capitol inauguration national guard
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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capitol inauguration national guard
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

There’s nothing quite so dangerous during a time of national division and social unrest as an advertisement for a gun safe.

“We already prohibit ads for weapons, ammunition and weapon enhancements like silencers,” the company said. “But we will now also prohibit ads for accessories such as gun safes, vests and gun holsters in the US.”

Facebook had shown ads for “holsters, body armor, and other military-related paraphernalia in the News Feeds of people who had engaged with content about the attempted coup at the US Capitol building earlier this month,” said Buzzfeed News, which reported on the ban earlier Saturday and had reported on the gun-related ads earlier in the week. Lawmakers and Facebook employees have complained to the social network about the ads, the news outlet said.

Following the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol by followers of President Donald Trump, social networks including Facebook have faced criticism that they’ve failed to effectively police disinformation and violent content on their sites. And along with law enforcement and civil rights groups, the platforms are bracing for the possibility of more violence in the days leading up to the inauguration.

— Edward Moyer in Facebook bans ads for gun accessories in run-up to inauguration

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  1. Perhaps the bigger question in all of this is why there is a market on FB for these products.

    Get the f’k off FB!

    Also, is Zuckerberg worried some guy is going all Wyle E. Coyote and dropping a safe on Biden when he steps up to the podium?

    • LOL, yeah, let’s load up a safe in the back of a pick-up and go throw it at a bunch of leftists. That’s really the most dangerous and intimidating thing to do. The level of stupidity has now risen to beyond belief.

      • Well, well well…I stumbled across a password for facebook and low and behold I had joined facebook and totally forgot about it. After logging in it showed I used it to discuss some gun issue. Their was a photo of one friend and a line of other photos from people all over the place who wanted to be my pal or rape me…I dunno. Nonetheless I permanently deleted my account. It said if you permanently delete your account you cannot come back but when I permanently deleted my account it gave me 30 days in case I want to come back….reminded me of a high school relationship ultimatum.

        The spoiled brats behind the curtains of facebook and twitter have come out and showed their ignorant behinds so in a sense I put my foot up their butt. If you are on facebook or twitter or know someone who is make it your mission to assist in deletions. Facebook and twitter need to understand..When they mess with one of us they mess with all of us. Now go delete and then ice the cake by shopping for a firearm at a location where Free Speech and Your Gun Rights are respected and highly appreciated.

        • Interesting. I set up a dummy FB account not too long ago (insert “because you’re a dummy, Haz, lol” jokes here) to review the mechanics and settings. I also “deactivated” that account a few times by flipping it off and on. Each time, I was given the message that I had 180 days to come back if I changed my mind…not 30 days.

          Maybe you have the special Facebook??

        • I’ve never had a FB account, so this may be bad information. A friend who should know, told me that the most secure way to close your FB account is to manually delete each and every post, pic, bit of personal data, etc. starting at the time you first opened the account. Otherwise, all that info can remain in their system and continue to be available for their use. Can anybody confirm/deny this?

        • Of course it is Hawkeye. It isn’t your information anymore after you post it–it is theirs. Says so right in their user agreement. Isn’t it interesting how the Big Tech industry works? When you “buy” software , you don’t own it, you only license it. Same with a lot of web sites–they own the app, not you, although you paid good money for it. And when you go on one of these social sharing sites, they own the data, not you. And since they archive everything, your data, even if you delete it so no one can see it, is still available on an archive somewhere, often at multiple locations. to make matters even worse, as recent events show, they are not subject to libel laws nor are required to respect individual rights. They claim the right to terminate contracts without notice or right of appeal, without consequence to them, and good luck fighting them. They sway public opinion, decide what is good and safe for you, are able to spy on you, read your e-mails, and decide who you can read or communicate with. Ain’t this a wonderful wold we live in?

    • If you aren’t proud enough of whatever it is that you have to say to attach your name to it when posting, perhaps you should stand mute.

      Otherwise regarding ads on Facebook, something that I do not view, FB gets paid for them, which is why they carry them. If you ads offend you, don’t patronize the people putting them up. Other people might be interested in the LEGAL PRODUCTS offered.

