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Michael Bloomberg courtesy Washington Examiner and AP
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“Bloomberg’s strident position on guns could be the most damaging, if the plan is to pick up Republican support. ‘Michael is toast in every Red State because of that one issue,’ (Christopher) Whalen explained. ‘That kills it. Even in states like Maine and New Hampshire, which are arguably Blue States now, he would still lose on that issue. The downstate vote wouldn’t be enough to fix it. Out West, forget about it. He comes across as a New York Jewish guy who hates guns. It’s like, no. They’ll put him together with the pantheon of Democratic politicians and Elizabeth Warren. Imagine Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth. There’s a ticket for you.’

“He thinks that while Bloomberg ‘fits the mold’ of a very mainstream Democratic politician ‘that we’re screaming for’ and that he would make a good president, to win Bloomberg will have to ‘pull in his horns’ on the issue of gun control. ‘If he wants to win Texas or Ohio, you don’t go in there proposing that we ban guns,’ he said. ‘That’s just not going to fly. Definitely not. You got to tone down the New York bit and do more of the international businessman, I think.'” – Vanity Fair, “I’d vote for Michael in a heartbeat”: Wall Street’s Case for President Bloomberg

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  1. Hopefully Bloomberg won’t be able to control his mouth any more than Trump. Plus in Bloomberg’s case there’s a prior political career to glean some insight from … one that should scare moderate Dems as much as the rest of us to their right.

    • Yeah, let’s not forget his desire to regulate every other aspect of our lives, in addition to guns (remember the Big Gulp ban?).

      • big gulp, salt, he wanted to tax or toll cars entering manhattan at a very very high level to the point people wouldn’t afford it (he would because he’s a billionaire times 70. Waiters said bloomberg used a ton of salt on his food, so he’s a hypocrite there just like his 5 armed guards while everyone else should not have guns.

        bloomberg can’t win POTUS. as an indie, he’d take from the dem’s and help trump, as a dem, he’d have a very tough time in the primary. He’s very pro wall street and isn’t as hard left as some loons like kamela harris, etc.

        dem primary might be a shitshow though there are rumored to be 20 plus who want to run. I bet it gets nasty too and they tear the party apart.

  2. He doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of ever running for a National office. He’s to well known of an egomaniac. Any body supporting him for office is also nuttz.

      • Agreed that he too is an egomaniac. But I always thought from the get go he did have a chance. There was and still a lot out there that still want to vomit at the thought of anyone named Clinton.

        • .45mm doen’t just kill the ant, it steals it’s thorax and feeds it to the queen!

        • @Gov

          I used to torch ants with a magnifying glass when I was small. I was such a little pyro back then. Thank goodness for mental health, I am walking proof that it works.

        • I wonder if ant-gun violence is mostly a black ant on black ant thing or a red on black thing…

        • “I used to torch ants with a magnifying glass when I was small. I was such a little pyro back then.”

          I did the same, but they were big southwest Oklahoma ‘fire ants’, and the biting red bastards had it coming to them!

          “Thank goodness for mental health, I am walking proof that it works.”

          H’mm. Are you *sure*?

          You’re here, aren’t you? 🙂

        • @Geoff

          When I look at my father’s family I see how it could have all turned out. Pretty grateful for the better genes from Mom’s side.

  3. “pull in his horns”. Does he really think that with less than two years to the next general election gun owners would forget? I’m sure that even if they did, the GOP would remind them.

  4. Yeah he’s unlikeable,a midget and OLD…and those are bloomies good points. He can’t run on global warming either(in the midst of a bigazz November snowstorm😖). What’s with all these demtards who think they have any chance?!?

      • Jim Webb ran for president for about an hour before some one at the dnc told him to get lost.
        Probably the only Democrat I could have tolerated. But he was flushed out by the rabid left in their purge

  5. He could “pull in his horns” and it would still bite him in the ass. The 4chan-types would find every anti-gun quote he’s ever made, and bring them back to haunt him. They did it with Trump. Trump never conclusively commented on anti-gun practices except when he endorsed UBCs and the AWB in the early 2000s. Beyond that, there wasn’t much to go on.

