other day, “Liberal Dioxide,” once it gets in the atmosphere it just sucks all the fun up

    • why are liberals leaving their liberal utopia and shitting up former free states like Colorado? Californians STAY IN YOUR STATES. we dont want you in our red states which are economically booming.

  3. Oh no…this means Massachusetts is going to try some nonsense like this. I really need to move.

    • But the Comintern of Massachusetts already bans just about every decent semi-auto handgun, from Glock to Springfield and most everything in between, so we will feel little impact.

      I keep telling people that the MA AWB is an inconvenience; the firearms roster and the AG’s regulations are the true killers of gun rights.

      • Yeah, it is bad but since I only got a license under the current conditions it getting worse with microstamping is going to be just too much.

    • Massachusetts is already trying to do this. Actually a US Rep from MA is going to introduce this same exact bill on the federal level. They are not giving up until we are disarmed, we cannot give up either. We need to take our country back!

    • Wow. I had no idea they’d been so successful! They should try this “just ban it!” method on drunk driving and domstic abuse.

      These people are flat-out delusional. When you’re losing, just call it winning.

  4. They know what they have to do. The longer they put off doing what needs doing, the bolder the communist legislators get.

    • When your car is giving you trouble, do you call it a communist as well? Words have meanings; they cannot be bent to your will.

      • My car does nothing with intent. These legislators do. To remove the bill of rights protections is a stated goal of the communist party. Since these legislators intend to the same goal, they are communists.

  5. I was about to comment that the phrase “slave state” really does apply. OK, I’m out of here for a good burger, beer, and some onion rings.

    • Got some brats, hot dogs, carne asada and corn on the grill right now, 1911 on my hip, listening to AC/DC. In Kommiefornia of all places. We might be in trouble, but for now, I’m living my own version of the American Dream.

    • I think burgers, beer and onion rings are all on Cuomo’s things to ban list here in NY too

  6. ATTENTION Kalifornia shooters:

    You better gather up your empty brass at the range, lest a ne’er-do-well collects them and sprinkles them liberally at his crime scene to throw the po-po off the scent.

    Abject and utter stupidity!

    • Holy cow. You’re right. Fsck.

      Alternatively, might be a good idea to take a file to the firing pin ASAP after buying a marked gun.

      • I would assume filing would be illegal but I’ll be damned if these new microstamped FP’s don’t wear out as soon as you take em out of the box.

        • File the number off and micro stamp your own firing pin. Mine would be GFY.

        • There will be am “iron river” of blank FPs “smuggled” in from Georgia, Florida, and Texas where it’s so easy to “straw purchase” an illegal firing pin.

        • The problem, folks, is that this is the 7-round-mag thing all over again. They’ve mandated that we can only buy new gun models which include a CA only feature, which means there may not BE any new handgun models made available in CA.

        • That’s all well and good except for one thing, as stated, gun manufacturers do not make them with the microstamped firing pin. So it’s not a matter of just buying a marked gun and changing the pin. There will be no new models made that can be purchased in this state.

      • or buy a pre-stamp era firing pin…


        nevermind. obey the law, pay your taxes, and STFU. oh and, “if you got nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about” /rolls eyes

    • Unfortunately, it probably will cost California a lot of money. It should be paid for by the people trying to institute bad law.

  7. So does this mean that they are going to ban buying replacement firing pins since they would not have the s/n of the gun? Ballistics fingerprinting (which is a complete waste) can be circumvented via a new barrel. I feel bad for y’all in CA and I think all is lost at this point. The scales have tipped in their favor and probably won’t get tipped back to our side.

    • Rugrash, a few swipes with a SS cleaning brush will alter things, a few more will make it different. Some JB bore polish on a cotton roll that fits tight will polish your bbl such that it leads less, collects less copper fouling and is easier to clean with a SS brush.

      Viola>>> No Match dis gun…..

      • We’re all giving “them’ plenty of new ideas for follow up amendments and laws for the authorities to use to confiscate “unlawfully altered” firearms.

        Don’t be surprised if this legislation doesn’t end up creating another bureacracy in charge of annual registration and firing pin checks, along with more fees, just like is done with bi-annual vehicle emission control systems checks.

