Lindsay Starck
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Lindsay Starck

If you support gun control legislation that works, tell your state senator to approve the bills that were passed by the House in February.

If you’re skeptical of the current research on gun violence because you think it’s funded by special interest groups, advocate for more government funding on this issue.

Most importantly, support community-led anti-violence programs that are proven to work. Gun violence is most intense in neighborhoods that have good reason to distrust the police, which is why it is imperative that we redirect money from the Minneapolis police to community-centered groups such as the Gun Violence Intervention initiative, Protect Minnesota, and Reclaim the Block.

Instead of buying more guns to create the illusion of home security, let’s direct our dollars instead toward organizations that are already implementing research-based, strategic violence intervention programs to improve the safety of our city.

– Lindsay Starck in Defund the guns: They do not make us safer

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        • That’s very true, no way are you ever going to get America’s guns and all these laws are unConstitutional, NO INFRINGEMENT, license illegal, registration illegal, we need to sue the government states and federal for even trying to force these UN CONSTITUTIONAL Laws the government has No right by Law to INFRINGE on our rights and Freedoms, like the big spy building obama did the nsa needs blown up destroyed, we did fine without this over stepping of the government that started with Bush the tsa needs removed as well 2 government money sucking crooked Organizations

        • They can write all the laws she wants. She’s speaking to Minneapolis. Whose going to enforce those laws? “Take back the block”?!? Ya right! The gang with the guns is going to “take back the block” when all the cops finally leave. Also, whose going to pay property taxes? Whose going to repo the property when the government declares them tax cheats? Whose going to pay the government salaries?

        • You’re breaking into my home? You fool, I’m armed with a “violence intervention program”!

      • Hollywood, TV, various YouTube/other stars, politicians……. Yeah didn’t have any argument with your point but never really put thought into it and realizing how extensive and continually expanding it is.

    • Lindsay Starck you ignorant democRat slut…Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. Therefore Gun Control is a racist and nazi based agenda. Shame on you and your despicable, sleazy agenda Lindsay Starck.

    • If you support gun control legislation that works…

      It only works for the moral common hardworking american that chooses to support it. (In other words, the people who aren’t going to kill people anyways!) If you think it’s going to work in englewood in chicago, or in “broken window land,” St. Louis, you are delusional.

      If you’re skeptical of the current research on gun violence because you think it’s funded by special interest groups, advocate for more government funding on this issue.

      Government funding is a special interest group.

      Most importantly, support community-led anti-violence programs that are proven to work. Gun violence is most intense in neighborhoods that have good reason to distrust the police, which is why it is imperative that we redirect money from the Minneapolis police to community-centered groups such as the Gun Violence Intervention initiative, Protect Minnesota, and Reclaim the Block….

      You had me at anti-violence. You lost me at “gun violence.” Some quick logic: Violence is a people problem, not a gun problem. Guns don’t commit violence, people commit violence. I can own a gun my entire life, and never shoot anyone at all. Thus, guns are not the problem – people are the problem. Culture is the problem. The characteristics of those particular people – is the problem.

      No surprise violence would be most intense in areas that claim the police can’t be trusted. Zero surprise there.

      Zero logical sense to think that violence can be cured by defunding organizations that enforce laws against violence. Violent people take a hard stance. Taking a soft stance by trying to defund people that take a hard stance against crime to fund community driven anything, is a bad idea. The law is the law. Most of the time you leftists voted for those laws. Now you act like enforcing your laws needs to be defunded – and it’s hilarious. Increase your tolerance by not passing a bunch of laws, or enforce the law that you passed. Figure it out. They are already ignoring your laws. You think defunding police and put funds into their community programs is going to make them suddenly respect your laws? Hilarious.

      Instead of buying more guns to create the illusion of home security, let’s direct our dollars instead toward organizations that are already implementing research-based, strategic violence intervention programs to improve the safety of our city.

      A gun in my hand is not an illusion of security. And it is definitely not an illusion in the hands of criminals. Have one of these criminals that you are trying to protect against the police break in your home and loot the place and put a gun in your face and see how much of an illusion it is.

      “Strategic violence intervention programs” Is this like a special program that wipes their memories of their cultural upbringing and amazing parenting? Their culture, their upbringing, was training for violence. Violence is what they were taught. Violence is what they do. Defunding the police isn’t going to protect you. Defunding the police isn’t going to stop their violence problem.

      • Great takedown.

        One note…depending on how they’re done, strategic violence intervention programs can actually work. But the ones that do work also require effective policing concentrated on locking away the tiny minority-among-a-minority of hyper-violent offenders, so I’m pretty sure she’s not advocating for any of them.

