Washington DC security national guard zone
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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With the sun glinting off the U.S. Capitol dome, Fortress DC remains a veritable ghost town on the day that thousands of “armed insurrectionists” were supposedly expected. Instead, there is silence.

Washington DC security national guard zone
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The sidewalks of Washington, DC are eerily empty, save for the occasional tourist couples taking photos of all the fortifications, fencing and the thousands of National Guard troops standing watch.

A brief tour around the exclusion zone shows no signs of any protests, demonstrations, or activism of any kind.

Washington DC security national guard zone
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

A steady stream of charter buses continues to ferry National Guard troops into town.

Washington DC inauguration national guard
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The arriving personnel will eventually bring the total number of troops in the capital to a reported 25,000, which is more than all of the American troops in conflict zones overseas.

Washington DC security national guard zone
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Local media chatter is that the threat that has put the city on the highest alert today was probably a trolling operation. You don’t say.

Others, though, are suggesting reports of an all-out assault in DC was only a diversionary tactic so that the 50 state capitals would be more vulnerable to an  “insurrectionists.”

Washington DC security national guard zone
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

However, with shadows lengthening here, the nation’s capitol remains quiet, as does the rest of the country.

The Biden Inauguration is now three days away.

Washington DC security national guard zone
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

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  1. There is no “attack on state capitals”. This is crap put out by the Deep State in order to activate the U.S military against the citizenry of this country!! The oppression is coming starting NOW!!!

    • Looks like an over reaction to a guilty conscience . I think this looks a lot like when the Russians began the wall in Berlin. Bet it’s permanent. Getting numerous e-mails from different groups saying that this ” come protest” invite is by the leftists that want to hide behind some citizens like they have done all year.

      • Kinda funny. The Dems building a wall to keep out anybody, yet they fought against a wall on our southern border.
        Left is right, right is left. Man is woman, woman is man. Up is down, down is up. Good is evil, and evil is good….


        • “Man is woman, woman is man.”

          Man and woman talk is hate speech therefore Congress is getting rid of that offensive language. In order to be inclusive, we must exclude.

        • I think the hypocrisy of Progressivism eventually drives many crazy. There are only so many logical contradictions the brain can take.

      • I would bet money the INTENTION is for it to be permanent, and increasing towards a national martial law, also permanent. I don’t think it will work out as planned.

        • They will be punching holes in the ground and pouring cement for The Wall. They are going to wall off every government building from the public.

        • “They are going to wall off every government building from the public.“

          Would you like to make a friendly wager that this doesn’t happen?

        • Never forget. The government might be selective, but they will always protect government buildings first. Before private property. The NG protected MO government buildings. And let private property be destroyed. All during the Ferguson MO riots. It was the private and peaceful display of weapons’ from the Oathkeepers, that stopped the riots.

        • Miner,

          They already did that years ago with Independence Hall. I was shocked and annoyed to see the changes from the previous time I had visited.

          Doing the same in DC would simply be part of an ongoing process, not something “unprecedented.”

      • All of 2020 was to get people used to oppression… normalize it. Now they plan to collapse the country and make everyone totally dependent and obedient to .gov and technocrat corporate overlords. Biden plans to sign at least 100 executive orders on day one by his own admission. He will give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants, and completely open our borders. He will get us back into the Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate agreement. He plans to completely sell us up the river to the corporatist Chi-Coms.

        The Q Anon movement had a lot of truth in it but was full of landmines and false intel that ultimately did extreme harm to Trump. You had Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell and others that got sucked into it. It is now a complete glowie psy-op that is going to now be used to launch false flags which will then be used to further curtail our constitutional rights. There are lawmakers openly comparing the Capitol incident to Pearl Harbor. They are drunk on power and it only gets worse from here folks. Everyone who commits the high crime of wrongthink or speak has and is being completely silenced.

        The truth is they wanted it to be far worse but those bombs planted didn’t detonate. They wanted an OKC type event, so they could immediately justify a new Patriot act and institute total gun confiscation. Just like they used OKC bombing to get the AWB passed back in the 90s. No guns used in that event. In the Capitol the only gun involved was used to murder Ashli Babbit by a pussy coward plainclothes Capitol police officer assigned to Schumers Senate security detail.

        If you live in a big city, pack your shite and GTFO now. Stay away from all the big blue cities and counties. Stay away from places that have Soros puppet prosecutors. Go to the Counties or Parishes (for my friends in LA) that have pro constitution Sheriffs. I wish you all Godspeed, we are entering a time of great evil.

        • Let’s see…25,000 US Troops to look after a bunch of slanderous, libelous, election fraud democRat scumbags that disenfranchised the vast majority of Military votes for Trump too. Perfect time to protect the Constitution of The United States from getting in the hands of real domestic enemies.

        • “He will give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants, and completely open our borders.”

          Would you like to make a friendly wager is it this will not happen?

        • “Would you like to make a friendly wager is it this will not happen?”

          I’ll take that bet Miner. Joe tries to give amnesty and loosens border control.

        • Nice try slick, but moving the goalposts is intellectually dishonest.

          Your pal above did not say loosening border controls as you claim, he said:

          “He will give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants, and completely open our borders.”

          I will happily wager that he will not “give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants and he will not “completely open our borders”.

          It is a typical tactic of the conservatives to attempt to twist reality in order to meet their delusions, but thinking Americans will not allow you to mischaracterize reality in such away.

        • “completely open our borders”

          I’m not moving any goal posts. Completely opening borders will be hard to prove or disprove. I doubt they’ll eliminate ICE, but they will neuter them. I doubt they’ll take a bulldozer to existing border barriers, but they’ll cut funding for new barriers. I doubt they’ll stop apprehending all illegal immigrants, but they’ll make it possible for them to later disappear into the country. See how that works?

          More caravans of illegals are on their way because Joe invited them. That’s another form of opening the borders. It’s already happening. Joe has already promised amnesty.

        • In reply , let me outline my viewpoint on America’s philosophy of immigration:

          “Give me your tired, your poor,
          Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
          The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
          Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
          I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

          And since I’m quoting great American philosophers, on this day let me bring forth a more obscure quote that had just as profound an effect upon the growth of freedom in the United States of America:

          “Tell them about the dream, Martin! Tell them about the dream!”

        • hey miner49er our country will always except immigrants as long as they enter LEGALLY do you understand I know Dumb-o-crats have trouble understanding anything they’re against I have a prediction China reclaims Hong Kong and Taiwan within 6-9 months then it’s your move Joe what you gonna do

        • Miner, our immigration policy is not and should not be based on a poem. Policy based on a poem is for people that value emotion over logic. We either have borders or we do not. We either have laws or we do not. Do you travel to another country without a passport or multiple IDs and expect to be let in? Why is that? When you are let in, they write your name down and cross it out when you leave. Why is that?

          Not only immigration policy, but EVERY policy should be based on one question and one question only: what are the pros and cons of how this will help America and her citizens? We’ve already had that long discussion before, so you can go back and check it for reference. The pro illegal immigration crowd conflates ILLEGAL immigration with LEGAL immigration. There’s a very big difference there that they don’t want you to be aware of.

        • Well, Minor Annoyance, once again you are proving yourself to be totally full of s***.