    • Don’t feel bad for all of us. PLENTY of gun owners here already have lots of firepower. In my area (San Diego), there are literally 10’s of thousands of Marines and other military servicemembers/veterans that have no need to obey or comply with this nonsense. Attempted confiscation would not go well for these liberal progressives either.

      • I’ve heard of people using sand paper on the bullet to alter the rifling signature…

  8. As John McClane said after getting off the plane, Cal-i-for-nia. It’s a state where the voters–at least a majority thereof–want to smoke pot, but not allow gays to marry, where they want lots of government goodies without having to pay for them, and where they keep electing idiots to public office. The only solution is to remove every politician from power, erase the entire legal code, eliminate the ballot initiative, and start over. Oh, and in the new state constitution, line one will have to be a recognition that the Federal constitution is the law of the land.

    • Im the exact opposite of everything you just stated. I only hang out with like minded people here in Ca. Ca. SUCKS from San Fracisco down. The north state is all farmers, hunters and rednecks! I wish we could divide the state into North and South.

      • That is why the northern part of the state should finish what they started and become the state of Jefferson. Let the southern portion implode.

        • I agree. I’m continually disgusted with our currently flawed democracy regardless of demographics. Just like in Illinois the whole state must suffer rules and regulations that their regions want nothing to do with solely because of “Chicago.”

          If we could break the states into smaller pieces that would be great. Have maybe, 300 or 400 states so rural California can actually afford and legally buy a small rifle to fend off wild animals attacking their livestock.

        • Accur81 beat me to it, don’t lump all of us together. I ain’t no damn government teat-sucking waste of life. I do live near a few of them though…

      • It isn’t northern vs southern CA. Its rural vs urban. There are plenty of conservatives south of SF. We just don’t outnumber the progressives in any of the big metro areas.

  9. Wasn’t there a standard of “common usage” in one of the various USSC cases? If so, how can this possible have a chance of standing up in court?

    • Heller decision. This is so stupid . . . . AG Harris is just trying to raise her street cred to run for Governor. She knows this is a loser case, but as long as it is tied up in courts, well, she can say she is tough on crime. When the courts toss it, she can place blame on “activist” judges. It is for the children(TM)

        • You are correct. It is in essence banning an entire arms section. It also places undo burden to bear arms.

          The states can only do any stringent governances in urban areas. That is also in discussion in the Heller verdict.

          Also, to push it, Illinois is out of line technicaly with their high-temp requirements fir poly bases of the pistol as “poly” could be cinsidered an advancement of technology which Heller also made clear was an infringement. This is why they really can’t ban the “defferender” or any other home-made firearm providing it is never sold.

  10. I’ll believe it when I see it from another source. TTAG is hardly a reliable source. The owners of the site are into scare mongering to get hits. Remember how they told us that NY was going to outlaw pump and lever action rifles and shotguns? Remember Bank of America? TTAG was publishing Internet lies about them without bothering to check it out. Don’t trust what you read on here until it is backed up. They care about getting hits for advertisers. Money.

    I would take this with a grain of salt. It might be true but I sure would not depend on this site to tell me if it is.

    • I smell a cave-dwelling creature depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.

      • Hmmm… I smell a bit of “Employed by Bloomberg” about that. (I could be wrong, but Bloomberg IS employing shills to visit gun sites and MSM sites to stir up hostilities.)

    • Jim B(ean),

      Put down the beverage for one second – just kidding. TTAG is right on… all the time… when it comes to the current situation gun owners are in. Everyone makes mistakes with specific’s time to time. But in the big picture however, TTAG is right on.
      Regardless, I apologize for the offensive comments of my fellow TTAGers (they are protective of our culture which is currently under attack) and welcome to TTAG! Read the links, check out the gun reviews, buy a gun, and hit the range. I wish we had a network in place where we could assign a person of your region (a gun buddy) with which to train and have fun at the range, but we don’t. Regardless, we encourage you to buy a gun and go to your local range for safe fun and practice.

      • No problem. All I was trying to say was that TTAG puts out every damn rumor there is. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. I have owned guns longer than I am sure 90% of the people on here have. I am all for gun rights. I just don’t like untruths being published which TTAG has done in the past so often that when something seems outrageous I tend to doubt it if the only source is TTAG. In the Bank of America case they caged it in “we are not sure of this” but the published it anyway getting people all excited. Why? Well if you don’t know why I won’t tell you. They told us that NY was going to outlaw pump and lever action long guns. There was never even a bill that addressed this but they got everyone on here excited about it. How can anyone trust anything they say? I don’t. Once I hear it from another source, yes. TTAG is not a trusted source. Sorry but it’s true. That is their own fault, not mine.