    • This is pretty dumb on their part. They could be harvesting info on people interesting in these products.

      Would make a useful list to hand over to their partners in the gov’t.

  2. There’s a reason that cartoons have safes falling out of windows and squashing characters on the sidewalk below. They can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

    • At least the Roadrunner was smart enough not to supply WileyC. with dynamite when he ran out…. so why keep faceplant supplied, get the fuck off of it !

    • Remember if we don’t bolt the safe to the wall or floor, it could get out on its own and create mayhem. It could round up all the LEOs guns and maybe even attack people by falling on them. Stop safe violence! It is just the old, racist language. It is doublespeak….. Use a word like “safe” to name and evil thing bent on destruction. What will they do next?

  3. Today is Monday. The inauguration is Wednesday. Has the USPS suddenly fixed their sluggishness? Can I actually get 2 day delivery? No to all. FB has no intention of reinstating these ads after the swearing in. Just one more effort to cancel gun owners.
    And I agree w/ Holiday Inn. They need to get off FB. I am deleting every ad that comes across my feed. Cancel their $$.

    • Is there a way of marking them inappropriate? Making them waste time is better in my opinion. (but don’t use facebook, so I do not know if this is possible)

      • Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the ad
        Click on HIDE THIS AD
        Choose one response- I chose IRRELEVANT
        Then DONE
        Click the bottom one – UNFOLLOW THIS VENDOR(seller)
        Then DONE

  4. Get off Facebook, there is no mandate that anyone has to be on it. We were complacent and let the left create all the social media and too many of us then became dependent on it and view it as a necessity in life. At this point I am amazed that any 2A related items would still advertise on FB, there should be no adds for them to pull.

  5. Uselessness from idiots.
    Its on par with the craziness we saw from Walmart that accomplished nothing. The funniest part of this though is that it never would have occurred to me to get a safe through something seen on Facebook. It is interesting that in many places, gun owners are required by law to have them locked up.

    This stuff wouldn’t be so bad if it even made some kind of sense.

  6. “But we will now also prohibit ads for accessories such as gun safes…”

    So now they want children to have easier access to firearms in their homes? I thought we were going to get more safe storage laws?

    • Can you advertise a valuable item protection device? What if someone needs a small bedside safe to store a wallet, cell phone, iPad, medicinal marijuana, and vape gear? And what about a taller safe for a vintage hockey stick collection, baseball bats, tennis rackets, etc? A sporting collection storage container. As long as no one mentions a certain word that rhymes with “fun”?

    • “…we will now also prohibit ads for accessories such as gun safes, vests and gun holsters…”

      I wondered about this also. I suppose they want us to hand our guns around to our neighbors and family and everybody carry them at low ready all the time…

  7. Funny, FB doesn’t block ads for fuel filter “solvent traps” from China that are actually just unregistered, and therefore illegal, silencers.

  8. Following the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol by followers of President Donald Trump…

    The only “followers” of President Trump who stormed the Capitol were those who followed him to shriek “Nazi!” at him or RINOs angling to stab him in the back.

    • Lol no. The RINOS did so from within. The Patriots seeked to oust the RINOS and idiots like you accepted the RINOS instead. You are a victim.

  9. I hate to break the news to buttface book, twitter and the rest of the metrosexual brats. The majority of the 25,000 Troops guarding the White House had their Trump votes disenfranchised too. I do not see them any less upset than the rest of the 75,000.000 who actually did vote to reelect the POTUS who BTW is still their CINC.

    Now if joe was a man of honor he would call for a do over in suspect states otherwise he remains joe biden former vp. Of course joe knows he could not win fairly and that is why you won’t see joe being a man of honor. Like the rest of the democRat Party joe is nothing more and will never be nothing more than a self serving ratbassturd. How does it feel joe when 75,000,000 know you and your ilk are not worth spit?

  10. FB is a great place to meet chicks with noserings and catch up with high school pals who always hated you.

    Thats why the CIA created it, and put Zuckerboog in charge.