          Biden has ALREADY announced that he will declare “amnesty” for all 11 million illegals (real number more like 20-25 million). AND that he will eliminate deportation and custody for new illegals. By Executive Order (which is beyond . . . WAAAYYY beyond . . . his Constitutional authority) on Day One. It’s in all the papers . . . I know reading is tough, innit?

          So, I guess you lose your sucker bet, doncha Minor Annoyance???

        • That poem by Emma Lazarus that every progressive likes to quote has nothing to do with the constitution or the law. Lazarus was a rich socialite Marxist pseudo intellectual. The content of her sonnet is just typical neo Marxist internationalism and socialistic values that were particularly trendy at that time it was written. That plaque was not added to the Statue of Liberty until much later after the statue was gifted to us by France.

          Biden has said day one he will provide 11 million with amnesty and citizenship and that is just for starters.


          Here’s more of the wonderful things we can look forward to under Pedo Joe; His plans for your guns:


          Here is just a few absolute gems in his agenda for your guns:

          Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children. It’s wrong. Joe Biden will enact legislation to once again ban assault weapons. This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. While working to pass this legislation, Biden will also use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons.

          Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. Currently, the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Due to these requirements, such weapons are rarely used in crimes. As president, Biden will pursue legislation to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act.

          End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.

          That’s not all, I encourage everyone to read it all on his campaign page.

          His real campaign slogan should have been “Build the Swamp back Bigger” the cabinet he’s putting together is full of old flag Washington insiders and the absolute worst Neo-cons and slimeballs.

          But we are going to be expected to comply and be good little consumers and slaves to the corporate overlords and the bureaucratic ruling class. Don’t forget to take all your mandatory shots like daddy Bill Gates tells you and wear your .gov mandated face lingerie.

      • This is the price we all (unfortunately) have to pay for a fraudulent election. And the Democrats are taking full advantage of it.

        • Hey miner, Emma Lazarus , whose excerpted poem adorns the Statue of Liberty, was hardly a “great American philosopher”… she was a natural born daughter of a rich Jewish merchant, became an activist for Jewish furthering, and probably didn’t write that poem as a welcome to everyone. As for the statue itself, it was not as well received as people generally believe, in fact had Pulitzer not strong armed donors into paying for the base and ever increasing construction costs, it might have not been erected at all. Mountainous maintenance costs for it have been passed through four different unlucky budgeted federal departments. Maybe a better idea for immigrants would be to instill “Life, Liberty, and the PERSUIT of Happiness ” as their formative instruct. In case you’re wondering, my ancestors came over during the Potato famine to work as Railroad slaves alongside the Chinese….never heard of a check in their pockets when they got off of the boat.

        • “Life, Liberty, and the PERSUIT of Happiness”

          Maybe you should think about pursuing an education.

          And I can tell you that today, none of those Irish immigrants would be allowed in to America.

          No money, no education, no sponsors…

          As Donald Trump says, maybe they should’ve stayed in their own shithole countries, what do you think?

    • Don’t be surprised if on Wednesday the DemoRats suspend the Constitution! They must have something big planned for that day
      with Antifa & BLM to make it look like the Republicans are trying to overthrow the Government…..
      Also when Tiananmen Square flared up in China the CCP brought in Troops from out of the area. They had no ties with the people of that area so they had no qualms
      about shooting people they had no relations with………..

      • Suspend the Constitution? The Constitution is what grants the government its powers. Suspending it would mean what, abdication of all its authorities?

        • It would mean that, once again, political power comes out of the barrel of a gun. Doesn’t scare me much, if shtf all those armed conservatives already in place will protect the Constitutional Convention just fine, while Biden and Hareyass screech in outrage from behind their pretty gate.

        • You are correct, at most they would just need to suspend the Bill of Rights. They could then point out they suspended less than half of the Constitution, barely an inconvenience, hardly any repression at all.

        • Wow, wow, wow. Suspending the Bill of Rights sounds really difficult.

          Actually it was really easy. Barely an inconvenience.

          Suspending the Bill of Rights is tight.

        • Ask the Japanese-Americans how much the Constitution is worth when the government just decides to ignore it.

      • Tienanmen Square is probably a good model for this.

        Did you know that the massacre everyone “knows” took place there…never did? There was a massacre in that uprising, but it wasn’t the students in that square. You’d have seen the bodies if it were, because media eyes and cameras were all over that place.

        While everyone was fixated on Tienanmen, the communist party troops opened fire on a bunch of striking workers in an industrial area a few miles outside the city and killed them all. There was a massacre, all right, but it’s not the one everyone believes took place.

        And the CCP got away with it — and it had the desired effect of convincing the Chinese people that the CCP could do whatever it wanted to them, and there was nothing they could do about it. And the rest of the world would NEVER be on their side, so they’d better get on board the communist train.

        So the question is, what are our new Thief In Chief and the commie-inspired cabal that pulls his strings going to do while everyone’s looking at DC and waiting for what’s probably not going to happen?

        Probably nothing. There will be demonstrations in several states, and there will be trouble in Oregon and Washington, where there already has been trouble. Other than that…probably…meh. But whatever does happen is going to be magnified and distorted beyond all recognition by the American Pravda, of course.

        Still…keep your eyes open, and keep your wits about you. They can’t assemble all this hoopla without using it for *something.* Otherwise they’d look like idiots, and we can’t have that, can we.

        • At Tiananmen Square, they ran the tanks over the bodies so many times the bodies were hosed away.

        • That’s not the army-shooting-everyone massacre everyone keeps talking about; just a handful of people who stood fast and paid for it. Either way, it’s all you really need to know about both communism and China.

        • I will never forget the American socialist progressive’s saying, the Tiananmen Square massacre never happened. They are just like holocaust deniers.

      • Hey miner, thanks for being my own troll spell-check, I appreciate the effort…. but for fuck sake, is that all you’ve got? So who is sponsoring the 11 million non-english speaking illegal immigrants currently here, do you have stock in a produce farm in need of migrant workers? Do tell, enthrall us in your highly educated manner how the 49er clan came to be great and important Americans. I’m guessing in a British ship as part of the King’s army.

    • Let’s slow down just a wee bit. The National Guard is not exactly “the military”. Each of the National Guard commands belongs to, and answers to, the governor of the state they are from. If the US Army were guarding the streets, the problem would be more in line with your suggestion that the military is guaring our streets. Posse comitatus applies to the army, but not to the NG.

        • I can attest that bayonet training has been phased out in the military and bayonets themselves are not issued anymore. Speaking from experience as a 11B who served in recent years.

        • A rumor I heard was that Biden’s team is so paranoid that a pro Trump nation guard might try to assassinate Biden, that they asked all the NG commanders to confiscate all ammo and magazines from their guards. However, it probably is BS either from trolls or even the Dems. Through I don’t doubt Biden and the rest of the Dems are afraid of their own guards.

          Even if the rumor is true, many of the guards probably still stashed a mag or two or them like the marines in Aliens. Also heard that Biden plans to demote all the secret service agents who had White House duty under Trump which would not surprise me.

    • Hmm, yeah, sounds just like the commenters who were putting out the exact same lines during “operation jade helm” and saying that Obama would have us all in camps and would never give up the presidency. Ironic, that last part.

