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The NRA wasn’t formed to protect freed slaves. Which is a shame. Even so, the org’s efforts to defend Americans’ Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms has been anything but a shame (no matter how much stick we give them for not reaching out to minorities and gays). Anyway, the fact that there are African American voices speaking-up for their Second Amendment protections in the post-Newtown rush to civilian disarmament should give heart to anyone fighting to defend and extend their firearms freedom. In the immortal words of the Hues Corporation, rock on with your bad self.

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  1. I’ve said it repeatedly. Us OFWG’s cannot win this fight alone. Period. If we don’t find ways to include women and minorities in our ranks then within the next 40 years there will be no gun rights in this country. Most of the current crop of OFWG’s will be gone in the next 25 years. Math doesn’t lie. We need women and people of color.

    Man, I’ve gone so far as to look up info for a legal resident Afghan who was curious as to his status to purchase a gun. Turns out he had the legal right. Boo Yah.

    • I recently had a gun safety class for Indian’s and Pakastani who are US Citizens or have a Green Card. Both men and women. Anything to grow the base.

    • I’m a minority that freely exercises my second amendment right and I will fight for it until the day I die. What I don’t understand is why liberals get away with calling us or the NRA racist when in reality they are the racist ones. The majority of these extremist liberals are white. I believe they have some guilty conscience about their ancestry and they think they are making up for it when in reality they are doing the same thing. This video speaks the truth and I wish it was something every American knew.

    • Who is this WE, we need to talk to about THAT? I’m not in the NRA, I’m an OFWG and I have plenty of minority and gay friends – some who shoot, some who don’t.

      I think the NRA, needs to do its own image clean-up.

      • Congratulations you’re an OFWG with minority and gay friends, maybe even some that are gay and a minority.

        I along with millions of others are members of the NRA. We are the NRA. As you proudly pointed out you are not part of us. So what is the point of your post?

  2. Other than the bit about the NRA being formed to protect newly freed slaves and a couple other nitpicky things, on the whole this was great to see.

  3. Socialists have been erroding God and guns in this country for at least half a century. If now is not the time to fight back then when?

    • Great video…if you don’t have time to watch it all…look for two of the speakers…William Owens (Founder of God, Guns and Constitution) @ about 41 minute mark….and the speaker after him…Pastor Bruce Rivers whose son was killed by a Gang Banger…

  4. Gosh, I didn’t think Jackson would come around, lol. Its great that we can stand together against the black hitler in the White House, Randy

  5. This is one of the reasons I feel Mr. ColionNor, and Ice T love them or hate them are very important to the cause. They can speak eloquently on the subject of firearms and firearms rights. They need to be the new face of gun rights in America.

    • The NRA needs to make Mr. Colion Noir an offer he cant refuse. The gun rights movement needs to have someone with his charisma and common sense speaking for us.

      • It might take a lot to get him. He’s a YouTube star with an unlimited upside and he answers to no one. Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven and all that.

        • I concur. Mr. Noir just needs to show up at the NRA and make a speech.


          Racism is UNAMERICAN.

        • Fine. Speaking fees. Whatever. He is informed, eloquent, passionate and right. Never hurts to be right.

        • I’m pretty sure he’d be swayed by a comp package even half as good as WLP’s. Especially if they preserved his personal brand by encouraging him to continue his personal-statement videos.

        • Better yet, fire Wayney, give Mr. Noir 60% of his compensation, and use the remaining 40% to fund litigation against moronic gun laws.

  6. The NRA may not have been directly created to protect freed slaves,
    BUT many of those freed slaves joined to ensure their continued
    independence. Many saw the 2nd Amendment as their insurance
    against slavery and would support (and be supported by) the NRA.
    During the civil rights movement the NRA aided the movement,
    many times working hand in hand with the NAACP to set up new
    NRA chapters. There are more than a few documented cases where
    the NRA sent firearms, trainers and even armed guards to protect
    African-Americans, particularly from the KKK. It’s sad how this
    has been largely whitewashed over and forgotten by far too many.

  7. As an OFWG, I am delighted to see that there may soon be OFBG’s joining the ranks. I especially like the YFWG’s, YFBG’s, YFWW, YFBW, and their slim counterparts joining. Let’s not forget that we need guys like Robert who is a MAWG, because they have the energy, smarts, money and talent to help defend the 2nd Amendment.

    • OFWGs are the minority. Might as well make room in the tent.

      That said, the NRA would do well to be inclusive of *ALL* minorities, especially groups that have been persecuted in the past. No point in perpetuating the false schisms handed to us to distract and divide. Let’s align common interests and speak out for our inalienable rights.