      • We can all be proud of ourselves, now, for keeping to the high ground! I mean, one could wonder if such a pretty lady might be looking for some “excitement” in her life, figures with no cops and no guns, there may be a line at her door from morning to night. Especially when the community involved finds out that she will defend them from any violence.

    • Don’t know who she is, but I’m willing to bet that if she has a problem she’s going to call the cops and expevt them to show up with guns.

  1. Yeah, let us know how that works out for you.

    Me, I’ll see if I can convince Mrs C we need another gun. Maybe a SAA companion to a lever gun. (Of course, that means we’ll need the lever gun, too…)

    • Yeah. After Jon’s articles on the SAA and that beauty of a lever gun… I’m rethinking why I don’t have a .45lc.

      The LGS has a genuine Colt from 18 something. Might have to go peek at it again.

      • If you have a .44 Special-capable gun, you already have the equivalent of .45 Colt.

        Unless you want to go to Ruger-only really hot .45 Colt loads … in which case you’re at .44 Magnum.

        That said, no reason in the world to not do both if you can afford it. 🙂

        My problem is a .44 Mag Henry, and a .45 Colt Cimarron. I’ve been looking at the .44 Mag Cimarron Bad Boy as a partial solution…

        • The bonus is apparently .44 Magnum isn’t that popular. That and 22lr shotshell were the only things left on the handgun ammo shelf earlier this week at Academy.

        • A direct observation: If you have a .44 Mag rifle, say a Henry Big Boy Lever Action, and a .44 Mag Revolver, say a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic, they both do not exactly like the same load. The rifle likes a heavy enough .44 Mag load that shooting it out of the Revolver becomes a near terrifying, not-fun experience, but if you shoot a load that’s acceptably comfortable in the Revolver, it will not shoot as well in the rifle. If short range, say 5-25 yds is your goal range, you can make a more moderate load that both will shoot well enough at the cost of farther downrange power. If you don’t reload, Fiocchi .44 Mag cartridges are a good choice to use in both. Just shoot enough rounds out of the Revolver to be prepared for heavy recoil.

          Now, as to the posted article’s subject matter…the woman who allegedly wrote this pile of bovine scat might just be taken aback when criminals with illegally obtained guns shoot the sh*t out of the “Social Workers” and other goofball morons she wants to use to replace the Police. It is incomprehensible how these Leftist useful idiots just cannot see how hard reality is going to obliterate their delusional, Unicorn-saturated conception of reality. This is what we get for allowing the Marxist takeover of our Education Systems…people too stupid and ignorant to separate propaganda fantasy from real-world actuality.

        • I pop 270 gr soft points out my big boy and super blackhawk with 21.5 grains of h110. Other than the fireball out of the pistol it works fantastic on both platforms. I think the plow handle grip makes a huge difference in .44mag revolvers.

      • I’m considering a 1858 Remington Revolving carbine with the 45 LC conversion cylinder. I hear they are accurate out to 200yards. Like I keep telling my wife, I only need one more gun – the next one.

        • My stock answer to my spouse…

          “The next gun I buy will be the next to last gun I ever buy. Honest!”

          Fortunately, she is wise to my purchasing proclivities and quietly smiles while saying “Yes, Dear”.

  2. Why doesn’t she move to these neighborhoods and then see how long she feels that way, since she has research to protect her???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Friend – That is completely awesome idea. I am happy to contribute to a Go Fund Me page to help her move.

    • The left wing “great idea” geniuses are insulated from the dumb policies they push. They’re completely out of touch with reality.

      • Having fled from an urban shithole to the rural splendor of NH I cannot express just how infuriating it is to hear these insulated, sheltered for generations, middle-class white people go on and on about issues they have zero experience with then chastise me as being -phobic or -ist when I plead with them not to lower the draw bridge and destroy what we have here.

        I get that they’re stupid but why do I have to be punished for their stupidity?

        • Thank you for one of the most cogent, concise explanations I’ve read.

          If you don’t mind, I would like to borrow your phrasing.

        • Same here. These people operate under the astounding conceit that, due to their intelligence, enlightenment, and all around wonderfulness, given the opportunity, everyone will want to be like them. They simply cannot fathom that there are cultures that value violence, thievery, ignorance and general dickhead behavior and don’t give two shits about NPR, organic kale or yoga. Guns are convenient totem of evil for them to blame all bad things on, so they can avoid looking at culture and demographics.

    • Because while Ms. Stark may talk a great game about “black Americans” and “people of color” she doesn’t want to live amongst them unless they make over six figures. She avoids “people of color” in most situations and is the first to call the defunded police if she feels uncomfortable by their presence.

