sacramento crime scene shooting
Investigators search for evidence in the area of a mass shooting In Sacramento, Calif. April 3, 2022. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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Saturday night there was a fight outside a bar in Sacramento at about 2:00am. That’s a bad time to be out and mixing it up with anyone, anywhere and things went sideways. Badly.

Two people opened fire and six people were killed. About twice that many were wounded. That’s just another day ending in ‘y’ in Chicago, but this shooting took place in the capital of the civilian disarmament industry’s model state for the regulation and limitation of gun rights in America.

And then things got even worse for the gun-grabbers.

As the investigation progressed, an arrest was made yesterday. The first suspect taken in was Dandrae Martin who’s described by CBS News as someone with a “history of violent crime.”

Investigators say they’re not sure if he allegedly shot first or shot back after someone else opened fire.

Either way, shoot, he allegedly did. And yet…he’s a convicted felon.

In 2014, [Martin] pleaded guilty to domestic violence in Riverside County, California, and served 30 days in jail and community service. In Arizona in 2016, he was charged with felony aggravated assault and domestic violence and sentenced to two-and-a-half years.

In 2018, he was charged again with domestic violence, misdemeanor criminal damage and a felony marijuana violation. In 2019, he was found guilty of violating his probation.

Today another arrest was made . . .

Smiley was one of those who were shot during the melee Saturday night — most likely by his own brother — and is currently recovering from his wounds in a hospital.

So what we have here are two prohibited persons with stolen firearms (that’s illegal) one of whom had a machine gun (against the law). They allegedly opened fire on a crowd of people (also illegal) killing six (we’re sure there’s a law against that, too). It’s almost as if criminals don’t give a flying fornication about gun laws…or any other kind, come to think of it.

But the Brothers Martin didn’t commit their early morning mayhem just anywhere. They did it at ground zero for gun control in America. The place where every half-baked idea for infringing on and limiting the right to keep and bear arms happens first.

California has virtually every gun control law you can think of already on the books. They have universal background checks. A 10-day waiting period. A magazine capacity limit. A red flag law. An “assault weapons” ban. A one-handgun-a-month purchase limit. They even have background checks on ammunition purchases (for God’s sake). No firearm sales to anyone under 21. A “ghost gun” ban. Registration. All of it.

That makes things a little awkward for the gun control lobby. Remember, the justification for all of the laws already in force in the Golden State was that each one was going to really do something to stop violent crime.

Now, after what happened in Sacramento, how do you argue for still more gun control laws with a straight face when you have a high profile shooting by a couple of prohibited persons in the place that already has all the gun control laws?

It’s left America’s opponents of civilian gun rights wondering . . .

When in doubt, politicians and those whose business it is to disarm law-abiding Americans tend to fall back on what they know best. What’s comfortable. What they’ve managed to memorize and can easily regurgitate on command.

For instance, the President was handed a note with the administration’s rote talking points on the topic . . .

We also continue to call on Congress to act. Ban ghost guns. Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Repeal gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. Pass my budget proposal, which would give cities more of the funding they need to fund the police and fund the crime prevention and intervention strategies that can make our cities safer. These are just a few of the steps Congress urgently needs to take to save lives.

Apparently no one in the White House is aware that California already has the first four items on Uncle Joe’s wishlist in place. They have for years. Yet those laws did literally nothing to keep a gun out of the hands of a pair of recidivist felons.

And, of course, Biden’s pipe dream of repealing the PLCAA wouldn’t have done anything at all to prevent Saturday’s shooting. Neither would passing his bloated budget (unless he thinks even higher inflation might have priced the guns Dandrae and Smiley Martin used out of their reach).

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

Sacramento’s mayor was equally confused as to how to formulate a coherent response, so he used the time-tested method pioneered by mayors in cities like New York and Chicago — he blamed the problem on other states . . .

California has the strictest gun laws of any state in the nation. But state laws fall short, according to Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, “when we don’t have a national commitment to reducing gun violence.”

“Others have said, and it’s so true, you just have to go to a gun show in Reno to buy an assault weapon without a background check and come right back to California,” he told CapRadio’s Insight on Monday morning.

First, there’s no evidence that the Martins got the guns they used outside of California…or that either one was an “assault weapon.” You can bet that if the guns they used were anything other than handguns, that fact would have been splashed across every front page and cable new chyron by now.

Oh, and there’s also the inconvenient fact that Nevada has had a “universal” background check law on the books since 2020. Sorry, Mr. Mayor, but your talking point holds no water.

When all else fails, of course, you can always blame the other party. Here’s what one California state assemblywoman had to say . . .

But wait. Wicks isn’t just an anonymous East Bay California Assembly back-bencher. She’s also the wife of Peter Ambler, the executive director of the Giffords civilian disarmament operation.

So being married to a professional gun control advocate — someone who earns his living arguing for the imposition of ever more limits on Second Amendment rights — you’d think she’d be aware that Democrats, not Republicans, control both the House and the Senate in Washington. Surely she’s aware of that, right?