  8. This shit’s getting out of hand, but perhaps the silver lining is that they’re being more open about it.

    I Sh8t you not: DHS-Funded Drone Spies On Private Gun Sale

    We are officially occupied by ENEMIES of the American Constitutional Republic.

    If this isn’t an open sign of trajectory of ubiquitous police state to the traditional FUDDs, don’t know WTF will wake ’em up, at this juncture in history.

  9. Praise and help our black friends they know history and evils of fascist gun grabs. Help and praise them for they dont drink the Obama cool aid!!!

  10. While I disagree with their religious sentiments, being a Black atheist and all, I do agree that all other rights will be taken if the 2nd amendment is rescinded. There are way too many Black gun owners out there that will put up a fight. We’re in this together folks! Race is inconsequential!

  11. After the war Rep. Sidney Clarke (R., Kansas) referred to an 1866 Alabama law:
    Nearly every white man in that State that could bear arms was in the rebel ranks. Nearly all of their able-bodied colored men who could reach our lines enlisted under the old flag(sic:the Union). Many of these brave defenders of the nation paid for the arms with which they went to battle…. The “reconstructed” State authorities of Mississippi were allowed to rob and disarm our veteran soldiers….

  12. This is a wonderful video, with a great message – excepting the fact that is all couched in GOD. The reality of out Constitution’s vision is that it is ultimately a Humanist document. To cloak this Humanism in religion adds nothing to the message, and only serves to ostracize those that support the message, but who are themselves not religious. This is a civil rights issue, and therefore transcends any divisions along religious, ethnic, or cultural lines. Any discussion of the issue should keep this in mind and remain as inclusive as possible in the delivery of the message.

    • Go sell the Constitution as a Humanist document somewhere else – the Founding Fathers were in fact men of faith. Regardless, you have religious freedom. These are pastors speaking, so the mention of God will be there, but don’t lose the primary point of the value of freedom.

    • The entire theme inspiring our Constitution is that rights come from “Our Creator”, not from any government of men. Without this belief the Constitution would be very much different than it is.

  13. This is fantastic shared the full version. Gun Control is about CONTROL always has been. But together we stand or fall divided WE just fall and it’s just the beginning. The pols just want for themselves they don’t serve and haven’t for a long time. It’s about all OUR rights but it starts with the second because if WE can’t defend ourselves we lose the power to stand for ourselves.

  14. I know among my friends they pretty much assume (right or wrong) that it’s a bunch of old, white gun nuts. Poor WLP fits exactly what anti-gunners expect: old, white, out of touch and hostile.

    I don’t know if the NRA can transform itself and lead this fight at the same time. I think it’s urgent that people see that most gun owners are friends, neighbors, relatives, normal everyday people with reasonably open minds. “NRA” is so laden with baggage that just mentioning the group can derail a conversation about guns and 2A.

    Unfortunately, it may be the NRA’s long standing relationship w/ the Republican party that is its weak spot. For a lot of potential allies (gun owning women, minorities, GLBT, etc) joining the NRA would be tantamount to declaring yourself a Republican. It may be time for a new lobby not so bound by tradition and political ties that can truly represent the broad range of gun owners.

    Anyway, this video is great and a very good reminder for some people of why the 2A REALLY exists – to prevent oppression (whether by government or your fellow man). Sites like TTAG are diverse in age, race, sex, and so on and MOST of the time are populated by friendly, helpful people that openly welcome people to shooting and firearms. That’s the kind of image we need to be sharing.

  15. I’ve tried reaching out to the black people I am closest to on a personal level. Of them, my next door neighbor is a retired marine and probably better armed than me, my former supervisor has told me of her an her husband and air force officer son waiting for the new indoor range to open, and one of my wife’s best friends is the daughter of a marine and owns a .38 special. A lot of black people, at least those in the south, are already armed, and thank God for it.

  16. As an armed Asian-American of above-average weight and advancing years (trust me, that mouthful sounds better than OFAG) I am sick and tired of “well-meaning” disarmament advocates waging war against my right to defend myself and my family. Many of my fellow minorities try to make a living in the poorer sections of many of America’s big cities and the threat of grave violence that we have to put up with on our way to work, school, worship or recreation is far greater than what the parents of those “pretty blond, blue eyed kids” of Newtown will ever experience again.
    I have seen how disarmament only leaves the poorest at a disadvantage. I may not be a member of the NRA but I agree with their argument completely that the elitist white folks who scream “Demand a plan” probably never had to worry about the morality of being armed when confronting a violent crack-head on the bus trip home. I agree completely with the speakers in the video above – GUN CONTROL IS RACIST and it doesn’t matter if the one championing this disarmament is black!

  17. howard did this control crap in aus .improved nothing saved not one sole and cost the country millions for his useles buy back of guns .


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