      • She’s a classic NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). She virtues signals about feelgood bullshit because she gets to feel smug about the results without having to deal with the consequences. Why do you think most of the limousine liberals and ice cream socialists are white, college educated millennials?

      • Just a thought: Why is ok to say “people of color”, but not ok to say “colored people”? When I was a kid “colored” was the polite term, as in “NAACP”.
        “N” was the crude word we didn’t use. Maybe it was just an Illinois thing.

        • It’s cyclical because the Left has to find new things to be outraged about, so they’re constantly changing the meaning of words. If white is acceptable to refer to Caucasians, then I don’t understand why people can’t just say black. That’s what I use. I don’t think it’s offensive to anyone. It’s only complicated because the Left makes it that way. The problem is the Left wants to find a way to define every single race in the world that isn’t white. That’s why they use the phrase people of color. It’s a tactic used to divide us.

        • I grew up with the term ‘Colored Folk’. 1960s.

          and the Brown truck just brought my new shotty barrel!! so Linsay and her ilk can just get bent.

        • It cracks me up that they came full circle on that one.

          They’re standing right on the “colored people” square again, but they’ve got their noses so far up in the air that they can’t see their feet. And because they backed their way into the current position, they can’t see all the “racists,” who never went anywhere, standing right next to them.

        • It seems to change about every 4 or 8 years??? The powers that be, can’t makeup their minds. I’ve been called Negro, black, colored, afro american, that one is still on government forms. The names have even changed, in the index of history books over the decades. All four are ok by me.

          I think its a communist plot to keep people confused and to keep people going at each other.

        • You are absolutely right. Being immersed in academia for 25 of the past 30 years, I’ve seen this whole carousel go round and round.

          Every year there’s a new shibboleth to be accounted for. Keeping up with it is almost a full-time job.

          After a 5 year break spent working a dead-end blue-collar job in the mid-90s, I got PC whiplash when I went back to school. What was appropriate and sensitive in 1992 was verboten in 1997. Going into grad school in the humanities 4 years later was another kind of head-spinning shift (half the program were literal communists — we in the minority called them the Red Pants Brigade — and they’re now on college campuses everywhere, busily creating more commie SJWs and browbeating people who do real work).

          The greater inclusion and peace and togetherness and understanding they promised when they started building all the “multicultural centers” back in the 90s hasn’t happened. Precisely the opposite — just as many of us told the useful idiots, and just as the architects of the whole multiculti cult intended, I believe. More confusion, more division, and a paradoxical hatred of the very culture that allows them all to exist.

    • support community-led anti-violence programs that are proven to work.

      C’mon MANNN…. That study is PROVEN to work… C’mon MAANNNNN…

  3. “Gun violence is most intense in neighborhoods that have good reason to distrust the police,”

    Never seen a violent firearm,they are inariment objects, much as is Lindsay Starck.
    What is.intense in neighborhoods she speaks of is criminals, however being the Leftard she is, she is advocating for them.

    As Leftism is a mental disorder, one has to discard the mumblings they utter such as the utterings of Lindsay Starck.

    • they are inariment objects

      INARIMENT?? Hate to admit I HAD to look THAT one up… As expected couldn’t find anything close… MEANING?

      • Inanimate.

        Don’t bother looking up “annonymous” [sic] either.

        • Don’t bother looking up “annonymous” [sic] either.

          WHATT? You don’t like my name? besides, annonymous is a LOT closer to anonymous than that other thing is to inanimate …

  4. She and many others like her truly believe in what they’re saying. Her motives are good in wanting to reduce violence. However, as far as facts go, they see what they want to see. Can they show me ANYWHERE where removing guns has made the area safer? Reduced crime? They simply ignore the data, and defer to tainted data given by studies from people with an agenda who are not objective.

    Linda, show me where your game plan has worked. Show me where it has a track record of success.

    • “Can they show me ANYWHERE where removing guns has made the area safer?”

      Removing guns seems to be a trickier task than they may think, they can ban and claim that officially guns are removed but those sneaky little critters are surprisingly resilient, even in Europe, Australia, etc, ban away, they just go underground.

      Really the issue is an all the guns on the street, homeless. Guns need a home, but from what I hear from the left, all to many of them are living on the street, not in safes or carried where they belong. No more homeless guns! We need to start a group to adopt or offer loving, forever homes for the forgotten, unloved guns of America. Some are confiscated from their homes and imprisoned, others swept up in buy backs and melted. Black guns matter!

    • “Her motives are good in wanting to reduce violence. ”

      How do you come to that conclusion- by her photo? The majority of gun grabbers are seeking to have a real “leg up” on the rest of us, the unwashed, so they can corral us and show us what’s best for us regardless of our own desire to live free. It’s nearly impossible for them to do this when the unwashed can resist with real objections that trump their ambitions. Far too many out here are taking these mini tyrants at their words rather than their actions. Sincerity? I very much doubt it.

