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 CT "assault weapon" and "high capacity magazine" registration (courtesy

“Amid concerns about gun owners who failed in their last-minute attempts to register now-illegal assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines, lawmakers are considering granting an amnesty period for people who missed the registration deadline,” reports. “The comprehensive gun-control bill enacted last spring required owners of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to register the guns and declare ownership of the magazine if they wished to keep them. About 50,000 assault weapons were registered last year, and close to 40,000 people declared possession of magazines – many of them doing so during the final days of December.” As TTAG reported, there’s been massive non-compliance with the registration requirement. According to Constitution State Republicans, that’s because the post office closed early on New Year’s eve . . .

But [Republican] legislative leaders in recent weeks have raised concerns with the governor’s office that some individuals who attempted to register their weapons were prevented from doing so as a result of early post office closings on New Year’s Eve.

“It had come to my attention and the attention of others that many people who were attempting in good faith to comply with the law…were not able to because of what I would argue were circumstances not under their control,” said Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, who said he has been in discussion with other lawmakers about a possible amnesty period for people who tried to register but failed to do so.

Post offices closed at noon on Dec. 31, and as a result, “many citizens” dropped their paperwork in the mail on Dec. 31, but had it returned because it was not postmarked until Jan. 2, said McKinney, who last week wrote a letter to the governor’s office asking them to process the applications postmarked Jan. 2.

The governor’s office responded Tuesday with a letter to legislative leaders in which they maintained the law prevents them from processing the late applications.

“We said, well, it’s too late,” said Michael Lawlor, Under Secretary for Criminal Justice and Policy Planning for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

Surely this “amnesty” would benefit the State’s gun grabbers, who could initiate confiscation with the sop “Hey, we gave them TWO CHANCES to register.” That’s pretty hard-core but one gets the sense that’s the mood amongst the antis.

Lawlor’s letter to legislators included guidelines for individuals whose late registrations were not processed: they can render the firearm or magazine inoperable, sell it to a licensed gun dealer, remove it from the state, or turn it over to law enforcement. Lawlor said the General Assembly must pass new legislation if the late applications are to be processed.

And what of the thousands if not tens of thousands who didn’t register? As I said back in August, the race to Ruby Ridge continues apace.

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  1. It is WE that should be offering the Anti-gun politicians amnesty. For treason and failing to uphold the Constitution.

    Idiots. Glad I live in a free part of the country.

    • Agreed. This is treason. Had the same thought and that they should be scrambling to repeal it, **** amnesty.

      The citizenry accepts this tyranny b/c they are law abiding citizens… hmmm, but once you start criminalizing law abiding citizens, surely they must rise up? No, b/c we have families and loved ones, they are the dying middle class… so at what point, at what point… financial collapse, it already happened, natural disaster and the lack of a centralized power, at what point will citizens take to teh streets to regain their 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendment Rights?

    • I’m not a Connectican (?) but if I were I’d be drafting a response something like:
      “We the people of Connecticut find your offer of ‘amnesty’ for us to register our legally owned firearms that you don’t like absurd. Enough is enough. We hereby declare that you have a temporary amnesty of 6 months with which to repeal this (these) unconstitutional law(s). If you do not comply with this order, we will form a Connecticut People’s Court and try (in absentia if necessary) any lawmaker that voted for and/or signed this offensive legislation into law for the offense of violating his/her oath to uphold, defend and protect the constitution. Treason charges may be in order for those that played a vital role in implementing this law. Sentence will be carried out at any time without further notice. Get to work.”

    • Free? What country do you live in? This country passes over 40,000 new laws A YEAR! (Combined Federal, State, County. Smaller entities were not included)

      In 2012, the federal government generated over 76,000 NEW regulations. Add in State, County, Regional, City, etc. That in only ONE YEAR!

      This country has more people, as a % of the population in prison, than Iran, Russia, China, Afghanistan, or Syria. All supposedly “repressive” governments. To the tune of 15 million arrests PER YEAR.

