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Before Hugo Chavez took a dirt nap, he enacted the Control of Arms, Munitions and Disarmament Law.  It banned everyday Venezuelans from owning guns or ammunition, and confiscated those that were privately owned.

More recently, as the inevitable effects of Bolivarian socialism have wrecked their once-prosperous country, Venezuelans have wished they had those firearms back to resist government tyranny. In the past few days during nation-wide power outages, residents no doubt wish they had the means to protect from looters and other street criminals.

Dozens have died as the blackout has entered its fifth day. Looters have ransacked stores and businesses.  Hospitals and medical clinics (like the one pictured at the top) use candles for light. Which brings back the old joke, “What did socialists use for lighting before candles? Electricity.”

The UK Daily Mail reports on some of the mayhem. And it appears their people must get paid by the word for their headlines:

Looters take to Venezuela’s streets as blackout enters its FIFTH day killing 15 kidney patients as under-pressure president Maduro claims the power cut was caused by an ‘imperialist’ electromagnetic attack from the US

  • Venezuelans started looting supermarkets in Caracas on Sunday, as power outages reached their fourth day 
  • Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a nation-wide march on the capital to pressurise regime
  • The country will enter fifth day of power outages after blackouts crippled infrastructure, shops and hospitals
  • At least 15 patients with kidney disease died after dialysis machines stopped working during power outage
  • President Nicolas Maduro has blamed the blackout on sabotage and cyber attacks from within Venezuela

Some Venezuelans have taken to looting supermarkets in Caracas during the fourth day of blackouts, which have paralysed the country.

Pictures reveal that some supermarkets in the capital have been left ransacked by desperate residents as they struggle to find food.

Security forces detained a number of people who were caught looting on Sunday, with some pictures showing looters being piled onto waiting trucks.

Armed men were seen forcefully escorting young men and women to the trucks.

Follow the link for lots of photos documenting the mess, along with the rest of the story.

It stands to reason that the first shops looted were pharmacies, liquor stores, and given how the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds on the socialism diet, grocery stores.

When looters have picked the stores clean, then they will target residences. Especially those with food, gas or generators.

The veneer of civilization is not as thick as a lot of people would like to think. That’s when the benefit of gun ownership proves its priceless worth.  Because, once again, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their heart is a good guy with a gun. You can’t put a price on your wife or teenage daughter’s personal safety when pillagers come a-calling.

It’s a shame Venezuelans surrendered their guns not so long ago. Because now, only two groups have guns: the lawless and the government. In Venezuela it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference. Especially in the dark.

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  1. Funny how this is, ultimately, what AOC was calling for the other day at SxSW.

    Those who think, for scientific or religious reasons, that we are not simply wild animals are mildly amusing right up until they enact policies based on their silly notions. We’re not immune to the same rules that govern the animal kingdom and the sooner we realize that the better we will be. From socialists to eco-nuts to religious zealots, the inability to admit that we’re not different from dogs or lions is a serious failing.

    • “Those who think, for scientific or religious reasons, that we are not simply wild animals are mildly amusing right up until they enact policies based on their silly notions.”

      You missed one of the biggest reasons – Political reasons.

      Meaning, being so married to their political beliefs they are incapable of seeing the truth. To recognize the cold reality would be admitting they aren’t properly ‘political correct’.

      And to a Leftist, being politically correct the best and only acceptable kind of correct…

      • Generally speaking I don’t think that political belief has much direct connection. I think it’s tangential and it exists because it’s part of a bigger package.

        The “political reasonings”, IMHO, are generally an excuse. The goal is power, the politics are a lie to get to the goal and the denial is convenient because it allows the political lies to further the goal. Which denial the person picks is based on 1) personal preference 2) the exact type of power desired and 3) the target audience they want to lie to.

        Which all comes back to us being animals. The people doing this want power, that is they want to be the alpha at the top of the troop. How they get there isn’t generally brute force because we don’t have big teeth, claws or raw physical power. They get there by using the weapon nature gave them: their brain. Once they have the power and control they use the combined brute force of others to keep it.

      • Unless you are a leftest bureaucrat – in which *technically* politically correct is the best kind of politically correct!

    • According to my ‘socialist’ son, this isn’t REAL socialism. It’s a dictatorship. This would never happen in a REAL socialist state. Evidently the USSR wasn’t a REAL socialist state either, nor Cuba. He went to college and came back a different person. Ugh.

      • Yeah. A “real” socialist state would be one where “he” was in charge and decided whom deserved what. Which would be a dictatorship to ……everyone else.

