sacramento crime scene shooting
A crime scene investigator photographs evidence markers at the scene of a mass shooting In Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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They’ve banned high-capacity magazines and cracked down on assault weapons. They’ve made it so Californians have to pass a background check to purchase a gun and ammunition. They’ve prohibited buyers from having ammo or “ghost” gun parts shipped directly to their homes.

When it comes to gun laws, California’s legislators have passed some of the most stringent regulations in the country, checking off nearly every box on national gun control advocates’ wishlist.

A mass shooting early Sunday that left six dead and 12 wounded just a block from the Capitol — the very building where these laws were enacted — immediately prompted new calls for legislation to curb gun violence, from California elected officials and gun-control advocates across the nation. …

“Ban ghost guns,” President Joe Biden said, expressing his sorrow for the Sacramento victims. “Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Repeal gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability.”

But what else can California’s lawmakers do to restrict guns that they haven’t already done?

— Ryan Sabalow and Dale Kasler in California Has Toughest U.S. Gun Laws. After Sacramento Shooting, What Else Can Lawmakers Do? 

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      • 𝑫𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒏 𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒊𝒏𝒗𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒚? 𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒕’𝒔 𝒉𝒐𝒘 𝑰 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒋𝒐𝒃 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑵𝒐𝒘 𝑰 𝒂𝒎 𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 $200 𝒕𝒐 $300 𝒑𝒆𝒓 𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒒𝒘𝒆03 𝒅𝒐𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒆 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒌 𝒇𝒓𝒐𝒎 𝒉𝒐𝒎𝒆.
        𝑨𝒑𝒑𝒍𝒚 𝑵𝒐𝒘 𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆__________𝒏𝒆𝒕𝒄𝒂𝒔𝒉𝟭.𝒄𝒐𝒎

    • As expected Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk do not pursue the perps they pursue everyone but the perps. Americans exercising a Constitutional Right are fed up with joe’s worn out Gun Control agenda; an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide.

      If Jim Crow Gun Control joe wants some Gun Control then hypocrite joe needs to start with his grown son hunter and tell him and his gal pal a dumpster is no place to leave hunter’s firearm for just anyone to find and someone did find hunter’s gun.

      Frankly joe’s incompetence made a bloody mess out of the Afghanistan exit, joe screwed up America’s oil supply and the entire economy. In November America is coming back on joe and the media and the democRat Party for lying and doing wrong after wrong. Be there or be square.

    • Treason is a hanging offense, and warring on a provision of the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment in this case, is a treasonous act! “Arrest them, convict them, lock them up.”, I agree – and then GIT A ROPE! That’ll end the BS.

      • Yup, and properly cared for a good rope will give years of service.
        We’re gonna wear out a lot of rope.

      • “Take all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree,
        Round up all of them bad boys, hang ’em high in the street
        . . . For all the people to see.”

        Thank you, Toby and Willie.

  1. Confiscation and outright criminalization, obviously. They’re not even bothering to hide their intent anymore. They’ll start with soft tyranny; freezing your bank account until you turn in all weapons purchased in your name, all gun owners must sign affidavits attesting that you have turned all your guns in, consenting to the possibility of a random search of your premises. If you’re caught with a gun after that it’s straight to jail. Banning the sale of ammunition to individuals, only approved government entities and gun clubs can purchase ammunition, that ammunition must be shot at the range.. banning all pistol calibers and centerfire rifle calibers, 22lr single shot rifles and break action 12 gauges to “honor the great hunting tradition of the second amendment.”

    It’s coming. Draw your lines in the sand now gentlemen. If you don’t, you’ll just comply when the tyrants come knocking.

      • De Facto, excellent and posted on my 71st birthday.
        This piece clearly shows the arrogance and self righteousness of the left.

    • I think before a ban there will be black powder only, then flint only, then match lock.
      Meanwhile street price of AK will not change.
      A detective buddy once told me government could barely drive up the price of street drugs and those get consumed. Street guns are durable. Absolutely hopeless to alter supply. BUT you can greatly alter the criminal use of guns or anything they do by incarceration and where applicable rehabilitation (such as learning a skill in prison such as highly paid skilled trade), so once out they have a marketable skill other than standing on a street corner.

      • Until the US stops exporting jobs and allowing in illegal immigrant workers, there will always be un and underemployed people in this country. These people will turn to drugs in their boredom and others will rush in to sell them their product they desire.
        It is not right to allow our country to rot just to build up other countries.

      • First you have to change the rules about prison. Many years ago prisoners used to make furniture which was sold to the open market and to political entities. We had cast off county furniture in our office as we were contract employees and not county employees. We had a huge, solidly built oak table that some office decided they didn’t need. The construction was flawless.

