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California’s been at it again, making buying a gun more complex for residents. Because of course. Democratic Senator Anthony Portantino, who is known for his love of gun control, has been working for some time now on SB 914.

What’s that? In legalese it’s an act to amend Sections 27505, 28210, 28215, 28220, 28230, 29615, 30379, and 20470, to add Section 16685 to, and to repeal and add Section 27945 of, the Penal Code, relating to firearms.

In simple terms it ties buying long guns to having hunting licenses.

An excerpt from the bill:

SB 914, as amended, Portantino. Firearms: hunting exemptions. Firearms.
Existing law prohibits the purchase or receipt of a firearm by, or the sale or transfer of a firearm to, any person who does not have a firearm safety certificate, as specified. Existing law also prohibits the sale or transfer of a firearm by a licensed firearm dealer to a person under 21 years of age. Existing law exempts from these provisions the sale, transfer, purchase, or receipt of a firearm, other than a handgun, to or by a person without a firearm safety certificate, but in possession of a valid, unexpired hunting license, as specified. Existing law also exempts the sale or transfer of a firearm, other than a handgun or semiautomatic centerfire rifle, to a person 18 years of age or older who possesses a valid, unexpired hunting license, as specified.
This bill would, for purposes of these provisions, define a valid and unexpired hunting license.
Existing law, subject to exceptions, imposes a 10-day waiting period for delivery of a firearm, during which time a background check is conducted by the Department of Justice to determine if the proposed recipient of the firearm is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm.
This bill would require the department, for sales of firearms to persons under 21 years of age who are eligible to purchase a firearm based upon their possession of a hunting license, to confirm the validity of the hunting license as part of the background check.
Photo courtesy Senator Anthony Portantino campaign

If you’re thinking this doesn’t sound like a big deal, here’s the problem: this bill means having a hunting license for a future hunt won’t work if you want to buy a gun. You’d need a license for a currently-underway season. Got a tag for elk? That won’t matter because it’s in the future. You’d have to buy a current hunting license just to buy that long gun.

Think it won’t affect you because you’re older? That’s not how any of this works, people, and assuming something cannot or will not hurt you is dangerously naïve. Eventually these laws expand — it’s what they do — and will affect more and more people (especially in California).

Think it doesn’t matter because it’s only out in “Commiefornia?” When one state sets a precedent like this it tends to bleed into others.

This is just one more piece of legislation California is working on to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of those who live there. Portantino is known for this — he’s the guy who made the whole 21-years-old-to-buy-guns thing happen, too — and he’ll keep at it his entire political career.

Other fun features of his bill include restricting situations in which a long gun can be loaned to a minor for a hunt — even more than that’s already restricted — and increasing fees charged for ammunition and parts sales.

Way to go, California.

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    • As you imply, when influential leftists support any new rule or regulation, the first person is understood.

  1. But then with the ten-day waiting period, the season may be over by the time you can pick up your gun, and then — oh, I see.

    I’m just waiting for them to just come out and require a cleaned jackalope skull to buy a gun. Or a clown license. And all purchases must be made in silver-backed certificates notarized by a Negro league shortstop.

      • About the same as the ammo BGC and of course the gun BGC. And then the 10 day cooling off period. Due to Wuhan flu expect delays at every step. For the next year or whenever they feel like lifting it all.

  2. There is no respect for The United States Constitution in CA, etc. Problem? Deranged democRats in charge AND slackers who talk guns, own guns and do not vote or show their self serving butts by voting for anyone but Trump.
    Excuse filled gun owners who do not participate in voting ride in the wagon while others do the pulling. If you are one of the aforementioned slackers you need to get your butt in gear and prepare yourself today to vote.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • Buying more firearms won’t fix the problem. Using them will. Playing the game when the house rules are stacked against you is never a winning preposition. The Voting Box got California where it is today. The Jury Box affirmed those in charge. The Bullet Box is always the last resort against a Tyrannical Government. For those who have the Courage to Live Free. That choice is in the hands of the Oppressed. Even if they chose not to decide. They still have made a choice. Sic Semper Tyrannis…Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • “Buying more firearms won’t fix the problem. Using them will.”

        I’ve said it to you before, Darkman- if you are so certain of what you believe, YOU get out there on point and lead the way. Charge right into the CA statehouse with your guns blazing. Set the example.

        Me? Of course I wouldn’t even visit CA let alone live there, but the way to change the minds of those who fit the description Debbie W describes would be to try to use that grey matter between your ears before you even pick up your SKS let alone load it. It would be good to remember that our founding fathers were some of the most intelligent people ever gathered together in one spot at the same time, and while they did eventually come to an armed revolution, they first used their brains collectively and formed a plan, knowing that they had to win the hearts and minds of a large number of colonists who weren’t living all that poorly for the times to finally come around and join them.

        I see nothing that people with Darkman’s “theory” have to offer that will do anything except scare the hell out of a lot of good people who could be brought on board, particularly now with all the street rioting, burning, looting and anarchy. Alynsky warns never to let a crisis go to waste- the Left doesn’t realize it but they’ve created a crisis that the majority of Americans are not finding acceptable and will pay back in November. WE should not waste this crisis by screwing it up with our own set of violent acts. Regardless of the left polling, there is not much support for feeling unsafe in one’s own neighborhood. When it was only the ghetto it was NFBD but when it moves to central Portland, Seattle, The Chicago Miracle Mile and Minneapolis, it will make a difference.