      BTW- click on the actual article and leave comments there, at MinnPost. I will. WTH? I live here half the year and pay whopping taxes on the lake properties I own.

    • While her Hoplophobia is apparent there are examples where the real stuff that works are talked about and linked to. That’s focusing on human behavior, violence as a behavioral problem. Violence as something that a small percentage of people do. It is in there, in her commentary and in the links.

      You have to be willing to look beyond the gun issue, beyond the Hoplophobia. There is a lot of great work going on to cure violence as an inner city and youth gang human communicable disease.

      Click on the links in the TTAG article and read them entirely. Focus on the things being done that are all about the people doing the shootings. You will see that the work is not about the guns, and that does get results.

      Most people on TTAG have no interest in going beyond a bit of venting at the Hoplophobes. There’s work going on in this country that addresses violence and, unintentionally, makes liars out of Hoplophobes at the same time.

      We should all read about and support such work, as it serves the interest of POTG.

      • “Most people on TTAG have no interest in going beyond a bit of venting at the Hoplophobes.”

        Do you find it exhausting being the only enlightened person on here?

      • Some of those violence intervention programs do work. Some… And many just make it worse. It all depends on how it’s done, and it always also requires effective policing to work.

        But since she’s nattering about defunding the police and giving that money to “community groups,” (and also, as indicated in other comments here, is a college English teacher), I can assume with reasonable confidence that she wouldn’t recognize an effective anti-violence program if it anti-violently slapped her in the face.

  5. “Instead of buying more guns to create the illusion of home security, let’s direct our dollars instead….”

    You do you. I’m going to do me and don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. But if you want to set up a card table and pass out flyers in front of Bud’s gun in Lexington, KY I’m sure you will find a receptive audience.

  6. If you’re skeptical of the current research on gun violence because you think it’s funded by special interest groups, advocate for more government funding on this issue.

    The Government is a special interest group. And I am skeptical of any research that is funded by a special interest group.

    First line of the article:
    Stocks may be down, but gun sales are up. Hmm, in general, my stocks are up (way up over the past 3.5 years…), and so are gun sales. So the article fails, right out of the block…

    • Reminds me of the Lefts delusional gun buy backs,HTF can the government buy back something they never paid for in the first place, only makes sense in the world of Leftards.

      • I remember one guy who would buy a dozen or so highpoints turn them in and buy something nice. Think he usually got 30-50% more than what he paid for the highpoints.

      • In Leftist’s mind everything flows from the government. If something exists, it’s only because government allows it or orders it. It’s only natural that when they want to grab people’s guns, they call it buybacks.

  7. There is no such thing as a violent gun. No baseball bat wants to hit a home run. No car wants to drive fast or drunk. Objects do not want, they do not think, they do not act. People do all that. Human behavior does all that.

    Within the links in the above TTAG article are some real pearls of wisdom. That violence is a problem of human behavior, and there are approaches that are working to change those behaviors. Couple of examples:

    “… in American cities, a small percentage of the population is responsible for the vast majority of violence… ”
    “… as few as 1 percent of a city’s population are responsible for the majority of fatal encounters… ”

    Those articles talk about focusing on the humans doing the violence, stopping revenge cycles in youth gangs. Targeting the repeat offenders who do most of the violence.

    Lindsay Starck is obviously hoplophobic. She focuses on the guns even as she talks about the human problems and the interventions in behaviors that stop violence. She reports on some very important points, ideas that have succeeded in some very violent cities.

    But then, because she is a Hoplophobe, she muddies the waters, obscures her own message with typical “The Gun Causes It” cognitive failures.

    Treating violence as a human behavioral problem works. It needs more money and more support going to groups and programs that have records of success.

    Conflating human behavior with an inanimate object, well now that will always dilute and diminish efforts to solve the violence problem.

    As Lindsay Starck’s various linked sources reveal.

    • “It needs more money…” That’s the same solution the dems always seem to have for the education system. We keep spending more money and getting worse results. You can throw all the money in the world at it, but you’ll never make real progress until people realize the solution is a loving, moral family with role models. Yet the Left hates the traditional family. They think they can replace it with an endless amount of government organizations.

      • Hard to make slaves of people who have intact loving families in communities that value liberty.

      • The approach to violence as a human behavioral condition that can be interrupted and corrected shows results.

        -56% in Baltimore
        -41% to -73% in Chicago
        -30% in Philidelphia
        -63% in New York City

        Hell yes we should put money into suchmethods. Saves lives and weakens the hoplophobic talking points at the same time.