        What happened to that trade learning process? The office furniture manufacturers and retail vendors petitioned the legislature (read bribed) to eliminate the unfair competition to their inferior but outrageously high office furniture prices. Same thing with food. At Angola Prison, the earnings of the inmates not only pays for the complete operation of the prison but turns money into the state treasury every year. They grow their own food, including meat, poultry and milk. If CA tried that, the big food growers like Bud Antle would petition (read bribe) the legislature to forbid the unfair competition from “free” prison labor. The goobermint in CA could contract with Mexico to incarcerate all the Mexican nationals presenting residing in CA prisons. Oops. Can’t do that. The prison union which has owned several past goobinators would object and petition (read bribe) the legislature to outlaw the outrageous practice of imprisoning foreigners in their own country’s prisons. Somehow unfair (to the prison guard union that is).

        Let me explain “bribe” as used in this post. Every legislator and every politician puts on “fund raising” dinners. I haven’t checked the election code, but I believe that there is no limit to how many “tables” the prison union political action committee can purchase at, say, Gabby Nuisance’s gala fund raiser where purchasers of a table can have a photo taken with the goobinator and actually have their hand shook by the hand of the goobinator. At $10,000 a place setting, purchasing a table of 12 creates a $120,000 contribution. It may not get the goobinator to agree to sign your legislation, but it certainly will get you an appointment to visit him to discuss the reasons why it should be signed into law — oh, and to inquire about future fund-raisers that may be coming up.

        So, at least in Kallyfornicadia, the chances of teaching inmates a meaningful trade are slim and none. Of course, there is always funding for courses like Oppression of the Black Man by White Supremacists, or Gender Equality of the LBGQIDON’TKNOWWHATIAM Community.

      • Most 100 year old ammunition, loaded with black powder and corrosive primed, will fire.
        Workable firearms are not difficult to make. Barrels do not have to be rifled.
        Before the Russians flooded the country with mass produced AKs, Afghan village gunsmiths made copies of mass produced firearms, in particular copies of British Enfield .303 bolt action rifles. They resized the empty cartridge cases, knocked the firing pin dent of the Berdan primers, reloaded the primers with a paste made from “strike anywhere” matches. They took old movie film, which then was made of nitrocellulose (“gun cotton”), cut it into strips and reloaded it into the cases. They made jacketed bullets from copper sheet rolled into tubes and formed into points, brazed the seams, filled them with molten type metal (lead-antimony) and sized them in dies they made.
        Ammunition is the greatest challenge in firearms. A firearm will last a hundred or more years and tens of thousands of shots.

        • That is amazing. I never knew that about using old film. But even if old film wasn’t available gun cotton is made from battery acid and battery acid processed with saltpeter (available at the butcher’s), and cotton of course.
          A few months back I fired off about 100 rounds of pre WW1 Lee Enfield 303. Zero duds, and cloverleafs at 50 yards.

    • Won’t be door to door confiscations, it will be :

      Freeze Bank Accounts — Check
      Cut Off All Utilities to Uninspected Homes — Check
      Cancel Insurance to Uninspected Homes — Check
      Cancel Mortgage of Uninsured Home — Check
      Children Requiring Hospitalization Will Not Be Released to live in Uninspected Home — Check

      Hood Rats Exempt From All Of The Above.

      • You forgot that once homeless you can arrest for vagrancy.
        No guns in prison.
        The state knows what’s best for the state.
        Oops, almost forgot that once you are arrested they kill your pets.

    • Confiscation and criminalization are the second last step. The last one is prohibition of any use of force by private citizens in self defense against violent criminals.

      • As odd as the last part sounds – punishment for hurting a person hurting you- I’ve seen that in judgements – along the lines on the massive lawsuit against a homeowner when a criminal broke through their skylight and hurt themselves. Many worse I don’t want to even recall. So the evil is there in the dogmatic weirdness of some.

        • That case was against a school district. The burglars who admitted that they were on the roof of the gymnasium to enter and steal athletic equipment, sued the school district for negligently having a skylight on the roof. JURORS awarded several hundreds of thousands of dollars to criminals, spending taxpayer money.

          Another outrageous case where JURORS awarded extraordinary amounts of money to a felon who had assaulted and stolen a purse from a woman, was pinned to the wall of a building by an alert taxi driver who forever after regretted his act of civic duty. Once again proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

  2. So, 48 hours later, not much substantive information being released on this whyte supremaciss attack.


      • Heard there was a shooting with next to no details besides numbers of wounded, dead, and possibly full auto used. I can only assume gang related based on pattern recognition as a wild ass guess as very little else was put out over here.

        • Both are prohibited persons, both have long criminal records. Smiley was seriously injured in the shoot out and will be arrested when he is released from the hospital. Police speculate that this was a gang related shooting incident triggered by a brawl outside a bar after closing at 2 a.m.

    • The whole political class was gifting precious items to the Devil in exchange for the shooter to be white.

  3. More proof that State Gun laws are useless unless gun laws are passed at the Federal Level as states with lax laws ship in guns to states with tough laws.