      All happening while violent crime has been falling for the last 20 years. So who are going to jail? Those that commit crimes against the “STATE”. More recently, all the laws that are called PRE CRIME. An example of this are those that are caught NOT registering their firearms or magazines in CT.

      FREE??? In your dreams.

    • Our freedom is an illusion. Furthermore, the government knows the people are sheep, it’s been proven over & over again. They can get away with murder, oppression and lies without any repercussions.

      The Vietnam War and the release of the Pentagon Papers is an excellent example.

      “If the American people knew the truth about how they had been lied to about the myths that had led them to endorse this butchery for twenty-five years that they would choose against it—and the risk that you’ve taken when you do that is that you will learn something about your fellow citizens that you won’t like to hear that; they hear it, they learn from it, they understand it, and they proceed to IGNORE IT!” – Daniel Ellesberg

  2. MD is bad, but this is shameful. It is like shoving in your face again. This BS will end when this administration ends. Or,we all move west. Talk about stand your ground folks!

      • That’s very true. Everyone balks when Obama does it, but it would be a lot easier for a republican to pass “common sense gun reform.”

      • Thank you, Swarf, you are very correct in your assessment.

        Most people see with partisan blinders and ignore the record. Hell, the slippery slope of “gun reform” in CA started with Reagan and his passage of the Mulford Act after the Panthers marched into the Capitol demanding recognition and civil reform, fighting against police brutally and inequality. The AWB in CA was passed by George Deukmejian, elected by the conservative voters and a Republican. Arnuld passed anti legislation too. Yes, the DNC and the liberals are an enemy, but which is worse, the friend standing behind you that stabs you in the back or the enemy on the other side? Lest we forget and ignore the lessons of history, but so is the path of man, never to learn, doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    • Since half of the country votes Democrat, and a lot of those folks think this kind of legislation is a great idea, I don’t know if betting your freedom on jury nullification is a bright idea (in fact, it’s probably never a bright idea).

      Prosecutors and judges are going to ensure the jury feel like their job is to mindlessly apply the law, not assess the legality of the law in question.

      • Half of the country may vote for increased government power, but it only takes one person on a jury to block a guilty verdict.

        And while I don’t think any of us are betting on the jury box as the only option, it’d be better than having to move on and open the next box. That could get really, really messy and ugly.

  3. I look at this as an admission of failure. If the citizens of Connecticut stand their ground and don’t register the law will collapse. It is clear that the State is willing to enforce its edicts on a small number of citizens but cannot do it in the face of mass civil disobedience. Gun owners of Connecticut should continue to stand up for their rights. Official Connecticut is a paper tiger

    • They will just pick of onesies and twosies here and there. Make a spectacle of it and then go back to bilking the people of CT out of their hard earned money for pet projects.

        • The civil rights movement had people willing to march in numbers, go to jail, be sprayed with fire hoses and be beaten. The put their lives at risk. I don’t see anything like that happening for gun rights any time soon.

          While our actions have had some effect in some states, in certain states the only way to fix an unjust gun law is through the court system. That is far from assured that they will uphold the constitution and also means for many years everyone has to live under than unjust law and hope they don’t get arrested because of it. The legislators of these states are not listening because they know they don’t have to.

        • What sixpack said. Also, what makes you think that the government hasn’t learned from mass movements? It’s learned to prevent them from happening at all. Let them flounder, pick off the stragglers, and the movement runs out of steam. No hoses needed.

        • All of the above, plus the recruitment and insertion of active and “sleeper” informants and agents provocateur into the ranks of any emerging or established group that could conceivably dissent.

          Maybe like in here [adjusts tinfoil hat]…

        • MLK had the press/media on his side. The general public would have to wade through the deluge of anti-2A media coverage and actively search for positive coverage of pro-2A activities. Just keeping it real.

  4. I’m looking forward to the day when Connecticut officials start publishing statistics on how many crimes were prevented and how many were solved because of this registration.