        Yes, I don’t like to express my opinion and being told to FOAD (if you don’t know waht it means look it up)! Big surprise! I never said anything of the sort to anyone. Never at all on this or any other form for that matter have I said anything like that, not even to anti-gun people. I think people have a right to their beliefs just as they have a right to their guns. Of course if they want to be crude to me I will be crude back. Like, big deal. Anyone can call people names. I amsure ot my face this guy wouldn’t say a thing.

        • We’ve got opinionated people who are passionate about their rights. TTAG has jumped the gun, so to speak, on some things. However, most people here are pretty good at retracting their statements when they are incorrect. If you support freedom, I’m on your side. I for one have taken some heat for being a police officer, in part because of the mistakes other cops have made, and also for my own mistakes.

          As far as sensationalism, the trajectory of NY and CA gun laws are becoming clearer every day: disarmament of anyone who does not work for or who is approved by the government. Micro stamping is clearly a step in that direction – there is little or no commercial support for the process, it is easily thwarted, will do little or nothing to prevent crime, and carries an increased financial burden to the non-government shooter / hunter / enthusiast.

          • I know people are passionate about gun rights. I am that way myself. I just don’t like it when every sky is falling item is posted as truth. This California thing may be true and no doubt they are trying it. The anti-gun people try everything. That doesn’t mean it is going to happen.

            I don’t trust TTAG reporting after the NY BS where they did NOT retract anything. Nor did they on the Bank of America affair after defaming the company not that I love BoA. I seem to argue with them every other day but they were not targeting gun companies as TTAG claimed. All BoA cares about is money, anyway they can get it.. No apology, no retraction. If there is a headline, they seem to go for it.

            This California thing might be right but why should I trust them? They have lied in the past, why not now? They hear something, they publish it without checking into it whatsoever. The Bank of America thing was easy to check. I checked it myself. There was no way this was true yet TTAG published this hatchet job anyway. The NY thing was just a total rumor and they published it. No bill was introduced to ban pump or lever guns but they got all their readers excited about it and no doubt raised their ratings for advertisers which is their real reason. Tell me again why I should believe anything TTAG says.

            Personally I think, yes, there are elements in California that want this and will try to implement it. I don’t think it will be implemented because it is…well stupid. Of course being a stupid doesn’t always prevent it from becoming law but in this case I think it will.

        • “All I was trying to say…..”
          We know what you were trying to say and are still trying to say. That’s why you received the rude comments. You are flat wrong, you are being rude, and you have an agenda that is the opposite of the folks that use TTAG. For those reasons you are an ass hat and should be ignored.

        • Jim, you say” I have owned guns longer than I am sure 90% of the people on here have”. Where did you get your numbers? Do you know who is on this site? Do you know who owns guns and who doesn’t? Aren’t you doing what you say TTAGs is doing?

          Sometimes an alert is given to try to stop something from happening. Perhaps it doesn’t happen because things that are stated here.

          • I am guessing from the age of most of the people. It’s a guess. I have had my own guns for 47 years. Are you telling me that you think I am wrong? If so, where are your numbers?

      • I’ve been shooting since 1964.
        As accur81 says, grow thicker skin, or don’t post.
        As a retired cop, I cringe when some folks state flat out that all cops plant evidence, skim guns from bad guys, etc. but I also know that it is true sometimes… Just as there are a percentage of priests who are pedophiles, there are a percentage of bad people in every profession. Doesn’t make me dislike engineers or astronauts, (ok, except Mark Kelly).
        I still embrace this TTAG community for the ideas, opinions, thoughts and knowledge that a diverse community brings.
        And if I may, the bit about pump shotties being affected by the NY unsafe act was on. It suggested that because an extended tube could be added, the wording of the law could be construed to ban them. Think they won’t try? Stay tuned…

  11. Kalifornia dreamers-forever a new nightmare for the legitimate legal gun owner. I suddenly think “Auld lang syne”. Befitting as the good old days are long gone.

  12. There is already a law suit regarding the gun registry in general but I feel it will get worse before it gets better.

    • Of course it will.