      Here’s a simpler idea. It’s an unfortunate (but not unpredictable) overreaction to the underreaction of preperation that allowed a bunch of moon-hoaxer level cultists to invade the capitol building and try and overthrow an election so ‘their’ guy can be a dictator. The same guy who presciently once said ““I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” Well, he was right.

      The best mark of a con man is one whose victims walk away thinking that he’s the best thing since sliced bread. And there’s a lot of marks that got bamboozled for the past few years.

      • “…overthrow an election so ‘their’ guy can be a dictator.”

        This is where you and all the left believers like you have gone loony-tunes. The dictatorship thing comes straight out of the leftist fantasy playbook. It’s what the Left wants, so it’s what they think the Right wants. And in case you hadn’t noticed yet, the Left ALWAYS accuses its enemies of exactly what its people are already doing. So if overthrowing a legitimate president to install an illegitimate authoritarian regime is what they say the Right is up to, well…

        The protesters on Jan. 6 were there not to overthrow or overturn anything. They believed, with pretty good reason, that there was massive fraud in this election and that all the people whose job it was to protect the voting public have turned a blind eye to it.

        They wanted an HONEST result.

        Think about it… There were 10,000 people there by most people’s count. If the intent really was to overturn the election, overthrow the gov’t, and install Trump as a dictator, they could easily have done it…but they didn’t. That’s not what they were there for. Instead, a few dozen people went full retard and everyone went home.

        They didn’t damage anything except their own cause — but they COULD have hung every member of Congress from a lamp post if they’d wanted to (and to be perfectly honest, there are quite a few of them that should be strung up, and they know who they are).

        And that’s what has Biden and the media beating the OMGinsurrectionseditiondictatorshipOMG drum so hard.

    • The cossack-er (think about it) hasn’t even been sworn in and already we have martial law. This will ,most likely, become a permanent fixtation.

      • Smarter than you, apparently.

        People usually begin as they intend to go on, so this is a pretty good indication of what Biden and the puppeteers behind him intend to do in this America that is now theirs. And make no mistake — though we’d beg to differ in the strongest possible terms, they do think it all belongs to them.

    • Let’s see how long it takes Biden to take those fences and guard posts down, they did not seem to be necessary under Trump.

      • Seems like they should have had more in place for the trump supporters that tried to overthrow the government though amirite?


        • “When, THE FUCK, did that happen?”

          Perhaps you missed the comedy skit: “Insurrection at the Capitol.”

          Furry hat dude: “Fuckin’ hey man… You guys are fuckin’ patriots…”

          Super-polite “Capitol Police” dude: “Any chance I could get you guys to leave the Senate chambers?… This is like *THE* sacredest place…”

          QAnon/Climate activist failed actor: “Thanks to our heavenly father being the inspiration needed to these police officers to *ALLOW* us in the building.”


          They were this close to taking over! Almost!

    • All of this is happening while Trump is President, the Senate still has a Republican majority, as do a majority of state governments.

      It’s not Biden’s America for three more days.

      • Exactly, these numb nuts have had Trump and his minions in charge for four years and yet they want to blame Joe Biden for the sad state our country is in.

        Sorry kids, trumps mismanagement over the past four years is exactly why we are in the position we are in.

        Y’all had your day in court under the constitution, over five dozen times and lost everyone.

        The Republican controlled Supreme Court, with three Trump appointed justices, kicked your Kraken out of court, ‘the end’ under the United States Constitution.

        And those who continue their insurrection efforts against a legitimate government of the United States of America will reap the whirlwind.

        • If Texas and a few other states don’t have standing when Pennsylvania breaks it’s own laws affecting a national election then who does? The Supreme Court got it wrong and everyone not lying to themselves knows it.
          They were cowards not willing to do their job.

        • “when Pennsylvania breaks it’s own laws affecting a national election then who does?”

          Both the supreme court of the state of Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court of the United States of America said they did not break the laws, and that the election was certified by the legislature correctly.

          Under the Pennsylvania state constitution, the Supreme Court of the state of Pennsylvania is the ultimate arbiter of law within the state of Pennsylvania.

          Under the United States Constitution the Supreme Court of the United States is the ultimate arbiter of law within the United States of America.

          Trumps conservative controlled Supreme Court, with three Trump appointed justices, dismissed Trump and his allies lawsuits attacking the Pennsylvania election.

          End of story, patriotic Americans would accept the decisions of the United States Supreme Court under the constitution.

          But not you crazies, who then started an insurrection in an attempt to disrupt a constitutionally mandated election deliberation by the joint session of both houses of Congress in the United States Capitol.

          That is sedition, plain and simple, and that’s why hundreds of conservative Trump supporters are going to the federal pen.

        • and when Kamala Harris told peaceful protesters they should continue their peaceful protests that burned and looted Portland, Minneapolis and other cities that was lawful. I have no problem with Pres.Biden but from the time Trump became Pres. you dopes called him illegitimate and now when the truth comes out how Queen HilLIARy paid a known russian spy for that fake dossier and the corrupt FBI ran with it, we can go on all day but I have better things to do than answer your claims of a coup just remember what I said about China I truly hope I’m wrong and Pres. Biden moves the country forward but I just don’t think it looks good

        • Oh dam, the supreme court said something. Well they are infallible you know. I guess minor also agrees that blacks are not people then.

        • “Trump became Pres. you dopes called him illegitimate“

          Your memory is flawed.

          Do you recall Donald Trump claiming Barack Obama was an illegitimate president because he was born in Kenya?

          It was Trump who made the claims about the president being illegitimate 12 years ago, when you were still making messes in your diaper.

          And the Supreme Court, like most humans, has made mistakes. Fortunately, many of those have been corrected with time.

          And regardless, the constitution mandates the United States Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of all decisions under the law in the United States of America.

          To oppose with violence the decisions of the united states supreme court is sedition.

          And to aid those before, during or after the fact, who are committing an insurrection is treason.

  2. Well, we certainly don’t have to worry about our own tried-and-true, patriotic military. Or do we?

    “A standing army is one of the greatest mischiefs that can possibly happen.”
    — James Madison, Debates, Virginia Convention, 1787

    “Standing armies are dangerous to liberty.”
    — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers, 1787

    But they were just a couple of old white guys. What did they know.

    • The hilarious part is the dems are pushing for “background screening” of military and NG who are there as security because they know that the military enlisted are generally conservative and so want to comb through social media for explicit Trump supporters and outspoken conservatives.

      • Well, my nephew is en route from Utah, maybe among those arriving today.

        He’s in an artillery battalion, though; they’re not bringing the big guns, or any guns at all. They’re not supposed to be armed, at least as far as he and he’s aware.

        I haven’t talked to him in a while, but he comes from a conservative Mormon family that is chock-full of gun owners and is highly aware of what the government did to their ancestors…and, I’m pretty sure, of what the incoming set did to get to DC and how much they hate the existence of everyone he grew up with. He’s probably one of the “proto-insurrectionists” the progbots are on about.

        We’ll see what happens. If I were the praying sort, I’d pray for him and the officers he answers to. Maybe I will anyway.