        • Having grown up in Philly the only thing that kept the murders down was long prison sentences for the outlier violent repeat offenders. Camden on the other had did benefit from a more community oriented policing but still had to clear the most violent from society first. With all that said don’t we have elevated shootings in all of those cities after the Corona related prison releases of violent criminals? I know it’s the case up here but I haven’t kept as close track of the rest of the country.

        • REALLY??? C’mon MANNN, you tell em…

          Another Historically Violent Weekend Strikes Major U.S. Cities

          Shootings, Violence Jump In Cities Where Mayors Have Restrained Police

          Violent Crime Explodes Across American Cities

          As city violence surges, liberal mayors engage in social media feuds with Trump officials

        • enuf, I’m all for helping people in need. With any problem, you can treat the symptom or you can find the root cause and treat that. Treating the symptom would be the equivalent of prescribing numbing medication. It never fixes the actual problem. It’s great that this program has had some success, but they are essentially taking the place of a loving, moral family. They talk about having to teach people that violence is wrong. Why do you think they have to do that? They’re stepping in to pick up the slack that the families should be doing. They’re treating the symptoms instead of fixing the root cause of the problem. I’m not saying we should do away with this program. I’m saying we should promote the traditional family instead of the opposite.

          Replace worker with family:

          trained WORKERS immediately work in the community and at the hospital to cool down emotions and prevent retaliations

          WORKERS identify ongoing conflicts…and use mediation techniques to resolve them peacefully

          WORKERS follow up with conflicts for as long as needed, sometimes for months, to ensure that the conflict does not become violent.

          WORKERS utilize their trust with high-risk individuals to establish contact, develop relationships

          WORKERS see clients several times a week and assisting with their needs such as drug treatment, employment, leaving gangs.

          Whenever a shooting occurs, WORKERS organize a response where dozens of community members voice their objection to the shooting

          Program distributes materials and hosts events to convey the message that violence is not acceptable.

        • Interruption of human behavior condition creating violence is best (and fastest, and cheapest) accomplished with .45 ACP.

    • enuf…There you go again trying to blend in with the scenery when by your own snot nosed spoiled brat political ineptness you are everything you claim to disdain. That’s chiseled.

        • The answer is obvious. CNN and MSNBC told him so. Prominent democrat politicians are still to this day claiming that Putin is pulling the strings. Pelosi just said it the other day. The activists are still making signs about Trump being controlled by Russia. That’s why the dems and the media went all in on the Russian conspiracy theory. It was about forever tarnishing the administration in the eyes of the ignorant.

          The REAL election interference occurred during the 2018 mid term elections when the Russian Conspiracy Theory fearmongering was reaching it’s apex. Remember the endless the walls are closing in on the traitors narrative pushed by the media and democrats? Democrats love election interference when it benefits them.

        • Hillary was on the Russian payroll and I suspect she has been on their payroll since her ilfated tour of duty on the Watergate Committee.

        • Don’t look now, but someone is finally being held accountable. It isn’t some process fluff crime created by the investigation. It isn’t some unrelated crime either.

          Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith will plead guilty today to a felony false-statement charge.

          Clinesmith “did willfully and knowingly make and use a false writing and document, knowing the same to contain a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement and entry in a matter before the jurisdiction of the executive branch and judicial branch of the Government of the United States.”

          The attorney general maintains that there will be no esoteric charges based on extravagant constructions of criminal law in order to make cases on officials connected to the Trump-Russia probe. In other words, they aren’t conducting a witch hunt like the Mueller team.

          CNN, et al is already spinning this crime as a no big deal mistake. Oops I altered an email and lied to the court wink wink.

          • Thanks for the update.

            18 U.S. Code §1001 (c) specifically applies to the lying SOB.

            Another “Swamp Rat” taken down.

          • It isn’t some process fluff crime created by the investigation. It isn’t some unrelated crime either.
            Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith will plead guilty today to a felony false-statement charge.

            THAT is EXACTLY a process “fluff” crime created by falsifying documents about the investigation…
            “On or about June 19, 2017, within the District of Columbia, the defendant, Kevin Clinesmith, did willfully and knowingly make and use a false wiring and document, knowing the same to contain a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement and entry in a matter before the jurisdiction of the executive branch and judicial branch of the Government of the United States,” Durham said in the federal court filing.
            “Kevin deeply regrets having altered the email,” Clinesmith attorney Emily Damrau told the Washington Examiner. “It was never his intent to mislead the court or his colleagues as he believed the information he relayed was accurate. But Kevin understands what he did was wrong and accepts responsibility.”