        So….hopefully he lives long enough to realize all those others countries are real socialist shitholes too.

      • I’m sorry. My daughter went to college and came back a little hippie that carries a Colt Detective Special and had an elk steak for dinner on her honeymoon in Colorado Springs last Saturday. Her brother pulls on a pair of boots every morning and goes to work for a big electrical company every day. Did I do something wrong?

      • I once knew a guy who insisted that North Korea isn’t a communist country because “it’s actually a dictatorship.”

        Thought about arguing with him, but decided he a lost cause.

      • “If you go to a 4 year university it is very posssible that you will be dumber after the 4 years. If you continue on to get a graduate dgeree, now you will be dumb AND dangerous”……Dennis Prager

      • I learned chatting with a committed Trotskyite barista (then finishing a masters to get a teaching job — so cliche, and yes he had a beard) that they ponder The Bad Man problem, as perhaps the fundamental issue.

        Trotsky was the good revolutionary, don’t you know. Trotskyites think he got it right. He got pushed out by the bad people, who hijacked the people’s workers’ Utopia. Could The Glorious Revolution have worked, or was it their Bad Luck to be infested with uniquely evil men? Do we just run it again – power down n back up – or are there safeguards or processes to install?

        Somehow, social-whatever seems to attract bad people who take over and do bad things. It’s as if people who like telling other people what to do … like telling other people what to do.

        Comrade barista was intelligent, honest, and informed. I told him my problem, and what would get me on board

        “The people who did this the last bunch of times, including your movement namesake’s time, got hijacked when they thought they had it wired — says you. And it was miserable thereafter.

        Show me it won’t get hijacked again. Arguing probably won’t do it — we’ve blown that. We seem to be bad at thinking about what will happen with this kind of stuff.

        So, you might consider experiments in sand boxes – don’t go reorganize the world, or even a country. How about a county.l? How about one rule or a few, not capture everything, all at once into the revolutionary committee’s direction?

        “Real Socialism” keeps getting tried — people seize power — and it keeps getting grabbed by the Lenins and Stalins. What good is real socialism when it ends up hijacked?

        If only we could do real gun control, without it being porous, ineffective, and abusive, we’d have paradise on earth!

    • When dogs or lions build very large militaries, technology capable of tracking nearly every one in their population, or weapons of mass destruction, get back to me. In the meantime, man was made in G-d’s image. That’s infinitely greater orders of magnitude more dangerous than mere animals. To consider humanity as mere animals is to both underestimate it and rob it of its rightful place in creation. The left would very much like humans to think of themselves as nothing but animals. It suits their purposes.

      • Whatever gets you through the day brother. Whatever gets you through the day.

        I would however point out that the Left in no way, well at least no honest way, argues that we are but animals. They also believe we are removed and set apart from animals and the thought process is nearly identical to modern religious views on the subject. It’s the the root reason that they claim is different. Objectively however the views are the same.

        If the Left thought such as you say then the New Green Deal wouldn’t exist and Man-Made Global Warming wouldn’t be a concept because those things would be part of the natural order/cycle. They quite clearly argue that “global warming” or “climate change” is unnatural.

        These are the same folks who will tell you that a bird’s nest or a beaver dam are natural but a house is not, yet somehow a teepee or yurt is kinda natural. A natural creature is, quite obviously, not capable of unnatural behavior or creation, ergo if key facets of our behavior are “unnatural” then so are we. If we are to believe the root of their argument then we must conclude that humans are somehow removed from the natural order.

        Christianity actually figured this out with arguments going back and forth between ~300 and ~1400. Modern Christianity has just forgotten these things because your average pastor hasn’t bothered with actual serious religious, intellectual or philosophical inquiry in a number of generations. Most probably don’t even know who Thomas Aquinas, Peter Abelard, William Ockham, John Scotus, or St. Augustine really were and nearly no modern pastor or minister has any clue what any of those men actually said.

        • The strych9 doth protest too much, methinks.

          There’s no denying that people considering themselves no different than animals plays right into leftist efforts. They encourage it. Any suggestion that humans have dominion over nature is antithesis to the plans of the left. It is precisely because they deny any hierarchy that places man anything other than an animal that they push the welfare of animals over humans. Deny your Creator all that you want. The left denies many things. It doesn’t make it so.

          Again, “When dogs or lions build very large militaries, technology capable of tracking nearly every one in their population, or weapons of mass destruction, get back to me.”