        • All the lower enlisted guys I knew from when I was serving in the Army were pretty pro freedom and anti liberal. The only people I would be suspicious about are officers, but I’m pretty sure the joes would tell LT to go fuck himself if they got orders to shoot conservatives.

  3. the first officer that orders his troops to fire live ammo on american citizens will in allmost all circumstances be shot by his own troops.

    • No National Guard officers were shot by their own troops at Kent State.

      The deployed troops in DC have been as well indoctrinated as the average American. They are subject to the same media, the same constant stream of lies, the same hate propaganda. The soldiers will shoot without provocation, and without regret. And the military, the Democrats and the media will laud them for it.

      • History forgets that the National Guardsmen who fired at Kent State fired on “students” who had been trying to set a building on fire.

        • Funny…no one shot any of the BLM and Antifa protestors as they set fire to major downtown cities , looted and vandalized them , EXCEPT FOR A FEW CITIZENS…….

          Strange, but I cannot recall this show of force being needed before and during a POTUS Inauguration. Not in the last 245 yrs.
          I guess that’s what’s needed when you commit massive ,illegal voter fraud to get in office, huh?

          Joe Biden…NEVER my President.

        • Plus, Kent State was peaceful just like this summer’s BLM/antifa festivities were peaceful. A farked-up situation all around, that was.

        • What do you think has changed? Sure, if some 2nd LT told his guys to load up and start firing on a peaceful crowd out of nowhere, that would be a problem. Not sure if they would do it or not. But that’s not how it would play out.

          If the same thing happened as at the capitol, they would assuredly open fire.

        • “Kent state was what?, 40 years ago? 50?”

          “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Besides, the Constitution is what? 233 years ago? 234? So it can’t possibly be relevant now, could it?

      • Speaking from personal experience, regular Army guys hated national guard and reserves soldiers. The shared sentiment is that national guard and reserves were undisciplined, fat fuck ups that couldn’t handle being in the real Army 24/7 so instead they play pretend part time soldier.

  4. I think Id rather have chan trolls running the nation than Biden or the various bureaucrats that make up the deep state. Things would be more entertaining.

    Trolls gotta work on getting nukes flying. Seems they’ve been pretty close what with making the media dance and now getting the military to mobilize. Use their hubris against them.

    • Sure is a good thing that the Trumpists played RIGHT into that playbook. Great job, fellas.

      “but but antifa” doesn’t work when everyone’s posting their dumbass self all over social media and getting arrested by the feds and identified.

      • And there is a big difference between attacking the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress deliberating our presidential election under the mandate of the United States Constitution and looting a 7-Eleven.

        • “looting a 7-11”, phew! Good thing they didn’t seize property and hold it or burn the same cities night after night for months on end or destroy statues or kill anybody. Jeeze. Could have been hypocritical as all fuck.

        • Heck of a lot of fire and bodies for just ONE seven eleven. But sure, keep on keepin’ on with those double standards of yours. It’s gonna work out great, definitely.

        • For ONCE, Minor Annoyance, you are ALMOST right . . . although I’m sure it was an accident. Yes, it IS different having protestors invade the Capitol (a PUBLIC building, nimrod) and LOOTERS invading a private business. It is VERY different . . . and only morons are confused about that. Those that claim the Capitol is “sacred ground” are a bunch of ahistorical losers, who never bothered to actually READ our founding documents, and certainly couldn’t understand them if they did.

          If you actually understood our founding documents, you would realize that our “representatives” work for US, not vice-versa. Oh, horrors! Botox Nancy and Alexandria Occasional Cortex were inconvenienced!!! Quelle horror!

          Now, Minor Twit, explain to me how doing stupid photo opps in the Capitol is equivalent to looting and burning private property? Enquiring minds want to know.

        • Do you still believe that the United States Constitution still exists, except as a museum artifact?

  5. Boy them guys loaded for bear……with no magazine in the rifle. ROFL
    Is that the new invisible magpul 30 rd.magazine?

  6. Why all the unloaded rifles?

    No commander puts his men in a conflict zone with unloaded weapons. This is all for show.

    • While I agree, I do not know where the nearest loaded mags are, I suspect on their persons, which would make armed response seconds away. I was shocked the guns came along, are there bayonets?

      • Typically no mag locked means weapon is unloaded.

        I doubt very much that all troops have been issued ammo. Those that were may have a mag but again I doubt a combat load of 211rds.

        This a big show but the NG troops are liking the fed money and a vacation from deployments along with their regular civilian jobs. Unless it’s really cold, then it sucks.

        • Two or three month ago, the DC mayor kicked the NG out of the hotels they were sleeping in. But that was under president Trump.

    • It’s not at all uncommon to be in a condition with an unloaded firearm but loaded mags on-person. No negligent discharge but it only takes a few seconds to load up if needed.

      It’s not like a highway patrolman walking up to a car on a deserted highway. Nor is it like walking through a rice paddy expecting an ambush.

      • Hell, if I have my rifle out, it’s got a loaded magazine init. Same with handguns. Because bad guys won’t wait for ya to slap a mag in.

        • Its probably their unit SOP given by the battalion commander prior to being deployed out. Keeps the NDs away, lord knows those Nasty Girls need it.

      • Just have bolt locked back and the dust cover closed. When needed, insert magazine, press the bolt release, and flick off the safety. Done in less time than it takes to describe it.

        • How many times you ever walk around with a locked bolt AR? Bolt goes home on not that hard a bump. Do it your way and you’re gonna have to re-lock it back about every ten steps.

        • Not since I had my SP1. After arriving at the range, I would put a dry patch up the barrel, install the BCG and charging handle, and lock back the bolt as per range rules as we were behind the firing point. Never had the bolt slam forward while moving to the firing point and waiting for my detail.

          Plan B. Insert magazine and then pull the charging handle. But my SP1 would shoot high for 6-8 rounds if I did that.

    • Because they’re wearing a shingle with the mags on the front of their PC.

      You can see the mags in picture #3 and the mag pouches in picture # 1.

      • I bet the magazines are empty. I don’t think the soldiers where issued any bullets. But a mag installed in a firearm does look much more menacing. When I was in the military we march with empty magazines in our weapons all the time.


        “Pelosi emphasized the Louisiana native’s “focus was military support to civilian authorities,” pointing to Katrina.”


        It was General Honoré who ordered soldiers, to go door to door, and confiscated the guns of innocent private citizens. He was following the civilian orders of the New Orleans mayor. And the orders of the Governor of Louisiana. At the same time he ordered his soldiers to not have their mags installed in any military weapon. As they patrolled the flooded areas.

        He actually said “it made the civilians afraid when the military had loaded weapons”. So he ordered his troops to unload their guns. And latter all the military guns were turned into the arms room.

        The soldiers conducted their duties unarmed, supporting hurricane Katrina relief. As gangsters shot each other around them.

  7. Joe Biden gave a party and nobody came. (Wouldn’t it be hysterical if the crowd turnout for the inauguration was less than 10,000–and all of them were socially distanced?

      • No matter how many show up, we’ll hear all kinds of reports about the “biggest crowd ever” while never seeing any aerial shots that could disprove it. At least on “mainstream” news.