    • A better set of questions would be: “How many crimes were prevented and how many crimes were created” by the new law.

  5. They forgot option E: Keep the unregistered gun and become the defendant in the test case. This is the option I would pursue.

  6. I’m just thinking out loud, but what might happen if there is an amnesty period and hardly anyone shows up? Maybe CT would realize how dumb the whole thing is? Now I’m not advocating that anyone do anything illegal, but it would be interesting to see if CT legislators and gun grabbers might rethink the whole idea in the face of failure. Once again, not telling people to do anything illegal, but it would be interesting if people didn’t register anything. What if people just stood up for their rights and said “I’m not going to bend the knee to oppressive laws. I’m not going to register and nobody else should.”

    Boy it would be interesting if that happened.

    • My guess is the “amnesty” period would see just about as many registrations as were denied due to the late postmark. Those folk had already decided to register, and there’s no reason to assume they don’t still want to if given a chance.

      Conversely, those who didn’t try to register before, I’m guessing likely won’t now either.

      • There might well NOT be complete compliance by the folks who didn’t make the registration on the first try. Logic being: “Screw it! I’m already a criminal. Why should I incriminate myself now? In for a penny, in for a pound.”

        • Because they’ve already incriminated themselves? You think the cops didn’t scan or photograph the return addresses on all those denied applications?

      • Besides, just because they didn’t register the guns because the postmark was one day late, doesn’t mean they didn’t read application. Those “late” applications are now sitting on the top of the stack for the big gun roundup. “Mr. Jones, I see you own a Colt AR15, serial #CL00XXXX. It and you are out of compliance with State regulations. Step this way, please.”

        That’s if you’re lucky. Just as likely is the crashed door, stomped kitten approach.

    • If they failed to register the second time the libtards would just double down on the stupid and pass something like hitting the owner with 10 years in prison mandatory minimum.

      They won’t cave in the face of failure. Citizen non compliance, or allowing non compliance is inconceivable to them. To them it just means they need to get tough on all those newly minted gun criminals.

      Remember to a liberal there is no such thing as tolerance if you disagree with their ideas. Disagreement will provoke their narcissistic rage at you the ignorant unwashed common man, for failing to recognize the superiority of their ideals.

  7. Something is missing or off … Malloy is being a hard-ass about those people who couldn’t register because it was too late. Maybe the numbers who registered is really less than the 50k they’re spouting. It’s also possible there is a loophole in the registration law, but something is missing

    • There is nothing missing……..Malloy wants to basically remove all guns from the state under the disguise of safety. This is really just back door legislative confiscation.

      They really do not give a damn about anything else…it really is that simple.

      If they really gave a crap, they would not have amnesty but instead take the letters post marked January 2nd — but really, they do not care this is just another form of confiscation.

  8. Where is the civil disobedience? where are the nonviolent protests? where are the Million Gun Owner Marches? Where are the sit-ins?

    • Many are scared to be photographed and put on a list by the various alphabet agencies of Big Brudda. Teaparty/patriots/RKBA/Constitutionalists/Right to Lifers/ etc…. have been openly declared terrorist operatives by the current regime. Who wants the IRS attacking them? Or DEA kicking their door in?

    • There were many protests and hours of pro gun public testimony in front of the legislature, many of whom blatantly ignored us (I’m looking at you Beth Bye who was facebooking) last year. There is another big protest at the capitol scheduled on the anniversary of the laws going into effect. We have a lawsuit, of which oral augments were recently cancelled, and judgement will be issued soon.

      Just because you haven’t heard about it doesn’t mean nothing is happening in CT and there is no resistance being put up. Remember our side never gets the coverage we deserve, we are marginalized and downplayed as much as possible. We have been very busy in CT and will continue to be.

  9. They always give the protesters a chance to unchain themselves from the tree and go home right before they release the dogs and fire up the hoses.

    Let’s see how many CT residents go home and how many brace for the water.