Of course she is. And that makes her pointing the finger of blame at Congressional Republicans for a shooting that happened in the Land Where Gun Rights Go to Die all the more laughable. Bless her heart.

So in addition to the victims of Saturday night’s shooting, keep America’s anti-gun politicians and the members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex in your thoughts and prayers this week. They’re going through a particularly difficult time right now.


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    • In Progressive minds, any failure is because they didn’t go far enough. So they’ll double down on the stupidity.

    • bu … bu… bu bu bu…. bu.. but Iron pipeline! Universal background checks! Me telling you how to store your firearms in your own home and “voting” on it. Full total complete gun registry. Ban freedom. Love and trust government!

  1. if we had an actual genuine media in this country they should be holding the politicians’ feet to the fire for their comments. what specific laws would have prevented this specific incident? and don’t let them wiggle free until they answer. you can’t just stand there making nonsense statements calling for this and that without having any idea what you’re talking about. but of course we have no genuine media in this country

      • Glock 18s are known for a ridiculously fast rate of fire, and the giggle switch videos I’ve seen are similar. The gunfire in the video is very slow by FA standards, which would require one, or some combination of: a much heavier slide, much longer slide travel, longer dwell time (different camming geometry), or a complex clockwork delaying system.

        • Stupid question but could a binary/forced reset trigger be at play or still too fast ?(never got into either)

        • I’ve never gotten into either myself.

          A binary trigger just fires two shots per squeeze (i.e. doubling your manual ROF in semiauto), but the ROF seems to be within the normal range a person could fire manually, so I’d say “It’s possible, but would not significantly affect the outcome.”

          It seems slower than what I’ve seen of FRTs, but I think there are too many variables (spring force, operator experience, etc.) to say anything definitive.

        • No such thing as a stupid question Safe… especially if you don’t know the answer and more and more I think knowing the answer to your question isn’t stupid either.

        • It’s something I should have researched by now and haven’t gotten around to so I guess lazy question would be more accurate. I know there are people that can fire that quickly in semi but never saw it in person so sticking with the guess.

        • Walt legally and by company policy you are correct, umm is also correct that the Chinese full auto switches make several models of Glocks functionality similar if not identical to the Glock 18. We had a few turn up our way over the last few years.

        • SAFE,
          To me it is most reminiscent of our 57mm guns, which fire at 240rpm (4/sec) – think firing on every syllable of One – one – thou – sand.

          Count it out / tap it out with your finger – very easily doable, with the possible exception of a heavy DAO.

        • “Umm, GLOCK 18’s are ONLY available to police and military.”

          Utterly irrelevant.

          For a number of years (until about 1986) for about 200 dollars a module could be purchased and registered as an NFA device that mimicked the G-18’s rate of fire.

          Here is that company’s US Patent :

          Recently (and likely still) Chinese companies are selling copies of that device here in the USA…

        • There are 2 separate guns being fired, the first was very noticeable, and slow, could be a auto or revolver.
          The second was farther away and full auto.
          Think old school m11 or tec9.
          M11 have a very high cycle rate, 1100 rpm.

        • Link,
          I own an M-11/9 myself, but that didn’t sound like one. The different gunshot sounded to me like one boom from a shotgun or something. JMHO; hopefully the investigators will release more facts soon.

    • Sounded like normal semi-auto fire to me. The shots were slow and unevenly spaced. I can shoot a 1911 at about three times that rate of fire, without any sort of special triggers.

  2. Easy bail, revolving door, illegal aliens, sanctuary:Sounds to me like the Republik of Kalifornia is a breeding ground for this kind of behavior.

  3. Not only do Democrats in California control both houses of the Legislature, they have a stranglehold on those bodies with a bullet proof super majority in both houses and a Democratic Party Governor who hates all guns. This has been a one-party state since Ahnold–and he was a Rhino.

    • No, Mark, KKKalifornia was a one party state well BEFORE Ahnald. He won because (i) Gray Davis was a blithering incompetent (although MILES better than Gavin “Hair Gel” Gruesome!!), and (ii) the Democrats wouldn’t support anyone else in the race except Gray, and Ahnald was a Hollywood celebrity (and had YUGE name recognition). The Schwartzinator was slightly less of a “Republican” than is Lisa Murkowski, Adam Kinzinger, or Liz Cheney. He won BECAUSE he was a RINO. What part of Ahnald’s tenure reflected “conservatism”???

  4. It’s those other states fault!!!
    Because we all know numbers on a firearm act like a mystical talisman burning the hands of any prohibited persons who may touch them. Much like crosses and vampires.

  5. Tyrants don’t care about outcomes, good or bad. Control is all that matters. No politician in California is going to think – hmm, I wonder why these laws didn’t work, maybe we need to re-think about how we….

    The dead will be used for more laws that don’t do anything but put more space between the citizens and their right to defend themselves.

  6. “machine gun”?

    Qualify “machine gun”. Is this another case of the MSM and police saying a standard civilian semi-auto only AR-15 is a “machine gun”?