        Same fake routine as four years ago, when the American Pravda circulated pics of 2 hours *before* Trump’s inauguration to claim that nobody showed. They lied then, and they’ll all be lying in perfectly coordinated unison this time.

        • Right, except for when they showed pictures during and it wasn’t nearly the turnout Drumpf expected.

          But let’s not let those pesky facts get in the way of your widdle feewings, right?

          (You lost, get over it)

    • Personally, I’m hoping it is a rather small crowd because sane citizens do not want the inauguration to be a super spreader event.

      To judge the caliber of leadership and integrity by the size of the crowd one could draw is the height of ignorance.

      • The delusional hypochondria and the fraud, it burns.
        Sane people will avoid the bullsh*t, but for other reasons. If I was Trump I’d ditch the whole clownshow and leave on the first plane to Mar-a-Lago.

        • Goeff, Until 12:00 Wednesday he has a fleet of airplanes at his disposal including a well outfitted 747, and he doesn’t have to pay for the fuel.

      • Is that all you got? Preschool insults?

        OK, so you’re a poopy head!

        Many of you are sad, pathetic losers.

        Just like your movie Flinch, 30 somethings living in mom‘s basement, working a part-time job, fantasizing about being a ‘dangerous hitman’!

        The only way you can get a woman is to take her at gunpoint and carry her off in your trunk…

    • “Joe Biden gave a party and nobody came. (Wouldn’t it be hysterical if the crowd turnout for the inauguration was less than 10,000–and all of them were socially distanced?”

      All of ’em in cars, like his rallies. Maybe enough to fill a drive-in theater parking lot. Cardboard cutouts and canned crowd noise. Of course, plus a few hecklers with clown horns.

      I believe I’d watch a bit of that on tv.

    • We love Joey Bidumbass and Kammy Harrisuckcocks. They are wonderful idiot cocksuckers with shit for brains. Hillary loves the motherfuckers too.

  8. So this is how the Biden Administration starts off. 25,000 troops to enforce his Agenda. It doesn’t look like a mandate to me.

    • He will start off appearing incredibly weak, with all the hate dumped on Trump for 4 years we never saw anything like this. It’s almost like he knows that he actually got 40-50 million fewer votes than were registered, and people might be pissed.

  9. I never thought I’d see this in my own Country. DC looks like someplace in the old East Bloc and not a free Republic.

    It certainly gives the appearance that Biden wasn’t elected and he is being imposed on us by armed force.

  10. The president of “unity” has to take power from the center of an armed military camp numbering more than all US troops currently deployed in combat zones, protecting him from a threat that he made up.

    Yeah. Welcome to 2021.

  11. So who actually requested the troops and who actually responded to that request? Biden doesn’t have any power to do that at this time. At least, not until he is inaugurated.

    • In Iowa they (265) were sent by Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Ben Corell with cooperation of Gov. Kim Reynolds. They were requested by Unknown/Not reported officials.

  12. Of all the photos I have seen not a single person there has magazines in their rifles. Not only that but it appears that they do not even have magazines in their pouches. So it’s just security theater.

    A couple of people I have discussed this with say that there are probably not even BCG‘s in those rifles. So all those 25,000 troops just have expensive clubs.

    • Just use your imagination, for a moment. You are Antifa, or BLM, or (gasp!) a Trump supporter. Are you willing to go up against a disciplined unit armed with clubs? Bear in mind, if the clubs prove to be inadequate, there is ammunition somewhere near at hand.

      Suffice to say, if SHTF on inauguration day, I don’t want to be anywhere close. My tired old ass couldn’t run away fast enough!

        • You do realize a rather large percentage of the NG are soldiers who did active duty tours? It’s not the same NG of the 60 and 70s.

        • @ Former Paratrooper & by the way I’m “still a skyrag flyer” and my daughter also jumps with me when she gets a chance…..I was never in the National Guard but:

          FYI “for those that don’t know”…..The Army and the Air Force deployed National Guard units and individual Guardsmen to Vietnam to support combat operations. By the end of the war, over 9,000 National Guardsmen served in-country, with over 100 of them making the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their nation.

          1. Four (4) US Air National Guard F-100 Super Sabre Squadrons deployed to South Vietnam and flew approximately 30,000 combat sorties:

          A. Colorado Air National Guard 120th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS)

          B. New Mexico Air National Guard 188th TFS

          C. Iowa Air National Guard 174th TFS

          D. New York Air National Guard l38th TFS

          2. Eight (8) US Army National Guard (ARNG) units deployed to South Vietnam; more than 7,000 US Guardsmen served in country (Republic of South Vietnam); 97 fell in battle.

          A. Alabama ARNG 650th Medical Detachment

          B. Idaho ARNG 116th Engineer Bn

          C. Illinois ARNG 126th Supply Co

          D. Indiana ARNG “D”, 151st Infantry (LRRP); the only Guard ground maneuver unit in Vietnam. 151st suffered 2 men KIA and over 100 men wounded.

          E. Kentucky ARNG 2/138th Field Artillery

          F. New Hampshire ARNG 3/197th Field Artillery

          G. Rhode Island ARNG 107th Signal Co

          H. Vermont ARNG 131st Engineer Co

          This list does NOT include USAR (US Army Reserve units/US Air Force Reserve units nor US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps units).

          USAR-Strictly federal (not state) and as a general rule they (during Vietnam) supplied men only; no war machines…tanks, trucks, artillery, etc. USAR were generally administrative in nature: Admin, medical, supply, etc.

          AIR NG-Had their own jet fighter planes

          ARMY NG-Had their own artillery and tanks

          Rhode Island National Guard’s 115th MP Company (now a Brigade) was activated and sent up to the USMA in April 1968. From November 1968 individuals from the 115th were levied to Vietnam. They served with distinction with the First Cavalry, the 1st Infantry Division, the 101st Airborne, The Americal Division, the 9th Infantry, the 11th Armored Cavalry, and the 18th Military Police Brigade.
          * USAR (US Army Reserve Units) 5,900 Army Reserve Soldiers were mobilized; of those, 3,500 Soldiers deployed to Vietnam.

          Most Army Reserve Soldiers served in combat support and combat service support units like the 319th Transportation Company from Augusta, Ga. While deployed to Vietnam, the unit transported ammunition and rations to the 1st Infantry Division near the Cambodian border.

      • Super long when you don’t have any loaded magazines. Add in another 30 seconds when the National Guard member realizes he loaded the magazine, if he did have one, in the gun upside down.

    • In picture three both the guy on the right and the guy on the left have mags in their mag pouches.

      Even if you can’t tell what they are (you can) you can tell the mag pouches have something about mag sized in them from the way the bungies are positioned and the tabs on top of them.

  13. Anybody notice that the mag well’s of the rifles the solders were carrying were EMPTY. Typical US Military fashion, as we done when I pulled guard duty when I was active.

  14. If you need 25,000 armed troops to protect you from the people during your inauguration, then maybe, just maybe, you weren’t elected by the people.


  15. This entire thing comes down to psychological warfare. The emotional toll of the virus (biological warfare) is part of it.

    The answer is not to rush in with guns blazing. Which is why I suggest not taking part in any protest at any capital. We must be smarter and win with ideas that can defeat ideas.