        • Dude, if Trump is not reelected, this guy will get 2 weeks of probation. We need to look at the INTENT, here, to interfere with a presidential election, and the RESULT, years of lies and hatred of a duly elected (not to mention highly effective, promises made, promises kept) president. Properly examined and understood, this was clearly an example of no-shit TREASON, not accidental but absolutely intentional, deliberate. Mofo should hang. And I mean literally. And the event should be televised, and popcorn should be sold on site.

          TRUMP 2020!!

        • MADDMAXX,
          I meant this crime wasn’t some insignificant crime created by the Durham investigation. The crimes put forth by the Mueller farce, by contrast, were either non-related to the collusion narrative, or they were insignificant process crimes created by the unnecessary Mueller investigation itself.

          • Yeah, you are correct, this is a real deal crime and hopefully they didn’t make some kind of “Bailiff whack his peepee” deal for the guilty plea…

        • LarryinTX,
          It’s amazing how this story is being downplayed and ignored by the media. Watergate is a drop in the bucket compared to this level of corruption.

    • “The Trace”?!

      Both that and the Lincoln Project Bull Excrement are full on wild-eyed loony tunes crazy.

      They can get bent too.

    • “No car wants to drive fast or drunk.”
      I don’t know what cars do you drive, but there are some that take great efforts to make them drive under speed limit. When it comes to motorcycles, it’s even worse. My ‘busa was so sneaky fast, it took a lot of attention and will power to keep her from going insanely fast.

      Some machines do want to drive fast.

  8. I really want to watch a reality show where Lindsay has to deal with criminals and anarchy on her own without firearms.

  9. if that broad ever had an Original Idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill her dead.

  10. Lindsay said: “….Instead of buying more guns to create the illusion of home security, let’s direct our dollars instead toward organizations that are already implementing research-based, strategic violence intervention….”

    Sorry Lindsay , you are nothing but a smug, self righteous, very empty headed, typical example of retarded liberal lunacy. You know NOTHING about real life.

    Let me rephrase your statement:….”….Instead of defunding cops to create the illusion of home security, let’s direct our dollars instead toward buying more guns with which to implement research-based, strategic violence intervention….”

  11. Just because of you Lindsay I am gonna go buy another gun and I am gonna name it after you. Then I am gonna make a donation in your name to gun owners of america!!!

  12. Ms. Stark is very disingenuous when she writes:
    “Police kill Black Americans at twice the rate of white Americans, even though 13% of the total population is Black and 75% is white. Although gun violence is the second-leading cause of death for all young Americans, it’s the first-leading cause of death for young Black men.”

    Without adding facts that while black Americans make up 13% of the population they are responsible for more than 44% of the nation’s violent crimes. And while firearms are the favored weapon to kill young black men, the leading perpetrators of those murders are other black men and not the police.

    Ms. Stark has a hoplophobe fear of an inanimate object in this case firearms to the point that she doesn’t trust herself or others to have them instead of placing her distrust in criminals.

    • It’s naive to think it’s fear of firearms that motivates these leftist gun grabbers. Her lies infested article is another proof of it. The Left wants to take away people’s guns to gain control and power over us. The violent crime is just a convenient pretext, they couldn’t care less about dead blacks. If they did, they would not celebrate killing of millions of unborn black babies.

  13. “Lindsay Starck is an assistant professor of English and associate director of the MFA Program at Augsburg University in Minneapolis.”

    Oh … an expert. Stick to grammar, Ms. Starck.

  14. “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” Robert Heinlein.

  15. “. . . gun control legislation that works, . . . . , support community-led anti-violence programs that are proven to work. . . . If you’re skeptical of the current research on gun violence because you think it’s funded by special interest groups, advocate for more government funding on this issue.

    Instead of buying more guns to create the illusion of home security, let’s direct our dollars instead toward organizations that are already implementing research-based, strategic violence intervention programs to improve the safety of our city.”

    What gun control legislation works?
    What anti-violence programs are proven to work?
    Inquiring minds have to know.

    Proving, to scientific standards, sociological phenomena is tough; much more so than in other fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and the like. Laymen are vulnerable to the cry “The science is settled!” Not so easy. As I learned as a graduate student in econometrics. I had no trouble discovering statistical significance in any correlation I attempted. I had to confront the proposition: Am I really so clever? Or, am I deluding myself? I wisely decided that it was easy for anyone to delude himself.

    By all means, let’s: “advocate for more government funding on this issue.” Let’s also be: “skeptical of the current research on gun violence because [we] think it’s funded by special interest groups.” Clearly, the solution isn’t to invest government funding in the same – singular – special interest group.

