Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: Anti-Gunmageddon Referenda Fails in California

The announcement below came across my electronic transom last night: a Facebook post from San Diego businessman Barry Bahraini, one of the main organizers working to get a referendum on the California ballot to strike down six gun control laws recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The initiative failed to garner the 365k registered voters’ signatures required to qualify for the […]

Anti-Gunners Responsible for Pro-2A FaceBook Page Deletions

Facebook recently announced a ban of all pages that sold guns privately. Immediately after its decision, firearms-related Facebook pages that don’t enable private one-to-one sales went dark. This does not represent a widening of Facebook’s ban. My information: anti-gun Facebook users are reporting these pages. Facebook then pulled the plug without any further vetting. When […]

New From Polymer80: Polymer .308 80% Lower

Not one to rest on their laurels, Polymer80 is back at it with a world first. They are starting  production on the world’s first reinforced AR10 308 lower. Following the Ares Armor raids by the ATF last year, many became hesitant to purchase such items. During this scary time I was in constant contact with […]

BREAKING: California 10-Day Period for New Firearm Sales is Still Dead

Comely California Attorney General Kamala Harris has just lost another 2A battle in California. The Eastern District Court has ruled that her request of a stay on Silvester v Harris – ditching the 10-day waiting period for handgun purchases for buyers who’ve already passed a background check – shall not be granted. [Click here for the decision.] Unfortunately . […]

One Mother’s Thoughts on Gun Control

This article originally appeared at and is republished with permission. By Heather Marchese “When someone accumulates more than 40 violations of law in mere minutes to perpetrate unimaginable horrors upon others, there are no laws that will stop him but the laws of physics.”  We are 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control and we demand […]

Gun Violence Restraining Order: The Worst Gun Bill In The History Of The World Ever

Assembly woman Nancy Skinner [above] felt so bad about the UCSB murders that she decided to introduce California AB 1014. After sitting with her through a marathon committee hearing last year, I can say with confidence that Nancy knows virtually nothing about firearms. But after reading this legislation, it’s clear she knows even less about the judicial […]

No More Hunting With Lead? No Problem

Now that deer season is in full swing and AB 711 has put the kibosh on hunting with traditional ammo in California many of us are looking to alternatives. The whole lead scare was debunked here, but even still. While we can debate whether lead ammo is dangerous to you as a hunter, I think […]

Gear Review: Tango-7 Tactical Holsters

What do most concealed carriers want? A custom hybrid holster without the custom price. Unlike many states that allow open carry, California, among others, is all about keeping it on the down low. We fret and fear unnaturally about printing and even leave our regular carry guns at home in the heat of summer to […]