    • That’s my take from the video. I’ve fired a lot of automatic weapons in the military, own one, and can’t think of a modern, portable FA weapon that fires that slowly.

      • Yeah, that’s not a “machine gun” – rate of fire is too slow to be a machine gun..

        That’s rapid trigger pulls for a semi-auto firearm. I can do that with my semi-auto AR-15’s easy, I ran out back to check and yeah I can duplicate that fire rate in the video by rapid trigger pulls.

        • I[ve been at a few ranges wheere folks in other bays were practicing for pistol matches coming up. Most of them can fire all ten rounds in their mag in just over three seconds, AND HIT THE TARGET WITH THEM ALL. May can adddress the rck of eight round steel plates at ten yards and knock down all eight with ten rounds in about five seconds.

          Its never the hardware, its always the software controlling it.

          I can easily place ten rounds in a one inch square at twetny five metres in less than thirty seconds with my Ruger 10/.22, And I’m not very good at all.

        • That is fine when you have a 30 rd mag, but firing that fast with a 10 rd mag, means you have to change mags every 2.5 secs.

        • rt66paul,

          And what makes you think they ONLY had 10 round mags???? Because “that’s the law” in KKKalifornia???? Well, there were plenty of “high capacity” mags in the state before the “high capacity” mag ban, and they were grandfathered, then there was “Freedom Week” before Judge Benitez stayed his own injunction against it (where literally MILLIONS of legal “high capacity” mags) were sold, then there is the fact that anyone can BUY (or build) a “high capacity” mag outside of CA, and bring it in (or build it IN CA). It ain’t rocket surgery.

  7. Unpossible! “someone with a “history of violent crime.”. What a surprise! People get a clue, nothing good ever happens after midnight at a bar. I would guess leaving by 10pm would be a better choice barring staying home.

    • muckraker,

      But, for poor, pathetic fools like dacian, they hang around until closing time, hoping SOME girl (or guy?) will be drunk/desperate enough to actually go home with them. It has never happened, but like second marriages, it is the “triumph of hope over experience”. Losers like dacian and MinorIQ probably account for 98% of all bar business after midnight.

  8. “Others have said, and it’s so true, you just have to go to a gun show in Reno to buy an assault weapon without a background check and come right back to California,”

    That’s not true. First, no one at a public gun show in Reno sells a real “assault weapon” (this is another case where the fabricated California definition is being used for a standard civilian semi-auto AR-15). Second, Nevada, where Reno is, has had a “universal” background check law on the books since 2020. Third, all participant dealers/sellers at a gun show in Reno are required to run a background check. And fourth, there is nothing that shows the guy got a gun at a Reno gun show or anyplace out of the state of California. And fifth, it may not have been a “machine gun” at all actually – the cops and anti-gun in California have a tendency to call a normal semi-auto AR-15 a “machine gun” sometimes.

    • sixth, NO FFL (federally licensed gun dealer) will ever sell a firearm to an out of state resident wihtout complying wiht LL the laws in the STATE OF RESIDENCE of the buyer. That means, Ten day wait periids, gun itself MUST be on California’s shortlist of “approved” weapons, which would NOT geenerally be the case for any weapon sold in Nevada.

      I have three questions for this creep:
      First, based on the acts just recited, your meme is a lie. WHEN will you top lying to the public you alledgedly serve?
      Second, WHO is paying you to LIE to us?
      Third, HOW dies it feel to be a paid breandead shill of someone else, rather than standing up and being a MAN in your own right?

    • .40 cal,

      And you were expecting EITHER truth, or rationality, from dacian the stupid??? I guess you are a more tolerant person than am I.

  9. “It’s almost as if criminals don’t give a flying fornication about gun laws”

    Now there’s some logic. About the only logic they’ll never comprehend, though.
    ,BTW the proper term is: “aerial fornication”

  10. “…This is 100% preventable. Our hearts collectively ache while Republicans in Congress do nothing.

    — Buffy Wicks (@BuffyWicks) April 4, 2022″


    It would have been possibly 100% preventable if the liberal/democrat dominated government and legal system in California had kept a ‘clinically insane’ convicted felon with a “history of violent crime” and his equally ‘clinically insane’ brother with a “history of violent crime” – off the streets. But… the liberal/democrat dominated government and legal system in California didn’t do that.

    Buffy Wicks is the wife of Peter Ambler who is the executive director and co-founder of “Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence” anti-gun group. Got a little conflict of interest there Buffy, you shouldn’t be making any statements at all.

    Buffy is the California assemblymember who in 2020, traveled by car to Sacramento for a late-night vote on a housing bill, with her baby and nursed her baby during the vote. Never mind that she endangered her child at least twice – the first was traveling by car late at night in poor visibility conditions (wildfire smoke), when simply statistically car travel is dangerous for a child that age because over 90,000 children are injured in car accidents every year, and in those conditions statistically dangerous for any one in a car – the second was risking the child to exposure to COVID in a room where its known there were people infected with COVID.