    CDC undermined it’s commitment to the scientific method when it surveyed for defensive gun uses in 1996 – `98; and then, hid their findings for twenty years. CDC can’t be trusted. No single special interest group can be trusted. Let’s invest government research funds equally to specialists in: suicide; mental health; criminology; economics; perhaps other fields. If criminologists and economists can’t reproduce results published by public health researchers then that should be illuminating.

    Two thirds of our gunshot deaths are suicides. Half of our suicides are by gunshot, the other half by other means. What is it, in these simple statistics, that tells us that our suicide problem’s root cause can be traced to guns?

    Almost all the other third of gunshot deaths are unjustified homicides; and, the majority of these are correlated to a small fraction of inner-city neighborhoods, drugs and gangs. What is it, in these simple statistics, that tells us that our homicide problem’s root cause can be traced to guns?

    What have we learned from alcohol or drug prohibition that might inform our prospects for controlling unlawful commerce (smuggling, manufacture and sale) in firearms?

    What could we discover from historical evidence, or contemporary international data, on means-to-homicide data? Is the goal to substitute cutlery and clubs for firearms? Or, is it to discover and ameliorate the root cause of violence regardless of means?

    And, is democide – death by government – an important aspect of our gun policy? Is there anything to learn from the lifetime work of R.J. Rummel?

    Are we to take this inquiry seriously? Or, simply subscribe to the Pied Piper’s clarion call by elites?

    In the mean time, I’ll continue to rely on “buying more guns to create the [conclusion] of home security,” and confine my time on the streets to my home state of PA where “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

    • “What gun control legislation works?”

      We know the answer to that, none of them.

      “What anti-violence programs are proven to work?
      Inquiring minds have to know.”

      There are things that can work, like ‘Operation Ceasefire’ :

      I have no problem with things like that. infringe on my civil rights, I have a problem with that…

    • “CDC undermined it’s commitment to the scientific method…”

      Whoa there! Hold on buddy! Your whiteness is showing. Emphasis on the scientific method has been deemed racist. The government now wants to teach our children that the following is part of WHITE (*throws up in mouth*) culture: objective, rational linear thinking, cause and effect relationships, quantitative emphasis. I suppose this old way of thinking is a relic of our racist, white supremacist past. From now on, we should just go with the feelz. Carry on.

      • Whoa there! Hold on buddy! Your whiteness is showing.

        I’M SOOOOOOOOO SORRY, I didn’t WANT to be born WHITE!!.. C’MON MAAANNNNN. it’s that damn European ancestry thing… BUT I did get that “woman of color” I promised ya’ll.. I know she ain’t BLACK and her Daddys family was one of the biggest slave owner/traders in Jamaica BUT she’s passin’ RIGHT? C’MON MANNNN..

  16. Letting the pet mob rape and pillage the lessers while you stay safe in your overpriced apartment/condo while patting yourself on the back? Yeah, sounds about for these people at this point.

  17. It’s time to defund the Communist education system… trade and specialty engineering/science schools should replace the universities.

    3 Easy Steps for the Crook in a Suit:
    Step #1: Create a problem.
    Step #2: Throw money at problem.
    Step #3: Graft and siphon.

    • Step #4: Brag about the nice sounding program you created to fix the problem
      Step #5: Get reelected
      Step #6: Repeat

    • That’s what the Morrill land-grant acts established, starting in the 1860s. Most any school with “tech” or “A&M” in its name, and a good half of the large state universities, were formed for the express purpose of advancing practical and economical sciences: mining, agriculture, chemistry, etc.

      The “progressive” infiltration started almost immediately, and communists followed not long after. Considering that they’ve been under corrosive attack for over a hundred years now, the institutions held up remarkably well. But you’re right — it’s time for some creative destruction. I don’t know how it could be made to work, but it sure would be nice to just get rid of all the accumulated crap and make them start over.

  18. I’m going to take a different stance on the defund the police in Liberal Bastions. Since the majority of the population has voted for those now deciding that the police are no longer needed in the communities. It’s obvious they are getting what the want. Yes there are those who didn’t vote for these people and now must suffer the consequences. That is the price paid when living behind enemy lines. Because what We are seeing in these cities and states is War against The very Ideals this Nation was founded on. Law, Order and Human Decency. The people who have taken over these parts of Our nation are the enemy of all citizens who believe in the the Ideals that are the very Foundation of Our Nation. We have seen this kind of Anarchy It is nothing new in the history of Nations. It has happened many times over the course of Humanity. After many years of study and research on the history of Government effects on Civilization. It has become abundantly clear that in every case these divisions lead to the same place. Rebellion followed by War followed by the Downfall of the Civilization and a slow rebuilding over time. The Human species has yet in it’s thousands of years of existence learned to live peaceable with itself. Power, Greed, Lust, Fear and Divisiveness have always brought it down to it’s Baser Elements. Violence and Control. If Our Nation can survives the Tumultuous Times We are facing no one can be sure. If not. The consequence as history has shown will be filled with. Pain, Suffering, Destruction and Death. Be Safe Out There Maintain Op SEC ans as always Keep Your Powder Dry