    And no, there is not any struggle to find solutions because the solutions have always been there for decades and Biden named the solutions that need to be implemented.

    Successful European style gun laws are long overdue if Capitalvania is ever to become a safe and civilized society to live in.

    Europeans and Asian people ask the question “What is wrong with those American people do they like seeing piles of dead bodies and blood running in the streets everyday or have they become to believe this is normal”? The answer is that no, Americans do not see mass murder as normal but are helpless against gangster criminal organizations like the NRA who prostitute the corrupt politicians and the corrupt system of government with wheelbarrows full of blood soaked cash.

    The U.S. nation has become one total insane asylum to live in and as long as we permit and even encourage mentally ill people and criminals to buy all the firepower they want this is the demented country we will have to try and survive in. No one should have to live this way, no one.

    • You want to disarm the mentally ill, herr dacian the nazi liar? Start the ball rolling by turning in any weapons that you own. Lead the way.

      • Hey Jethro are you starting to sweat yet, you should.

        California has some of the nation’s toughest restrictions on firearms, requiring background checks to buy guns and ammunition, limiting magazines to 10 bullets, and banning firearms that fall into its definition of assault weapons.

        But state lawmakers plan to go further. A bill getting its first hearing Tuesday would allow citizens to sue those who possess illegal weapons, a measure patterned after a controversial Texas bill aimed at abortions.

        • herr dacian the nazi liar. Just like buying property in France and living there I qualify to buy all legal firearms in CA.

          How about you, you fascist bastard, you sweating yet? 25 states are now CC.

          And less than 2 years now and I move out of CA. When you moving out of your mothers basement?

        • Again you need to answer the question, how do you get the criminals to comply ??
          Only a brain dead moron thinks that laws that criminals ignore but screw honest citizens is a good idea.

        • Can people sue gang members for destroying property value and quality of life? That would be great.

        • The member of Stosstruppe Dacian would not pass NICS checks because of their past. The same past that makes it difficult for Commissar Dacian to leave or re-enter the country legally.

    • “More proof that State Gun laws are useless unless gun laws are passed at the Federal Level”

      Yep, the bad guys are all saying they’ll do better when laws on the Federal Level are in place.
      I think there is some Indian Ocean beach front property for sale, cheap, in Iowa.

    • Have you considered a career writing comedy?
      Dark comedy, to be sure, but everything you propose is laughable, not to mention unconstitutional.

      More people would die in the attempt to pass and implement such prohibition and confiscation laws in the U.S. than would be killed by the criminal use of firearms in America in a hundred years.

      • Cliff like most of the Far Right you are totally ignorant of history. Unlike the small minority of Far Right people guns are not the only reason they live for rather they are not about to lose their jobs, pay hug fines and be imprisoned so they will indeed obey sane gun laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals, lunatics, and far right people who want to establish a one party state.

        Yesterday another Trumpite Capital rioter was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for storming the Capitol and possessing weapons that are illegal in New York. He blamed his bizarre and criminal behavior on mental illness and alcoholism which in most civilized countries would have prevented him from buying weapons. Yet more proof that Biden’s new gun laws are badly needed.

        • ” not about to lose their jobs”
          dacian you said yesterday anybody that works are troglodyte slaves. Now why would a troglodyte slave care about losing its job?

        • The great Special Commissar Dacian and his Caravan of Death will implement the Final Solution to gun violence. Eliminate gun violence by eliminating gun owners. House by house. Street by street. Town by town. And simultaneously implementing s0cial justice to the masses.

    • Ah, yes, Asians- the people putting people in concentration camps and harvesting them for organs. That’s who should tell us how our government should be.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. Apparently you have not read the Constitution. Have you ever heard of the 10th Amendment? It seems that if that power is no enumerated in the Constitution and delegated to the Federal Government, it is relegated to the STATES or the INDIVIDUAL.

      For at least the third time, let me clue you in. This is not Europe or Asia. This is the United States of America. We have a different form of government. Again, i refer you to the Constitution. We don’t particularly give a rat’s behind about what Europe of Asia think. Real Americans leave that nonsense to your Leftists.

      If you think (sic) that the US is “insane”, I know I have made this offer several times. We will put up a “Go Fund Me” page for you for your air fare to the country of your choice under the proviso that you never return.

    • I’m pretty sure “Federal Level” action such as the repeal of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments would be an important first step.

    • Successful European style gun laws are long overdue if Capitalvania is ever to become a safe and civilized society to live in.

      Absolutely! We should follow Europe’s shining civilized example: Ukraine. Just think of the dozens of lives that we can save from domestic spree killers.

      Now, before anyone poo-poos disarming the American populace because of security concerns, note how well that has turned out for thousands of Ukrainians who were unarmed when the Russians invaded–Ukrainians who where unarmed because the Ukrainian military, the United States, and Russia vowed to protect them. The thousands of defenseless DEAD Ukrainians who the Russian army killed (many of whom suffered rape and/or torture before their executions) are a small price to pay in pursuit of the noble goal of saving dozens of lives from domestic spree killers.

