white vs blacks gun rights
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“Much political science research has found that attitudes about racial groups influence public opinion on a wide range of topics and can inform voters’ decisions at the polls. Decades of research have also shown that the public finds it easier to extend free-speech rights to popular groups.

“Our findings suggest that views of Second Amendment rights are no different. They are strongly influenced by the identity of the group bearing arms. Again, many people don’t recognize rights claims by groups they don’t like.” – Logan Strother Daniel Bennett in ‘Which Americans support the Second Amendment? The answer depends on whether whites or blacks have the guns’

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  1. People don’t want violent criminals (of ANY race/ethnicity) to have guns. But since violent criminals will ALWAYS find a means to commit violence; we must be able to adequately defend ourselves… A criminal shot and killed in the process of committing a violent crime is a benefit to a civilized society…

      • Please elaborate. What are you talking about? Who is revising history. Exactly what made the NRA what it is today?

        What do you mean “what it is today?” What is it today?

        • Ok Got it. What the NRA “used to be.” We all know the NRA used to support gun control and have now become “radicalized” for… rights. Which is a good thing. Nobody wants to return to the NRA milksop, milquetoast, lukewarm, spew thee from thy mouth, NRA.

          So I certainly wouldn’t say this is what made the NRA it is today. I wouldn’t say that at all. I would say that angry people who joined the NRA and voted for radicalized action made the NRA what it is today. And if anything, the NRA is still too compromising today. Still an improvement over the days when the NRA appealed to disarming black people because democrats wanted it.

          Everybody gets the same rights under the law. Doesn’t matter what color they are.

        • Well, couple few years ago the NRA had cheerful posters of kids holding rifles as their advertisements, discussing safety and promoting healthy outdoors sports.

          Today they sound like paranoid active shooters in the making and try to terrifying folks so they can shakedown more cash to lobby harder. Everything’s a threat, threat,threat, panick,panick,panick.

          They’re doing more to get rid of gun rights than anyone else in the country these days.

        • @Anne

          Yeah. Something has changed. I just don’t get it. Why isn’t the NRA interested in new gun owners who are POC? Why all the anti gay stuff? What is the whole deal with the Maria Butina thing that they still haven’t issued a statement on? It seems like they have just fallen off the deep end.

        • Elaine B
          Today in the year 2018 the California elected homosexual leadership publicly support the Mulford Act.

          Ronald Reagan is a dead president. People need to address their concerns to the living elected leadership. Not dead people who passed racist gun laws a long time ago.

          I personally hold anyone living, elected, accountable for keeping these laws on the books. Do homosexuals believe they are special and should not be held accountable for supporting racist gun control laws?

          Do you believe the elected homosexual leadership is special and should not be held accountable for their actions in taking away civil rights and public support of the Mulford Act?

        • I just don’t get it. Why isn’t the NRA interested in new gun owners who are POC?

          Why are people fo color, and LGBT people 99% for tearing up the Constitution?

          you blame the NRA yet you ignore the corollary that virtually every gay group and virtually every African american group opposes the second amendment rights for EVERYONE.

          By the way I am in N. Virginia and the NRA here has a LOTS of “POC”

      • Yeah, the OLDEST Civil Rights Group out there.

        Without the NRA, whatever you think of us, you would probably NOT have much, if ANY, Second Amendment freedoms today.

        The History Channel is NOTHING more than a Socialist MSM Tool. Do you know who now owns the HISTORY CHANNEL? Trust them much?

        • Probably not worth feeding the trolls. They do not care about facts. They have an agenda, and not matter what you say, they don’t care. For example, if you tell them that the NRA was one of the few organizations in the world that fought for the 2nd Amendment rights of all people no matter race, religion, or orientation, they will simply change the subject, deflect it, call you vile names, attack you and your family, or whatever. Their world is not about facts, it is about their end goal…and in their mind, the ends justify the means and facts interfere with their goals.

        • There has always been a big AstroTurf presence here…:you’d be a fool to think the PTB wouldn’t try to influence and manipulate these boards.

      • The article and the “conclusions” it reports are twaddle. We should never confuse politicized scientific sounding commentary with real science—-it’s simply politics by another name.

    • I don’t really even care if criminals have guns… there’s no way to stop them having them, and the penalties for armed crimes are mostly better anyway. My real interest is in everyone having guns, and especially being able to carry them everywhere, because in my belief, most people are either good, or at least not murderers, and those people are the best deterrent against criminals.

