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Not even two days after allegedly pulling a gun and shooting three people at an Arlington, Texas high school, Timothy Simpkins posted bond Thursday. He then partied it up at his home. As for his victims? Two remained in the hospital, one in critical condition.

How is it that in Texas, of all places, an accused would-be mass murderer gets to stroll out of jail with a feces-eating grin on his face a day later and then party like rock star back at home?

For some perspective, Kyle Rittenhouse, after defending himself from attackers, remained in jail for weeks until he was able to post a $2 million bond thanks to contributions from some sympathetic benefactors.

The UK Daily Mail has the disgusting story:

The teenage gunman who opened fire in an Arlington, Texas, school on Wednesday celebrated at home after being released on a $75,000 bond while his victims, a 15-year-old boy and a 25-year-old teacher, remained in the hospital, one of them clinging to life.  

Timothy George Simpkins was being held on a $75,000 bond on three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but the 18-year-old walked out of Tarrant County Jail on Thursday afternoon. A bondsman met the bail terms on Thursday, posting at least some of the full amount, and he walked free. 

On Wednesday, he pulled a gun from his backpack and shot a 15-year-old boy ‘seven or eight times’, shot teacher Calvin Pettitt in the back and grazed a teenage girl before going on the run from Timberview High School. He was angry about a fight that had just happened where the 15-year-old boy repeatedly punched him. 

While some have claimed that Mr. Simpkins acted in self-defense, not everyone agrees.


We’ll have to wait for additional evidence and a trial of this young man for his actions. However, he is still posting videos on his YouTube channel, including this one.

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    • By all accounts there is clearly nothing more than demoCrap between the perp’s ears.

      On the other hand what do you expect following the release of john hinckly jr. back into society? Justice? Obviously no way Jose.

      • Democrap?!? Mam, I would like to remind you that if Obama was President, he tell everybody that if he had a son, his son would look like Timothy Simpkins.

        Young timothy is a victim and a hero.

        SWALWELL 2024

    • Tried to respond on what Arlington was like around 15 years ago. Got deleted. 🤔

      It’s similar to ANY area around an MLB or NFL stadium in the US. 🤪

    • No idea about the city government there but Arlington is a mix of lower middle class crapholes and rather well to do upper middle class neighborhoods.

    • The prosecutors were too distracted passing out “ Junior Amateur Detective “ kits to neighbor hood watch committees, looking to cash in on Texasses anti-abortion law.
      You know , Narc on a Neighbor, get money and a medal as Hero of the State.
      Well done comrade.
      The Stasi would be proud.

    • Check out the YouTube channel, he calls himself “Nsg Drill”, the title of the page is :




      …and the picture is of him looking through the ‘OK’ hand sign, where the thumb and middle finger make a circle.

      The really strange thing is, the ‘OK’ hand sign is supposed to be a no-shit symbol of “White Supremacy”, the Leftist Scum tell us.

      He may look Black, but he’s really a ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST’.

      The DA needs to be asked how he could possibly let free a disgusting white supremacist while the Black he tried to execute clings to life… 🙂

    • One positive of the thug-life is it tends to be short. At least positive for the rest of us. Unfortunately thug-lifers tend to leave a path of destruction in their wake.

  1. How many white kids that shot up schools got to walk free?

    So much for white privilege…….

  2. “School shooting” means something to these people.
    “Drug-dealing gangster” means something to these people.
    The two concepts cannot coexist to these people because they’ve invested so much cognitive dissonance in defining the two terms exclusively.
    One means “disgruntled, incel, victim of macho-patriarchy” the other means “impoverished disenfranchised yoot trying to make ends meet in a white world dominated by hyper-masculine norms.”

    What they will eventually land on to appease their mental dysfunction is “guns and white men are bad.”

    • Yep, they will use “white privelege” and such to justify attacking whites. If we don’t stop them first, it is deterministic.

  3. This is disgraceful. This is why we need to separate from those leftist cities. Just let them go grenade their civilization while the rest of us get ahead.

  4. He’s at home partying? Well he better enjoy it while he can. When he gets to prison he is going TO *BE* THE PARTY. And he’s going to be “one of the *boys*” alright. He better buy some stock in the Vaseline company….. he’s going to need it.

    • I doubt it. A judge that lets a school shooter go free is most certainly both evil and stupid enough to suspend any real punishment at sentencing.

      May he someday be cut down by the same type of criminal scum he now seeks to protect.

    • If he goes to prison he will thrive just like most who do. It’s like a college for low level criminals with a .001% chance you come out a high level criminal or “rehabilitated”. He’ll just be another one of the boys in there.

  5. How long will it be before the MSM tries to tie this to the recent implementation of Constitutional Carry in Texas? If they haven’t already, they will soon. As mentioned, they will somehow twist this to fit their narrative.

  6. Meanwhile on so-called Christian sites there’s a call to “forgive” this pos. And justify murder ’cause da 18year old boy was “bullied”. Yeah that always justifies murder…Texass is just as effed up a everywhere else. If Trayvon had a little brother.

    • Well water walker, can’t speak for those Christian sites, but if someone is a Christ follower, they should forgive… but (and again, don’t know about those sites you are talking about) just because you forgive them doesn’t generally mean that you want them to go free. Something to consider and I tell my behavior student, forgiveness isn’t necessarily for the person you are forgiving, it’s for you. When you forgive someone, you are choosing not to hold hate for that person. You are allowing yourself to let it go and not hold it in. There is a quote: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” But as to letting him go, whether he was bullied or not, unless the people he shot were a threat to his life (and based on my reading, that was far from the case), he committed attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, bringing a weapon on school grounds and so should be required to face the consequences.

