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Brett Houlihan of Waynesboro, Virginia sends in his Bedside Drawer EDC.  We’ve affectionately dubbed it “Five Benchmade Knives and a Beard Comb.”

In addition to showing off his tactical shoes and a very stylish nightstand, this gun salesman has a bevy of knives, all by Benchmade, including a weapon retention blade. I have to wonder if this guy is more of a Benchmade salesman than a gun salesman, because every one of those blades probably cost more than that Taurus .380 Spectrum pictured on the left.

Meanwhile, Mr. Houlihan’s beard comb serves as a nice touch, too.


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  1. I’m not a specialist. My comb is generic. It does my hair and my beard. Black, plastic peeled off one of those liqour store comb cardboards.

  2. I guess even with yoga pants, he still has a good place to stash his POS knives.

    Still disappointed in Benchmade, here, for destroying guns to simply look good to Somebody.

  3. The Griptillian didn’t cost more than the gun but it might be close if he bought the knife new and the gun used.

    Also, he mislabed the top knife. That’s not an SOCP dagger. I don’t remember what that knife is called off the top of my head but it’s no SOCP.

      • Do they still make that thing?

        I always thought for some reason that it came from Reflex (yeah, I finally caved and looked up the knife I was thinking of) or Infidel (even though I think ALL of those are OTF) lines.

        It’s not one I’ve owned, just seen it a few times at stores. Always seemed like a bit of a narrow blade for a flipper and with a bad handle in terms of matching the blade. Never interested me enough to even check the price.

        • It’s still in production, but they’ve been out of stock for a while now. I’m not really into thumb tap, liner lock Benchmade’s, I love my Axis and Axis autos far too much.

  4. The Benchmade hate will flow.

    I am a Griptilian fan….drop point for me. The Bugout interest me.

    I wish they still made the AFCK in affordable numbers.

    Shield and Taurus have it covered. 43 and LCP for me.

    And who in the hell combs thier beard. I grew a beard so I didnt have to shave everyday.

    Damned if I’m going to comb it.

  5. Glad there’s more than one good knife company. Bought a CRKT and Light-My-Fire after visiting site.

  6. Personally, I’m glad I never parted with the cash to buy a Benchmade.

    Nor will I ever. Not even as a gift.

  7. The outrage over Benchmade is about the pettiest “shooting right” that I’ve seen recently. It was the cops, not Benchmade, that made the decision to destroy the guns. They’re not history’s worst monsters for helping their local police. They’re just guns. We’ll make more.

    • Petty is whining about how someone else spends their money. I don’t particularly carr if someone choose to spend money on benchmade or not.

    • It’s pretty hilarious. Then again, maybe the kind of person who would spend $200 on a knife that will do the same thing a $30 one will do is paying for something more than the materials and craftsmanship anyway.

      • Destroying Guns because “icky Guns” is virtue signalling at it’s finest. Benchmade should have known better. They certainly didn’t need to assist. If they were going to assist, they should have at least been smart enough to get the local Polizei to sign an NDA.

        We finally got sick of this BS in Arizona, and made it illegal for the cops/local governments to destroy firearms.

      • Totally right that a $30 knife is the same as a $200 Benchmade!

        I carry a Hi Point I got at a pawnshop for $99 plus tax. It is every bit as good as a Glock, Kimber or Wilson Combat, but costs just a fraction of what those overpriced overrated pistols do. The only difference between Hi Point and all the others is in advertising dollars. Kimber costs a lot because it appears on the back pages of every gun magazine. If they ditched their advertising budget, Kimber could sell its guns for a couple hundred dollars at most. And if Glock cut its ads, you could buy a new one for $150.

        There is absolutely no difference between Hi Point and all the other major pistol brands. None!

  8. He carries 5 knives? lol this is just ridiculous. He’s probably the type of guy to use 3 different pocket knives to open one amazon package.

  9. There must be some cool flashlights and other gadgets this guy is not showing us if he has those nice Benchmade knives. I’m interested in seeing the holsters and mag carriers. BTW, I too use those cheap black plastic combs for my beard.

    • Maybe he spent all of his money on knives. Maybe he can’t afford flashlights and other essential stuff.

  10. Is the second from the top an OTF, not labeled? Virginia’s code 18.2-311 is not particularly friendly to automatic/switchblade, especially if it were to make its way in edc rotation.

  11. Overly expensive junk…Made by people who destory firearms…Nope…Buy a Cold Steel—love my Spartan!!! Or by CRKT—love my Carnafax, Hootnanny, Hissatsu, M21, Deviation, Fossil, etc…All in my cutlery collection!

  12. The most surprising thing is that someone with a beard (and a penis) owns a Spectrum. If you really want a .380 pocket pistol, there is no reason to NOT get an LCP II.

  13. Let the cops buy their own gun destroying equipment with money they took in civic forfeitures.
    Benchmade didn’t have to make it easier for them, that was a bad decision.

  14. Not sure about this obsessions with knives and EDC.

    For the same physical space, wouldn’t you rather have a backup snubby or micro pistol?

    • No, because a knife does things a gun does not.

      If someone puts an excessive amount of packing tape on a box I’m not going to shoot the box open.


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