    • So we went straight into “black people owning guns” to “violent criminals owning guns”? Man, you know that’s called racism, right? Like, not even covert, that’s straight out there racism. You see the word “black” and think “thug”.

      That’s what gets 14 year old boys looking for help calling their mom because they missed the bus shot by white dudes.

      • Not sure what you are insinuating with your comment apparently mean’t for me. The article infers that white people dont want blacks having guns because whites think all blacks are criminals. I made no inference of any racial propensity towards violence; are you?? Are YOU suggesting that blacks are criminals? You brought it up, so it must be in the back of your mind, otherwise you wouldn’t have made such a racist comment… The biggest racists are always the people calling others “racist”…

        • ” Are YOU suggesting that blacks are criminals? ”

          Of _course_ Anne is! Haven’t you noticed recently here in TTAG all the new people making vague racist comments trying to bait the regular contributors into agreeing with them?

          It’s a setup, 64456.

          For the record, ‘Anne’, I don’t want violent people of any race owning guns…

      • That’s what gets 14 year old boys looking for help calling their mom because they missed the bus shot by white dudes.

        Black males “black dudes” are 6.5% of the US population and commit more than 50% of US school shootings. In my city which Everyone says has had 51 school shootings in the past 10 years, all 51 were committed by black males.

  2. Interesting. It seems from the data that people, in general, are less likely to care about the rights of white nationalists. From the graphs even the majority of people who dislike blacks support their right to bear arms. The same cannot be said of people who dislike whites. Unfortunately, we can’t tell all that much because the article is shallow and doesn’t seem to link to the actual study; it merely gives us this shitty graph. I think they do not link to the study because it would show pretty clearly that liberals are racist as hell.

  3. Anti Gunner’s playbook, page one. 1. Find ways to minimize your opposition as less than human. A great way to accomplish this is to label them as racist.

    • At this point I just consider myself a proud racist. Since they throw that label out so often I figure the nature of the word has changed from a negative to a positive. Racist = having a sound logical argument that can’t be refuted.

      I’m also a proud science denier since I skeptically accept in the best available science. (It’s kind of funny being called a science denier by somebody who’s never heard of the Milankovitch cycles or the Maunder Minimum.)

      • But you can’t deny the human pollution and destruction of habitat…and the growing number of humans while many other species go extinct.

        • Yes, and where is that “growing number of humans” which is causing species to go extinct? It is overwhelmingly in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and China. China is not growing in population like say Nigeria or Pakistan, but it is hugely responsible for extinction of endangered species due to enormous demand for folk medicine ingredients like rhino horns, elephant tusks, etc. Punitive efforts to conserve the environment should be focused on these regions, instead of in the West, which is suffering from a collapse in fertility rates all across the board (as well as other areas of East Asia, like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan).

        • I stumbled across an interesting tidbit about a year ago. Can’t tell you where I saw it exactly but it was in a book on urban planning…

          The entire population of the world can be put into the state of Texas, with each person having 1600 sq. ft. to live in.

          So I guess the exploding population isn’t really exploding all that much. If it does, we can use Oklahoma too.

        • As a Texan…no, no, send ‘em to Alaska! Texans are claustrophobic because we are historically used to lots of space. Limiting us to 1600 SF each, I can’t even imagine what that would cause. Though there would be even more good restaurants.

        • Destruction of habitat is a legitimate issue, but not in the first world. Forests are expanding all across Europe and North America.

          Meanwhile, plants grow faster, produce more food and require less water when there’s more CO2 in the air. The more CO2 the more life on earth. And if it warms up a bit all the better since we’re living in an ice age and the glaciers that buried everything north of Des Moines under 5000-10,000 feet of ice 12,000 years ago will be coming back in a few thousand years and that will be the mother of all habitat loss.

        • Considering that one volcanic eruption can put more CO2 in the air in one year than that of humans during its entire existence, it kind of makes you wonder if the concept of man made global warming is a fools notion. Do not get me wrong, humans ought to control pollution, but I do not believe good people ought to sacrifice themselves, their way of life, and their freedoms to reach some unattainable goal. Leftists are spinning global warming for one reason and one reason only — Power. If you want to prove that, threaten to make a law that would mandate that all members of the Democrat Party abstain from using any product powered or manufactured with fossil fuels. I guarantee that they will fight that law with every breath.