        • Like they aren’t scared now. Sitting back and waiting for things to get better worked very well for the Jews and many other oppressed people’s of the world. You speak of the Founders intelligence in forming Our great nation. How they formed a plan before entering into War with England. Son you really need to read your history. The Revolutionary War was started by Men who had No plan. They were reacting to the Oppression of King George. There was no Continental Army waiting to fight. There was no master plan as to how to defeat the British. George Washington was commissioned on the same day the Continental Army was established almost 2 months (June 14,1775) after the Lexington and Concord Battle (April 19 1775). Those Great men as well as Thousands of ordinary Citizens. Struggled for years under the Yoke of Oppression in a vain attempt to Live Free. Before throwing off those yokes to take the chance at being Free.
          You sound much closer to the Tories of the day. Willing to live as a Subject rather than as a Free Citizen. If you truly live in Iowa you are a fortunate person. While Our 2ndA Freedoms are constantly under attack. We have been able to beat back that attack. These people have No hope as the Tories outnumber the Freemen in their state. If they are able to muster the Desire, Will and Courage to Throw off their Yokes. I will gladly join them as I would hope all Freemen would in the fight. My guess is you will stay in your warm safe home. Waiting to bow to the Oppressors in exchange for all they promise.

        • So Craig I’m curious as to when you’re going to take a stand. When a crowd forms around your house might be a bit late. Asking or expect one man to go to the courthouse guns blazing is of course not going to work. But antifa got a few hundred people to cover them as they attacked. Clearly they know what they are doing.

          Just sit back and wait for someone else to do the work.

        • Off-topic:
          Craig, I’ve been scanning the comments of several posts looking for you Iowa guys. Did you dodge the bullet on the big storm? Don’t we have another regular with the handle NEIowa? Anybody heard from him?

          For those not already up on it, a major storm (google “derecho”) clobbered a good chunk of central and eastern Iowa on July 10th. Seems to not be making the cut for the news cycle. Trump is rumored to be visiting today. Maybe the leftstream media will have something to say about it now.

          We’re a week without power and counting where I live. This is the first internet I’ve seen since the 10th.

      • If 250 million Americans used the “bullet box” yeah maybe. No civil war has been won without the support of the populace. Most Americans are content holding down a job and paying off the creditor’s. And that’s another thing, hearing all the “Our ancestors were slaves” , all are slaves to their wants and needs through credit. Gotcha by the short and curlys

      • “Debbie W. You forgot lint licker”


        The day’s still young, TTAG has a few more posts left today… 🙂

    • Republican votes in California change nothing. Hell, most of the time there isn’t even a republican to vote for period, just 2 democrats.

      • “Republican votes in California change nothing. Hell, most of the time there isn’t even a republican to vote for period, just 2 democrats.”

        Well, does that speak more to the type of people living there or to the type of individuals who choose to run?

        • CA uses a jungle primary. The two highest vote getters are the ones placed on the ballot, regardless of party. It’s not uncommon to end up with 2 Dems if the Republican nomination is contested.

    • No, we vote. The problem is bills like this pass without even being put up for vote. The recent bills to restrict 80% lowers and to restrict Title 1 fireams just went through the houses then to Newsom’s desk.

      Last election, people came out to vote against Newsom but he still won. There are petitions to recall him but it always fizzles out. Not enough signatures. Thereare too many Democrats here. Our only recourse is the Judiciary which these days are partisan on the side of the left.

      California politics is so corrupt the right will never get a win unless we stack the deck or cheat like the left does.

    • I don’t trust Trump either though Debbie W. I worked for a corporation that he was part of, we made money by lying to people. What job was that? Telemarketing

    • I thought about that too. Perhaps California is going to open season on humans. I hope so because every time I bring a head to the taxidermist he refuses to taxidermy it for me.

  3. Well y’all are making it hard on the illegal aliens, BLM, ANTIFA, cartel and Kailifornia so just stop buying guns, keep making money and paying ridiculous prices to support everyone else so they don’t have to do anything but what they want to. Be a team player if your not going to join the special groups.
    I mean someone has to cause the feds won’t bail them out.
    I mean is it really fair that you own guns and hunt anyway? Not everyone gets to enjoy that right so where’s your guilt at? So selfish
    It’s like I’m writing fiction when I say this stuff but this upside down backasswards world of kommies are good is about to end.

  4. Let me guess, they’re spinning it as a solution to all the gang violence and just plain aberrant behavior! I think the more intelligent course would to recall every democrat politician in Cali and replace them with actual THINKING people.

    • “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they do ” Will take a lot of forgiving cause they don’t know anything.

  5. So next logical step is a criminal background check and a license to vote yea?

    You know, since were placing draconian restrictions on fundamental rights…

    • “So next logical step is a criminal background check and a license to vote yea?”

      In other words, one will need a criminal background to vote, correct? 😉

  6. The 2nd amendment is the only amendment in the constitution with the words “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    It also happens to be the most infringed amendment in the constitution.

  7. The civilian disarmament Marxist’s of Commiefornia are going the end up taking it in the shorts in the long run, either thru the courts or when the nation plays it’s next game of Americans versus Marxists.

  8. Civil rights have never been a priority in California. Legalizing Butt sex and drug legalization have always been much higher on nearly everyone list of priorities. In fact people moved to California just to have them legally. The states they left from these things were illegal. But guns were not. Now gun rights are expanding in the states they moved out of to move to California.

    They let you have drugs there. Now they want to tax the sh*t out of the drugs makers and growers. Please say in California. Don’t move out and f*ck up some other place. Like you f*ck up Denver Colorado.

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