Donald Trump executive order signing
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President Trump signed an executive order today intended to make it easier for federal law enforcement officials to obtain concealed carry permits. The order comes less that 48 hours before Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

As Yahoo news reports . . .

The purpose of the order is to remove “undue obstacles” for law enforcement officers and prosecutors to obtain concealed carry licenses, as well as to expand protections for prosecutors and judges.

“It shall be the policy of the United States to remove any undue obstacle preventing current or retired Federal law enforcement officers from carrying a concealed firearm,” the order states.

The order also directs the U.S. Attorney General to “propose a regulation…to provide that the special deputation as a Deputy United States Marshall shall be granted upon request to any Federal prosecutor” who faces risk of harm as a result of his or her work. The special deputation would grant a prosecutor the right to concealed carry of a firearm.

As the executive order states . . .

Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers should not have to choose between public service and subjecting themselves and their families to danger. My Administration has no higher priorities than preserving the rule of law in our country and protecting the men and women who serve under its flag. Accordingly, I am ordering enhanced protections for judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers. Federal law already allows Federal and State law enforcement officers to protect themselves by carrying a concealed firearm, but the Federal Government can do more to cut the red tape that Federal law enforcement officers must navigate to exercise their right. The current threat to Federal prosecutors also demands an expansion of their ability to carry a concealed firearm, as allowed under the Department of Justice’s existing authorities. Finally, the Congress should act expeditiously to adopt legislation extending the right to carry a concealed firearm to Federal judges and pass other measures that will expand our capacity to combat threats of violence against judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers.

It should take the incoming Biden administration all of about 15 minutes to issue their own executive order reversing Trump’s eleventh hour edict. But taking personal defense options away from prosectors and judges won’t be a good look for the new Commander-In-Chief.

What other last minute actions would you like to see the outgoing President take?


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  1. Joe will be busy in Wednesday and when he goes for a nap the autopen takes over.

    Been a fun 4 years and now it’s going to be interesting.

  2. Gee, I dunno. Maybe removing the undue barriers to the 2A for the rest of the citizenry? Trump can go play in traffic, and so can biden. Republicans and democrats, man… same excrement, different pile.

    • Perhaps an Executive Order to dismantle the NFA once and for all…that would surely be a great gift to us all 2A supporters.

      • Doesn’t work that way. NFA is a law. Even the chief executive is bound by law. He’s not a King. (Thank god!)

        The executive branch’s role is to enforce laws passed by congress. Overturning NFA requires a congress that agrees.

      • It’s crybabies just like the pasty mouth politically inept h that helped user in Jim Crow Gun Control joe. Jerk probably was a hilliary supporter too.

        • A lot of us who voted for him are not happy with him. There is a lot he could have done in his final weeks and months in office and he has not. Undo the bumpstock ban, allow the Korean M1s to come home, remove the Bush 1 and Clinton restrictions on imports, and clean house at BATFECES, for example.

          On top of that it was mostly republican legislatures in the swing states that enacted no excuse absentee voting which was the central bulwark of the election fraud. They did this in exchange for insignificant bribes from the democrats. It was republican legislatures that authorized the use of dominion voting machines.

          It was those same republican state legislatures that refused to call special sessions to investigate the election, rescind their delegation of authority to certify electors and to certify dueling electors. In case you missed it, the second slate of electors from disputed states were not sent by the state legislators and that is why, legally, Biden couldn’t consider them.

          So republicans are complicit in the election theft. Some of them actively participated in it, and some of them stood by and watched it happen. I will not be bothering to support them again. Not that it will matter. There will not be a legitimate election in the US again.

          We turned out voted for Trump. We talked to others and argued with others and did outreach to get others to vote for Trump. We stood by him during the post election battles while the courts were refusing to hear evidence. We did our parts. He did not do his.

        • The Crimson Pirate,

          Your statements about Republican controlled legislatures in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia allowing/enabling the 2020 election debacle is SPOT-ON.

          Now for the really tough question regarding those Republican controlled legislatures in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, “What is the most productive course of action for the electorate going forward?”

          I must confess that I do not have an answer for that question.

          Disclaimer: I refer to those state legislatures being under Republican control from memory and I could be wrong on that detail.

        • Twice vote for him but…

          Let’s also not forget that Trump EXPANDED Obamas Russian firearm imports which resulted in the loss of VEPRs for us.

          As mentioned above, there was a long list of previous EO’s by previous presidents that he could have removed with a stroke of the pen…. but he didn’t. He couldn’t throw us a single bone.

        • Cowardly stupid RINO’s in the state legislatures gave this to Biden. They either had no understanding of their role or didn’t have the guts to do it. Take your pick.

        • “it was mostly republican legislatures in the swing states that enacted no excuse absentee voting”

          “It was republican legislatures that authorized the use of dominion voting machines”.

          “It was those same republican state legislatures that refused to call special sessions to investigate the election, rescind their delegation of authority to certify electors and to certify dueling electors.”