        • Bob, those glaciers that melted 11,700 years ago and made sea level rise 390 feet had nothing to do with human influence. The Milankovitch cycles are far more influential on climate that the paltry gains in atmospheric CO2. For instance, right now the earth is at it’s perihelion (closest to the sun) on January 3 and it’s aphelion (farthest from the sun) on July 6. In January the earth receives 6.5% more solar insolation than it does on July 6. But those dates are constantly changing. The orbit also varies between nearly round an significantly more elliptical than today. At it’s most elliptical the earth receives 24% more solar insolation at the perihelion than the aphelion. And this is just two of the cycles. Yet the scientists can’t make the Milankovitch cycles match up with climate history, so it’s probably variability in solar activity that’s by far the most influential factor in climate change.

      • If you’re aware of the Milankovitch cycles then you know that what we’re facing is NOT climate change. Climate change is an astronomical event that has been going on for billions of years. There isn’t anything humans can do to stop it. Regardless of what the idiot in the White House says, what we’re facing is Global warming, which has been triggered by human activity. Global warming IS something that we can change.

        • Charles, there’s 3 things you need to know about ‘climate change’ aka ‘global warming’.

          1) Plants grow faster, produce more food and require less water when there’s more CO2. The more CO2 the more plants, the more plants the more food, the more food the more life on earth.

          2) Before man came along the earth had the lowest level of atmospheric CO2 since complex multi-cellular life appeared on the planet. During the last glacial period (see #3) it was down to 110ppm. 50ppm would cause a mass extinction of plants, killing most of the life on earth.

          3) The last ice age is actually the current ice age (the last one was the Karoo, before the dinosaurs). The glaciers advance and retreat in a cycle. Around 100,000 years or so of advance (glacial periods) and 20,000 or 30,000 year or so of retreat (interglacial periods). The current interglacial period started 11,700 years ago when the glaciers melted and sea level rose by 390 feet. Without global warming the glaciers will come back in another 10,000 years, wiping out most of the human population. For comparison, during the last interglacial period most of the Greenland ice sheet disappeared, so by that measure we’ve got a lot of warming yet just to reach normal.

          An earth with 1200ppm CO2 is a much healthier earth than one with 260ppm.

  4. Article stinks! It is not the black gun owners who cause the problems it is the stolen guns or aquirred out of trunks of cars that are used in most shootings. What is our worse problem is the black panthers and other anti-social groups! That is including our first 1/2 white squatter they installed in our White House!

  5. This research is spoiled by poor methodology. Using SSI limits the responses to only those with a device capable of online communication and who have volunteered for the study. This appropriation of respondents can produce any result the researchers may want. Research that actually controls variables would interesting.

  6. With the WaPo name on the referenced article this is just another piece of trash from the left. Our time would be better spent trying to fix this country, and our Forefathers would be shooting by now.

  7. I would say that most of us here tend to judge people more by the content of their character than by the color of their skin… except for the occasional left wing troll. WaPo is all troll, all the time.

  8. But I’m an OFWG and I want my gorgeous black wife to have multiple firearms! I don’t want criminals of any color to be armed…duh.

  9. The Constitution and BOR are the law of the land. Our rights are not dependent on our race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or lack of, nor are they dependent on our zip code.

    I don’t care who you are. Leave me alone to live my life and I’ll leave you alone to yours. Deal?

    • Add to this that the cult-like fervor accompanying democrat’s celebration of the murder of predominantly black babies by planned parenthood. I imagine the Democrat KKK members felt much the same during lynchings.

  10. It would appear as if Logan Strother and Daniel Bennett have had one to many glasses of the Kool Aid, put the glass down and step away from the Kool Aid punch bowl.

  11. So you see, despite the fact that progressive democrats endlessly push more gun control, it’s actually conservatives who don’t want blacks to own firearms.

    War is peace, slavery is freedom, love is hate, etc, etc.

    The magnitude of progressives’ delusions is truly frightening.

  12. And here I thought LIEberals were against “arming hate,” as they call it. The BPP was when it was formed and definitely still is today virulently racist and anti-Semitic, particularly against whites and Asians, and has a rap sheet ten miles long both as an organization and individually among its own members.

    It’s a good thing, too, that like the KKK they have little to no influence, socially or politically.

  13. No it’s the other way around. Blacks and black politicians are always for more gun control, because they don’t want any resistance during armed robberies. Unfil you can publish the truth and don’t demonize white people I’m unsuscribing.

  14. How about a study that shows the intolerant left in Democrat controlled slave states is happy to make it as difficult and as expensive as possible for their citizens to keep and bear arms. Thus keeping the minorities disarmed and dependant. Of course no study is required to determine this, only the perusal of the laws, and the resultant crime that plagues the slave states.

