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This gun owner carries a CZ P07, a hammer-fired 9mm double-stack with a 3.75-inch barrel. CZ manufactures some very nice guns – I’m a big fan of their long guns – and it’s cool to see one pop up in a pocket dump.

The Winkler SD2 fixed blade is of great interest. So many pocket dumps include folding blades when in reality fixed blades are far better options for self-defense purposes. Winkler makes fantastic blades in general. Who here carries a fixed blade?

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  1. I carry a fixed blade at work and if I am headed into the country side. Cheap Buck fixed blade but it works

  2. Lately I’ve been carrying a Ka-Bar BESH fixed blade as my EDC

    I carry it using a small NeoMag magnetic magazine carrier — that holds it low in my pocket like a folder, and the sheath is stripped off by the sides of the NeoMag when I draw it.

    Have to fish the sheath out of my pocket to resheath, but that seems less important. If I just need to stow it briefly, I just stick it to the NeoMag unsheathed.

    I’ve also carried a Cold Steel Peace Maker III clipped in my front pocket. The clip is very high on the sheath, so it’s surprisingly unobtrusive for a knife with a full-sized grip and four-inch blade.

  3. I keep an A.G. Russell Odins Eye small pushdagger on my truck fob. I tend to put my fob in my pocket with the knife hanging to the outside. Very low profile. Set in the tray at the court house w/o questions.

  4. p07 seems like a great ugly plastic thing. hammer/ safety and a trigger i’m familiar with (omega). i like the compacts and ramis but this weighs less.
    that winckler looks like a big chris street fighter. slicy and stabby.
    i have a rotation of nail cleaner/ toothpick/ box openers. and a bk24 front right everyday.

  5. We don’t see many CZ products here at all.
    The CZ Compact and Rami are great guns, if a little fat.
    A P 07 is unusual as an everyday carry

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