    Bloomberg would be easy. You’d only have to go back in time a week or so and you’d find something.

    There still is an issue though – gun control, while a third rail, is less so a third rail than it once was, especially in states where something bad happened. Here in Florida, one can campaign on it and come close to winning. All the Democratic candidates this last go-around specifically made it a point to visit Parkland and stage a propaganda happening.

    Texas, Robert Francis O’Rourke’s support of gun control helped sink him, but not as much as I would have liked to see in a state like Texas. Even in pro-2A strongholds, work needs to be done to shore up the defenses and bring more people into the fold. Yes, even if it means looking the other way on certain non-gun issues the conservative base deems holy.

    • @Pod

      I’m not sure that’s what sank Beto. Guns sure. But it was more than that. He really wasn’t and isn’t the kind of Texan that Texans vote for. He was a little too…IDK…hipster cool or something. He was also a white guy pretending to be Hispanic, which pissed off a lot of real Hispanics.

      We like our politicians salty and rough around the edges and weird in a certain kind of way. Cruz has that, and he’s mellowed out a lot in recent years, but he’s still a lot closer to what Texans vote for. Texas has actually gotten more permissive about gun policy and no one is really whining about that from what I can tell. Not even us lefties, especially since we all own guns.

      Personally I see “AWB!” As kind of like “Build the wall!” Sounds good. Soundbite that isn’t realistic.

      • Yeah that’s why I said “helped”, ha ha. Robert Francis O’Rourke’s flaws were numerous, and supporting gun control is definitely one of them. Sure, he was born in Texas, but he was pretty un-Texan, so much that Texans did not want him representing the state. Again though, my concern with this guy was that he came pretty damn close to beating Ted Cruz. That shouldn’t have happened. It does show you a few things though:

        • Gun control is rapidly becoming less of a third rail issue. It may in fact win some elections if we’re not careful.

        • Republicans have to back-burner some issues to expand the tent a bit. They need to be out and proud supportive of LGBTQ people, for example. And I do think supporting drug law reform with the end goal of ending the war on drugs will win massive votes with the younger people. Immigration too. I’m cool with immigration as long as it’s the right kind of people coming in. I don’t care what color you are, but if you’re down with our Constitution and founding principles, come on in. Don’t come here looking for a handout and socialism. I’d suggest shelving their stance on abortion but that’s a bridge too far for even moderate Republicans.

        • @pod

          The thing is, with the amount of money that was being thrown behind Beto, he should have done even better than he did. That should tell you about how that would have fallen out without the money. He needed a history of alcoholism or some bitter divorces or to have a scandalous secret or something. That’s what we like around here.

          Though I’m not a Red, I really think the issue is the alt-right and the way it’s glommed onto the GOP and made DT their poster child. When you have Neo Nazis running for office as GOP candidates, you are going to have a serious public image problem with every person who is any shade of brown in this country.

          If I were to redo the Red side I’d say: completely distance yourself from the alt right and firmly condemn it; appeal to brown voters who are culturally traditionally conservative anyway, such as Mexican Americans and Asian Americans; realize that no one in 2018 cares if people are gay or not; and act like you care about what women have to say and contribute. That would all go a long way. I think a lot of swing voters are fleeing the GOP side because of the alt-right and Russia stuff.

        • If you want to know where the alt-right came from and why they’re making so much headway now, look at the identity politics behind “diversity.” The alt-right, whether rightly or alt-wrongly, are playing identity politics for white people the way everyone else has been doing it for the last 30 years.

          The alt-right is like the Newtonian equal and opposite of leftist identity politics. It was bound to happen. They got tired of being negatively defined by everyone else, so they’ve defined a traditionalist identity of their own in opposition to everyone else.

        • appeal to brown voters who are culturally traditionally conservative anyway,

          Trump got more African American voters than Romney, Bush 1, Bush 2, or McCain

  6. Bloomberg bought New York City. He probably believes that he can buy the whole damn country. But an undersized, megalomaniac, controlling, uber wealthy New York City Jew is never going to be President.

