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There’s an old saying (especially true for gun control advocates) that it’s better for people to think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. A certain elected official neglected to heed this advice and made what might possibly be the dumbest string of statements since Carolyn McCarthy spoke about the “shoulder thing that goes up.” In response, AeroPrecision has designed and started selling a special “Ghost Gun” edition receiver, with markings such as the notation used for Democrats as the “safe” position, “.30 Caliber Clip” for “fire,” and “half second” for full auto. While the “ghost gun” described by the California politician is technically a completed 80% receiver, the AeroPrecision firearms are serialized and complete receivers that need to ship to an FFL. But you can buy one for $105 and laugh maniacally as you imagine the stream of tears flowing from gun control advocates’ faces as you take ‘er to the range.

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  1. Kinda funny, but would have been much better if it were an actual 80% receiver. Or full rifle with the shoulder thing that goes up!

    • Yes! It defeats the whole point to have a serial number on it. If it was a real 80%, I’d buy one in a hearbeat.

    • Yes, and even BETTER if they knew the difference between a Clip” and a “Magazine”… Oh, wait. The poly-ticians do not know the difference either—forgot about that….

  2. IMHO, this and other gun blogs are trying way too hard to legitimize the entirely made-up, nonsense term “ghost gun”.

    • Because making fun of something stupid is completely legitimizing it.
      I swear theres a group of people who read TTAG that just HAVE to bitch about SOMETHING.

    • you can’t fix st00pid, even though people still insist on trying…

      you can, and should, however, mock it mercilessly every time you encounter it.

      that’s what this is: it’s brilliant, funny, and, as soon as we get ours, i’ll be taking pictures and mailing that idiot in Sacto a copy, just so he can have a snit fit over it.

    • But it just sounds so cool. “Ghost Gun” sounds like something out of one of Weinstein’s movies. Say it fast, “Ghost Gun, Ghost Gun, GhostGunGhostGunGhostGun.” It just rolls of the tongue.

    • Without making the argument, the term “ghost gun” implies that there is something wrong with the government not knowing where the guns are and who owns them.
      It gives it spooky aura to guns that are unknown to authorities becausretry are the ones that do evil.
      My guess is that my marlin 25 bolt is a ghost gun .
      When there’s something strange in the neighborhood.

  3. I’m really not much of a Tacticool Mattel Toy fan… but I just might have to add one of these to the collection… just for the lulz.

  4. Shoot. I want one of those, and I’m not even in the market for a rifle, let alone an AR.

    That’s some savvy marketing there.

      • Its just a forged receiver. Same as youd get from PSA and Anderson for $50-70. Youre paying for the custom engraving here.
        This isnt a billet machined lower though

  5. So we have an AeroPrecision ghost gun receiver, I presume that Magpul provides the half second 30 round magazine clip … who will make the shoulder thing that goes up?

  6. i wonder what all the anti-gun groups are saying about this. maybe that they should all take a NRA basics firearms class to learn what a gun is before talking about it lol

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to the ads you’re running on this website! I am getting constant popups from your site asking me to install “updates to my browser” that lead to some random website. Don’t let this website get a reputation as a malware distributor.

  8. For the record, the bill received no support and was put in the suspense file… then a few minutes later, they passed SB808 substituting the roll call vote from SB199.

    Edit: Ghost voting on ghost guns!

  9. I have to give it up to the cops that were on that stage behind him, they kept their faces completely straight when I’m sure they wanted to scream,”NOOOOOOO!”

    • I would like to know who they were and ask them why they let this guy destroy their credibility by not correcting him. Standing there silently was an endorsement.

      • Stage props don’t talk back. Especially stage props who want their pensions.

        Which is why I laugh hysterically when people say, “The cops I know would never enforce [insert bullshit gun control law here].”

        The cops will do what their bosses tell them to do.

  10. As stated – if it were a true 80% Ghost receiver without a serial number I would be on it even though I do not have plans for an AR or know how I would finance the rest of the rifle. Just padding the bottom line of this company in the face of the Cali Nitwits would be worth the $100+ bucks.

    • They did enough padding post Sandy Hook by lieing and jacking their prices up. So no need to pad their coffers

  11. Can one of you savvy intertubers email this to that dorks office just so he can be aware of how ridiculous he is.

    By the way the [D] for safety is hilarious.

  12. Is there any way I can make my safety go over to the full auto(or in this case the half/sec)? Even if it doesn’t do anything. I want to order one but it loses a little appeal to me if I can’t go over to the half second mark.

  13. Does anyone know why the BATFE uses to lower as the “gun”?

    I would think that the part that loads the pointy things that go bang would be the gun. Although how they do it now is much more convenient for gun owners.

    • They do that because the lower houses the fire control group. It determines whether the weapon is capable of select fire. You could theoretically take a lower that you stole from a soldier and put your suppressed .300 BLK upper on it and have a whole different kind of gun.

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