      • Uncommon Sense you have no common sense.

        Untrained civilians do not win wars, rather its “which government spends the mostest and gets their the fastest”.

        The American Revolution with the Millions of money spent by France with its professional army and navy comes to mind or the American Civil War that had more manpower and more industrial capacity in the North is another example. Nether war was won by the mythical untrained and ill equipped “minute man”.

        You have never been taught critical thinking or studied history at the university level that is obvious. Your Far Right Crowing about minute men in the Ukraine proves it. Its as much a myth today as it was during the ill-conceived American Revolution.

        I might add if the Ukraine wins it will only be because they fought a war of attrition with billions of U.S. dollars just as Ho Chi Minh won his war of attrition with East Block money and weapons and nether of the wars was or will be won by minute men. North Vietnam never had minute men but defeated two of the most powerful nations on earth.

        • dacian,

          You refute your own argument–countless (a majority of?) North Vietnamese fighters were most certainly NOT “highly trained” military units. And yet they defeated the U.S. military according to your claim.

          As for most other conflicts, their military and/or populace needed assistance in the form of donated arms (or donated money to purchase arms) to defend themselves because they did not have enough in the first place. Remember Ukraine begging for rifles and ammunition? That isn’t a problem in the United States.

          Regardless, a person does NOT need “advanced military training” to point a rifle at and shoot a foreign soldier in front of him/her who is going to rape/torture and then execute him/her. All it takes is 5 minutes of “training” (to show a person how to load and charge the rifle and how to aim it) for a person to be reasonably capable of defending themselves in close-range engagements of, say, 50 meters or less.

          Along the same vein, there are innumerable examples of the quintessential “little old lady” with no training and no target practice who kept a revolver in her nightstand for decades and then used it to great effect to stop an attack on her person. Just as that “little old lady” is able to use a revolver to stop an attacker, any able-bodied person can use a rifle to stop a foreign soldier at close range without the need of “military training”.

          Your ginormous error: you keep assuming that warfare can only be won when fought in highly regimented 1930’s style. Newsflash: modern guerrilla warfare is highly effective (reference Afghanistan) and anyone using 1930s regimented tactics to engage 20 million guerrilla fighters is going to lose . every . single . time .

        • to Uncommon Sense

          quote—————You refute your own argument–countless (a majority of?) North Vietnamese fighters were most certainly NOT “highly trained” military units. And yet they defeated the U.S. military according to your claim.———–quote

          You show you know zero about the North Vietnamese Army as it was highly trained and they had a draft just like the U.S. did. You like most people are sadly deficient in history and are probably confusing some of the guerrilla fighters that actually lived in South Vietnam and they for the most part did mostly spy work and were often under the supervision of North Vietnamese spies.

          quote——–Newsflash: modern guerrilla warfare is highly effective (reference Afghanistan)——quote

          Again you are sadly deficient in U.S. History. It was billions of dollars and equipment supplied by the U.S. that equipped the Afghan’s fighting the Russians and yes they did indeed get trained by U.S. operatives.

      • “Successful European style gun laws are long overdue if Capitalvania is ever to become a safe and civilized society to live in.”

        Wow! What kind of stupid is this? Lets take a look at one of these “safe and civilized” “Successful European style gun law” countries shall we…

        United Kingdom (UK) House of Commons report for 2021, Published Thursday, 30 September, 2021. Knife crime statistics >

        “In the year ending March 2021, there were around 41,000 (selected) offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police Force).”

        41,000 knife offenses involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police Force). Yep really civilized there.

        But lets get a different viewpoint here in 2019 that aptly demonstrates the concept of how gun control in the UK did nothing to reduce knife crime >,were%20disproportionately%20affected%2C%20as%20both%20victims%20and%20perpetrators.

        In those charts at the second link, if we statistically normalize them based upon population we find that knife crime has increased in about the last 10 years by about 15% but overall there were only variation of less than 3% in decrease maximum. In other words, when just looking at one slice of the crime pie in the UK we find that even after years of gun-control there was really no actual overall effect on reducing knife crime but rather it increased.

        (note: normalizing their statistics on a per population basis is something strict gun-control states in the U.S. will not do, and something gun-control groups do not want to happen – the reason – it will show a general trend in crime increase, with rates very much higher, even with their strict gun-control.)

        Its about the same for other crime overall in the UK. For example, with all these years of gun control in the UK the crime of rape has shown a general trend of increase since 2002, with over 59 thousand in 2020 (latest reporting year for trends of rape in the UK). On a per population basis this out paces almost very country in the world for rapes, including the United States – and has earned the U.K. the title of the most dangerous place in Europe for a woman.

        And that’s just a couple of crime aspects with just one of those “safe and civilized” “Successful European style gun law” countries.