          Correct, and it was the same republican legislators that could not bring forward any significant cases of fraud.

          This is the Big Lie, voting procedures established by republican state legislatures and no verifiable evidence of voting fraud, yet Trump and his co-conspirators told the Bug Lie every day.

          And directed a failed insurrection that attacked the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress deliberating our presidential election under the mandate of the United States Constitution.

          There’s no other word for it but sedition.

        • Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell knows who constructed the conspiracy and incited the insurrection:

          Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is explicitly pointing his finger at President Donald Trump for helping to spur the attack on the Capitol by the outgoing president’s supporters.

          “The Kentucky Republican said Tuesday on the Senate floor, “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.”

        • “Peacefully and patriotically” does not sound like insurrection to me, despite your lies. Our government is now about to depend almost entirely upon lies combined with forcefully preventing the truth from being told. The clear paranoia raging in DC is a clear indication that all involved are painfully aware that the election was a landslide, and stealing it may result in their deaths, they will be intent on hiding for the rest of their time in Washington.

        • Miner49er,

          Correct, and it was the same republican legislators that could not bring forward any significant cases of fraud.

          Oh, there is ample evidence of fraud in some cases.

          At any rate various politicians, bureaucrats, and poll workers knowingly and publicly violated their state’s constitutions and election laws. That is a simple matter of public record.

          I would also add that it could be exceedingly difficult for anyone to produce evidence of certain types of fraud when those swing states allowed millions of votes without identity verification and obliterated the audit trail of millions of votes. Remember Miner49er, “Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.”

      • Dumb comment. Even if we ignore the peace and prosperity during his term, Trump was worth it for excellent supreme court picks alone. It’s legit to complain about the specific dumb stuff he did (bump stocks) but it’s incredibly ignorant to say he was bad for us overall.

  3. Hey that’s swell. The kingsmen get special treatment. Sadly DJT was the “most” 2A friendly prez. Sadly…lock n load peons.

  4. When the PEOPLE fear the GOVERNMENT there is TYRANNY.

    When the GOVERNMENT fears the PEOPLE there is LIBERTY.


  5. Too little time, but Trump should issue a box of these type EOs, seeming to favor Biden voters, then let JoJo Bees cancel them.

    Gotta be careful that JoJo Bees doesn’t have someone who can recognize a trap.

  6. A magic marker, he signed a gunm thing with a magic marker. That pictures Fake.
    Now how about that, just like that, you scribble on a piece of paper and Wham-O you get your 2A rights( almost) . Now before you shut the door sign national reciprocity.

  7. He’s done nothing to help regular citizens secure and expand their right to keep and bear arms. Screw Trump and his trump-tard supporters. There not much different than Biden and his group of morons. Both sides will be the death of freedom ultimately.

      • I’ll at least hand it to him for UNMASKING the existence and pervasiveness of the deep state and how rotten the core is of the US government.

    • some_guy,


      There are several reasons (for and against) choosing a candidate on your ballot which means a voter who colored in the Trump circle on their ballot is NOT necessarily a “Trump supporter”.

      Perhaps more importantly, please explain how the alternative candidate to Trump (Hillary Clinton) would have done more to support and advance our inalienable right to self-defense. Make sure you tell us how Hillary would have appointed federal judges that were equally supportive of our rights.

      Oh, and please explain how we can elect a better candidate for President of the United States in the next election.

      • “explain how the alternative candidate to Trump (Hillary Clinton) would have done more to support and advance our inalienable right to self-defense“

        I can tell you that the Democratic Obama/Biden team expanded your gun rights significantly, by signing the CARD act in 2009, passed by the democrat controlled house of representatives and senate, which expanded the carrying of firearms on millions of acres of federally managed national forests and BLM lands that had been restricted by Ronald Reagan.

        The Democrats also authorized the possession of bump stocks and pistol braces while they held the presidency.

        Benedict Donald Trump has done nothing to expand gun rights, even banning bump stocks owned by millions of American citizens.

        Past performance is the best indicator of future behavior

  8. Has done nothing for gun owners.

    And here is he is letting Deep State that did nothing for him use a loophole to get carry rights.

    The swamp swallowed him up.

    • No you’ve got it wrong, “they” didn’t use a loophole to grant a second amendment right. “They ” used loopholes to take it away. Having the Right To Bear Arms is not up to the whims of the time, the parties in office, or the Supreme Court.

  9. Trump did not provide the 2ndA advances that I would have liked. But for those of you who are hostile to DJT you could have had 4 years of the contemptible hideous Hillary. Bitch about Trump if you like. I didn’t get what I wanted either but it was far far superior to the alternative.

    • Roger J.,

      In the minds of millions of voters, coloring in the circle next to a candidate on a ballot means that you are in-league with that candidate — that you adore that candidate’s style/personality, agree with that candidate on everything, and enthusiastically support that candidate as both a person and a politician.

