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The University of Virginia made national news and was the subject of nationwide scorn for cancelling the 21-gun salute that had been part of the school’s Veterans Day observance for the last decade.

In a Facebook post, UVA president Jim Ryan said the reason for axing the rifle volley was to “minimize disruptions to classes” and in recognition of “concerns related to firing weapons on the Grounds in light of gun violence.”

Now, in response to significant blowback over the ban, UVA has reversed itself and Ryan has announced the following . . .

Sometimes you make mistakes. Although motivated by good intentions, I believe we made a mistake this year in excluding the 21-gun salute from our Veterans Day ceremony. Having attended the ceremony, and having consulted with the Commander in charge, I am confident that we can accommodate a 21-gun salute, which had been a meaningful feature of the ceremony in years past. We will therefore reinstate the 21-gun salute next year, and we will make sure to minimize any disruptions to classes and communicate the details of the ceremony in advance. Thanks to all who shared their views about this topic, and my sincere apologies to any who may have doubted our commitment to honoring our veterans, whom we hold in the highest esteem and who deserve our gratitude.

– UVA President Jim Ryan in a Facebook post 300x250-v2

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  1. Consulted with the commander in charge? I thought he was on board with it according to the original story. So who lied?

      • You are right BUT the person who ordered no 21-gun salute should be FIRED. All the students should have stood at attention honoring the veterans who died helping to win/keep peace in the world.

    • Who lied?

      Culture Marxism; all of them.

      Democrats have gone full Stalinist. Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.

      Next time they are given ALL the power, all three branches of government the Republic is over.

      67% of Americans believe we are headed to Civil War.

      Civil War is inevitable. Choose wisely. Yes, a choice will be forced upon you.

      • You are an idiot if you think any of this deal is Marxist or Stalinist.

        Marx was a utopian thinker with a load of bad ideas that gave birth to a bunch of evil regimes.

        Stalin was a brutal dictator who murdered millions.

        But the Soviets and the Russkies flat out LOVE military memorials, parades, all of it. Had a Russian university banned a gun salute of military heroes he would have had them executed.

        That’s Stalin.

        A bunch of friggen snowflakes on a campus in Virginia just do not compare.

        • shhh…. we like to call everything we don’t like as “socialism\communism” without actually understanding. Then we make fun of the lefties for calling everything they don’t like ‘nazism’ when they don’t understand it.

        • “Marx was a utopian thinker with a load of bad ideas that gave birth to a bunch of evil regimes.”

          Like when a ‘Progressive’ politician says “If it saves just one life…” as an excuse or validation for a gun law?

          All you hear from ‘Progressives’ is utopian crapola, like “Green Energy” creating “Millions of Green Jobs”.

          Now that it seems we’ve finally identified the Marxist scum, can Serge spool up his Mil Mi-24 ‘Hind’ helo and get down to the business of rectifying the situation?

          A ‘Kickstarter’ for a chopper lease and Jet-A, anyone? 😉

        • Hannibal says:
          November 17, 2019 at 14:44

          shhh…. we like to call everything we don’t like as “socialism\communism” without actually understanding. Then we make fun of the lefties for calling everything they don’t like ‘nazism’ when they don’t understand it.

          Yeah, sometimes it is left wingers pulling out the nazi card, pretty ignorant stuff alright. Even so, right wingers sometimes do that too.

          Both sides have a good number ignorant damned fools who think every scary word or thing on the face of the planet is somehow part of the political opposition.

  2. How about if you are going to be firing off guns just let everyone know that’s the plan? It’s a grand ceremony isn’t it? There will be posters put up and flyers distributed? It’s a university so there’s a school newspaper and maybe a radio station? So announce the thing, that’s all.

    Why is this so complicated?

    As for people being “triggered” or going all “snowflakey” about military uniforms being seen and ceremonial gunfire being heard, I suggest teams of counselors and therapists be on hand. The agreed upon message every one of them will be giving to the “traumatized” is this:

    “You are grownups now so act like it!”

    Also, it would be good to give them this guidance:


    Finally, in total exasperation, about just these words ….

    “Oh grow the fuck up will ya!?”

    That last one may just be my favorite.

    And yeah, Veterans Day? 21 Gun Salutes are entirely fit and proper to the occasion. As is a cannon salute, if they happen to have a cannon handy.

    Um, anybody out there know if the university has a cannon? Or can loan them one?

    21 Guns and a Cannonade! Yup That’s the ticket!!!

    • “As for people being “triggered” or going all “snowflakey” about military uniforms being seen and ceremonial gunfire being heard, I suggest teams of counselors and therapists be on hand.”

      Therapy dogs will be far cheaper, especially if any sorority houses are affiliated with the university… 😉

      • Being a dog lover, if it gets more mutts out of the pound and on their backs with their paws in the air gett’n a tummy rub I’m all for it!!! 🙂

  3. Any students who were around for the shooting are long since graduated and gone. Guess it’s the snowflake teachers who may have flashbacks. Grow up.