    • “Ideas” is why this country is in its current iteration…
      Get ready for NWO takeover…. head on a swivel… keep your powder dry…. buckle up buttercup, this is gonna be a wild WiLd RiDe.

      • The only way to defeat an idea is with another idea. It’s at the heart of Christianity and even at the creation of this country.

        What we have in our political leaders is a left that actively tries to destroy us and a right that lets them. There are some on each side that don’t but far to few. Who you vote for does matter. Not just for president.

        All this fuss over all these years….Trump vs. Biden. These men are not the problem. This is not about Trump or Biden. It’s just being made to look that way. The president is a temp job. He will go away. The problem is the people that never go away.

      • It’s pretty hard to fight ideas with ideas when government busybodies, social media monopolies, and telecom giants excommunicate the ideas they don’t like from the public sphere. We are essentially two countries now: the country that gets a say, and the country that had best shut up and do what it’s told. I’d be surprised if this situation lasts very long at all before spiraling out of control.

        • If it were easy then it would have no value. This can be fixed. I believe China is part of it. I’m inclined to believe Trump was too close to the problem. I completely believe if we are to have and hold onto freedom then it truly does come down to all of us. The American political class is a reflection of us.

  16. They’re promising 10 days of themed Executive Orders. “Crime” is days 3-7, and I expect a lot of gun control in there.

  17. I’m old enough to remember democrats flipping out at the thought of the National Guard coming to help stop rioters from burning communities to the ground. Commiela said they won’t stop and they shouldn’t stop, and then she bailed them out. Now it’s full on cop and servicemen worship from the left.

    A cop shot an unarmed woman and the media is ignoring him. If that happened last year, and she was a left wing activist, it would have been nonstop coverage, with the media demanding his head on a platter.

    • Many got irate when Bush was president over the thoughts of being asked for ‘their papers’ and having personal phone calls monitored and ‘tapped’.

      People that continuously and blindly vote Democrat will help to bring about all those things they have always claimed objection to. Just as republican voters so often think that the Washinton right in general actually care about more than themselves. We are seeing a new generation coming in and will be more aggressive. If Trump has shown anything its that we do NOT have to ‘settle’ for status quo. We have to take back our institutions.

      We did not get here overnight. It won’t be won overnight. But we will NEVER win playing their game.

    • It’s interesting to note how quickly the State pulls out all the stops when the peasants get uppity. Cities burning across the country are no big deal, but some commoner takes a dump on Nancy’s desk and it’s a national crisis. What we’re watching is an imperial capital displaying it’s power to provinces lest anyone forget who’s in charge.

      • “Cities burning across the country are no big deal”

        Not only that, it was a “good” thing. Kamala promoted it. The Joe and Kamala team bailed out the rioters.

  18. Why did Trump authorize this? Or is someone else authorized to federalize the Guard and send them from one state to another?

    • In Iowa they (265) were sent by Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Ben Corell with cooperation of Gov. Kim Reynolds. They were requested by Unknown/Not reported officials.





    • Hey rtard you are aware that dems including hillary, pelosi, and the oh so sacred barry obama contested the electoral votes in 2004 right. Rember hillary screeching against the EC in 2016 where were you then?

  20. I can tell you, many Americans are glad to hear that there will be no right wing extremists trying to reboot insurrection the sequel at the United States Capitol on inauguration day.

    At least this guy won’t be there:

    “A county commissioner in Otero County, New Mexico, Griffin had discussed his presence at the Capitol riot at a public meeting of the commission on Thursday, telling colleagues that he led a prayer session from a restricted-access deck of the Capitol building.

    He also announced in the meeting that he planned to return to Washington ahead of the inauguration this week, and that he would bring his guns in his car.

    “I’m going to go back to Washington, DC, I’m gonna be there on January 20,” he said, according to video of the remarks posted online. “I’m gonna take a stand for our country and for our freedoms because this election was fraudulent on every level.”

    In an affidavit, a DC Metropolitan Police Department detective cited Griffin’s remarks from the meeting as well as video footage that captures him on the platform during the riot, including one he posted himself on Facebook where he said that he’d “climbed up on the top of the Capitol building and… had a first row seat.”

    The detective also identifies Griffin as the founder of a group called “Cowboys for Trump.”

    • You are doing a lot of tarring with that brush.

      As much as Progressives like to project their fears and neuroses onto others, you are also projecting obscure single events on to a lot of other people. There will be nutters on both sides trying to make s statement, but they will be few and far between.

    • Yep, we were a hair’s breadth from Viking Guy controlling the government. Everyone knows the constitution specifically states “Whoever sits in the speaker’s chair is like totally in charge of the country, and stuff.” I would really love to see one of the OMG Insurrection!! idiots flow chart exactly how they think that was supposed to work. Apparently their understanding of governmental power is based on capture the flag.

      • It was not a terribly complex plan, but it required intelligence and bravery so of course the Trump supporters were doomed to failure from the very start.

        The plan was to rush the house chamber, as the members and staffers fled the rioters would move into and occupy the chamber, just as they did that day.
        They knew that if they could secure and/or destroy the authentic electoral college ballot certificates from the states, they could bring the presidential election process to a halt.
        With no state certified electoral ballots, the election would be thrown back to the various state legislatures.
        This would give trump the opportunity to have 50 different lawsuits, attacking each state legislature’s process and attempting to force an immediate vote by the legislatures to select electors.
        With a majority of Republican controlled state legislatures, they would produce a plurality for Trump and award him the presidency, against the votes of 81 million Americans.
        This plan would’ve succeeded but for a group of patriotic Americans, who acted quickly to save the constitutional process.
        Senator Merkley said Senate floor staffers retained the presence of mind to gather up the electoral college ballots in their mahogany boxes and evacuate them from the house chamber before the insurrectionists could gain entry.

        • You think that one up on your own between your rape fantasies or was it fed to you? Yes all that video footage of congress critters causally walking down halls slowly away from that vicious mob, even taking time to pose for pics of them modelling their gas hoods.
          So let me get this straight after all the previous court challenges being dismissed as you crow about constantly suddenly 50 cases will be granted cert. Besides that then i guess no states have ANY records of how their electoral votes went either

        • He’s aelf-pleasuring at the thought of being a “Special Commissar” charged with renditioning and interrogating all those deplorables before sending them to the showers for delousing.

          In his mind, the upcoming terror will be for our own good. All those racial and social problems solved with stern resolve and a lot of blood.

        • Wow, another swing . . . and another miss.

          Exactly NOTHING that you described, from the fetid fever swamps of your diseased imagination, bears even the slightest relationship to electoral process, the Constitution, the law, or reality. Exactly NONE of that could have, or would have, happened.

          Nice try. I give you points for creativity, and bonus points for wild, baseless speculation.

          It was a PROTEST, nimrod . . . a stupid one, I agree, but a PROTEST. For the last nine+ months, you lot have been telling us how “peaceful” protests are salutary and patriotic, and not to be questioned (even when entire cities get torched), and now you are flipping s*** over a bunch of clowns “occupying” the Capitol?? That would be funny . . . if it weren’t so pathetic.