        So much for the much touted “gun-control reduces the crime rate’ theory.

        On a per population basis, compared to the U.K., the United States is like a safe and civilized nirvana heaven.

        • to Booger Nose.

          quote———–“In the year ending March 2021, there were around 41,000 (selected) offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police Force).”————-quote

          Don’t make me laugh. You cannot open fire from a tall building like Paddock did in Los Vegas and mow down over 200 people in seconds by throwing knives 400 yards away at them. Get Real you live in your own little bizarre fantasy world. Its laughable.

          I could name many other mass murders but that would take pages more and you would ignore it all with the wave of a hand. See a shrink.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, See how well your “Universal Background Checks” worked? Paddock a mentally deranged man did that. See how well your “Universal Background Checks” work??

        • To Walter
          In reality the Brady Bill does not do an in-depth mental evaluation of a person nor does it interview co-workers or neighbors either as the vetting system of Japan does. A Universal Background Check could in corporate all of these necessary tools to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people.

          No law is 100% perfect but we do not do away with laws against murder or rape or child abuse, only the fools of the Far Right would contemplate such insanity. The same is true for Gun Control Laws.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. No, it cannot. You see there is this thing called HIPPA. Are you familiar with it?

          Universal background checks are a panacea. I am more than sure you know that criminals do not do “Universal Background Checks”. Responsible gun owners are careful in whom they sell their firearms. Gun Control laws? ROFLMAOBT! Criminals don’t follow the laws now. What makes you think (sic) that they will follow them now. Gun Free Zones are another one of your panaceas. A Gun Free Zone is a place for criminals do ply their trade. The insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

        • to Walter

          quote———-. Responsible gun owners are careful in whom they sell their firearms.——-quote

          Totally false. I have been attending gun shows since 1962 and blind greed rules. There are no background checks were I live, all the seller is required to do is see if the person he is selling to has a state drivers license. Professional gun runners have fake licenses and some of their license are real because its perfectly legal to buy the gun, its just illegal to run it to another state but you cannot prove anything since there is no paperwork documenting that the buyer ever even bought the gun. This is exactly how guns are supplied to states and cities that have tough gun laws. Universal Background Checks would end the tens of thousands of guns that travel across state lines every week.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead You have made that claim before as to having attended gun shows. That claim is TOTALLY FALSE. You claim to be a “gun expert” and yet can’t tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge. As to there being no “background checks” that claim is absolutely false. You can’t do a “private sale” at a gun show without a background check being done at the show by the show sponsors or the registered seller in a booth.

          You claim that “professional gun runners’ have fake driver’s licenses.” Prove it. As your credibility is at best suspect, so is that claim. I have attended a number of gun shows in a number of different locations and have not seen anything that could possibly verify your claim.

          Again with the “Universal Background Checks”? Oh, please. Again, they are as hollow as an empty drum. Many criminal courts DO NOT report the dispositions of matters which have been adjudicated and you still can’t get mentally deficient patients listed due to HIPPA. For some reason, you totally ignore these two critical points I have raised. Why is that? And that is just two of the failings of your :Universal Background Checks” scheme. In actuality what you really want is gun registration so that you can eventually have a list of gun owners to confiscate the their guns from. IN OTHER WORDS, YOU ARE SPREADING HALF TRUTHS TO BOLSTER YOUR ANTI-GUN RHETORIC.

    • Oh, F*** off, dacian the stupid! The guns involved, since the perps were known gangbangers, with felony criminal records, were bought off the street, probably stolen. Your vaunted “universal background checks” will do diddly-squat do eliminate, or even REDUCE such sales. Criminals can’t pass background checks, so they do what ALL criminals do . . . they steal them or buy them from some other gangbanger who stole them. Your idiot assertions that criminals will comply with laws that the rest of us will be expected to comply with is both pathetic and laughable.

      THESE JAGOFFS DIDN’T COMPLY WITH THE LAW ABOUT ANYTHING, you hopeless dolt. If a person DID intend to engage in illegal behavior, and wasn’t ALREADY a “prohibited person” why would anyone but a MORON buy a gun subject to a background check, thus leaving a record???? Never thought of that, did ya, moron??

      California does have, explicitly, a gun registry. Now that NICS background checks are required for all “retail” sales, so does the U.S. government. And they do diddly-squat. The dog-shooting soibois at the ATF prosecute a TINY percentage of the KNOWN 4473 violations.

      Just f*** the hell off, stop trying to convince us you’ve ever even SHOT a gun, stop making stupid statements (since you are constitutionally incapable of that, just stop commenting), and leave us the hell alone. You are too stupid to insult. Go join MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless troll for your afternoon circle jerk.

      • But wait! The laws do work! The judge can add the charges on top of the murder charges. Those guys will have to pay fines right? Plus maybe the original owners of the guns can be charged for letting them get stolen (is that a thing)? More charges better right?