  19. I think she has reversed cause and effect. The neighborhoods that have the most criminals have the most violence. Criminals distrust the police so obviously the most violent neighborhoods distrust the police the most. But is it true that neighborhoods with the most violence really distrust the police? Englewood is currently edging out Austin for Chicago’s most violent neighborhood. The residents kicked out BLM agitators last week when they came to cause trouble so it seems that the most violent neighborhoods aren’t the most distrustful of the police. They distrust white leftists who want to strip them of police protection.

  20. When seeing what cops did to that kid on a tractor up in Canada, yeah, defund the cops; they don’t rate tax payer dollars and have exhausted their usefulness beyond the elected office of the sheriff. I’m essentially 100% on board with defunding the police, however, that doesn’t mean burning peoples businesses down on main street. Since the cops aren’t doing their jobs to begin with, there are no reasons to continue their salaries. Locals can elect their own enforcers and decide their salary, rather than this plethora of appointed positions and unaccountable thugs and bureaucrats that can’t be fired or prosecuted for wrong doing.

    It takes national outrage just to get anything done these days.

    As for guns, hands off my yeet cannon! Gun rights are natural rights, human rights, and are constitutionally enshrined, cops aren’t.

    • the victims knew the suspect and had “apparently helped him out in the past.”

      Dang. No good deed…

  21. Please, please, please — I’m begging you — defund the police in Minnesota. I want to read about Minneapolis burning.

  22. Having a gun doesn’t make you safe, this is true. However when you find yourself under attack it’s best to be able to defend yourself with deadly force if needed than to wait for any of her suggestions to show up, or the cops for that matter. They all will show up in time to draw a chalk outline, having a gun to defend yourself with gives you a much better chance that it’s not drawn around you or a loved one.

  23. I don’t need a gunm, I’ve got a meat cleaver. Gunms just punch holes, meat cleavers whack off(lol) arms and heads and legs and make a grand bloody mess.

    • Meat cleavers are great – if you want to attack someone by surprise. For defense I prefer something that has more reach than my arm and doesn’t require me to get so up close and personal.

  24. In case anybody was wondering about the scientific credentials of the academic in question, just think about what great scientists your high school and college English teachers were. Myself, I can recall only one I respected as having above average intelligence. She was my Latin teacher too. The rest were mostly somewhat dumb, one university prof was somewhat crazy.

    Lindsay Starck is an assistant professor of English and associate director of the MFA Program at Augsburg University in Minneapolis.

  25. The more formal education you get. The more stupid you become. It was never suppose to be that way. Just because you have a Phd doesn’t mean you are intelligent.

    MATH is RACIST According To Super “WOKE” White Lady! video 13 min long

    • Crazy lady: “You gave a definition that is really old. Language evolves over time.”

      LOL there it is. We were just talking about that. They just change the meaning of words so they can always win. They know they can never win with a logical argument. They love to browbeat people with the racism charge because they know most people aren’t racist and don’t want to be labeled as such.

  26. “ It’s Time to Defund the Guns“ I didn’t know the government was providing funds for guns. Where can I go for government assistance to buy guns, and can I get reimbursed for the guns I already bought, and will you go out with me Lindsay? Although I don’t agree with your politics or reasoning, I do agree with your looks.

    • Me, too, I got an idea how to keep you quiet! No cops, no guns, boy, howdy, we gonna have a time!

  27. Yeah, some research. Their research is compromised, cherry picking it to get the deceptive outcomes they want. Read John Lott’s research on The Crime Prevention Research Center. He dismantles and reveals the pathetic excuse for research that’s the Bloombergists and the other Marxists use.

    I am a licensed social worker. She’s out of her mind to think that a social worker can replace police. Social workers are assaulted and killed every year by criminals and mentally ill people. I have worked WITH police doing interventions. We make a good TEAM. Social workers, like EMT’s are supposed to make sure the environment is safe before initiating interventions. There are some who forget this. The Left mindset is maintained by pragmatism—a form of magical thinking. Unfortunately, many die due to magical thinking that is not based in REALITY. Just because you don’t like reality doesn’t mean you can pretend it isn’t real without experiencing the consequences from doing so. There is EVIL and SUFFERING in the world. It won’t go away by pretending it isn’t so.

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