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AAC’s blog reveals that they’re starting to ship the new $899 Micro7 rifles, which shoots Nick’s new BBFF (Ballistic Best Friend Forever) and comes pre-threaded for a silencer. (Suppressor? I just met her!) I don’t know about you, but I’ve found MY moving buddy.

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  1. I love the new aac micro-7. This rifle embodies what the word handy means. It’s light and short. The kind of companion one can carry all day. (I’ve done it) An adjustable comb comes standard. Whether one mounts a conventional or starlite scope a comfortable cheek weld is but a minor adjustment away via two thumb screws located on the butt stock. It’ll shoot slow and heavy or light and fast. I just ordered a screw on muzzle brake. This weapon doesnt really kick and I’m unsure how much it will affect recoil but it’s bound rate in the cool department. With 5/8-24 thread configuration on barrel’s end, it will also accomodate a sound suppressor (can). My gun shoots an inch with Remington factory 220 gr. loads and and about 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ groups with hand loaded 155 gr. A-max’s. I used my 300/221 redding dies and 300 Whisper reloading data. I suggest starting low on the powder charge and carefully easing your way up all the while looking for pressure signs. Hand loading subsonic heavy bullets this will be extremely critical as the powder charges are diminuitive at best. It meets my criteria as a scouting rifle. Of course I scout for deer and yotes. Get one you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Well I, like many, am waiting for the “shim” fix for the feeding problem. I have never had such problems with a bolt gun feeding new from the factory. I should say not feeding.

    WHY is the floor plate made so the front half can pop up above the rails and jam up into the action when you close the bolt on the last round? (if ANY could feed before it)

    Fit and finish:

    The bolt release binds.. you have to take your new rifle apart (if you can find the correct Allen Wrench) and file away material from the Pot Metal, or cast aluminum, trigger guard to allow clearance for the bolt release. Bottom metal is lacking in quality as are most rifles now a days.

    A booming replacement bottom metal industry has answered the need. Hopefully a Model Seven replacement is in the works by one of them.

    The Tactile/Military finish on the bolt and action feels like it galls. The jeweled bolts on a blued actions slide so much smoother (more labor).. Hopefully this will break in over time. The price you pay for cost reduction, under the ruse of “functionality”, and/or “cool” looks. (hiding the poor bolt finish) They pay less and you pay more.

    Bolt release binds. It’s as if some engineer forgot to add the clearance for the bolt release on the trigger housing. At least it is end user fixable, unlike it’s inability to feed factory ammo.

    Now the stock.. What, a rifle of over $850 has a tupperware stock that is to short. It may look funny but the stock needs the forend to be 3″-4″ longer. As nice as this is for a youth trainer I got it it for me, not my grand children.

    Unless you are 5′-5″ tall with small hands you may find you hold the stock out by it’s end. Why not use/offer/sell the Model Seven Laminated stock? (no more LS in the product offering?)

    It’s not all bad. The barrel and the 20 MOA one piece scope rail (larger screws) are the best parts of the rifle (Remington did not make the barrel, a quality custom barrel maker did) So having a high end “Custom” barrel makes up for the stock and Bolt Rel. It does not make up for the inability to feed from the internal box magazine. Loss of functionality is not acceptable.

    Action “screws” are a little lacking. A larger Allen head would be better. A little to small and is easily stripped. No “wrench” supplied to disassemble the action or adjust the trigger. Bad form AAC.

    The feeding is so bad that until Remington/AAC can really fix it (a redesign), in my professional opinion you are better off getting a 300 BLK barrel for a Savage 223. Just spin off a factory 223 barrel and replace it with a barrel from BFG Design (have them thread it for you too). Or get a single shot.

    I cannot understand how this design made it to volume production as is, let alone shipping. Rush to market?

    I am also using printed 300 Whisper reloading data.

    This is a nice little rifle for 150 yards or less. It just needs to be fixed to feed ammo reliably, and a quality stock would sweeten the deal. Following Savage with it’s AccuStock would be smart.

    For now a single shot floor plate looks to be the answer. (about $10 from Midway)

    • Dang, the one I shot did not suffer from any of these issues, so I ordered one. The one thing I did notice was the shell ejection was not the greatest. That bothers me, it looks like they went w/ a 17 fireball extractor.

      Everything else about the rifle worked great. It held 4-5 rounds, shot well, and was light. I harvest a hog w/ it last weekend.


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