      The takers are going to continue to throw massive amounts of legislative $h1t at the pro gun pro Second Amendment wall in the hopes that some of it sticks. They don’t care if it appears to be unconstitutional on its face or not. It’s like the commie red chinese when they dropped down into Korea. They keep coming until you’re over run.

      The bans and restrictions all started in CA with the 1989 Stockton schoolyard shooting and the first “assault weapon” ban because the perp used a chinese made AK style battle rifle and fired m-a-n-y rounds at the kids. Notice the similarities to Newtown?

      I repeat what I’ve been saying: the grabbers all work and associate in the same community. DiFi and those in her camp have been using CA as their test bed, or petri dish, to map a way toward national rstrictions and eventual confiscation. It’s an anti 2A cancer they are stoking, using every means possible to kill off pro gun folks and 2a protections.

      The question; will we ever be defeated?

      It’s eventually gonna get real ugly.

  13. Oh my goodness…do you know what this means? WE NEED A LIBERATOR THAT MICROSTAMPS!

  14. Ah while I feel the pain of our California friends, it makes me that much happier that I GTFO.

    And yeah, go ahead and tell me how I’m a short-sighted wimp for not staying and fighting. Life is too short to willingly live under the thumb of these collectivist busy bodies. Plus I can go get any handgun or rifle I so choose, cash and carry, without regard to approved handgun lists or bullet button silliness.

    • Don’t let anyone break your bells for moving. You voted with your feet, which is an honored American tradition. Good for you.

    • Good for you Nate!!! With the high taxes and cost of living don’t look back… You’ll more than likely have more money for retirement and ammo … 🙂

    • Wasn’t out country founded by people who didn’t like the laws where the lived, and moved?

    • Right there with you Nate. As soon as I finish my BS in Mechanical Engineering, I’m outta here. Maybe to Idaho.

  15. To be very clear, guns already roster will remain so forever under the current law, as long as the extortion fee of $200 per model is paid every year. Hence why we have Glocks…Gen 3’s. Gen 4’s are a no no. The law, passed years ago, stated that any semiautomatic handguns not already on the roster will be required to… The plan is devilish. While challenges are intitially made, they can point to the availability of handguns, and say, see we do not wish to ban handguns. But over an extended perior, it works slowly to that.

    Brown, at least, last year vetoed a bill that would ban the sale of non-rostered handguns from LEOs to regular joes, so that is still one avenue by which we can get non-rostered guns (though that same bill resurfaced this year). There are still other ways. So a blow, yes, but not yet a defeat.

    This whole thing, is fishy, though. Calguns paid to renew the patent on microstamping. The law requiring it said that it would not take effect until at least two manufacturers had the technology, unencumbered by a patent. Harris just certified that that is the case…but the patent doesn’t expire until 2023. So she is claiming another method of mircostamping, other than the one you can read about, exists, is not under patent, and is available to multiple manufacturers…I call shennanigans.

    • I have a feeling there will be a run on Colt SAA .45s (which are exempt from these provisions).

      So let’s see who’s on the playing field. Bersa is gone. Kel-Tec is gone. Taurus has only four pistols that they are still producing to be sold here–and that may be down to only three by now. I am sure Ct will produce no compliant models–they list hardly an at all now. Sig is a goner for sure (it’s been balking at building models with the required LCI), and I suspect H&K will be hot on its heels. New models of Springfields (XDm and XDS) and Glocks are not sold here (again no LCI), so once the old models run out, there won’t be much of anything to buy except revolvers.

    • Why would the companies of non compliant handguns even think of selling their weapons to law enforcement agencies in this messed up state? How about those manufactures restricting law enforcement in that state the ability to purchase the weapons that the average Joe isn’t allowed to buy? Just maybe that would get some attention. Refuse to arm the thugs!

  16. Oh, and btw, Pam Bondi looks better…though both show their age in close ups without makeup

  17. Here’s a thought for the “Land Of Fruit & Nuts”; give Kalifornia back to Mexico. It solves several current issues.

    Mexico has strict gun control laws for average citizens.
    Mexicans think Kalifornia is theirs anyway.
    It purges the United States of these wastes of oxygen.

    Can we save wine country?

    • As in many states, the actual size of the land that controls the state is very small. We would only need to eject a small portion, say the coast from San Diego to Marin, and CA would be a free(r) state once again.