          Have your mommy buy you a beer, drink it, and calm down. There were HOW many “violent right-wing protests” yesterday????? Oh, that’s right . . . not a one. How many will there be on Wednesday???? Unless y’all idjits run another “false flag” operation, there will be zero. Minor Imbecile, do us all a favor and go yell at clouds.

    • Like the “anti-Fascist” protection fence between the two Germanies in the cold war. It appeared to be better at keeping people in than out.

  21. Hey Boogaloo bois. Your departure point is 5 miles out from the Denny’s. Make sure your phone’s GPS is on and your spouse’s number on speed dial so you can make your one call later today.
    Or NIK notification.
    Does your boss know you’re on vacation this week?
    Live streaming to your Facebook account?
    Double checked the Firearms laws in District of Columbia so you won’t be a prohibited person 6 months from now?
    While you’re gone from the motel, are you sure no one is taking photos of all the license plates in the lot?
    Just asking for a friend…

    • As it turns out, one of the Trump supporter insurrectionist was wearing an ankle bracelet GPS monitor during the interaction, is that with the kids call a ‘self pwn’?

  22. Personally I don’t really think much of anything is going to happen in DC or the state capitols.

    But you wouldn’t know that from the media. They’re gearing up for major coverage of some shit. And considering how they turned a few hundred overly excited entering portions of the Capitol Building in ways that might be said to be unwise into a full blown coup attempt…

    And then there’s the coverage of the “militias showing up at state capitols around the country”.

    One has to wonder; If little or nothing happens IRL will the media manufacture it?

    Considering the breathless fearporn reporting CNN gives me in their little pop-up video on the “Heading ‘into a buzzsaw’: Why extremism experts fear the Capitol attack is just the beginning” article I figure they’ll be reporting from a warzone regardless of the reality.

    On the plus side, it will be a “mostly peaceful” civil war that CNN covers.

    • “few hundred overly excited entering portions of the Capitol Building in ways that might be said to be unwise”

      Yes, it is unwise to smash fire extinguishers into the heads of the capital police, and then crash your way through windows and doors to occupy a restricted area, all with the intent of disrupting the presidential election process mandated by the United States Constitution.

      You claim a few hundred, your pals above claim 10,000, looks like you need to get your disinformation campaign a bit more synchronized.

      I really don’t think that’s possible, when one considers your hokey election fraud BS and how well that did before trumps Supreme Court.

      You guys need to sit home and polish the long, hard, shiny barrel of your gun until you feel better.

  23. Kind of reminds me of the capital in the hunger games.
    Have we been assigned a zone yet?
    I expect a Kim Jon Un style military parade for comrade Biden.

  24. Now they are terrified of the ones guarding them:
    Biden’s transition team claims there is a very real fear that members of the national guard who support President Trump might kill Biden during the inauguration so they’ve asked commanders to confiscate all ammo and magazines from the soldiers. The FBI is now trying to vet all the members on the ground.

    • “The FBI is now trying to vet all the members on the ground.”

      This is the beginning of the government officially implementing a CCP style social credit score. Any political comments will determine your positioning in the field.

    • History. Tyrants have always feared their guards and those close to them. Even their own family, and for good reasons.

      • Yes, even their own family.

        “Daddy, I baked you a special chocolate cake!”

        “Well thank you, Ivanka! You know you’re my favorite.”

        “I know Daddy. Oh, are you getting sleepy… “

        • Good God, Minor Nuisance, but you are a sick puppy!!!

          Please, do ALL of us a favor, and keep your psychotic fantasies to yourself. Oh, and seek professional help, quickly.

  25. So many of you think China is behind Joe Biden campaign?

    Here’s what your pals at Breitbart say:

    Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer on Sunday detailed how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his wife Elaine Chao are financially tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

    Schweizer said on Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution” that McConnell’s “position on China has softened over the years,” which he argued is due to the growing relationship between the Chinese government and the Chao’s company.

    “Really, it goes to the fact that Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, his wife, are financially tied to the Chinese government,” Schweizer outlined. “And it comes through the shipbuilding company that Elaine Chao’s family owns. That relationship was forged in December of 1993 when James Chao, Elaine Chao’s father, Elaine Chao, and the new son-in-law, Senator Mitch McConnell, visited Beijing, China, at the invitation of the China state shipbuilding corporation. This was a coup to Beijing because Tiananmen square had happened just four years earlier. Very few high officials went there. The result of that meeting and the deals that followed is that today the Chinese government finances the construction of the ships for the shipbuilding company, they build the ships, they provide the crews for the ship, and they provide the cargo for the ship. So, the Chinese government could pull the plug tomorrow on this business. And the reason they’re doing business with them, let’s make it clear, is because Mitch McConnell is a very powerful figure in Washington, D.C. And the problem is, Steve, that his position on China has softened over the years the closer that this commercial relationship has become, and he’s a direct beneficiary of what this business does.”

    Breitbart says that it is you conservative Republicans who are tied to the Chinese communist party.

    I’m glad to see that Breitbart is admitting conservative Republicans are actually communist authoritarians in disguise, attempting to take over the country for their own profit.

    • Your title is misleading. You didn’t write anything to contradict Joe’s ties to China. McConnell’s ties are old news and well known (someone needs to primary him – come on KY). He’s a card carrying member of the establishment uniparty. They talk a big game about pro-life, 2A, and being a fiscal conservative so they get votes, then they proceed to do nothing or the opposite. Voters have been fooled for decades. I think people are beginning to understand that there are only two parties now, and it isn’t left vs. right. It’s the elites vs. those that serve the elites. The interests of those two parties will always be at odds.

      “Both parties within the Beltway are joined in their attacks on Trump because partisan identity—Democrat and Republican—is no longer relevant in U.S. politics. It’s the Country Party, currently represented by Trump, vs the Establishment Party, representing the interests of an oligarchy anchored by Big Tech and owing its power, wealth, and prestige to its access to cheap Chinese labor and China’s growing consumer market.”


    • Just like conservatives delusions about Mitch McConnell, you have been mislead.

      Do you think self-proclaimed billionaire Donald Trump cares for the working class?
      Do you think he and his advisers stand for the country as opposed to the mega rich?

      “Betsy DeVos (secretary of education, $2 billion), Wilbur Ross (commerce, $600 million) and Steven Mnuchin (treasury, $400 million)—who have all been around since February 2017—make up 95% of that $3.2 billion total.”

      Donald Trump put more billionaires in his cabinet then any administration in history, and pandered to the very executives who had plundered the American economy in 2007 and eight under George W. Bush.

      You might want to research why Steve Mnuchin is known as the ‘mortgage King’ on Wall Street, and wonder where all those families that he foreclosed and took their homes are now living.

      • Would it blow your mind if I said that Trump made poor personnel choices? You’re projecting. I’m not going to defend or praise someone just because they’re a member of a political party. For the umpteenth time, I’m not a partisan. The world is more than just democrats good, republicans bad, and vice versa. Personally, I don’t care for Mnuchin or DeVos. I don’t know much about Ross offhand, and don’t care at this point.

        • “Trump, vs the Establishment Party, representing the interests of an oligarchy”

          If Trump is against the oligarchy, why was his cabinet the wealthiest in history?

          If Trump was against the oligarchy, why was his secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross who spent 20 years as Rothchilds banker specializing in bankruptcies?

