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M240L machine gun, courtesy army.milIn response to the issues raised by the recently publicized opinion of the Virginia AG on trusts and machine guns, Arsenal Attorneys of Virginia has drafted a bill (VA HB 1266) for introduction by Delegate David LaRock to correct the language in the statute and make it clear that trusts are among the legal entities allowed to register machine guns, and that any previous registrations are declared valid. Good work by Arsenal and LaRock on getting on this issue quickly, before anyone gets in trouble over ambiguous language. LaRock is a freshman member of the House of Delegates, and is also a supporter of HB 878, which would require CLEOs to sign NFA paperwork within 30 days for eligible applicants. It’s worth noting that six other states (Maryland, South Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, Wisconsin, and Connecticut) have adopted the Uniform Machine Gun Act as law, and thus potentially have similar problems with their statutes with regard to trusts.

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Hillsboro, Missouri, where Hillsboro High School was placed on a lockdown that went on for most of Friday morning, ending at 1:45 p.m. The lockdown was put in place after a single round of ammunition was found in a hallway. No weapon was found, and the ammunition was later determined to have fallen out of student’s pocket inadvertently. All schools in the nearby Grandview school district also went into lockdown because Hillsboro High School is about seven miles away.

Back in December 2011, there was an announcement that Colt would be opening a regional headquarters and manufacturing facility in Kissimmee, FL, just south of Orlando. Osceola County dumped a quarter million dollars into refurbishing a building for Colt’s use (plus all the normal additional inducements, $1/year rent through 2016 and the like), with Colt to make a $2.5 million capital investment and start setting up shop by mid-2012. In March 2013, there was no sign that Colt was moving anything down here, and people were speculating that they never intended to, but that it was a gambit in the ongoing fight with CT lawmakers over gun control. However, things are now looking up again, with the company’s veep of operations sending a letter to the county that blamed the delay on an acquisition and merger that has formed the new Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, and indicating that Colt still plans to fulfill the obligations it signed on for, and will begin conducting operations here in 2014.

It’s more or less a standing rule that laws named after people are virtually always bad laws. Usually written in the aftermath of some tragedy or other, they are often hastily written and devoid of the usual oversight because anyone who questions or argues against it is clearly in favor of whatever horrible incident brought the law about. However, there’s an exception to every rule, and Oklahoma state Senator Nathan Dahm (R) has found it. He has filed the “Piers Morgan Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act,” in order to allow citizens to openly carry in the state of Oklahoma without a license. The bill would not change anything else about the open carry laws (like prohibited places), it would simply remove the requirement to have a license to do so. Morgan responded via Twitter, inviting Dahm to appear on his show to defend the legislation. The text of the bill can be found here.

MattV2099 brings us a quick primer on 922r compliance for the AK platform.

Because that was a little {ahem} dry, here’s another MattV2099 video, showing that it’s pretty hard to overlube a GLOCK-brand GLOCK, although the little drippy-drip after the first five shots was um… disturbing, considering the source. (Some NSFW language)

Since that stuff is usually water-based, I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use.

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  1. Just as gun control legislation is DOA in the Virginia House of Delegates, and expansion of gun rights is DOA in the Governor’s office. Virginia is in a state of gun legislation stalemate. Fortunately, that is a good thing for Virginia people of the gun.

  2. A single round… in the middle of the hallway…
    Clear evidence of an assault rifle skulking around, looking to eat children.

    Seriously, its pathetic that the schools don’t realize that the students are taking advantage of them, specifically in high schools.

  3. Based on our experience here in Virginia, it’s clear to me that even if legislation might not succeed for the time being, it needs to be initiated. The legislative process helps improve the legislation and bring attention to the issues so they are good and ready when a new governor finally comes to town.

  4. “Piers Morgan Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act,”

    oh man… fine political trolling there….

      • When it works out and leads to DGUs and there’s not “blood in the streets,” maybe the British Baloney Man will even grow proud of the act that bears his name. Turning Piers to the Gun Side would be an incredible victory for the 2nd amendment.

        Oh, I know …. Just let me dream, okay?


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