      Those voters apparently cannot conceive of voting for the candidate which will advance the best policies — overall — for our everyday lives, regardless of that candidate’s style, personality, or persona.

      God help us.

  10. Yeah because federal judges and prosecutors don’t already walk this nation like nobility, dictating law as they fit for their own personal gain, and furthering the agenda of the elite.

  11. More 2A rights for them and less for us. It is a fair trade. Right? Republicans had both chambers of congress for the first 2 years and gave us nothing in the way of 2nd Amendment rights restoration. So, we got federal judges, which are still out numbered by activists federal judges. We got 3 supreme court justices, but no cases thanks to Roberts. Justice Thomas could have retired and we would have been in better shape, but he is not getting any younger. I do not like the prospects of Biden appointing 2 activist justices to the supreme court. But, it is a possibility. I predict we don’t see any movement in the way of 2nd Amendment rights in the next 4 years at the Supreme Court under Roberts. What do we have to show for 4 years of promises?

  12. I understand that a lot of you feel that President Trump didn’t do all that he possibly could have done for us n the field of upholding the 2nd Amendment; He didn’t, and that is fact.

    What he DID do for us is to reverse, in large part, EIGHT YEARS of Liberal Progressive Obamanations, restore our country’s might, diminish as much as he could the bureaucratic tyranny that emanates from Washington DC like an evil cloud, send the stock market skyrocketing, stand up to Red China while supporting the FREE China, and managed to not embroil us in any new foreign wars. Among other things, of course.

    Some of you sound like a scene from the Monty Python film ‘Life of Brian:’

    REG: “All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?”

    Let’s see how you enjoy the rest of your life, now that the Liberal Progressives will be in charge for the foreseeable future.

    • Agreed!

      There is much he did to help the general welfare of the nation as a whole.. The Las Vegas incident could have been made much worse in regards to bans if the President had not stopped with ‘bump stocks’. Put yourself in the Presidents shoes for once.

      Don’t believe me? Wait until gas hits $5.00, the borders are open, Canada refuses to have anything to do with us ever again (KS Pipeline), you get forced into electric POS cars (it’s coming), the Green-new deal, China will move on Taiwan, and yep! prepare to send troops on more useless missions/wars. So much more than I have time to write.

      Remember Creepy Joe voters, YOU wanted this because you could not think for yourself and voted against your own self interest.

      • The Las Vegas incident could have been made much worse in regards to bans if the President had not stopped with ‘bump stocks’. Put yourself in the Presidents shoes for once.

        Like how could have things been worse?
        1) Would he have to deal with a hostile Congress?
        2) Lose the 2020 election?

        Both still happened despite his ban.
        That bumpstock ban didn’t help him in any way.
        The gun grabbers just moved down to the next 2A infrindgement that they want.

        The answer was to “Form a Blue Ribbon expert panel” on the situation and let it die like every other expert panel.

        • Again I’ll ask.

          What would you have had him do after Las Vegas?

          Ignore it? Your panel would have resulted in months of media BS.

          Pick your battles and hills to die on.

          Bump Stocks ain’t it.

  13. “no higher priorities”, but it took 4 years to sign? 🙄

    Rather odd to see Trump embracing tradition, in this case the usual slew of last minute EOs that do nothing but make their successor look bad when they reverse them.

  14. Even if it werent likely to be reversed, this is a bullshit “victory”. Why do these legal officials get a pass on the “undue burdens” that their fellow citizens must endure? This is a blatant attempt to curry political favor and salvage his brand as best he can.

    Trump was no friend of the 2A, he created a horrible precedent w/ bump stocks that’s going to really come back and bite us this year…

    • “…he created a horrible precedent w/ bump stocks..”

      The Left/Progressives need no precedent to attack 2A Rights.

      Do you actually think that President Trump assisted in their platform for the last 50 years?

      If anything he kept the wolves at bay for four years. Did you see any legislation get passed similar to the AWB?

      Stick around, it’s coming..and worse.

  15. Glad more people can exercise their God given rights. But…

    More special rights for retired law enforcement???? Equal Protection claim in 3,2,1.

  16. It’s official, the only thing Trump gave in the way of 2A support to the general citizenry was lip service. Talked a good game but did nothing. His saving grace was that Hillary was denied.

    • The Supreme Court nominations have potential to be the biggest contribution of any president in my lifetime. We’ll have to wait and see if the authoritarian, Constitution hating Left is able to pack the court.

  17. Who the hell is he kidding?? Nobody is going to mess with the people that live in ivory towers for carrying a firearm!! especially prosecutors and police!! Nothing to see here move along!!!

    • In the past 10 years, how many of those folk have been prosecuted for “gun crimes”? My bet would be none, nationwide.


  19. The President can issue a directive to the U.S. Marshals to deputize certain individuals, but he has no constitutional authority to supersede states’ police powers regarding their carry permits.


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