    • Actually, California never wanted to be part of Mexico (sided with Spain in the Revolution)…the garrisons here were eager to raise the American flag. Quite different than Texas in this respect.

      Until the rise of Hollywood, and even then, until the mass immigration post WWII into the southwest, Southern California was actually very conservative. Indeed, it successfully lobbied to become its own state with the state legislature. At the time, So Cal was poorer ranchers and Californios, sick of the policies of the Northeast that had been imported into San Francisco and the north. The request, however, was made in 1860 and the US senate shelved consideration after Ft. Sumter (not to mention federal troops to prevent So Cal seccessionists)

      Really, with the blue-i-fication of Los Angeles and its area (which wasn’t nearly as blue as recently as the 1990’s), it has become more an East West divide, than North and South. And even then south of LA county, and north of Marin, there are some conservative strongholds in the coast. Really, inland So Cal could be called another Texas (every travel the 395), or rather, before you get to the Sierras, like the poor areas of Texas (some very very depressed towns). Not as big a population, though, as the Sierras and further north (it is dessert) but just as, if not more, conservative…you see billboards for guns! Kern County, actually, issues the most CCWs

      If you divided California into three, the Bay Area, North and South, the Bay Area would be communistaland, North outside of it would be red, and So Cal purple. If Los Angeles were removed from So-Cal, red. Even Ventura is fairly conservative, compartived to LA.

  18. This could be a good thing (don’t lynch me yet!).

    A few things need to happen for this to work in our favor.
    1. No firearm company implements microstamping
    2. Companies withdrawl from the “approved list”
    3. Manufacturers only sell “approved firearms” to LEOs.

    1 & 2 being the most critical. If the approved list is 0 and no one implements a microstamp, then we have a gun ban that prevents a class of firearms. This flies directly against Heller v. D.C. and McDonald v. Chicago. At this point, its unconstitutional and must be over turned.

    If manufacturers only sell approved firearms to LEOs, it can have an impact. The best thing overall is to have every company withdrawl completely from CA. No government sales whatsoever, none to LEOs, or anyone.

    • The manufacturers have to lead the way on this lawsuit. They’re the ones most directly affected. Gunnies will still be able to buy guns. However, manufacturers will be squeezed out of the Cali market unless they install expensive microstamping equipment.

      Manufacturers are injured parties. If they don’t stand up for their rights, it takes the wind right out of our sails.

    • You are right! The manufactures should stop all sales to California law enforcement agencies……they can go FTS

  19. Here’s a study testing micostamping:

    and here’s a primer by the NSSF:

    It is also utterly pointless for three main reasons: a) microstamping
    starts to become illegible after 10 rounds; b) it can be scarred or
    filed off completely and will still allow the firearm to be fired;
    c) after market firing pins exist.

    In short, this measure was done for the sole purpose of harassing
    legal gun owners and forming a de facto gun ban by severely limiting
    the number of firearms using arbitrary (and currently unworkable)

    • True, I don’t think there could be any doubt that this is all about drying up the supply any way they can. I didn’t know a state AG had the authority to do this. I know the PA AG would do that in a heartbeat if she thought she could.

      Edit: Ah, I see my mistake. There was a law passed in 2007.

  20. it’s long past time for you patriots who live in Kalifornia to either get out or start capping politicians and lawyers.

  21. Last time I spoke with my daughter, she said she and her husband are planning on leaving the military as opposed to risking the possibility of being assigned a duty station in Californication again. South Dakota is much more appealing, even with sub zero temps and blizzards.

  22. All gun buyers must completely boycott any manufacturer (and its affiliates) that produces a microstamping gun or aftermarket microstamping parts.

    Boycott, boycott, boycott and shame and ridicule anyone you see at the range with one.

  23. I live in California and this very disturbing and it pisses me off to no end. But the only thing you can do is write your congressman and keep writing them. This is what the liberals do all the time. Don’t just get angry with a rant and post on some web site how this sucks. Write them and tell your friends to write them and keep writing them. I have joined the NRA this year and just donated $25.00 to the Firearms Policy Coalition. My voice will be heard !!!

    • “My voice will be heard !!!”