        • Sue the gun manufacturers for making guns that can be used for illegal purposes. Somewhat like breathalyzer ignition locks on cars, a mental condition analyzer in every gun would decide whether the gun user was in a fit mental condition to be allowed to fire the gun.

        • In what jurisdiction can a judge add charges? None that I know of. (Rolling my eyes). This is not France.

        • My comments earlier were sarcasm / satire.
          My joke was that a fine on top of a murder charge is stupid.
          The “breathalyzer” joke before mine was way better.

      • His much vaunted universal background checks would only work with complete and total registration of all firearms.

      • To the Lamp that went out in his head

        quote————-California does have, explicitly, a gun registry. Now that NICS background checks are required for all “retail” sales, so does the U.S. government. And they do diddly-squat.————quote

        Thugs buy second hand weapons because they DO NOT have to go through a background check.. And stolen guns can be curtailed greatly by Safe Storage Laws. Again you ignore the gun control history of other nations.

        quote————-P.S.: California has a universal background check law. It has had no effect on the crime rate despite being in effect for over twenty years———quote

        States with lax laws ship in guns by the thousands to states with tough laws.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. I have some very bad news for you. Criminals that you seem to love so much, don’t buy guns from reputable people. They buy them from other criminals. These other criminals don’t and won’t do background checks. They sell to whomever is in the market for a gun. Don’t you think it is time to admit that your Universal Background Checks are a farce designed to act as a gun registry?

        • to Walter
          quote————– Criminals that you seem to love so much, don’t buy guns from reputable people——–quote

          False. Studies like two Chicago Studies prove that the average age of a gun used in a crime was 13 years old and had been through many hands starting with the original vetted purchaser proving that many guns citizens sell end up eventually in the hands of criminals and lunatics because in most states there is no vetting of second hand guns.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. Again you lay claim to “studies”. A) You can’t tell us what those studies are, who did them or where we can see them for ourselves.

          I’m calling you and your studies lies to bolster your anti-gun propaganda.

          According to the FBI 99% of guns used by criminals are illegally obtained and not through “private gun sales” at gun shows or elsewhere as you allege.

          In other words, you are caught again. LYING right through your eyeteeth.

    • If the most restrictive state laws in the country don’t stop criminals from illegally obtaining, possessing, and using firearms, how can a change in federal law have any greater effect, especially when you consider that federal law has been unable to slow much less stop the flow of illegal aliens or illegal drugs into the country?

      P.S.: California has a universal background check law. It has had no effect on the crime rate despite being in effect for over twenty years. It mirrors the federal law on prohibited persons, bans most semiauto handguns, bans machine guns unless registered with the state prior to a date long ago, bans suppressors, has special laws applicable to gangs and gang associations, requires a minibackground check to buy ammo (which transaction is then stored in CaDOJ computers), bans the import of ammo into the state unless it is shipped to an FFL, bans “assault weapons” unless registered with the state (which law then bans any in-state transfer and limits where the firearm can be used or transported), bans 10+ round mags, bans unserialized “ghost guns,” and has a “red flag” law. Just what else can the state do to regulate firearms, much less enact a law that will have an actual effect, despite all prior failures?

      • quote————-P.S.: California has a universal background check law. It has had no effect on the crime rate despite being in effect for over twenty years———quote

        Elementary my dear Watkins, Elementary, as Sherlock Holmes used to say. As long as there is not a Federal Back ground check on all guns sold including second hand ones states with lax laws ship second hand guns into states with tough laws like California’s making its laws totally useless.

        • Because ALL street thugs and fences follow the laws, amirite???

          dacian, you don’t need to make an effort to “top yourself” on brainless idiocy (although I bet you’d LOVE to “top yourself”, if you could). We can figure out how deluded you are – street thugs that were ALREADY violating the law, will stop their lucrative (and which will become MORE lucrative, after a “universal background check” law passes – if it ever did), because there is a NEW law passed. Yeah, that’s the ticket “. . . my wife, Morgan Fairchild!!”

          Street thugs who ALREADY ignore hundreds (thousands?) of existing laws (INCLUDING federal laws – “prohibited persons” are prohibited from buying guns under EXISTING federal law, you complete dolt), are suddenly going to ‘go straight’ because we passed ONE MORE “federal law”??? It is to laugh (but it’s always to laugh, about you).

          Go micturate up the cable, or pound sand in your @$$, or just join your daily circle jerk with MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless, d***less troll. Any of those would probably be more fulfilling to you . . . and entirely more fulfilling to all of us.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. The California “Universal Background Check” uses the Federal NICs system which is flawed at best.
          And again, second hand sales as you allege are a MINUISCULE number of sales of firearms.

          Pleas try to get something right. So far you are batting zero!