    She claims she was in the middle of feeding her child at home when the bill came up. Its true that she was denied a proxy vote so had to go vote. But, the vote wasn’t until later and she had plenty of time to finish feeding her child and still get there for a vote and arrange for temporary care for her child while she was gone like she had done so many times before.

    Peter Ambler,, Buffy’s husband, described it as “My wife packed up our one-month-old Elly and every baby calming apparatus we own and drove through the wildfire smoke to Sacramento.” So in addition to the other endangerment, they also exposed baby Elly to wildfire smoke.

    And she endangered her child why? She used her child as a tool of protest to express her anger at not being allowed a proxy vote.

    Ahhh the democrat liberal in action, always willing to sacrifice others to get what they want.

        • Crazy works for me! Those numbers and percentages are absolutely sobering.

          “clinically insane” is; mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.”

          Which is an apt description for liberal democrats.

        • Yep.

          Like I said in my link…

          “clinically insane” is; mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.”

          You are correct. The anti-gun liberal democrats have a severe issue with distinguishing fantasy from reality when it comes to crime and guns.

          Their main fantasy is that getting rid of guns means getting rid of or reducing crime. The reality is that crime will still continue and even increase until they get rid of the criminal behind the crime. They do that for most things too and when their veil of fantasy is infringed their normal response is to infringe something or someone else. They simply can not deal with the reality that guns, or knives, or clubs, or any other number of things is not the cause of the crime, but rather the cause is the criminal causing the crime. Their response is to make some crimes no longer a crime by passing laws, make the penalty for crime less, reduce the police available to catch criminals, make it less likely a criminal will fear being caught, and if the criminal is caught make it so they can take advantage of very liberal bail policy and participate in “programs” designed to keep them from being prosecuted or spending time in prison, and giving special favoritism and attention to avoid addressing issues of crime caused by minority offenders.

          This is obvious in California and needs no further explanation.

          Its going on all over the country in every city and state under democrat government control – for example…..

          Knife attacks in New York City, which have been a thing for a long time in New York City, have increased dramatically since 2020 which is the year the mayor introduced bail reform bills among other new policies. As a result, knife possessing criminals no longer fear being arrested, even when caught in the act, for slashings and stabbings. Under the mayors new policy, if there was no robbery or immediate victim death or victim injury severe enough to disable the victim the attacking knife criminal (if they get caught) gets sent to a psychiatric care facility for the day where they are treated to food and drink and a place to sleep and the next day they are released with a summons to return for court.

          In the mean time the terror inflicted upon the victim, the horrifying slashing across face and torso, being disfigured for life, the holes in their bodies from being stabbed, the severe injury that could cause death if not treated very quickly, and the fact that the only thing that kept them from being killed (if they do live) was the attacker chose to move on instead of finishing them off – this all means nothing and there would not be an accounting under law because the criminal offender doesn’t obey the summons to appear and is most likely never found and no one goes looking for them.

          The crime never appears in arrest reports, or crime stats, for the majority because there was no arrest or conviction for the majority of them and the only ones that get arrested or convicted are the ones that get known to the public through MSM. For example, there were three violent knife attacks reported by MSM in New York City in March 2000, there were 137 in March 2000 that were not reported in MSM and 8 of those offenders were caught in the act and given the luxury psychiatric care facility treatment and never showed back up for court and the rest were not caught or even completely investigated because its not a policy any longer to further investigate these and pursue the offenders.

          Such knife attacks in New York City are mostly never known to the public except to the victim who is now in horrifying fear if they live and only known to the public if the attack happens to make it to MSM. For every knife attack in New York City you hear about in MSM, there are at ~ 100 more that you do not hear about. The majority of the typical knife slashing/stabbing attacks are done by male blacks usually in hoodies to attempt to hide their identity from cameras – ~20% are done by male whites or latinos and ~ 5% are done by female blacks, whites, or latino.

          The New York City mayors fantasy is that his policy would help stop crime – the reality is the crime increased and the only thing that changed was the manner in which it was reported and its very much higher in New York than the stats say and use of guns is a very very small, almost negligible, part of the overall crime going on. But the New York City mayor continues to blame guns for the increase in crime in his fantasy – yes, clinically insane.

    • your drivel about the “dangers”” of travel by car are just that, senseless drivel

      Your claim that the baby was “at risk” for getting the Rice Rabies is more senseless drivel. Take a cruise through the statistis: HOW MANY children under the age of twelve died from the WooFlew during the entire two years of the charade of “covid”? Come on, that number is out there. Last one I read, a few weeks ago, had that tol at 24. I think there are some 60 million chidren in that age rnge in the US< so that's 24 out of 60,000,000. You do the math. That infat=nt is more likley to be killed by a powerline randomly falling down on the car, pram, person, whatever, holding her at any random place in the state.

      Yes, she is grandstanding, as most pawl a TISH uns are wont to do.
      I'm more concerned over her outright lying as she cast her vote for "what is best" for the People she alledgedly serves.