          “KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America”

  2. Fuck ‘em. They voted in socialism, and now that socialism failed, they’re not asking for an alternative, they just want it to “work” again.

    • I’d totally agree if they actually did the voting. But it seems there’s ample evidence that the election was rigged and “the people” did not get a true voice. Sort of like in select voting precincts in the US.

    • “They voted in socialism, and now that socialism failed, they’re not asking for an alternative, they just want it to “work” again.”

      I’d have a ‘fuck em’ attitude as well, but they are committed to drag us down in flames with them.

      And I have zero interest in imploding with them. If they want ‘socialism’, fine. Let them go somewhere else and do it, but not in *my* country…

      • Ultimately Geoff the problem with socialism isn’t that you run out of other people’s money, it’s that once socialists are in power you cannot run away from them because they set the rules on who can leave. Berlin Wall anyone?

        This means that if a mistake is made those people that mistake puts in power prevent the mistake from being rectified and that is by design.

        Look at what’s going on in Venezuela and compare it to the combination of proposals coming from Democrats running for POTUS. If we put together a package we get the following:

        A system where the medical providers are under the control of government in a way that, by their own admission (thanks Ezekiel Emmanuel!), is designed to kill off people who are not “productive” in the way the state wishes. However, those with resources to take care of themselves on their own are also forbidden from doing so because fairness.

        So, why not just leave? Well, look at their tax proposals and we find they want to confiscate wealth at a rate that would prevent most people from fleeing and, if by some stroke of luck and hard work, you do manage to have enough to leave the very act of trying to exit the country and become an ex-pat subjects you to a tax rate that insures only the top 1% of 1% actually can because they’re going to take 40%-70% of whatever you have left after the original high tax rates.

        The whole thing is designed as a prison without walls so even if the people realize the error of their ways and choose the correct path to fixing the problem, they cannot. They also cannot leave.

        Some out there who possess a mind that is attracted to history and a penchant for iconoclastic language might just call that “slavery”.

        • “The whole thing is designed as a prison without walls so even if the people realize the error of their ways and choose the correct path to fixing the problem, they cannot. They also cannot leave.”

          If it *truly* gets to that point, we ‘leave’ by exercising our right to form a new government…

        • @Geoff

          The problem there is if it got that far then arms for the patriots would be scarce with the exception of the black market, captured arms, un-prosecuted DNCers (likely a minority), or foreign arms with strings attached. If a rebellion broke out and solid armed groups took up arms it would likely result in a balkinization of the US which is no doubt a bad thing. Think about the differences in say California and Kentucky. Do you really think those groups would get along considering the political and social elements in either region and their respective pocketbooks? The US would be what Syria is now. The problem needs to be fixed before it gets that far.

          I do agree with you though. If it got that far then a revolution warranted.

  3. Funny thing about people who demand free stuff: they also tend to blame everyone but themselves for their problems. It’s genius when you realize by virtue of this trait they are perfect and infallible as they proceed down the path to cannibalism.

  4. I’m asking rhetorically, but did they really give up their guns? Not wanting to give up personal property bought and paid for by your labor seems to me fairly universal and not unique to the boating enthusiasts among us.

    I advocate being prepared. I know everyone has firearms and ammo which is great, but do you have water? Food? Communication? A plan in place?

    How valuable would these things be to you if you were in Venezuela today? You don’t think it could happen here? That’s a risky bet to make.

    • Even if you had a prepper’s dream stash outside Caracas, you be down to water and toe jam by now.

      The prepper objective in Venezuela should have been enough cash to bribe your way out of the country.

      The water is circling the drain.

    • Very few were confiscated officially. Gun ownership was pretty low in VZ at 10 percent of the population. The act prevented people from acquiring guns by removing them from sale. Now that they want and need arms they are physically unable to get any. Only the government is armed now. It’s been 7 years since guns were pulled from shelves. Mostly the rich and upper class had guns before and they fled already. What you have now are unarmed middle and lower classes who never had guns in the first place..

  5. None of this surprises me as I have see microcosmes of it here in the United States. Every hurricane I worked had incidents of looting. Katrina was the worst. First it was looting of commercial businesses. You may have seen some of this in the media. What was less well reported was when homes were invaded and instead of demanding valuables the looters demanded the victims food. My cousin Brandon was taking a truck load of supplies from N. Mississippi to another family member not for from the coast when he came under fire from highway men attempting to stop him. While armed, Brandon elected to lean down behind the dash and floor it. He wasn’t hit. The truck? Not so much.