      And ignored, until you can vote the progressives out of office. I would advise leaving, though. CA is caught in a positive feedback loop (pass laws attacking tax payers, tax payers move out to be replaced by welfare voters, who support more laws allowing them to live at the expense of tax payers, who then flee the state in even greater numbers, etc. That doesn’t even count the problems with obscene state employee benefit and retirement packages. End result: think Detriot, state-wide.

      Well, at least they will have nice weather for all the homeless when the welfare checks run out. Unfortunately, the asshats who destroyed CA with their voting habbits will then be busy taking down other states.

  24. What manufacturer is going to want to go through the process of retrofitting equipment and adding additional manufacturing steps just for California? More likely they will just sign California off as a lost cause for now (effectively banning guns in California). Also, the California residents will have to flip the bill on the new guns, the new process, and the losses incurred by the manufacturer’s. In the end… the criminals however will still be using cheap disposable jimenez/bryco/jennings Saturday night specials from Nevada.

    The attorney general’s mandate does nothing except take guns and raise the price of guns from law abiding citizens – which is basically gun control overall in a nut shell.

  25. And how exactly will this work with all the guns already out there? Will criminals have to comply with this when they purchase a gun from the trunk of some scum’s car? And to actually have this be successful, if ever, would take decades for it to actually see the smallest of results.

    • Good point, and good link, but SSE is effectively a gun tax further impeding access to 2A rights exercise.

      I can afford it, and there is an SSE FFL convenient to me — but that doesn’t do anything for somebody who wants a current model G17 but can’t afford SSE fees.

  26. I live in California and I’m really tired of the only thing stopping us from being completely disarmed are the courts and Gov. Brown. People give him crap and call him Gov. Moonbeam but one of the main reasons things aren’t worse here is because he just doesn’t sign these bills into law. State Senator Leeland Yee on the other hand can suck it, why can’t he just leave us alone.

    • Agree 100%. Brown and Harry Reid are both under-the-radar allies.

      I generally write his name Leland “Goatfscker” Yee, btw.

    • With friends like that, who needs enemies:

      2 May 13 – “California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation into law allocating funds to help confiscate tens of thousands of illegally-owned firearms.”

      17 Jan 13 – “California already has strict gun laws but Gov. Jerry Brown said on Wednesday that he welcomes President Barack Obama’s idea behind proposed gun laws at a federal level and said they would reduce the number of illegal guns in the state.”

      10 Oct 11 – “With the announcement early Monday that he had outlawed the public display of handguns in California, Gov. Jerry Brown bucked a national trend toward more lenient firearms laws and placed himself in the political cross-hairs of the state’s 2nd Amendment activists.”

  27. Did somebody die and make this “woman” dictator of Kaliforniastan? Oh… Wait a minute… My bad… This is California. Hahahaha

  28. Calfornia gun owner here and this sucks. We’re f*cked. I’m seriously planning on moving some time in the future before our state gets any more screwed up than it is. Tell me again why cops are exempt? They shoot tons of people! Nvm this is just stupid altogether.

    • I agree Elliot. Apparently California government officials of power feel California police officers are responsible, safe, rational people who care for the people of California and try to help them. Just like in this case:

      That poor newspaper delivery lady – shot in the neck delivering newspapers.

      Anyways, California people control (government officials in power) want more of the above and less of you.

      • Actually, the Legislature has a bill that would clamp down on the LEOs also. They will still be permitted to buy anything they want, but they will only be allowed to sell that firearm to another exempt individual (i.e., another LEO). This is in response to a couple of Sacramento deputies getting busted for a side line business they had buying off-roster guns at LEO pricing, and then reselling them to non-exempt buyers through private party transfers (which are exempt from the roster).

        • Can’t have that dirty no-good capitalism thing going on round these parts now, can we? I love living here, the weather is great and I’m close to just about everything I could ever want to do, but the level of stupidity in government and the acceptance of draconian laws has forced me to actively seek another place to call home. I will fight hard as long as I’m here, but I will be leaving.

  29. us Californians should pass a voter approved law allowing equal access to firearms to everyone, whatever the civilians can have LEOS must abide by it as well. If we are hampered by the laws they should be too. also forbid any special approval for CCW to special interests as well.

  30. It’s incredible how these like minded Dems launch an all out 2A attack at the city, state, and national levels by railroading new legislation or bypassing the legislative process entirely.