  7. “He was angry about a fight that had just happened where the 15-year-old boy repeatedly punched him. ”

    If that’s the case, the guy punching him has the exact same hair cut he does…

  8. No idea how this would-be assassin was released on only $75,000 bail for what he did. Part of the consideration on this should have been of he still constitutes a danger to society. It is beyond my comprehension, really, how that should have been established. He IS a present danger to society and I am also truly incredulous this came from a Texas judge. Is this in Austin or what?

    • I have to agree. Seems to me like $75K would be reasonable bond for having carried a loaded gun into a school. Which should jump dramatically if the gun us drawn, and again even more dramatically if it is fired. And at 18, where did he get that gun? I think a lot of our laws are stupid and unconstitutional, but they are on the books, so why have we not heard of the arrest of whoever put the gun in that boy’s hand?

  9. This is the result of not all, but many racist white Libertarians Liberals and leftists, who believe the USA is racist. They believe the justice system is racist. They believe the USA is no good at all. So they will support a black criminal, like Michael Brown, a shoplifter, who tried to take a cops gun and murder him with it.
    President Bush said it. “They have the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

  10. Then you wonder why all the ghetto rats feel emboldened, now another punk thug is going to try & outdo this piece shit.

  11. And about his music video. This is why the “parents music resource center” was created. And why the white kids use to listen to “Two Live Crew”, with the volume turned down. But their white Liberal parents encouraged black kids to listen at full volume. And spread this crap around.

    But they never tell the white kids to read Mein Kampf.

  12. I would have given him bail too. He dindu nuffin wrong. In fact I hear he was a choirboy and an Eagle Scout. Had a scholarship to college too.

  13. Shoot 3 pedophiles in self defense and they will lock you up like Kyle Rittenhouse.
    Shoot 3 children up in your school with malicious intent, get bail and a party.

  14. Black privilege at its finest! Keep letting them get away with crap like that they’re gonna keep doing it.

    • It’s more than that. The “more” is the fact that people in metro areas (if they have a so-called ‘single family home’) are still crammed together like sardines in a can. Look up Arlington on google earth – it’s obvious. The vast majority of the lots are under .2 acres – postage stamp size. You can hear your neighbor fart. People are not evolved to live like that – ants and bees are – but not people. We need space to keep us from killing each other. This is why the big metro areas are essentially killing grounds. Population density matters. You don’t see this in rural areas where your nearest neighbor is a 1/4 mile or more away.

      • Agree, I’ve often thought the same. Ants, to use your example, are smart enough to split the colony once it reaches a certain size. Unlike humans who live on top of each other in cities.

  15. WTF over? Kyle Rittenhouse anyone. Bueller, Bueller? Seems this wannbee gangsta got off with bail for kicking a dog! This country is sick. Thanks leftists.

    • She had butter beans and BB’s for supper.
      He noticed the legs of her panty hose were starting to swell at the ankles.
      Face Towards Enemy was written on the back of her dress, he had to act fast before someone pulled her finger.

    • When I went to school the student parking lot was full of trucks with full gun racks. We could mail order guns straight to our homes from catalogues. I bought a rifle at a yard sale when I was 13 and rode it home on my bike.

      We didn’t have school shootings then.

  16. The truth the white three L’s press will not tell you. video 25 min long

    “Pasty Liberals start ugly Twitter war with conservatives over Texas school shooters race.”

  17. He’s trash and so is the judge and the prosecutor. All the people that excuse this are racists who don’t care if they destroy society because they are nihilists and hate what others have created. Some day, when our backs are against the wall, we will have to fight. Because this road leads to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

  18. So…anyone confirm or refute..?
    Heard a go-fund-me was started for this guy…but it was immediately taken down…to help pay for future mental health counselling.
    There must be a lot of cell phone videos of this encounter. Should be interesting in court.
    Plus any social media this guy may have.
    Wonder if he plots revenge in/on any of them. If so…that may be considered pre-meditation.

    • @leigh, after doing a google search, I saw several news agencies saying that the gofundme page was set up. It was by his family supposedly to help pay for mental health services according to the news articles and then taken down by gofundme. I don’t know what to say on that though. If it truly is used for mental health services and it truly is needed, then I can’t imagine that being a bad thing (though curiously, if he is incarcerated, wouldn’t he get mental health services for free… well not free, tax payers expense?) So not sure of the motive. What I will say is that his videos he’s posting, I can’t imagine that they would help his case (if a prosecutor showed this as an example of lack or remorse, that could really hurt him in sentencing)… unless they are trying to go for the insanity plea. As to the bail, the question is, is that the normal amount of bail for that crime? I looked it up and it’s not clear cut enough to say if the bail is not enough. Summarizing the site I found, bail for a felony can be as low as 25,000 and it all depends on multiple factors. And excessive bail is covered by the eighth amendment. I will say this though, at least this was not in New York, San Francisco, or these other liberal cities as they probably would have let him out with less bail than this… or without requiring bail.

  19. All school shooters should be shot down. No matter if they are out of ammo- or what- they should be shot down and their names never published.

  20. Well the blacks just got another hero or idol to praise along side of G. Floyd & the rest of the trash they worship.
    Can’t be black & not be a FELON. That would destroy the culture.


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