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Our man Oleg Volk over at (you guessed it) must be closerthanthis with Kel-Tec. The snapper’s had a KSG bullpup shotgun since ever, and he’s now got dibs on the new Quad-Rail Sub-2000. This could be the Sub-2000 you’re looking for. “The original quad rail for Sub-2000 had a bit of flex in it,” Oleg reports with uncharacteristic understatement. “While sights installed on it seemed to keep zero, it didn’t inspire confidence.” Thankfully, “Keltec updated the rail and the new version is rock-solid. I tried a 45* offset rail to locate the optic on the left, to allow folding with the sight installed, but that amount of offset didn’t make for a good sight picture . . . While the sight keeps the carbine from being folded completely, it can be folded 2/3 of the way. It still fits in a briefcase or a messenger bag and unfolds with one hand as the latch is no longer engaged.” Closeenoughforrockandroll?

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    • She doesn’t have the stock tight into the “V” of her shoulder, but besides that, what else is wrong?

    • Look where the cheek weld has to be… where else would she put the butt stock? The construction of the gun necessitates her incorrect hold so she can get her eye behind the sight.

      • She is very short (5’2″) and the LOP of this gun is a bit much for me at 6’1″. And she’s an expert rifle shot, so whatever she’s doing is working fine.

  1. I’ve always liked (and wanted) a Sub-2000, but now they look much better and they’re optic-ready. I sure wouldn’t put a 15-ounce Eotech on a gun that small and light, though. Maybe an RMR or an Aimpoint Micro.

  2. Go check out my review of the Crimson Trace vertical foregrip to see the Sub2K quad rail with a light and laser and she still folds…

  3. Notice the short, vertical, cylindrical bolt cockinig handle that is located below the buttstock tube, just below her right eye/cheek weld. That moves rapidly back and forth in a channel in the buttstock tube when you fire the gun. If you have a beard/luxurious mustache, you will experience a brief, but agonizing pain when that moving bolt handle rips out a few of the hairs from your beard/’stache.

    I strongly recommend adding a “beard shield” made from a piece of flexible plastic (cut up a cheap, black plastic paint roller tray from Walmart – it has a number of appropriately curved sections), using black electrician’s tape in front of and behind the cocking lever slot to secure the shield to the tube. Trust me on this – you don’t want to learn it the hard way.

    It also adds that “expensive custom rifle” touch.

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