    • There is a lowkey conspiracy in the American media to suppress reports of crime and looting in the wake of natural disasters, in order to maintain public order and keep people compliant. Actual primary source accounts of natural disasters in the US always include MUCH more widespread looting and victimization than is reported in the “legitimate” media.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Your cousin Brandon’s experience tends to confirm my biggest concern during a catastrophe. Driving down a highway with supplies in your vehicle seems like an almost guaranteed way to lose your vehicle and supplies at best and lose your life at worst.

      I figure Interstate highways and secondary highways would guarantee an attack. Back roads might be passable as the locals would assume that anyone driving on a back road was probably another local and be less likely to attack them. And I have to believe that every bridge on every road, no matter how short and how narrow the feature that the bridge spans, would be dangerous to attempt to cross because it is exceedingly easy to box someone in on a bridge.

      My best guess is that you would be far better off having at least 30 days supply of food and water and hunkering down in your home — then waiting for the outside world to make their way in and restore order. Alternatively, you could probably hide food and water caches on a route where you could walk or maybe (and that is a big “maybe”) bicycle your way out. If you hid food and water every 20 miles or so, you could make pretty good time on foot and have almost no visible supplies as you walked (or bicycled). Having no visible supplies should greatly lessen the risk of someone attacking you.

      • Uncommon Sence, I understand your logic, but in these situations there is no real logic. The major throughfares were controlled by the National Guard and law enforcement. When Brandon was attacked trying to deliver supplies to Becky he was on a county road. The last link to her, her husband and their two children. He took a different route home. See Roger’s Rangers.

        • Gadsden Flag,

          I guess that makes sense that the National Guard and law enforcement kept major highways under control — so that it was easy to get large amounts of supplies into the region. Then the trouble would be driving on back roads as you stated.

          Again, that suggests that you should have 30 days food and water in your home so that you can hunker down and wait for the outside to restore order.

          Of course, absolutely nothing stops a few guys from trying to stop any car/truck on any county road at any time even when there is no catastrophe. To be totally honest, I cannot believe that it doesn’t happen on a weekly or even daily basis as there are a LOT of isolated stretches of county roads.

          Thanks for the feedback.

        • Uncommon Sense, you’re suggestion of having 30 days of supplies, even more, is a great idea. Dispersing it, even better. However, the idea of having at up to 20 mile increments hoping that because you carry so little will help you is naive, if you will forgive me. You can, and will be murdered, for your mountain bikes and the little you carry between caches. Better to have your caches around your home/retreat. Within easy walking distance, but well concealed. Also, forget the fortress mentally. Very few sieges have failed. Better the majority of your forces be able to fire and maneuver. If you have no experience in infantry tactics, it’s okay. Lots of books out there. It ain’t rocket science. After all the army taught it to me.

        • Gadsden Flag,

          I take no offense at your thoughts/insights, even if they contradict mine.

          My thought on heading-out on foot or bicycle is that you can walk or ride where people are not likely to be, which means NOT on roads. Of course that may severely limit your ability to use a bicycle since you would almost always NOT be on a road. At any rate travelling where people are not likely to be greatly reduces your risk of an attack.

          Sure, someone might want to murder you in the woods for your bicycle or a thin pack with what looks like one day of food. And they may very well figure it is not worth the risk for such a small score, especially if they initially engage you and you start shooting back. Of course someone could snipe you from a distance. And that can happen no matter what you do.

          As for bandits conducting a siege operation on your home, let them. The idea is that you have enough food and water (30 days) to wait it out until the outside world returns to restore order. I highly doubt that bandits are going to sit around your home for 12 days hoping that you surrender or die of thirst, especially when you are armed and repel their first attempt to enter your home. I believe the most likely scenario is that they would probably wait around for half a day — or maybe two days at most — and then head out looking for easier targets.

          Finally, as for having light/fast forces for flanking maneuvers and related tactics, that is fine for militia and military forces. That is not practical for a husband and wife with children, especially small children. In a catastrophe I think it would be more practical and safer for said family to stay in their home until the outside world returns. Now, if there was some way for several neighbors to be able to immediately dart out to assist you until the attackers leave (and then return to their homes), that makes sense to me. In other words have a “mutual aid” agreement with your neighbors.

      • The truth is that in such a situation there are high risks everywhere.

        Staying home invites home invaders/looters. Moving invites highwaymen. Big roads invite overactive law enforcement while smaller roads invite brigands. Big roads also have larger traffic snarls if something goes wrong.

        The best solution IMHO is to have both options open and choose the best one as the situation evolves.