      • Why didn’t you just say this…
        “I’m more concerned over her outright lying as she cast her vote for “what is best” for the People she alledgedly serves.”

        Instead of this which does nothing to further the conversation.
        “your drivel about the “dangers”” of travel by car are just that, senseless drivel” ?

        • Someone is injured by a car crash every 14 seconds and about two million of the people injured in car accidents each year suffer permanent injuries.

          Car accidents are the leading cause of death for kids between 2 and 14.

          The ~91,000 are those under the age of 13 with permanent disabling injury (Buffy’s child was a month old). Including ages over 13 and non-permanent but disabling injury ~almost 250,000 children are injured in car crashes annually and that’s ~ 700 kids every day.

        • @Tionico

          Now on to the rest of your senseless context-lacking ‘accusations’.

          Addressing the year 2020 because this is when Buffy endangered her child due to risk of exposure to COVID by bringing the child into the room where other people had COVID (althouhg not knowing it at the time), one of which had put his hands all over the podium prior to Buffy having her hands on it and then touching her child with those hands while trying to make her ‘anger expression’ protest by having her child with her and trying to feed the child.

          Final death data from the CDC shows that Covid-19 was the underlying cause of death for 350,831 people in 2020. Heart disease and cancer remained the top causes of death in 2020 and, together with Covid-19, accounted for about half of all deaths in the US for the 2020. In 2020, the child (less than 5 years of age) mortality rate from COVID was later, in 2021 when more was known, was 3% per 100,000 children in the age range 0 – 5 years of age.

          According to government child stats ( in 2020 there were 23.1 million children ages 0 – 5 years of age.

          This means 231 children 0 – 5 years of age died due to COVID in 2020. When the risk factors are calculated: Although children age 0 – 5 years of age are better protected naturally against COVID and other diseases, this being mostly due to a more robust immune system immune system (which starts to degrade over time the older one is) – within 20 feet of a source of COVID in the open (not in a room or circulated air environment) with no physical contact for a child 0 – 5 years of age the risk is .001%. Within 10 feet 10 feet of a source of COVID in the open (not in a room or circulated air environment) with no physical contact for a child 0 – 5 years of age the risk is 1% (yes, risk factor for disease is logarithmic not linear). Within 6 feet of a source of COVID in the open (not in a room or circulated air environment) with no physical contact for a child 0 – 5 years of age the risk is 35%. Within 1 foot of a source of COVID in the open (not in a room or circulated air environment) with no physical contact for a child 0 – 5 years of age the risk is 87% just as it is for adults. That’s just in the open without physical contact. When we consider physical contact and rooms and circulated air environment (e.g. air and heat systems) the risk is multiplied by a factor of .02 to .09 depending on the air movement.

          Now, you may ask, but why don’t more children age 0 – 5 get COVID? The answer is, they do and lots of them. They just don’t get reported as often because most don’t show any symptoms, and when they are tested the viral load has decreased below detection range due to a robust efficient immune system so they are not reported as COVID. But! There are caveats, as there are with just about everything.

          basically; Children age 0-5 frequently get lots of respiratory viral things but don’t show any symptoms or a very large viral load, and sometimes only symptoms so mild that its overlooked as anything serious and considered something else routine (like sniffles for example which is frequently considered to be a cold and nothing more serious and most times it is just a cold or maybe allergy acting up) and mostly when this happens their viral load is basically obscured in the ‘background noise’ of their immune system which is mostly so efficient at that age that it rids the body of the virus a lot quicker so its greatly harder to detect in children this age unless they show actual symptoms because the immune system is working so efficiently at decreasing the viral load.

          Now, you are confusing mortality rate and risk of death with risk of being infected by exposure. The two are not the same.

          What I said, had you considered its context by the word I used which was “risking” where I wrote: she endangered her child at least twice…. the second was [b]risking the child to exposure to COVID [/b] in a room where its known there were people infected with COVID. The person who touched the podium was not the only one. Buffy, like I wrote, endangered her child by [b]risking the child to exposure to COVID [/b] – because the child did not get sick or show symptoms does not mean they child was not infected or if the child was infected – because the child did not die does not mean the child was or was not infected – but it does mean that the risk was there under the conditions in which Buffy willfully placed her one month old child so Buffy could make a personal protest statement to satisfy her anger at not being allowed a proxy vote.

          She had the child within ~1 foot of the podium a person who had COVID but didn’t know it at the time and didn’t wear a mask which means those tiny moisture droplets in his breath exhale (everyone has them) were infected with COVID and falling on the podium and he touched the podium as well and people don’t realize it but every time you exhale, if your hands are at your side or in front of you then some of your exhale moisture droplets gets on your hands anyway – she touched the same podium then touched her child “0-5” years of age (the child was about a month old). She was [b]risking the child to exposure to COVID[/b] – period.

        • “This means 231 children 0 – 5 years of age died due to COVID in 2020.”

          should have been…

          “This means ~9,000 children 0 – 5 years of age died due to COVID in 2020.”

          the risk %’s were done based upon the ~9,000. The 231 was a copy and paste error.