      • “California…bans machine guns unless registered with the state prior to a date long ago…”
        The 1937 Miller case declares that the arms protected by the 2d Amendment are those of the foot soldier. The M14, M2 Carbine, M16, M4, the usual rifles provided to infantrymen in the last 75 years or so, are all selective fire weapons (machine guns). The US and state governments blatantly ignore this important Supreme Court ruling.

  4. The answer is so simple they can’t see it. Lock up the animals and keep them in their cages. They don’t want to see the truth or deal with it. What they absolutely will do is use it.

  5. When they stop coddling criminals, they will have some chance of ending mass shootings. Note, they will have ‘some chance’. When criminals go to jail, and walk free before sunset, criminals have no reason to change their criminal ways.

    How many murderers have been called in to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, only to be ignored? The most famous of which, are the Boston Marathon Bombers. Russia told us well in advance that the brothers were terrorists, but the FBI didn’t care. Only after the bombs were set off did authorities decide to care.

    Stop coddling criminals. A lot of crime will end, and it won’t take ten years to see results.

    • Progressives’ view. Treat criminals with kindness and they’ll see the error of their ways. It does however assume criminals have a conscience and feel remorse for their actions. In fact, criminals have neither.

      Criminals view. We can do what we like and there are barely any consequences. Why should we change? And those do-gooders heads are so full of wool it is child’s play to pull it over their eyes.

  6. Decriminalizing more things, releasing more criminals and shortening the sentences of those who have not yet been released, obviously.

    Oh, and guaranteed income checks to them all.

    Just like that no more crime and peaceful utopia for everyone. And if by some outside miracle this doesn’t work it’s because of some old white guy in Maine.

        • Good Morning SAFE,

          Not really, I chose to read it as well-done satire or snark.

          The lines between reality and fiction have blurred to the point of being indistinguishable.

          I pity that OWG in Maine when the Blue State led lynch mob finds him.

        • True enough Montana and good morning to you as well. It’s a bit unsettling when the Babylon Bee is more of a early edition than satire for the last year and change. As for that old guy in Maine I would worry more for the lynch mob and nearby pig farm.

  7. “But what else can California’s lawmakers do to restrict guns that they haven’t already done…?”

    How about Locate, Apprehend, Try, Convict and Incarcerate the perpetrators of crime who use firearms in the commission of said crimes…or, maybe, target known individuals or gangs with a history of preying on the Public.

    I fully realize that these concepts are a bit vague for California lawmakers to comprehend much less take action on.

    • Nope. Here is California’s response to the violence committed by prior felons:

      “But state lawmakers plan to go further. A bill getting its first hearing Tuesday would allow citizens to sue those who possess illegal weapons, a measure patterned after a controversial Texas bill aimed at abortions.”

      The definition of “illegal” will be whatever THEY say it is…lawful firearm owners should be doubly afraid that they will be classified (eventually) as owners of “illegal” firearms….knowing that firearm definitions are a slippery slope in Blue States.

      • Because suing people like Dandre and Smiley will do a whole lotta good.
        Maybe the plaintiffs can claim their phat rims or sub-woofer enclosures?

    • Old Guy in Montana,

      Aside from the obvious which you stated, we would be wise to correct the errant mindset which is the foundation of the gun control civilian disarmament controversy.

      The primary errant mindset: we can get something for nothing. In the real world you never get something for nothing.

      To illustrate the point consider the risk of losing your home to a fire. You want to protect yourself from that possibility so you buy home (fire) insurance. Of course that home (fire) insurance costs money. You don’t get home insurance for nothing. There is a minimal cost.

      The same principle applies to personal security and national defense. You don’t get personal security and national defense for nothing. There is a cost. Sadly, that cost comes in the form of violent crime victims. Even more tragic, most of those violent crime victims were unarmed and could have avoided significant personal injury had they armed themselves–just the same as people who failed to insure their homes and lost them to a fire could have avoided the catastrophic loss of their home had they purchased home insurance.

      The people of Ukraine are finding out the hard way that you don’t get something for nothing. They figured that disarming the populace provided security from domestic armed criminal attackers and spree killers–they got something for nothing! Sadly, that something–supposed security from domestic attackers–came at a massive price at the hands of foreign attackers.

        • They would never do that, I mean next you will accuse them of labeling stolen guns with obliterated serial numbers as ghost guns to push the numbers up. (sarcasm in case it is not obvious)

    • jwtaylor, Don’t tell dacian the Dunderhead. He doesn’t know that it is already illegal to possess a “machinegun”.

      • Lol he knows Walt he just likes to play make believe where nazis are somehow far right and the government is a benevolent all powerful force for good and anyone who disagrees is not just wrong but evil. You know like most Coumo fanatics or anyone who believes Leticia James is playing with a full deck.

        • And he’s basking in the aura of the hyper masculinity generated by his autographed poster of Vladimir Putin, shirtless edition. And fapping away when he hears reports of Ukranian fascists being executed by the heroic Red Army.