        Also, if you’re so inclined, use something we can learn from gangs and have your vehicle be a “gunship”. Something with a big engine and steel bumpers that can shove shit out of the way, roll over it or hook up a winch and pull it if worse comes to worst. Windows big enough to stick a rifle out of and shoot reasonably well and with enough space inside that at least three people can all fire at the same time plus, if possible/necessary someone up through the sunroof and a trunk monkey or two. If you really want to go nuts, uparmor that thing into a technical.

        That might sound kinda doomsday preppery but options are what you want in every situation. The proper vehicle and some basic preparation give you those options if it all goes sideways. Options get more extreme as the situation gets more extreme.

        • Stryc9, really that sounds like a great action movie. Can I introduce you to what you probably want to do in the real world when the shit hits the fan. It’s called, “Low Profile.”

        • You can do whatever you want. As I said, risks abound when SHTF and there are no guarantees.

          People who go overt might well get dead and people who “grey man” it run the risk that they get mistaken for easy prey and die just the same.

          Again, options. You want them. Limiting yourself to a single course of action before you have to is silly. But hey, do what you want, it’s your life. If you honestly believe that having a certain set of options is self-defeating then don’t do things that give you those options. If that choice comes back to bite you, well, that’s life.

          Personally I’ll keep as many options as I can open until I have to make the choice.

        • Strych9, I didn’t say to limit your options, but really? A bunch of guys with rifles bristling out of a Hummer? In what actually reality? Lay low. Engage only when necessary. And if at all, don’t engage at all.

        • The nice thing about a gangsta gunship is that it looks just like a normal car until the “window roll down and than AK come out” (as 50 cent said).

          The concept is that it is fairly low profile right up until it’s not and then can, barring a ton of bullet holes in the vehicle, go back to low profile and leave the area.

    • Met an airforce air crew member flying in emergency supplies. She said in 10 years and countless deployments that was the only time she ever pulled her sidearm. Someone rushed her with a bat to get on the plane, he backed down. She also said that the numbers of rapes was horrifying.

      Stay armed and always have a plan.

      • “Hungry people in groups tend to do some evil things.”

        Those things are no more evil than a hungry tiger eating a person or other animal. These things are predictable. Socially acceptable? No, but they’re not evil or unforeseeable and by the time people in large numbers are doing them “society” is a distant memory anyway.

        • Hungry, horny, whatever, they’ll get to the point where they eat other people after they rape them. I get your point though, law of the jungle, as it were, but I still consider it evil.

  6. When you are in their situation, I don’t think you can call them looters, I would call them survivors,,, if you wouldn’t do the same thing, you & your family or people you care about would starve or die trying just to survive… socialism is awesome don’t ya think? <<<<(Sarcasm)<<<<.

    • NORDNEG, I was getting ready to blister your ass until I saw SARCASM. Unfortunately, the socialists won’t see it as sarcasm at all. Those people deserved to be looted for preparing instead of going to a hurricane party.

  7. That’s what happens when one resides in the Burnmeister’s wet dream of a utopia,I’ve noticed as of late Bernie hasn’t mentioned Venezuela,he’s moved on to Norway as his example of a Socialist haven.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Norway’s economy more like free market than a socialist? They do tax the heck out of the people to support their health care system. I’m thinking Bernie is the next to drop out, polls show most left leaning folks have a negative view of Socialism.

    • Right on. And never forget that the only reason for gun registration is eventual confiscation, and the only reason for confiscation is eventual slavery.

  8. Even here in my own neighborhood after Hurricane Michael a running gunfight broke out between a bad guy and some of the guys I used to work with. Results; bad guy dead with five GSWs, good guys 0 injured.

    • And a pantry full. And a hidden pantry full, because those men with bigger guns and the bigger trucks will come for what’s doesn’t belong to them.

    • i agree with Ralph completely. Should they get all three sides of the coin in 2020 or 2024 they will open the borders, outlaw guns and take over as much as the economy as they can starting with medical. They showed their hand lately and we know what they want.

  9. Another day in paradise.

    This is what Occassional-Cortex envisions for the US.

    Venezuela is what it looks like when some people work so the government can take your money and pass it to those who dont.

    Everyone has plenty of time to pursue lofty things like art and science…….Or murdering and thieving more….yeah…that’s it.

  10. Even Machiavelli says you’re an idiot if you give up your guns AND if the left in this country tried to take them they shall be reminded that taking arms is the FIRST sign of tyranny!!! And that won’t be a transient reason. 2nd paragraph of Declaration of Independence.

