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Actually, the lawmen don’t confine that sentiment to the good governor. It seems safe to say they feel an equal amount of love for the Centennial State’s rights abrogating legislature, too. And they’re expressing those sentiments in the only way left to them — by suing the bastards in federal court. “The sheriffs, in a complaint filed today in federal court in Denver, said the ammunition law bans most magazines of any size in an attempt to prohibit those that can be converted to hold more than 15 rounds. They also alleged that compliance with the background checks will be practically impossible.”¬†Joining the 54 sheriffs challenging HB1224 (mag cap) and HB1229 (background checks) are individuals and orgs as diverse as the Colorado Farm Bureau, the NRA the NSSF and Magpul. And the plaintiffs appear to he in good hands with lead attorney Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute. The first battle with likely be a motion for a preliminary injunction against the laws. Watch this space.

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  1. Hopefully we repeal these ridiculous laws here in CO, too bad we couldn’t do it before all those jobs were relocated though.

  2. Why waste the time in court, why dont these officials drag the suits out of the office and into the streets for a good ol’ tar and feather? These Sheriffs keep standing up for gun rights but we repeatedly see most LEO’s follow orders even if unconstitional.

      • It’s the point that by following some orders they are actually breaking the written law. They are literally carrying out rule of men rather than rule of law.

  3. Looked up the number of counties in Colorado, just out of curiosity.


    So 54 out of 64. I’d say the nays have it!

  4. I REALLY hope I can move out there soon. Maybe soon enough to cast a vote in the right direction of my own! It’s encouraging to see these men exercising common sense, for a change.

  5. Mine too – Stan Hilkey, Mesa County. Not so strange NOT to see; City and County of Denver, People’s Republic of Boulder, JeffCo and Arapahell.

    • Yeah, I’m in Arapahell and not surprised that Robinson didn’t sign on. Still disappointed, though. Same with Mink in Jeffco.

      No surprise to see Denver not in there. The idiot mayor is a member of MAIG. And Boulder is, well Boulder. . .

    • Jeffco and Arapahoe are plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Mink and Robinson are on board. See link posted by “Whatever” listed on previous post. The plaintiff list is also on Anyway, the Nazgul is pleased with this news.

  6. Wonderful. Perhaps Colorado isn’t lost after all. This is a great team they’ve gotten together to oppose the tyranny.

  7. It should also be noted that the LEO’s are taking the lead in protecting gun rights in Colorado. Just saying.

    • Far from it. They are part of the fight, but they are far from the lead. They simply make a good plaintiff on this sailed ship. Voters determine all.

      The Sheriffs can win, fight, appeal every case from hear to the second coming, hopping on and off the slow boat judicial process, but bad laws can be written, passed, and signed in a liberal heartbeat in any harbor, in any weather.

      And P.S. LEOs are not your friend, on average.

    • It should be noted that County Sheriff’s are elected thus if they want to keep being re-elected they need to promote the crime / gun related views that their constituents support.

      Who knows, maybe these guys really do believe it, but we’ve all seen politicians lie time and again to keep their jobs.

  8. If S ever HTF, there are lawmen who will stand with people. Most of them will be sheriffs and deputies. I know in my burg, if my state inacted draconian firearms laws and seizures were taking place, my local PD (at least the brass) would march lockstep, whereas my local sheriff has already gone on record that he would not. Even though my state is as safe as one can be (only as safe as the current powerbloc makes it), I’m still vulnerable because I live in the city. And the city controls utilities.

  9. I hope Colorado will get rid of the progressives in the 2014 elections. However, I will not hold my breath.

  10. There is a blacklash coming 2014! I was surprised to see Sheriff Douglas Darr of Adams County on the list as he is a Democrat and term limited. I will call his office on Monday and thank him as a county resident.

    This is gun country I’m surprised the Dem’s were this STUPID! Going to be hell to pay in 2014. I also think Senate President John Morse of El Paso County will be recalled.

    • “I was surprised to see Sheriff Douglas Darr of Adams County on the list”

      Especially given the (according to my brother who lives in Thornton) incredibly ridiculous scheduling the S.O. has for CHP applications. Tuesday and Thursday, 0800-1200, by appointment only. As of this writing, there are no available appointments in the next 3 months (the limit of their online scheduling system).

      When I applied for my CHP in Douglas County last year, I just showed up, waited about 15 minutes for the 2 people who were ahead of me, and, 14 days later, got a phone call telling my my permit was available for pickup.

  11. It maybe 84% of the counties but probably 20% of the population. The same problem we have with the blue states vs. the red states.

  12. Hope it works and kill the mag ban keeping Magpul in CO. Overall this shows the difference between elected Sheriffs and fascist appointed Police Chiefs. See the will of the people there!

  13. Best line ever “Courts are not supposed to re-write the law to say what the legislators meant to say, or if they had been competent” it very funny to watch the sheriff smiling at that statement…see minute 31


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