    • Another hypocrisy from the oh so moral left–Amazon/Bezosa is anti-union and has been sued by the Dept of Labor for its attempted union busting activities. How unprogressive!

  11. “But you told us to lock up our guns”…therefore advertising bad. Buy your safe from yer lgs. BTW Menard’s(who sux) no longer has gunsafes…

      • There’s too many enemies to keep track of. Sure, you can fight the door knockers, but what about everyone else? Think about it. We’d have to resist:

        Federal politicians, state politicians, local politicians, federal alphabet agencies, state agencies, state police, county police, local police, federal and state courts, Big Tech, national news, local market tv, local market newspapers, registered Democrats, and your bootlicking neighbors that would turn in Anne Frank.

      • “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes,” said Rep. Fang Fang Swalwell.

        I wonder what government he was referring to — the one in Washington, or the one in Beijing.

  12. I think most of you are missing the point.

    Its the censorship that violates your 1st amendment rights and their ability to tailor information how they see fit which is what got Facebook in trouble the first time. Ads for Biden ok, Ads for Trump no. Liberal crap is ok, conservative opinion, banned…

    It isn’t the point of getting off social media, but rather finding one that’s open and uncontrolled.
    If all conservatives leave social media, that gives the left a huge advantage as they can communicate faster with more people than we can. You are just giving them what they want.

    • I have no intension of ever being part of that. If they want a dedicated echo chamber for themselves….well, that’s just what they created for themselves.

    • Wrong. Only governmental entities are required to respect your first amendment rights, not private companies. Currently, you have no first amendment rights on any of these platforms. The only exception is when the private company (e.g. a mall) becomes a “public forum” is the First Amendment applicable.

      Not saying that these guys are not or should not be deemed public fora, because I have long believed that a court should so hold. If that happens, a bunch of this crap will no longer be allowed to happen.

      • Facebook is a public traded company and public forum. Hence why Zuck had to appear in court over allegations that his Facebook was swaying election results by advertising to certain groups of people and blocking ads to others.
        Don’t let them fool you into thinking its a private company.

  13. “America will never be a socialist country.” DJT on the campaign trail.

    Welp, so much for that line.

    “America will be slightly less socialist than Austrailia.” Ah, much better.

    • The USA WILL never be socialist. If this nation goes socialist then that mean it’s no longer the USA. Interestingly enough, if the individual states secede then it’s no longer united.



  15. It’s probably a bit late to start practicing your quick draw so ok maybe a bit late to buy a holster right now, but what bizarre twist of logic made them think banning the sale of safes was a good idea?

  16. The snowball has become an avalanche- coming down the mountain…

    A local 501 c. 3. non-profit organization for historical re-enactment based in the nation’s oldest city has had their page suspended by Facebook…

    “The Historic Florida Militia (HFM) is a non-profit umbrella organization supporting re-created historic interpretive units and representing a number of cultures and time periods.”

  17. Friend of mine does civil war reenactments at Gettysburg. I bet they get taken down soon. Can’t have any of that history on FuckBook.

  18. All this talk of gun safety and you can’t see advertisement for a safe.

    Why don’t we push a bill to get Uncle Sam to fund Eddie the Eagle programs in Elementary School?

    Hypocrites. They are full the f*ck of sh*t.

  19. Well I truly believe The best thing for face book to do is ban theirselfs, FOR Any business public or private who doesn’t support free speech, the rights of ALL the people of THIS NATION NOT just the lying scrum domo-crack head’s that’s causing ALL the trouble TO start with. I don’t know what they are paying you or promising you all. But it’s not worth it, they love it when YOU kiss their ass. Like Twitter, u-tube, 90%of news networks, now you face book ass lickers, all of you networks who doesn’t support the Constitutes, should be ban from America, BE sure TO take ALL THE scrum sucking democrats, blms ,anti Christ, anti gunners, anti-rights of Freedom this nation Will remain free, by what ever means is necessary. The people THAT is under God will protect themselves from all Evil. AT ANY Cost.


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