Open carry gun rights protest
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The FBI reportedly believes there is a “huge uprising” being planned for January 16 to 20 across America’s state capitals. The accuracy of the alleged report is more than a little in doubt. Others are publicly speculating that the supposed rallies are nothing more than false flag operation to provide the impetus for more gun control legislation both in the states and in Washington.

ABC News has the coverage of the supposed uprising.

Starting this week and running through at least Inauguration Day, armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols and at the U.S. Capitol, according to an internal FBI bulletin obtained by ABC News.

“The FBI received information about an identified armed group intending to travel to Washington, DC on 16 January,” the bulletin read. “They have warned that if Congress attempts to remove POTUS via the 25th Amendment, a huge uprising will occur.”

This is the same ABC News from which their senior political director Robert Klein called for “cleansing” the nation of the Trump movement.  From

“Even aside from impeachment and 25th Amendment talk, Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part,” Klein wrote in his popular blog.

“Cleansing the movement he commands, or getting rid of what he represents to so many Americans, is going to be something else,” he added, drawing comments that it sounded too much like Hitler.

Seeing how the mainstream media, tech giants and Democrats have completely misrepresented last week’s rally in Washington, D.C. as some sort of terrorist attack akin to 9/11, it seems possible that something more might be in play here.

refuse to be silence armed march capitol hill
Seen circulating on social media

As the protesters in D.C. knew last week, an armed march in the nation’s capital would violate local laws. Many in the pro-gun community are sounding the alarm for gun owners to stay away from these events if they do actually materialize. The Gateway Pundit writes:

WARNING! There are several armed protests at state capitols across the country before inaugural ceremonies next week.




We at TTAG are unaware of any organized plans to hold armed rallies at any state capitol complexes, much less holding them simultaneously in all fifty states. My day job is serving as the executive director of Guns Save Life in Illinois and no one has reached out to us about any rallies in Springfield. In fact, our annual Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day that was scheduled for April, 2021 has been cancelled per the Illinois State Rifle Association’s website because of COVID restrictions.

Either way, it might be a prudent idea for gun owners to stay far away from their state capitol buildings in the next few days, especially with their guns…even if state law allows lawful carry at or inside capitol buildings.

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    • Some entity with some serious backing/resources created that flyer.

      First of all, whoever created that flyer has professional graphic design skills and knows how to use graphic design software. Notice that the designer only uses three bold colors and is nevertheless able to achieve maximum effect (with only a tiny bit of text in a fourth color — white). Notice also that the designer employed text at an angle — something that an amateur would not even think of doing, much less know how to do. Then we have the fact that the designer did an outstanding job choosing text sizes and balancing their choices of text sizing with the other elements (including open space) of the entire flyer. Finally, notice that the designer constrained the flyer to about five major information elements — an important criteria making it easy/effective for a human mind to absorb the content. Again, that is something that only a professional graphic designer would typically understand and implement.

      I am also going to highlight the psychological considerations of that flyer. First of all, notice the messaging which is clearly designed to elicit a “patriotic” response — albeit tilted heavily toward violent armed response — in people with conservative leanings. Second of all, notice the color choices: red is the dominant color which subconsciously elicits anger. And yellow is the secondary color which also subconsciously elicits anger — although to a lesser extent. And I would argue that the combination of the red and yellow subconsciously elicits the concept of fire (destruction) and anger. Finally, notice that the red is not primary red (e.g. classic “fire engine” red) but red-orange — again combining with the yellow to elicit anger and fire.

      Finally, I would note two additional considerations:

      1) Typical flyers of a patriotic nature use classic “red, white, and blue” color schemes which are visually bold and exciting and yet non-inflammatory at the same time. This flyer obviously rejected the classic red, white, and blue color scheme for a red and yellow color scheme. That is significant and tells us something about the entity who created it.

      2) Notice that the small white text of the flyer says, “… our founding fathers fought …”. Did you notice that the text does not capitalize “founding fathers”? Almost everyone who refers to our “Founding Fathers” capitalizes them (as I did here). While this could be a simple oversight on the part of the graphic designer, I am having a hard time shaking the thought that there is something significant in the fact that flyer failed to capitalize them. Could it be that a foreign country (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea) created that flyer and did not realize that they should capitalize “Founding Fathers”? Or did a domestic enemy who hates our country’s founding (in the vein of the 1619 Project) create that flyer and refuse to give the proper respect that our Founding Fathers deserve?

      Someone who is fiendishly clever, manipulative, and evil (in my opinion) created that flyer — and almost had to have designed it well in advance of this week.

      • “This flyer obviously rejected the classic red, white, and blue color scheme for a red and yellow color scheme. That is significant and tells us something about the entity who created it.”

        Yep, Leftist created…

        • When reading this asshat’s angry, incoherent posts, it is instructive to remember that, by his own admission, he has never known the pleasures of a woman.

        • I was going to comment on the flyer as well. I agree with many of the points already made. One thing I’m not sure I agree with: it doesn’t take enormous resources to hire a competent graphic designer to do work like this. A flyer of this kind could cost just a few hundred bucks if you find a talented designer who works independently (not through an ad agency) and isn’t motivated only by money. It could cost even less than that if you find a talented, hungry college student or learner with some skill.