  11. Obvious answer is obvious.

    We need better access to red flag laws in under-served communities like Sacramento.

    That way these brothers could flag each other and this would never have happened!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to change my Twotter profile to reflect my disgust with Elon Musk “taking over” the company.

    • c’mon, man! that austin ‘lectric trailer park guy is going to change everything. just wait until those blabby bee twaats are reinstated. to say nothing of some other luminaries.

    • You could be a darling of the Left, but you mention anything about free speech being important or make an honest observation about woke (Progressive) ideology, and they bring out the pitchforks. They despise people being able to make honest observations.

      • Progs hate me because I have no filter.

        Due to this disability I have a tendency to say things to their face that they don’t really care for.

        I used to argue with them, deconstruct their language and critique it to show why they were wrong on multiple levels but I got bored and now I say something like “Wow, you’re dumb as shit. Fuck off.”

        • S9
          When my wife read that comment said she had to double check to see if I wrote it.

  12. They can always fall back on their tried and true method: lie! Their problem with that is that no matter what they say the voters are starting to notice. Even voters in California are starting to wake up to the totalitarian nature of the Democrat party that rules them. The smarter ones are already leaving the state and eventually most of the people left will be the very rich who can afford walls around their property with armed guards and a huge number of the very poor.

  13. People, people……

    The logic is inescapable: no guns available anywhere, no crime committed with a firearm (a direct corollary to: no law, no crime).

    Almost every firearm in the nation started out as a legally produced implement. Those firearms determined to be “illegal” were obtained from legal owners and/or manufacturers. If no one had a gun, formerly “legal” guns could not turn up as “illegal” guns.

    The source of illegal guns is legal gun owners. Remove guns, or remove “legal” gun owners. Doing one or the other dries up the supply of firearms that are available to criminals. There are not enough “illegal” gun owners to make a market for gun manufacturers; the entire supply chain will shut down.

    Once guns are no longer available, criminals will have to injure/kill you with some other weapon, which is just something we all have to live with in a free nation. No one can live forever. It is you civic duty to die when the time comes.

    • Speak with the people in England about how effective taking firearms out of the equation has been in the reduction of crime, assault and murder. The criminals simply changed the implement used to commit their crimes. To edged weapons, including knives, machetes, swords and even axes. With no reduction in the numbers of robberies assaults and murders. In fact the crime rate has increased because of the easier availability of their weapon of choice and the inability of victims to defend themselves. Now they have children as young as 10 years old committing assaults, robberies and even murders. The mayor of London has attempted to get a knife registry in place, so that each knife with a point or serration must be registered. Including all knives used for cooking, eating and all museum collections. An age limit has been placed on the purchase of knives (21). Yet the violent crime rate continues to increase at a record pace. Also just like in the United States the Crown Prosecutors Service and many Judges are more concerned with Criminal Justice Reform, than they are about holding criminals accountable for their crimes. Until the citizenry make the decision to remove and replace politicians, prosecutors and judges. With ones who will hold criminals accountable by either locking them up for extended periods of time or executing them Post Haste. Their chaotic effect on society will continue to rain terror on the populace. So regardless of the tools available. Criminals will always exist unless you eliminate them from the equation or the penalty far exceeds the possible benefits of their crime. You get the government you vote for and all the consequences that come with it. The choices you make directly effect your quality of life, even if you didn’t vote for them. Choose Wisely…

      • “Speak with the people in England about how effective taking firearms out of the equation has been in the reduction of crime, assault and murder. ”

        You just might be overthinking my comment.

  14. Once again without a Federal law requiring Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws Criminals can buy all the firepower they want 365 days a year 24 hours around the clock. Its not rocket science to sane people and people that can reason at the 5th grade level at least.

    • “Its not rocket science to sane people and people that can reason at the 5th grade level at least.”
      And therein lies your problem herr dacian.

      • How you store stuff in your own homes is my business. And I’m going to “vote” on it too. I have a list of stuff I want you guys to do FOR me. If I can scratch up enough people, you have to do what I want you to do or the government will punish you. One of those things is your safety in your home, is MY business. And I don’t like the way you guys are storing your guns.

        • FAKE DACIAN. dacian the Dunderhead is bad enough but you are just trolling.

      • The problem isn’t that criminals are “deciding” to hurt people, with or without a gun. No. The problem is there is too much freedom. I hate freedom. It cuts back on people’s safety that I want to force on everyone. And thus, we need to cut back on freedom! This is NOT the land of the free and home of the brave, this is the land of the NOT free and home of the safe.

        • FAKE DACIAN. dacian the Dunderhead is bad enough but you are just trolling.

    • Sounds more like a catch and release issue. I am not talking about fishing earner. Letting violent people roam in society is more dangerous than a inanimate object.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. You have got to be kidding. We already have lot and lots of “gun control” laws and the reason they don’t work is that the prosecutors DON’T PROSECUTE! Your vaulted Universal Background Checks are flawed in that they don’t even have many of the dispositions of criminal court cases and thanks to HIPPA you can’t have mentally deficient persons listed. For some reason these two points have escaped you.