    • buy all you can…any way you can.. and hide them everywhere you can…don’t allow yourself to be disarmed…putting them all in a safe just makes it easy for them to do that

  11. Chill out folks, mass LOOTING is merely another method of wealth redistribution. It’s OK with liberals and progressives and a fundamental part of their programs for equalizing all non-elites. Guns in the hands of the middle class are evil because they interfere with this wonderful process.

  12. Golly if THIS isn’t an advertisement for PREPPING I’ve never seen one! Yeah I hope we don’t intervene in the Chavez/ Maduro paradise. Build that freakin’ wall!!!

      • It’s funny that people wouldn’t budge to prep for Earthquakes and unpredictable natural disasters, but did for imaginary zombies. The .gov did the zombie thing as a joke, but actually got some people to do something.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. Rather than have the U.S. military down there taking casualties start passing out cheap single shot shotguns in 20 gauge with a dozen rounds per gun to the people that want to return to Venezuela to free their country. A few hundred thousand should do it.

  13. I don’t care how many people died because the government thought they could provide oil to power electrical generators, better than a private company in a capitalist system. These voters down south got what they wanted. A government to take care of them.

  14. Right now we as a nation with Trump’s help should call for NO refugees from Venezuela be let in
    (you made that bed, now lay down in it!!!)…if you can walk 1000 miles to the USA border…then you could have stopped far far sooner!

    if we don’t say it now and on TV across the world….millions of them will come here to feast on our taxes…then infest that socialist shit here

    • Indeed. I don’t know what it is about humanity, but those fleeing oppression always seem to want to spread it in turn. Wether it’s liberals fleeing blue state taxes to red states, or Muslims fleeing ISIS, they get to their new land and start supporting the shit that got them all F’d up to begin with. The only counter example I can think of is the early United States and up until somewhat recently, most of the immigrants here did not want to replicate the shitholes they came from.

      • I recall before the 90’s most immigrants i’ve met, and even in the military, were very hard working, humble, conservative with their money, and had strong religious beliefs. These folks were contibuting to society. Now it seems, some immigrants have to fit in by running up credit card debt by driving a fancy car/truck, having an expensive smartphone, and having little regard for their own finances. That’s what I see in SoCal anyways.

    • We have plenty of middle class Venezuelans in the country now. Doctors, lawyers, professionals and ball players

      • Lawyers???

        We as a nation let lawyers in, we need them?? Talk about a merit based immigration policy is needed…now we need to fix that…as IMO eliminating that lawyer scum is job one!

    • perhaps they should take their cue from Brazil…where the idea of gun ownership is being revisited…….

      • Just look at the countries in Latin America that have instituted such policies…All the way from Mexico down to the tip of Argentina, and just about every place in between…

  15. Sad story Venezuela. All that oil wealth, the country could have been a shiny example. Instead a couple of dictators spouting massive lies about revolution and seeing foreign conspiracies under their beds have lain waste to the country.

    Capitalism has its negatives but far fewer and easier to deal with than the crap storm Chavez and Maduro have unleashed upon their own people. Now they can’t even make electricity. About the single most basic thing a modern society does for itself, along with sanitation and clean water.

    Hope his people manage eventually to drag Maduro from his palace and string him up. That’s if they can get past the Cuban security he has around him all the time. That’s what I’ve heard anyway, Maduro doesn’t trust his own people for his personal protection. He gets help from the old Castro regime in Havana.

  16. The US is pulling all Embassy personnel out of Venezuela starting today.



    “Like the January 24 decision to withdraw all dependents and reduce embassy staff to a minimum, this decision reflects the deteriorating situation in Venezuela as well as the conclusion that the presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy,” the statement read.”

    The SHT is about to hit the fan, and we don’t want any hostages or another Bengazi.

  17. Trump banned the bumpstocks bringing us one step closer to utopia. Because when throngs of angry border jumpers invade your property in the name of indigenous resettlement the last thing you need is an edge.

    Once the AK-15s and AR-49s with their automatic clips are banned, tranquility will reign in these lands.

  18. As George MacDonald Fraser wrote about another time and place:
    “…they were realists who learned about life and death the hard way, and had at heart the lesson that when the walls of the ivory tower are broken down, and survival is in the balance, one must shift as best can, according to the custom of the country.” [The Candlemass Road]

  19. None of this is our problem. We need to sit back and observe and learn from what happens there. I hope we don’t get involved in any way at all.


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