  10. I suspect that some of the “non-compliance” has to do with folks not knowing about the new laws (not everyone keeps up on the news) rather than intentionally subverting them.

    I’m guessing that over the next few years a lot of “regular” folks are in for a very rude awaking when they begin to get hit with these penalties.

    • If I recall the contents of the law, first offense for possession is basically a slap on the wrist, a $90 fine. Subsequent incidents would be a Class D felony.

        • no argument here. Another little-known portion is the introduction of mandatory minimums for gun-related felonies, which now includes possession charges. For “Making a false statement related to a pistol or revolver transfer” the minimum is 2 years. Compare that to 2nd degree manslaughter with a firearm or 3rd offense drunk driving, with 1 year mandatory minimums.

  11. What is so funny is that confiscation, warrantless searches, and illegal arrests, are happening a hundred times a day across our nation.

    Laws are being passed, at different levels, across the nation that whittle away our rights. Sure, we may win a few, but many of these battles are behind closed doors.

    Bureaucrats at all levels, are creating numerous ordinances and other restrictions behind or backs.

    All I hear on the from the pro gun side is “Come and take It” Or ” We will rise up!”

    What a bunch of bull!!

    They will take us down, one by one. Been doing it for years. No uprising by large numbers. A few individuals will resist.The rest of us? Too much to lose, Or some other perfectly sounding excuse.

    Finally, when some group does come together, it will be too little, too late.(Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Siege of Masada)

    This has all been done before.

    • Given what happened to Canada’s registration efforts, and let’s face, Canadians definitely do not have a “Don’t Thread on Me!” kind of historical and cultural record, I am not so sure that the outcome is predetermined. Sure, the antis will never stop, but look at what’s happening in Mexico. At some point, if you push people too far, they will push back.

      • Yes, I agree. but the “push back” is always by small groups, that ultimately fail. Mexico and Canada are just like Warsaw or Masada.

        Historically, the only small group, a minority of the population, to succeed? Our forefathers, starting in 1776, with England giving up in 1784.

        The other Revolutions, which by the way were horrible failures, had the backing of the majority of the common citizens. France in the early 1800’s. Russia early in the 1900’s, when they took down the czar. More recently, Iran with the Shah taking his loot and running.

    • When they came for the open carriers, I did nothing as I did not open carry.

      When they came for the assault weapons, I did nothing since I used bolt guns,….

      When they came for the hunters and their “high powered sniper rifles”, there were none left to stand with me.

  12. “Hey! Hey gun-owners! Like, we passed this law! No, really – it’s a law now. You gotta comply!”

    “Well, one more chance to comply. Really. Or you’ll really be in trouble.”

    What’s next?

    “If you don’t register those evil weapons by the time I count to ten, I’m gonna hold my breath ’til I turn blue!”

    So turn blue, already.

  13. You know there are a group of folks in CT and across the nation that have assault rifles, whatever they are, that bought their rifles on the private market who have a big grin on their faces now. These actions by some anti-gun states is proof having to go through an ffl to buy a firearm is mostly about gun registration and confiscation, and so little about security and safety of the people. Less than what, maybe 100 annually killed with assault rifles if that and the majority of those are these Sandy Hook and Aurora incidents mixed in with gangbangers. More people trip over their own feet and kill themselves than this.


    • I couldn’t agree with you more. When anti’s talk about “common sense” background checks, what they really want is universal registration. Federal law dictates that FFL’s keep detailed records of every firearm sold, and that they turn over their “bound book” to the ATF upon closing the business. Although it isn’t an easily searchable database (the anti’s ultimate goal) it still exists, and can be used for who knows what nefarious purposes down the road.

  14. I think it’s damn decent of CT’s Republicans to beg CT’s Democrats to consider granting amnesty to free citizens who may not be in compliance with the current dictatorship.