          If Trump was against the oligarchy, why was Chinese shipping billionaire Elaine Chao in President trumps cabinet?

        • But miner is ok with a handful of tech oligarchs deciding who gets a voice and who is silenced. See the neat logic.

        • “If Trump is against the oligarchy, why was his cabinet the wealthiest in history?”

          What sort of power do you think Betsy DeVos has over your life? Now what sort of power do the CEOs of Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. have over all of our lives? I don’t think we’re on the same page here. I’m not defending DeVos, and I’m not necessarily a fan, but someone can be wealthy without being tyrannical or controlling.

    • And that disproves Biden’s KNOWN ties to the CCP how, EXACTLY, Minor Nuisance???

      Yes, McConnell is dirty AF . . . as are most politicians in D.C., on EITHER side of the aisle, if they’ve been there more than 10 years. In other news, water is wet, and Joe Biden is a senile idiot, who was an idiot before he became senile. Oh, and I promise I won’t come in your mouth.

      Minor IQ, you could inspire a new Hunter Thompson book, were he still around – “The Dumb Also Rises”. You get so busy attacking straw men, you beclown yourself . . . or maybe that’s just the best you are capable of?? Sad, but likely.

  26. The buzz about demonstrations and protests were manufactured and never really existed. It was propaganda to create fear of the evil right. Since nothing happened they will spin it as the effectiveness of putting NG on the streets. I am sure also they will point to this as being a success of social media censorship as well…the evil fascist were not able to coordinate their insurrection without twitter and all that. I think the reality of the situation is the right knows that protest at this point is an exercise in futility. Jan 6th people had still held out hope that Pence and others would have done something to keep from certifying the electoral votes. Now protest is pointless, it is like yelling at a wall, there is no one in government who would be influenced. They are showing their cards and we have not even looked at ours yet, I don’t think most on the right know what out next move is at this point, but I am pretty sure mindlessly taking to the streets and screaming is not it.

    • The only move right now is lobbying the state legislatures, beginning with the swing states, to implement secure, transparent, and auditable voting systems, so that everyone feels confident that only legal votes are counted. This should be implemented before the next mid term election.

      The next move will be to primary republican members of the establishment party. That includes big names like McConnell, Graham, and even freshman Marsha Blackburn who changed her mind on contesting the electors after business executives said they wouldn’t give her donations. She used the Capitol incident as an excuse. She’s weak and only stands for herself.

  27. Here’s more information on the antifa and BLM activist who attacked the United States capital, they don’t seem to meet the typical profile:

    “Investigators identified Chad Jones of Mt. Washington, Kentucky, as the man seen in a video using the end of a flagpole with a Trump flag to bash a door that leads to the Speaker’s Lobby outside the House chamber, according to a charging document. Lawmakers had been evacuated through that lobby just minutes before.
    Jones was allegedly in the same mob that included Ashli Babbitt, the rioter who was shot and killed by Capitol Police, according to the charging document. It was not clear Sunday if he had been arrested.
    And a man who was captured wearing a Proud Boys T-shirt and holding up the corner of a Confederate flag on the Capitol grounds — according to an FBI agent, citing photos, in a court document — was arrested on Sunday in Maryland, the Department of Justice said.
    The document alleges that Bryan Betancur told law enforcement in the past that he was a member of several White supremacist organizations, and stated at one point that he wanted to “run people over with a vehicle and kill people in a church.”
    Betancur had been wearing a GPS monitor in connection with a previous probation violation, authorities said, and location data referenced in a charging document against him shows his presence in restricted areas of the Capitol grounds.“

    Did you catch that, the white Supremest doofus was wearing an ankle bracelet GPS monitor while commuting any interaction as a part of his race war.

    In any case, most of them will be getting a felony murder charge for the death of Ashli Babbitt.

  28. We’ve had our Krystal Night. Portland, Kenosha, etc. We’ve had our Reichstag Fire. January 6.

    Now we get to witness, from behind wire and guns, our Fascist American Party take over the .gov.

  29. Give it up, your own supreme court ruled against the nonsense election challenges:

    “The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday night rejected an eleventh hour challenge to Joe Biden’s election as president.

    The court’s action came in a one-page order, which said the complaint was denied “for lack of standing.”

    Texas, supported by President Trump, tried to sue Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, claiming fraud, without evidence. But in order for a state to bring a case in court, especially the Supreme Court, a state must show it has been injured. In essence, the court said Texas could not show that it was injured by the way other states conducted their elections.

    “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the court wrote.

    Justice Samuel Alito, joined by Justice Clarence Thomas, wrote that in their view the court does “not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction.”

    But the two said that while they would have allowed the filing of the complaint, they would not have granted Trump or Texas any of the relief they sought.“

      • “The supreme court is infallible be like minor and agree with always…”

        No, the Supremes have made many decisions I disagree with, such as citizens United. I think that decision, allowing unlimited corporate money to influence our elections, is wrong.

        But right there is the difference between you and I, even though I disagree with a supreme court decision, I still recognize that the United States Constitution makes the Supreme Court the ultimate arbiter of law in the United States.

        You see, I follow the United States Constitution and I will abide by the decisions of the United States Supreme Court, even if I disagree.

        You folks lost in court 64 different times, including before the United States Supreme Court which dismissed Trump and his allies lawsuits.

        And then you sore losers had an insurrection that failed.

        I have a feeling that they’re going to roll you up like a carpet

      • His mom has a laundry chute she just sends the TV Dinners down. He’s a west Virginian who thinks his “mining community” thinks the same as him, and if you disagree, “you won’t make it down off that mountain”. He’s pretty much just an anti-conservative facebook troll.

  30. Wait so why were all of us horrible bitter deplorable democray hating racists not trying to start an insurrection when barry o got elected?

  31. Let us have some fun with the NG (national guard) troops pictured in this article
    Picture 1: No OCP gloves or face masks, no magazines in rifles
    Picture 3: No OCP gloves or face masks, no magazines in rifles, Are chest rigs Mags Loaded?
    Picture 7: No magazine in rifle. Plus NG rifles are black not Tactically appealing.
    But they all appear to be sporting Gas Masks. Protection against self inflicted crowd control. No ballistic head gear.

  32. It’ll be Biden’s biggest crowd ever…too bad we’re footing the bill for all those military personnel to be in attendance.

    • Now that’s funny because it’s true! They weren’t about to have the optics of nobody showing up to see the most popular president in the history of this country. At first they were going with the Covid excuse, then they had a better idea.

        • “As the weather outside was harsh, with daytime temperatures of 7 °F (−14 °C) and wind chills of −25 °F (−32 °C), the event organizers were forced to move the public inaugural ceremony, which had been planned for the open air, inside to the Capitol Rotunda.”

          Read your own source. Dumbass. And 96 attended the FIRST, while “thousands” attended the second one the public wanted.

          Says it right in the link you posted. LMFAO. FAIL!

          You need to take your own advice you fucking lunatic. You have no grasp of history. Return to your mining community and soak up that coal, little bitch. Lastly, the entire country minus one shithole went red for Reagan.

  33. Sorry democrats and Biden supporters!!!! Your entrapment game failed all over America!!!! Everyone was warned idiots!!!’


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