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John David Samarripas (courtesy

During the post-Newtown push for civilian disarmament, the NRA’s hewn to its anti-“gun violence” mantra: lock up the bad guys (and leave us alone). To say the gun control lobby is’t on board with the idea would be like saying Amit Friedman’s a bit of a babe. Get tough on criminals (not guns)? That’s so seventies Republican. Yes, well, I’d like to see some stats on how many people convicted of shooting someone had a criminal record at the time. Statistically speaking, I bet it’s all of them. Meanwhile, we have anecdotal evidence suggesting that longer jail sentences would reduce “gun crime.” The New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shooter was out on bond for a firearms offense. And there’s this not-so-unpredictable tale . . .

Click here to read the rest at The Truth About Knives—because the story’s got a knife in it, you love knives and we need to generate traffic for TTAG’s sister site.

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  1. So what’s the cross-posting policy going to be when RF launches The Truth About Sex Toys? Will we see humorous stories here on TTAG about assaults committed with foot-long pieces of molded silicone?

  2. On a whole, I believe stiffer penalties should be imposed. That said, the solution is to give people respect and compassion.

    If an idiot performs a crime and goes to prison you should welcome him back into the populace upon his return after he has learned better. If you feel that he/she should not be welcomed back into the populace… then maybe he/she didn’t serve enough time. Ex-con’s typically can’t own any guns, and many of their rights are typically violated because of their history. I think they should have a very stiff penalty but be welcomed back when their time is served. A stiff enough penalty that they wouldn’t dream of needing a 3rd or 4th chance to return to society.

    These days a criminal is sent to prison and can’t get a job after he gets out because of “criminal background checks.” Left between options of a high standard of living doing criminal activities or living in complete poverty flipping burgers which do you think they are going to pick? And… we don’t really give them an option. Ex-felons do not get decent jobs – no company is going to hire them.

    You might feel… they deserve it; they brought it upon themselves. They deserve being watched and “suspected” by LEO’s and their neighbors. However, those people should also accept that they are ostracizing and separating people who have “done their time/paid their price” and should also accept the consequences of continued resentment.

    • There are hundreds of companies that hire ex-cons and hundreds of programs to help ex-cons return to a normal life. Here’s just one list of national companies that hire ex-cons.

      Ex-cons might have more available programs than laid-off workers. Use google to find them. There’s too many for me to list. There’s even a Prison Entrepreneurship Program that helps ex-cons get low-interest loans.

      The reason that so many re-offend is because they’re no damn good, not because they’re denied opportunities. Screw ’em.

      • I would agree many of them did not learn their lesson.

        However, your link goes to a website that states this:

        “So, who hires felons? Getting a job after prison can be tough; here is a list of companies known to hire ex-cons and felons in addition to their regular new hires. ”

        Companies will tell you they don’t discriminate and all that crap. Its bogus – they discriminate against ex-cons when they perform a background check. Also when you submit an application or a resume it doesn’t go to one person who does company wide hiring – it goes to that specific branch, that specific department, that specific manager and all depends on his opinion and mood at that moment. I can pretty much guarantee they won’t hire you.

        How do I know? I have a close family member who is a felon. After endless looking – he eventually had to open his own company. Luckily, it did well and continues to do so.

  3. Shows Robert is right the gun grabbers are laying off till another spree shooting they let out wackos to do this like this N.O. nut job.

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