    WaPo is useless trash that the Pravda of the old USSR would be happy to publish.

  15. How do you measure “warmer towards blacks / whites”? Needs quantifiable numbers at the bottom, otherwise there is no statistical regression line. That graph is very vague; it is at most conceptual when it needs to be factual.
    Fuzzy logic!

  16. People shouldn’t read too much into this. The poll consist of three very specifically worded questions that only got responses from 1000 people. Statistically speaking, it is not a robust poll.

    Likewise, labeling their political enemies as “racist” is a decades old tactic of the progressive wing of America. This is an obvious hit piece with a poll that was designed to get specific results and is only meant to de-humanize pro-constitution individuals. What the left does not get is that when the vast majority of America hears someone say “XYZ is racist!” we all just roll our eyes and move on. The boy who cried wolf can only cry for so long before we all stop listening.

    • “What the left does not get is that when the vast majority of America hears someone say “XYZ is racist!” we all just roll our eyes and move on.”

      Perhaps, but we also do little to protect people persecuted by the leftist mob.

  17. Gun control laws are historically racist. background checks and permits that checked “Good moral character” used to be code for race. Unless you were in NYC or NJ at the turn of the century, in which case it was about whether you were part of Tammany Hall and/or Irish or Italian mob. Sights of black panthers open carrying rifles was in part the impetus for California carry restrictions in the late 60s.

    But, the Bill of rights was never a popularity contest. It’s about protecting minority rights precisely when they are unpopular. “gun control for thee and not for me” has been the motto of groups seeking power for millennia. If I were a persecuted minority, I would not be in favor of gun control, I would have the biggest rifle I could afford, and pray that the Supreme Court enforces the bill of rights.

    • @dwb

      Yep. It’s the same thing that’s happening with the Harvard lawsuit that’s going on right now. Harvard didn’t like the fact that so many Asian Americans were topping out their admissions criteria so they started using vague measures of “sociability” to downgrade them and keep them out. Gotta keep those slots for those rich kids whose parents push them through, you know.

      Interestingly, the outcome this lawsuit may potentially mean the end of affirmative action in some sectors.

      • There’s a simple solution to college applications.

        SAT scores. The university publishes a minimum SAT score, all applicants that qualify are tossed into a pot. Draw by lottery the winners.

        The fact that Asian parents are more likely to demand their children study in school will motivate the other parents to demand the same of their children.

        (I agree with the philosophy of Amy Chu, author of ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’)…

        • @Geoff

          See, that’s the thing. By those standards all those kids would be let into Harvard. But then there would not be enough slots for the kids who are not making those pars, some of whom are coming from families with a long history with Harvard I’m sure, some of them coming in through affirmative action, etc.

          My long time friend runs a 6 million dollar tech company. People sometimes bust him out because his team is almost all Indian. That he’s un-American and all that, giving jobs to foreigners. He says to them, “These guys were willing to do the extra schooling and certifications and put in the hours to have the skills I need. You seriously expect me to put the cybersecurity of a 6 million dollar company in the hands of a bunch of people who were too lazy to do that extra work? Yeah, THAT will really benefit everyone.”

        • Elaine you didn’t address the actual facts of the Harvard case but went with anecdote — because the facts don’t support your claims

  18. I don’t care who has guns. As long as they are good upstanding law abiding people. Ethnicity or gender plays no part whatsoever to me. Screw Academics. What do they know anyway.

  19. I read the piece and shrugged.

    Racism exists everywhere. On the left. On the right. There isn’t any society that’s immune to it. It exists as tribalism in countries where people are all close to the same color, none of them “white.”

    “White” in this country is code for “dominant group in power.” Liberal white people enjoy exactly the same level of privilege as liberal conservative people. There’s literally no difference. Discussions about race are difficult here as well.

    It has nothing to do with guns. It’s a human problem. We favor giving good stuff to people we perceive as being part of our tribe? Well, duh. It’s pretty sloppy research. If they’d even used some kind of measure that has a lot more data behind it, something similar to Project Implicit, it would be a lot more interesting to look at.

    Person of color with graduate degree be looking at this and shrugging my shoulders.

    • Hi Elaine D,

      I relate to where you are coming from.I also have read some of your comments with appreciation. I noticed how much of myself is so judgmental once I started to think about what I’m thinking about. Yea you might call it spirituality. I started noticing how you can judge, give first impressions or whatever term you want to put on it, not only to people that you see walking down the street, but also instances when you walk into a store or walk up to a house for the first time. You will even judge their flower beds or the siding on the house depending upon the similar interests that you may posses. This may be off topic but when we all start to realize we all american, we all are human beings, and to go a bit further, we are all one we can all start to respect others views and work together for the betterment of not only this country but the world as a whole. I will leave off with a quote I read a few years back and try to imagine myself in this light.
      “When you quiet the voice within you that divides yourself from others, you lose yourself…you fall in love.”