  4. Oh, not this year…we’ll catch you up next year!

    Charlottesville and UVA is special. Not at all representative of traditional Virginia reverence for those that founded our country and all of those that then, decade by decade, century by century, breathed life into the republic that is the United States of America. Virginia born founding fathers fashioned our Bill of Rights. Countless Virginians served and continue to serve our country while in the U. S. Military.

    Shame on Charlottesville and UVA for not having the decency to stand up and show some basic respect for those that stand between us and the evils that threaten our country every day…every damn day!

    A proud Virginian
    A proud American
    A proud son of veterans
    A proud veteran

  5. Yeah… not like Veterans Day is a surprise… happens same day every year.
    Are the students triggered by fireworks on the 4th of July or New Years or cinco de Mayo?

    • Cinco de Mayo is alright because it’s not about white oppression, therefore fireworks and explosions don’t trigger them.

        • ‘Cinco’ is the best kind of excuse for a drinking holiday, a made-up, pulled out of someone’s ass ‘holiday’…

  6. State may outlaw ALL guns on campuses now that they have turned blue… just sayin’
    Finger guns might or might not be excluded.
    Depends on how Bloomberg and the mommies feel at the time.

  7. I guess sometimes you just don’t know how out of touch you are locked up in your ivory tower until the masses come for you with their pitchforks.

    • Many ivory tower dwellers have been dragged out and shot by invading forces throughout history. Hell, armed US citizens were a MAJOR factor in Japan deciding a US invasion would be foolish. All these ivory tower “big thinkers” need to understand citizens with firearms and OUR military keep them safe.
      You don’t like ceremonial gunfire? Try to imagine how bad it would be if the gunfire was a totalitarian regime or invading force sweeping over the campus.
      Just say thank you UV.

      • Japan never had any delusions of launching a successful invasion of the continental USA. If they had tried, they’d have sacrificed their empire in California. By far, the most important regions of the country to control were in the Mississippi valley – the Texas oil fields and the heavy industrial areas in Michigan and Ohio – areas far out of reach of the Japanese imperial army. Meanwhile, Japan didn’t have oil, and their industrial areas were accessible to the American military through island hopping. There’s nothing between Hawaii and California. Even a successful invasion and occupation of Hawaii would have left them hopelessly too far from America to even entertain an invasion. The goal was to inflict enough damage to a country they thought had no stomach for war (a folly that’s repeated itself among America’s enemies) that they’d (us) sue for peace and accept favorable terms for the empire. We’d give up the Philippines and perhaps Hawaii and turn a blind eye to their abuses while selling them our oil and steel. This was the endgame for the empire. They underestimated us.

        The Pacific war was a textbook case of geography determining the outcome.

  8. The school president was completely successful. He stopped the use of guns in 2019 used to celebrate Veterans Day.

    That was his orginal intent.

    Next year he will come up with another excuse to stop the 21 gun salute.

    Call him what he is. He is anti-civil rights. A denier of history.

    • The university couldn’t have classes disrupted by a gun salute, yet these socialist institutions cancel classes and give credits to students to go put their asses in seats when the dumbocrap politicians and socialist presidential hopeful clown show roll thru town.

  9. Trolling works better if you have a clue who it is you’re trolling. He obviously has some ignorant prejudices about who the POTG are. Nothing worse than a stupid person who thinks he’s being clever.

  10. College is a farce nowadays anyway, unless you’re going to be a doctor or lawyer, there is no need for the liberal brainwash your going to get. & you will pay big money for it also, then whine about the student loan when you can’t get the job of your dreams, I personally know lots of colleges grads with all kinds of degrees that they might as well use for toilet paper.

    • STEM degrees are worthwhile and those departments are more sensible than the arts departments and, especially, the social (non)sciences.

  11. Reasonable compromise – use cannons instead of Or in conjunction with rifles. More ceremonial and the boom of cannons will not be mistaken for a shooter. Additionally, EVERYONE within a few miles is going to notice so good publicity.

  12. I guess UVA holds classes on Veterans Day? Wonder how many of its students know what Veterans Day is about? My guess 80% of its students would be clueless. After all if they knew than a disturbance wouldn’t be a issue. 11-11-11 .

  13. They call the 21 gun salute “disruptive”, yet they no doubt have no issue with constant gay/transgender/degeneracy pride bullshit being paraded around campus non-stop.

  14. “Three-volley rifle salute.” Twenty-one gun salutes use artillery or naval guns and are reserved for heads of state and such. Might as well call a magazine a clip if we’re not gonna use our own terms correctly.

  15. In order to make up for missing the salute this year, next year they must have 7 each M198 Howitzers fire the traditional volleys.

    Large cannon, large report. Depends can be issued to anyone who requests them prior to the salute.

  16. Tell that wussified university president he is required to submit three copies of the muzzle report to the Secretary of Defense.


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