  8. Dandrae and Smiley Martin…violent Amish Brothers striking out on behalf of all oppressed Amish Brothers everywhere. I wonder if they were “known to local authorities”…?

  9. They’re gonna basically ban all guns – and still this will happen because you cannot stop the signal.

    You can 3d print a drop in auto sear. You can build a functional and reliable firearm with a 3d printer and some parts from home depot.

  10. I listened to an absolute rant by a radio host who was appalled that the NRA was opposed to mag limits and in favor of machine guns, never stopping to realize that all such things are illegal in California. If a “machine gun” was used, I suspect that it was most likely a Glock conversion.

  11. In my house we commonly refer to something we call the “Grizzly Man inevitability;” you know what it is, if you think you’ve made friends with the Grizzly bear its only until he decides to eat you.

    The American Left’s criminal justice policy is the Grizzly Man inevitability.

  12. Psssssttt. hey California, uh uh uh criminals don’t obey gun laws. Apparently you didn’t get the memo. Oh yeah, and your crime rate isn’t “down” either due to your ‘gun laws’ – all you did was change the reporting requirements and now a large amount of crime doesn’t make it into your stats.

  13. The only conundrum facing liberal and progressive gun grabbers, happens when facts interfere with Ideology. Much like their approach to science. Where it only matters until political agenda matter more. The same can be said about facts. They are only relevant, until they usurp their ideology and agenda. Which is becoming an ever increasing problem for liberal/progressive deomcrat. Because people are becoming Woke to the inherent dangers to their lives and livelihoods. From liberal/progressive democrat ideology and the agendas that come from it.

    • Here in Mn. they found a way to narrow the “racial learning gap” that is among the worst, if not THE worst in the nation. What magic powers did they wave over these students to improve scores ? Well, we did away with minimum passing scores, let students “self-grade”, added “indigenous culture understanding” take the place of math requirements, and pretty much did away with class participation requirements… all “for the Children”, the same reason Mpls. teachers union went out on strike for three weeks last month. Today, the state education union “Mindoctrination” is asking for an over 2 billion dollar slice of the state’s ” projected surplus”, and they’ll probably be successful, because of Feelz. The entire DFL crooks in power dont want to return any of it back to us taxpayers whom it was stolen from, as ” we’ll never see an opportunity like this again”. I can’t wait for November, if we make it that far.

      • Surprised they aren’t calling parents terrorists if they oppose such brilliant programs……….

        • Haven’t had any kids in public schools for over 15 years now, but I’m willing to bet that I’m still on at least a couple of lists around here.

        • My son who is now in high school saw the anti-white male agenda while still in primary school. White boys had to be punished for the crimes of long dead people.

        • Southern I saw a bit of that in the early 2000’s and it has steadily increased since. Up end it did teach me to be distrustful of authority unless proven trustworthy (so government in general).

      • Dumb ’em down, dumb ’em down. Make everyone equally stupid and controllable. Stupids are easier to introduce into the Government Plantation Dwellers’ Program.

      • Thomas Sowell said when he was lecturing at Cornell he took a look at the SAT scores of the various demographic groups. Whites, Asians, and Latinos were in the 99th percentile. Most of the black students granted entry under equality in education were in the 75th percentile. Guess which group had the highest dropout rate? Sowell said those students would have done great at other institutions but at Cornell where they were not up to par with their peers.

  14. A very confounding aspect of criminals who use guns to commit crimes is that while anti gun people insist they do do because of a lack of gun laws (the guns made them do it) they struggle to explain the profound demographics. The first two basic observations are that males are much more involved than females and the second is age with younger people much more influenced by the evil guns. Let’s avoid mentioning other demographics as it’s not necessary. The point here is that it’s very hard to explain why females and older people become immune to the influence. Should we ban young males from exposure to movies and games with guns? Give every female a full auto?
    Sorry just being silly today.

  15. Ah HA!!!! Plan is working to perfection!!! And, not a one of them freedom-muncher politician gun-controllers have been shot …yet. Perfect!!! All control, and no personal responsibility or personal consequences. They are close to being down to “now turn them all in……for the Children” per CA’s FineStai and Pigloose, and pre-WWII’s Hitler. It’s the old trir\ed and try plan from Germany. Don’t ya’ just love it when a plan comes together?!?!?!?

  16. This will lead to a civil unrest that they know they cannot win. Do you realize the amount of ammo thats been hoarded over the past few years. I have plenty. Let them ban ammo all I need is enough to protect whats mine then I will take theirs!

  17. “California…bans machine guns unless registered with the state prior to a date long ago…”
    The 1937 Miller case declares that the arms protected by the 2d Amendment are those of the foot soldier. The M14, M2 Carbine, M16, M4, the usual rifles provided to infantrymen in the last 75 years or so, are all selective fire weapons (machine guns). The US and state governments blatantly ignore this important Supreme Court ruling.


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