      Your SAFE STORAGE idea is great except a locked up gun is useless for self defense.

      • to Walter

        quote——Your SAFE STORAGE idea is great except a locked up gun is useless for self defense.————quote

        False statement. In reality there are small desk safes and trigger locks and even full size safes that can be opened in less than 1 second. And if you are really under threat you can carry a gun on your person.

        All of these methods prevent children from being accidentally shot with loaded guns laying around the house and of course makes it light years more difficult for a thief to steal guns. Most robberies are quick smash and grab because the criminal does not know when you will return home.

        I might add every civilized nation on earth has safe storage laws because they have been proven to work and work well.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. Sorry bub, but it’s a TRUE STATEMENT. If you gun which is your self defense weapon is locked up, it takes time for you to unsecure it, load it and prepare to engage. No safe can be opened in a “second” are you allege. Then you still have to load the gun. Trigger locks are impossible for “unlock” in a second. It is clear that you do not have a clue what a trigger lock is.

          What prevents a child from being accidentally shot is parental supervision and educating that child that a gun in their hands is dangerous. My gun is on my strong side hip when out of the house and secured where I have easy access should it be necessary. There is only ONE gun in my house which is loaded at all times. My “service weapon”. Everything else is locked up. Here is the catch to your “solution”. Are you going to have police inspecting each household that has a firearm? That would be the only way to achieve your goal. the problem is that thing we call the 4th Amendment. You do know about the 4th Amendment?

          Clearly, you know very little about criminals committing burglary (it’s not robbery). If they have cased the home, they know about how much time they have to steal what they want. “Smash and grabs” are done in jewelry stores and the like.

          Again, this is not Europe or Asia. We are Americans. If you like their “solutions” so much, we will be glad to finance your trip for permanent residence on the proviso that you never return.

        • So many lies, and ignorant statements, so little willingness to spend the time to ATTEMPT to educate an ignorant moron.

          First, ” . . . less than 1 second . . . “. If you weren’t a complete ignoranus, you would know that “face to face” gun confrontations can be OVER in “less than 1 second” – but you know f*** all about guns, so never mind.

          Second, people in America had guns around for YEARS before “safe storage” became the cause du jour of gun-fearing wussies like you. Americans USED to teach their kids gun safety, and not to touch guns without an adult present. I knew where my dad’s guns were from the time I was a toddler. I NEVER touched one of them without his permission. It ain’t rocket surgery, nitwit. EVERY child should be taught the “Eddie the Eagle” lessons on gun safety; leave it up to the parent how much more they should be taught.

          According to your Leftist/fascist idiocy, I should keep my gun in a safe, empty and with the magazine separate, as required by CA law (I had one, when I lived there, and you CANNOT open such a safe and access your firearm in “less than 1 second”, but then we expect dacian the stupid to be a lying liar of a prevaricating fool. You want to lock up your guns, without ammunition?? Be my guest – I suspect no one wants to burgle your mom’s basement, anyway.

          You rant, and blow bovine excrement out of ALL of your orifices, and have never had either an original thought, or a RATIONAL thought, since you’ve been commenting on this forum. Please go back to your circle jerk.

    • These lies are believed by the people on the fence and the anti firearm people in the US. They do not want to hear the truth from a pro gun citizen. I would have a night on the town, if I had a nickel for all the people that told me that we have to stop “assault weapons” because you only pull the trigger once to empty the “clip”, or that all ARs are easily converted to full auto with an easy to buy part that takes 5 min to change out.
      No matter what I say, they know they are right, even vets from the conflict in Korea, Viet Nam, and peacetime enlistment. The Vets from the sandbox wars knew the difference, but many still are anti gun.

  15. Oh, the inhumanity of it all. That bad old gun made Dandrae, an upstanding young man just getting his’n life together, shoot his brothers. Bad gun. Bad gun. Good thug. Good thug.

  16. Well, that certain did not sound like fully automatic gunfire to me. It didn’t even sound like more than about 6 or 7 rounds fired. 30 round magazine bans would not have prevented this. Banning AR15’s wouldn’t have either. Defunding cops would have had no effect. It all happened so fast n that video that a counselor would not have had to to get there.

    • It has been pointed out to me that in the background after the semi-auto shots stopped, there is a sound that might actually be full auto. It’s difficult for me to tell.

  17. My dad told me “nothing good happenens after Midnight”
    He was right I had to be home and in the house before 12:00am, not parked at front gate, as was explained by my dad, while wearing boxers underwear and tee shirt, at his roll topped desk.
    It was a “this can’ be good”
    He was right

    • Yep, and the other simple fact that . . . THESE PEOPLE ARE ALREADY “CRIMINALS”, so they’re going to obey a “sensible gun control law” (while they were ALREADY willing to commit robbery, rape, murder, etc.)??? That is classic Leftist/Fascist thinking.