      Enjoy your day Elaine D,
      Michael A. Stilinovich

      • @Michael

        Thank you for what you wrote.

        I guess I see it as a yin and yang. Caring about our tribe is good. It binds us together and helps us survive. It makes our families and communities strong and meaningful to us. It gives us a voice when oppression strikes.

        Caring about our tribe is bad. It can cause us to summarily reject those “not us” who have really good, great ideas. It can cause us to mistakenly assume that those in our own tribe are “all good” and make us exceptionally vulnerable to predation by bad actors who know how to “play the part.”

        True democracy is a very difficult path indeed.

        • True democracy is mob rule by consensus. Consensus is both easily and often manufactured by those who have the power to do so.

    • Racism does not exist everywhere, racial bias exists everywhere. Real racism is relatively rare.

      An anecdote to show your point; Back in the early 90s I worked with a guy from Wales who had only been here a year or so. I asked him one time what was different about America than he had imagined and he said there was a lot more racism. Of course back then it was fairly common to hear a racial joke, which I don’t consider racism personally, but I couldn’t deny his point. Anyway a couple days later he was going off on a tirade about how all the Brits are ‘a bunch of foken assholes’, every last one of them. And if he went to a football game and sat down next to a Scot or an Irishman they were his ‘foken buddies’ but if he sat down next to a ‘foken Brit’ he was starting a ‘foken riot’. I had and still have not ever in my life heard a white American speak like that about blacks.

      • @Gov

        I am particularly interested in the question of whether racism or tribalism are that different. Some think so. Some not. I was reading this Kenyan article about it the other day.


        Personally, I do not think they are that different. In Africa this summer most of the discrimination I saw going on was between different tribes of black people and black people and indigenous people. In the area I was, there weren’t any white people except the few people I was with. It was very eye opening. I also realized that I had never met white Africans before then, as in the States “African American” generally means a black person. But there are a lot of white Africans.

        • I remember reading something about a couple of tribes called the Hutus and the Tutsis…

          Racism is tribalism. So is nationalism. And to a degree there’s nothing wrong with that IF your designs for the betterment of your people don’t involve the degradation of other people not of your tribe. For instance, we didn’t elect Thedonald to look out for the interests of Hondurans, we elected him to look out for the interests of Americans. There’s nothing wrong with that, Honduras has it’s own president. It’s OK that there exists a United Negro College Fund and an NAACP.

          Those white Africans may be an endangered species. South Africa seems poised to follow Zimbabwe’s lead. Predictable results soon to follow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_reform_in_Zimbabwe#Fast-track_land_reform_and_violence

      • @Gov

        Now, here is what is interesting to me about the whole Zimbabwe thing.

        The idea was to give power back to the black people by giving them the farms. What they didn’t seem to think about was the fact that the indigenous cultures of South Africa are actually mostly nomadic, either hunter gatherer or cattle raising, who traditionally would move to new lands periodically. Farming is not part of the indigenous traditions of that part of the world because it takes a lot of water and a lot of resources and the land is hard to get food out of without a lot of technological help and labor.

        It was the white people who brought in farming because they knew how to do it. So it didn’t work out to take the farms away from the people who knew about farming and give it to people who didn’t have any tradition of farming without training them in farm management.

        What I was told by the people while I was there was that the Zimbabwean white farmers were being asked to come back and run things again because the way Mugabe did it caused things to fail and starvation. I don’t know if the farmers accepted those invitations or not.

        Now, the Viet government did the same thing when reorganizing the country after the Vietnam War. The difference is that when they apportioned lands, they gave lands to people who already knew how to work those lands. So it increased production and helped the country recover.

        Farming ain’t a skill set you can easily learn. It takes years. Hopefully South Africa will look at what happened in Zimbabwe and carefully consider their approach.

        • Remi ngton learned a similar lesson when they bought Marlin and they fired everybody and took their antique equipment back to Illion.

    • “Racism exists everywhere. On the left. On the right.”

      It is particularly insidious when the Leftists do it, particularly in their desire to make the United States like ‘Progressive’, socialist Europe.

      They _love_ to point out Scandinavia as their ideal model of society.