    • Well, it is at least conceivable that we could elect a Jewish president, but I would think that the odds would be pretty slim, given the WASP culture that for almost two hundred years prevented anyone other than a WASP being elected until JFK came along, and as you may recall, he wasn’t given much of a chance either because he was Catholic. That said, I think that Bloomberg has such a grating personality that he will not enamor himself to many outside of NYC. It is like his stunt about riding the subway to work–surrounded by five armed police detectives.

      • A Jewish President? Sure. Why not. But an undersized, megalomaniac, controlling, uber wealthy New York City Jew? I don’t think so.

  7. Watched TV the other day, normally I do not. I have to say those impoverished Guatamalians seeking asylum look better fed and better clothed then I…… I’d make a bet that Trump’s a one term president. I’m still waiting on just one of his campaign promises come to fruition. Ohh the unemployment is down. Is it? The job service centers and social service offices seem quite packed . Maybe they should enlist in Trump’s Space Force, learn a trade, get some education, Something you can apply as a cashier at Save Slot, or Dollar General.

    • That’s w hat it is like around here. After the environmentalists shut down most of the timber industry, an industry that had been employing a large chunk of each year’s high school graduating class, it was replaced by…retail and fast food paying minimum wage. The retail sector is totally bogus; it hires young people at minimum wage and then only schedules them for part-time work (so that the employer does not have to provide benefits or pay OT).

      • I don’t know what part of the timber industry you have there, paper, lumber, furniture. I worked in the hardwood lumber industry for 20 years, plastic pretty much killed that off. Used to be knives had wooden handles, tables ,chairs, even steering wheels were wooden. To fight fire with fire I started a new career in plastics, good enough I can retire here, made supervisor, good job good pay. Nope China outbid the company by three cents. MAGA?? UHh huh. How do you become competitive with a country that works at a much lower wage scale with employees willing to work as slaves??? I believe that answer is heading North to Our borders now. That may be the reason for the big push to get AWB, and more.

    • ” I’m still waiting on just one of his campaign promises come to fruition.”

      The Supreme Court.

      Had the HildaBeast won, you would have 2 more Progressives like Kagan and the ‘Wise Latino” Sotomayor on the court…

      • I guess Faith is good. I’m still puzzled at the Judge for life. They retire yet their not took out back and shot

  8. Bloomberg is so deep in the Democrat camp he is stoking the campfire. He all but owns Tammany Hall which is so deep in HIS pocket it is lost among the loose change and pocket fluff.

    Bloomberg trying to get Republican nomination? He will be lucky if he is only tarred, feathered, and rode out on a rail.

  9. Calling Bloomberg a “gun control advocate” is somewhat myopic. Bloomberg is a control freak. He has already taken extreme positions on gun, salt, soda, slurpee, and carbon control. Who knows what else he has a hankering to dictate to the rest of us on. He’s the man who wants to be king and sees no reasonable limits on his own scope or power. Many should understand this. He’s the elitist with a security detail who wants everyone else disarmed. He’s the private jet on weekends guy who wants to take away your Taurus or F150.

    Plus, he’s not really a Republican or Democrat. He was a Democrat for decades but when the party wouldn’t give him a free ride to the NC mayor’s mansion, he jumped. So now neither party sees a reason to offer him support (rightfully so).

    Mikey, you made your bed, now sleep on it. Go buy some friends in Davos and leave us alone.

  10. Bloomberg epitomizes the view that small men usually have big egos. While he will be welcomed by most of the media if he chooses to run (they all want his ad-spend) no one will shed a tear if this miserable midget loses. I would hope that he runs. Bloomer-boy has a dirty mouth and it would be good to see him trash other Dems in the primaries. It would also be good to see him lose a lot of money (he will have to spend his own money – I can’t think of too many Dems who would contribute to his campaign) as that could be money that might have been spent on propping up hoplophobic candidates in other races.

  11. Bloomberg is not a gun control advocate he is a gun ban advocate. ALL teh groups he helms supported DC in Heller, which is total ban even, of even revolvers, even for people who have had background checks, waiting period, training, a safe at home etc.

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