  31. All firearms, ammo and accessories manufacturers need to immediately cut off all California .gov and LEOs from any further sales or service. Period. Full stop. The NRA et al need to immediately file suit in Federal court.

  32. so if this is the states guarrantee on gun safety, can I sue the state of california bcuz I wasn’t allowed the correct firearm necessary to protect myself & my family from the criminal who has his? sounds like a plan to me…

    • They have. There are a number of cases that were held for several years while Nordyke was pending in the Ninth. Then Nordyke fizzled, and the Ninth seems in no hurry to decide those that remain on its docket (three California cases were argued last year that have not been decided.) In addition, there are a few more that are slowly working their way through the federal trial courts–and that too is a lengthy process. It seems that everything here hinges on what the SCOTUS does with Moore v. Madigan and/or Woollard v. Maryland. If cert is granted in either case, we can expect further delays–perhaps several more years–before we see any action out of the Ninth. This is an issue on which few courts are willing to lead, preferring to wait for the Supremes to “clarify” the law for them.

  33. What does this mean for travelers? I travel frequently to ca and I take my ca complaint 1911 with me to target shoot when I have days off.

    • Absolutely nothing. This applies only to sales through an FFL other than face to face person to person (PTP) transfers. It does not affect ownership or possession. And any gun that is still on the roster can be bought or sold through an FFL, including used firearms. The direct effect is that new models offered by manufacturers must have the technology. The law also does not appear to affect C&R firearms transactions.

      • Further, if you move to California, you can bring almost any handgun with you (you count as a personal handgun importer, and have to register, but are exempt from the roster). So those moving here should stock up on non roster guns they want (note there is no requirement, per se, to register guns brought to the state before 1998, or acquired in state before 1991. The process of buying or transferring in state is what registers the gun. So if you happen to possess an unregistered gun in CA, no need to register it)

        Only thing is no 10+ magazines may be imported and threaded barrels are a no-no.

        In the future, feel free to bring any handgun into California as long as the mag limit and “assault weapon ban” limitations are observed. Heck we can buy (private party) non rostered guns too.

  34. “California still has no less than 46 civilian disarmament bills floating around in the Sacramento legislature. It’s a slave state for sure.”

    Cali Res here….

    This is total BS.. I literally lost my shit last night.Microstamping? Please… more like a dremel and 2 minutes of time… *poof* Helping to solve crime? How? Most of the firearms used in crimes are stolen or purchased illegally (read: stolen or straw purchased). I mean…. Yeah sure, some ass hole is gonna loose his shit, but at the end of the day it’s not much help to know that, yeah the guy with the gun you have in custody, was infact the shooter. Where the gun came from is of little significance, unless… Oh yeah.. It’s not about the guns, it’s about disarmament.

    • This is the same objection I have frequently voiced to claims that registration permits “tracing.” If the gun was stolen, tracing is useless. Yet you will find police chiefs up and down this state and all across the country pushing registration schemes for their supposed law enforcement benefits. Excuse me? How does that work?

  35. I feel like the Queen of England in that Monty Python skit: “I think she’s dead.” “No I’m not!”

    Cf. Texas, I guess. This will not end well.

  36. No one in COMMIEFORNIA will be needing a gun in the future, because this useless state will fall into the ocean when the big one hits.

    • Actually, just everything west of the San Andreas, which is fine as it leaves the central valley and most of the north state intact, but the coastal urban areas will be history.

      • Actually no.

        California is moving into the rest of the continent. This side of the ring of fire is undergoing subduction with the plate the rest of N.A is on…so if anything California is getting closer to everyone else!

        Anyhow, these idiotic comments are amusing for their idioticy.

        • For the most part northern Kali is liberal & so cal is not except helL.A. non metro areas conservative

  37. If people just believed in the Resurrection and all that it means…they would NOT fear death. This goes on both sides. Those that fear death from the criminals and those that fear death from their government. Our government, in it’s original context is not there to make citizens righteous, nor is it there to take care of them from cradle to grave, but our government is there to protect their God-given liberty. Government must stay small to do this. When did we stray this far away? How did we fall this far down the rabbit hole? I am ashamed of my native state for turning to a blue state while I was in college, and I am afraid I am equally to blame for listening to my liberal college professors like they were Gods. I wish I would have never voted in, some of the people I voted in back in college during the Clinton administration all because it was cool to be a liberal feminist among those my age. America, I am truly sorry.