      Scandinavia, where the ruling class is predominantly white and heterogeneous , with a few ‘token’ minorities tossed in for appearance’s sake…

      • @Geoff

        The only advantage is that since the left has committed itself to promoting diversity, there’s a platform to call it out. It’s not much, but it’s something.

        • No, the left is not promoting diversity they are promoting division and identity politics of special people with special rights

  20. “..Again, many people don’t recognize rights claims by groups they don’t like.”

    So leftist anti-gun people are a ‘group?’ And they don’t like the group made up of anyone to the right of them politically? And since they don’t like them they don’t want any of that group to have guns?

    Can we file this in the “water is wet” category of news?

  21. Ronald Reagan did use black panthers as an excuse to strip Californians of their carry rights with the Mulford Act.

    Tell me again why people think that man was a Republican hero?

    • “…ell me again why people think that man was a Republican hero?”

      Becaus e the Left went way left leaving a rather centrist politician standing on what was now the right of center.

  22. When it comes to black hate groups and white hate groups, I want them both well-armed and facing off at 10 feet.

    Nobody will ever know who fired the first shot.

        • It’s going to take a number of generations for that change to happen in Europe…

        • White supremacists people like to ignore that whites are the ones ruining America. More than half of them support the policies that have brought down America to more of an European style country of anti gun and pro globalist socialism.

          It’s hard for blacks — who are less than 20% of the population and appear to be shrinking in size — to ruin the country politically without the help of whites. Even if Asians decided to team up with blacks, they still won’t be 30% of the population. So white Republicans out number blacks and Asians combined, same for white Democrats.

          Basically, there is a group of white people that have a strategy to use blacks to pass their policies now that are designed to replace blacks, Asians and whites with Hispanics and to institute fascism/socialism/communism to the extreme. This will give these white people the power they couldn’t attain prior. It’s a war/strategy of attrition.

          Don’t blame blacks and/or Asians for being fooled by whites into being minions for their cause, especially blacks if you think they are not as smart as others. Don’t forget Asians are an extremely small group, even if they were concentrated in one area they wouldn’t have much power. You got to look in the mirror to see what your “enemy” looks like.

          I keep pointing it out, but white people will just call me a racist for doing so. They will ignore what Europe has been since forever and still is. They ignore how Europeans spread socialism/communism around the world.

  23. “Again, many people don’t recognize rights claims by groups they don’t like.”

    I think liberals vs gun owners, not a friend of the gun who looks different than me.

  24. Black, white, brown, or glowing purple( heh heh) humans are scary. Always walking around on two legs like a bear looking for something to fuck with. Plus humans flat stink. I mean pick up a human that ain’t had a bath in two weeks and sniff under its arm, eegads. Nope humans of any color shouldn’t have gunz.

  25. Gee, that’s funny.

    I’m Black and overwhelmingly those who’ve hurled the most racial slurs at me are White anti-gunners, sent into an insane rage when I refused their ORDERS to support invidiously racist gun controls. It’s almost as if they’re not afraid of guns, but of BLACK people (and often Jews as well) WITH guns.

    Scratch an anti-gunner, find a klansman.

  26. Democrat party; Home of KKK, why you think they want to let all the Illegals into this country it’s because they can displace the blacks with a new plantation, and Illegals will be so thankful too the Democrat party for letting them in and ( providing Free health care, free Housing, Free food, free money) that they will vote for the Democrat Party blindly.

  27. This Southerner celebrates Otis McDonald as a man of courage and a true civil right hero!

    McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010)

  28. OK, so the study found that 2/3 of a random sample of American residents think it is wrong of the govt to disarm ANY radical group-an interesting fact in itself.
    Then it found that the more racist your beliefs are (regardless of which race you are, or which you dislike), the more likely you are to support disarming the racial group you dislike.
    Well DUH-what would be shocking would be if this were NOT what they found!
    The more interesting result, by far, was the first one. It suggests that most (68 percent) of us don’t think the govt has the right to disarm ANY group, even when the group is described as a radical anti-government group.

  29. DC has about 42% white and 48% black population (about 10% Hispanic).

    DC MPD stats show that about 4% of DC whites are gun owners, virtually all LEGAL. DC overall gun ownership rate is 26%, nearly 25% of DC residents are illegal possessors, and virtually all illegal possessors are black males. About 60% of the cities black male population owns a gun and virtually all of those are illegal possession.

    this is the same in most urban areas. so no surprise there is some concern there since Second Amendment supporters tend to be more educated on who has a legal gun and who does not.


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