  15. The government just blinked in this standoff. They made all sorts of threats and passed laws with severe penalties and specific dates. I can assure you some politicians realized not 1/3 of the weapons were going to be registered and barked orders to the state police like, “Just go round them up then!” To which the state police said…..”um…..ah….You First Senator!” Followed by about 100 lawyers saying. “……….ah…….That might not be a good idea Senator!” Followed by about 100,000 people with assault rifles saying, “That would Definetely NOT be a good idea senator!!” Follow by a new plan called “extending the deadline and offering ammnesty.” Don’t register anything. Be brave. The country is watching Conneticut and you have the US Constitution on your side. Make “Molon Labe” mean something. We will support you!

      • Beautiful Jus Bill. – Lt . General of the 101st Airborne, Harry Kinnard’s reply to the Germans demand he surrender or be wiped out “Nuts!” Here’s another good one spoken by Marine officer Llyod Williams after waiting moths to get into the fight in WWI only to immediately encounter fleeing French soldiers, “RETREAT HELL! WE JUST GOT HERE!”

        • @Marine03, it wasn’t Kinnard who replied “Nuts!” It was McAuliffe. Kinnard witnessed and reported it.

        • Ralph….you’re correct….I was wrong. Sorry, I always thought Kinnard said it. Thanks for learnin’ me! Great quote nonetheless!!

      • The Feds and corrupt states are about to, “Awaken a sleeping giant and fill it with a terrible resolve.” – General Yamamoto

        • A quote that can’t be verified. Yamamoto likely never said that. Same with lots of great lines, mostly made up by reporters and storytellers years or centuries later.

  16. Sounds like they really want to know where all the guns and mags are located that they plan on confiscating in the near future.

  17. After what’s coming arrives the people of Conneticut will forget about a place called Newtown. This could get very hot very quick fellow people of the gun. Remember the Constitution forbids this. If the patriots in Conneticut need our help we cannot forsake them. (P.S. – Hi NSA…I know you’re reading and I warn you not to follow unconstitutional orders. We outnumber you 100,000 to 1 and have had our fill of this nonsense! You were warned!!)

    • And by the way, for you folks in to NOC – The commission that the President ordered to be formed has stated that your actions are both useless and illegal. NOT probably illegal. Illegal.

      Sleep well; your children are not proud of what you do.

  18. See they were right,
    registration doesn’t lead to confiscation
    NON-registration does.

    No-one is going to come and take your guns

  19. Was there anything in the legislation regarding gun owners having to sew yellow stars on their clothing or any thing like that?
    Just wondering.

  20. Options given:sell it to a licensed gun dealer, remove it from the state, or turn it over to law enforcement.
    How does one do this without being in posession?
    What if you are pulled over while trying to exercise one of these options?
    What is the legal hazard here?

  21. Registration = Database used for confiscation. Its just a database. Garbage in, garbage out. Grab the Bridgeport phone book or get a list of registered democrats and mass register guns (real looking serial numbers) in their names (by mail?)….populate the database with garbage = make it less than worthless = useless. In 10 years, the dems will demand the database be done away with because their doors will be the ones kicked in and they will have no guns to produce for the coming confiscation….though I would never do such illegal activities such as this myself.

  22. So basically they are kinda hoping everyone obeys this law because if they don’t, then what?
    I think they really stirred up a bees nest with this and actually backed themselves into a corner. Now they are obligated to find, search, confiscate and probably arrest the owners of the guns.
    No way this is going to end well. Some people around here claim the OFWG types will just roll over and sit when told to but I don’t think that applies to all of them. And it only takes a few to make headlines. I really wish they hadn’t done this because it’s really not necessary to keep people safe.

    • Gun reviews are more labor intensive than political blog posts. TTAG publishes more full reviews more often than anyone else (as far as I know), but they form a small percentage of our weekly output. GLOCK review on deck.

  23. This will never fly the gold coast controls CT and doesn’t like firearms. CCDL could march 50k people on Hartford and nothing will change.

  24. I am heartened to see that a significant majority of citizens in CT are engaging in civil disobedience. It just might bode well for this country.


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