    • Considering that there’s no sex, beer (or guns) in the Christian afterlife, I don’t think your “Resurrection” myth will make many people here more willing to give up the ONE REAL life they know they have without a fight (or in the case of liberals, without crying for Big Sis to protect them.)
      The thought of Christian heaven (with its eternal praise-singing and watching the tortures of the damned) sure doesn’t appeal to me in any way!

  38. For any who may be inclined to attempt to ferret out what actual understanding might be derived from this, that is, based on logic, rationale or perish the thought…’reason’ — far simpler to abandon such antiquated notions entirely and recognize the obvious for what it actually represents. A simple answer to the question of “What new GUN CONTROL LAWS can be conjured up after all the COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL LAWS have already been enacted?”
    Now. Had this law been enacted and enforcement begun say, 30 years ago — certainly there’d be a well-established, taxpayer-funded ‘Bureau of Microstamp Inspection’ and a lengthy list of formerly law-abiding Citizens having been duly prosecuted, fined and subsequently had their rights rescinded for possessing a GUN with a firing pin that failed to clearly stamp cartridges.
    This list of criminals would of course, be used as further evidential proof that every GUN OWNER is merely a criminal who hasn’t yet been caught.

    From the archives:
    “Fortunately for those in government, the vast majority of the Citizens in the formerly Great State of California are in fact, morally-conscious, peaceable and law-abiding.
    If this were not the case, law-enforcement investigators would be trying to figure out how to access the La Brea Tar Pits in order to conclude their search for numerous missing officials, authorities and representatives.”

    “One of these days, the illegal alien drug-smugglers, human-traffickers, gang-bangers and barrio-warriors are going to run out of patience with the time it’s taking for the liberals to transform California.
    The peoples are going to band together, rise up, and finally restore the state to the exact type of government to which they’re most accustomed —a Banana-Republic Dictatorship.”

  39. LMAO! Once again……What part of all the carp with a microstamp, will the CRIMINAL OBEY? Not ONE thing the P.O.S. Obummer or any POLITICIAN introduce will affect ANY AND ALL CRIMINALS!!!! PURE AND SIMPLE, IT’S CALLED “LAW ABIDING CITIZEN CONTROL” PEOPLE DON’T TRUST THE GOV’T! They’re all HYPOCRITES!!! Go to the halls of any House. And they will have you walk thru metal detector and have more than 10 armed guards you must pass thru before you get to your stuff kinda like a airport. So my point is….They use our money to protect themselves!!! in a controlled area. But yet there want to legislate, you and your families to be on your own with criminals with no way to protect yourself . Also, Google “Warren vs District of Columbia” this was one of 3 CASES! Where the Supreme Court has RULED THAT THE POLICE DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING! LOOK IT UP! THEN LISTEN TO ANY JACKASS IN THE MEDIA AND/OR ANY WORTHLESS POLITICIAN TELL YOU. WHY DO YOU NEED A AR-15 OR MORE THAN 7 BULLETS. REMEMBER POLICE HAVE MANY GUNS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES NOT YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!!! AND REMEMBER YOU’RE IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT AS THEY ARE. JUST WAKE UP AND LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE GETTING KILLED MY CRIMINALS EVERYDAY ON THE NEWS!

  40. Reading a lot of the comments on here I see that a majority don’t see the true implications of this thing. So many are talking about buying a pistol and filing or changing out the firing pin. Explain to me how that is an option when gun manufacturers don’t make a gun with a stamped pin? This is essentially a ban on all new model pistols in this state unless, and until the unlikely event that gun manufacturers start making guns with stamped pins. Our only chance of that happening, god forbid, is that a large number of states go the same route as California, or it passes at the federal level, so that it makes economic sense for manufacturers to add that process.

  41. Ahh.. the Great state of Commiefornia. Would be a nice place to live if not for the retard politicians and laws there. I’m glad i’m in a free state…

    How do you residents in CA put up with all this crap?

  42. It happened in Massachusetts, after Romney signed in his so-called consumer safety govt approval list, for years we had a choice of a dozen models, a few smiths and a few walthers, we have lived this.

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  44. “best-looking attorney general in the nation” – I take it you don’t have an editor, or a wife, or a daughter. Or maybe you have the “best looking teen girl at the range today”.

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