      Actually, the Leftist/Fascists (like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ) don’t really think their “solutions” will actually “reduce gun crime” – they don’t give a s*** about “reducing gun crime”. Their goal is to increase the power of the state, reduce the rights of individuals, and (in their fever dreams) perpetuate their control over all us “untermenschen”. I would ignore idiots like that, except . . . they’re fun to abuse.

  18. hmmm I wonder if all those guns getting stolen off train in California might have had some negative impact on their crime??

    Don’t forget, when the police set up a sting operation and arrested some people doing it they had to stop because it was called “racist.”

  19. I could stop this, just make me Emperor for 2 years. First, I’d need to clean up the streets and free up prison space, so it would be a federal felony to have 3 separate felony convictions, and the penalty would be death. Next, we need to keep the kids out of gangs. So if a child misses or disrupts class a certain amount of times, the PARENTS of that child come to municipal court and explain why. If the parents can’t control the kid, then the kid becomes a ward of the state. Next, we need to get the first time offender some skills, so in order to get out, they have complete a full curriculum high school program while in prison, else they don’t get out.

    • You make some good points, but your plan won’t work without first changing the laws that define “controlling the kid” (parental responsibility) as child abuse.

      • Most of our heroes, men and women who did great things were rebels as children – many dropped out of school at one point to do what they needed to do. Punishing them and trying to get rid of that spark will only make our country a bunch of followers. The US’ strength is in it’s diversity and it needs free thinkers for this.
        Forcing square pegs into round holes is never a good idea, if you want them to succeed.
        Many do NOT want them to succeed, that is why we do not teach them to think for themselves. The only way to thrive is to lie low and act beaten, then, when you are as far as you can go, you release your secret rebel inside and make it work.

        • The majority of our heroes were raised by parents who understood their actual responsibility (100% to mold children into rational, responsible adults / 0% to indulge childish whims, desires, or feelings). The runaways and other exceptions found their discipline under another strong mentor (military, merchant marine, a native tribe, a boss), or sometimes the harshness of nature.

          That is not to say there’s no place for a more freethinking, give-and-take style of parenting, leadership, or education. It’s important to understand the philosophical reasoning underlying principles after, as Aristotle wrote, men have internalized those virtues as habits. First, though, it is necessary to acquire those habits by conditioning, because children begin as blank slates – animal bodies imbued with the spark of reason, but zero reasoning skills or knowledge.

          As John Adams wrote, American liberty is for a moral people. Nietzche, a very different man, also concluded “He who will not rule himself will, himself, be ruled.” Libertines make poor libertarians, “free spirits” make poor freemen (cf. hippies), and self-indulgent emoters are not freethinkers (or thinkers at all). Heroes (all functioning adults, for that matter) accept the discipline of reason and reject slavery to animalistic impulses.

    • George, I am sorry but some of your plan is already in effect. We already in NYS anyway require a convict to complete his GED to be eligible for parole. The “first time offenders” are actually people who have been committing crimes and just hadn’t been caught.

      Parental responsibility should be the law as you describe. If a parent can’t control their off spring, they should be referring that kid of Family Court, Juvenile Court of whatever in that state. If the parent won’t do it, then it is up to the police or the school. We don’t enforce the laws that require a child to go to school as it is. I agree, that HAS TO CHANGE. But then we have judges who think they are soclial workers.

  20. You have 2 types of religious schools in this country – the expensive ones that are actually prep schools and the others that teach the poor kids to kneel down, pray, and accept their fate.
    Our public schools used to teach you the figure it out, how to use reference material and prep you for college.
    These days, with “no child left behind”, we promote those that never learned the basics, we have functionally illiterate high school grads. The goal is to teach them to accept their fate.
    In certain neighborhoods, the smarter kids drop out, because getting a diploma just to get a janitor job is not what these kids want. The only successes they see around them is the criminals that run the drugs and control gambling. They see 20 and 30 somethings with money and nice cars, Mr. Big lives in a much better area, they do not see him. They also do not see the people doing time in the penitentiary unless they get paroled back to the neighborhood – to live with their mom(If he was smart, he made sure mom’s house was paid for before he went to jail).
    These kids have never seen how the affluent kids live, or even how the lower middle class lives, so they take the road that gets them a better life.

  21. The solution is EASY boy and girls. Take a page from the movie UNFORGIVEN. Stretch their necks, then put them in coffins outside the bar with signs around their necks saying “This is what we do to murderers around here.”

  22. Seriously? You guys are still getting upset about what these unconstitutional, drugged up, in the streets shitting, communist pigs are doing and saying?

    Give this fucked up state their pathetic politicians and citizens to Mexico and be done with that.

  23. “state laws fall short, according to Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, “when we don’t have a national commitment to reducing gun violence.””

    Yeh. Then the national commitment will fail because hose who flout the law (as pointed out in this article) still have guns and still shoot and kill others.

    We’ll need an international commitment to reducing gun violence.

    Mayor Darrell, I nominate you to arrest Vladimir Putin.

    After that we can worry about interplanetary commitment to reducing gun violence.


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