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Caleb Giddings, Gun Nuts Media impresario and Top Shot competitor on why we love the 1911 so darned much: “If you can’t get it done with 7 rounds, bullets aren’t your problem, you just suck.” Words to live by.

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  1. … or you have a highly motivated attacker.

    Cue the stories of guys taking heavy fire and continuing to attack people.

  2. “You don’t need a bigger gun, you just need to shoot more bullets!”

    Sorry, his quote just brought a better one to mind. From an equally irrelevant, but more irreverent game than Top Shot, no less.

  3. This is an area where gun culture needs work. Make, model and caliber fanboys need to accept that others see it differently. It’s all a tradeoff. I think the energy we use to lambast other firearms and calibers could usually be used best to fight the good fight against the grabbers.

  4. When I was in the Navy as a Fire Controlman, the CIWS was probably my favorite weapon to work with.

    Just something about firing that many rounds in a minute just makes me warm and fuzzy all over. Sometimes more is better.

  5. I think if you plug anybody with seven 45 ACP rounds they will go down. Problem is what if there are two guys?

    Having said that your chances of being attacked by someone who won’t quit after just hearing a gunshot in his direction is pretty small for most of us.

  6. Apparently every DGU story I’ve ever read involving multiple drugged up/motivated attackers or low light conditions was completely made up.

  7. If you can’t take a BG out with six 45 or 50 cal rounds you’re screwed no matter what happens. Now I can see why people want hi cap mags for the lower cals, because you’re going to need all of them to stop the threat.

  8. f you can’t get it done with 7 rounds, bullets aren’t your problem, you just suck.

    It seems to me that a real Top Shot should be able to do the job with one round. Real men carry a flintlock.

  9. Come on people, let’s be serious. We all know that when considering firearms, there’s only one situation that warrants scrutiny: zombies. And since penetration of any kind to the brain will put one down, more ammo in the mag beats heavier ballistic punch. Also, zombies tend to move in gaggles, which further makes the case for increased ammo.

    So, by power of deduction, the greatest pistol in existence is the FN Five-Seven.

    • I don’t know… 9mm Glock with 33 round mags or Beretta with 35 round mags, MUCH more common ammo, several carbines available… 🙂

  10. Caleb only needs 7 rounds ’cause he can blind his assailants with a mere flash of his pearly whites, freezing them in position long enough to put ’em down…


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