          The design approach is interesting to me, as color choices, fonts, framing, etc. strongly evoke the leftist “resist” motif that we have seen a lot of in the past few years. This look (workers of the world unite!) is, of course, inspired by the visual sensibilities of Soviet propaganda. It’s an aesthetically intriguing look, and its been executed fairly professionally here, but its not what I’d expect from a right-leaning poster, if I’m being honest (and I always try to be honest). Just one example of what I’m seeing: the Statue of Liberty is clearly meant to evoke the motif of the raised, clenched fist, seen almost ubiquitously on leftist posters of this kind.

          This mashup of right-wing content and left-wing visual style could be one of two things:

          1) It could be a misguided attempt by someone on the left, used to working in this visual style, to produce a supposedly right-leaning flyer for subversive means. This feels a little conspiracy-theoryish to me, but it’s not entirely implausible given where we are as a country.

          2) Or: it could just be an attempt by someone on the right to make an inspiring and motivating poster by drawing visual inspiration from leftist designs that have been shown to work, perhaps not thinking much about the deeper meaning and messaging behind this particular visual style.

          Either way, the poster looks good, but I’m not convinced it will actually press all the psychological and emotional buttons that the designer intends… actually, since we’re all questioning the design choices like this, it seems self-evident that it ISN’T pressing those buttons as it should be.

        • With a name like Corky you don’t leave much doubt about your intimate activities. You must like being the woman others know the pleasure of.

        • My first thought was it looked like a soviet propaganda poster. The inclusion of YELLOW (the color of cowards) is a dead give away that it was NOT done by or for patriots.

      • As far as the flyer being designed by a professional I have to disagree. I used to make flyers for my band way back in the 90s at Kinkos. I taught myself how to use Photoshop and Illustrator and used pro designs as an influence. All one needs is a bit of artistic talent.
        Your other points are excellent, however, but lead me to believe this wasn’t done by a professional counter-intelligence organization. They would have (at least I hope they would) caught all the minute details you did. I think this was done by “antifa” members or sympathizers.

        • @Dev,
          I agree with you about the amateur look and feel of the flyer.
          But Uncommon_Sense makes some great points too.

          Personally, the color scheme, I found irritating to look at.

      • Obvious as well is the “come armed” statement, dead center with the confluence of the two blocks of text drawing you to it and then setting that out in white, then including the proviso “at your personal discretion” as though your buddy is giving you a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, know what I mean.”

        This flyer is designed specifically to influence you to come armed.
        Its a pro-job for sure; a pro employed by whom I have no idea.

      • Another point towards it being a trap, the account that posted it used the hashtag “boogaloo.” Boogaloo is effectively a shibboleth at this point. It’s used to refer discretely to not a protest, but full revolution. And it is almost always used in sarcasm and jest, not seriously, as the rather ludicrous word demands. Nobody with actual interaction in the 2A sphere would use boogaloo to refer to a protest. This is a “Hello Fellow Kids” moment. Everyone needs to stay home, keep their heads down, and powder dry, because this reeks of someone trying to start something and lay the blame on us.

      • FFS I knew it and it threw me off; Liberty is backwards! Here she’s holding the torch in her left hand, the real statute holds it in her right.

        That there is bait.

        • That might be a compromise for the sake of the overall layout, not a coded message. Think about what would happen to the layout if the statue was flipped back to normal… the arm and torch would be behind the text, cluttering the background, making it hard to read, and leaving an ugly void where the arm currently is. A lot of work would be needed (a complete revision of the design, really) to make the design work without the statue flipped – I can see how a designer, working quickly and not thinking about layers of coded meaning, might simply flip the image to make it fit better along the right side of the layout. I’ve definitely done this before, many times…

          It’s probably not safe to make too many assumptions about the people behind this from the design of the poster alone. But it’s not a bad idea to ask some questions either…

        • Brodirt:

          I’m embarrassed that I missed that. I hope that I don’t have to give up my citizenship. 8>)

  1. The only things this will result in are fencing and no gun zones around capitals along with fueling the left.

    True Trump supporters and those that believe in conservatism and rule of law are better off finding other ways of dealing with this.

    Just one persons’ opinion…

    • Would it be funny if only ANTIFA and BLM turned up, but us POG would get blamed no matter who did it.

      • More likely Antifa Brownshirts and BLM wearing MAGA hats.

        Because Leftist scum is all about ‘Taking one for the team’…

    • Shire-man,

      I was thinking along the same lines.

      Far Leftists could be setting up a classic lose-lose situation for us. If we stay home, it looks like we do not care or that the Far Left has successfully bullied us into silence — thus our governments should not pay any attention to us. If we show up, the Far Left can send in a single Agent Provocateur (at each location) to smear our side and provide the necessary rationale for new draconian laws — and once again for our governments to refuse to pay any attention to us.

    • @Shire-man
      There were many armed protestors/citizens that showed up at the Virginia capital. More than once. Northam is still there and still put forth anti-gun legislation. What that did was produce optics. He was not shown anything. What was won? I was not there (armed or otherwise). Virginia residence that showed up armed had the same effect I did.

      Stay home and you lose
      Show up and you lose

      These things are not going to produce a win. They already know civilians have guns.

  2. The FBI reportedly believes there is a “huge uprising” being planned for January 16 to 20 across America’s state capitals.

    That is the first that I have heard about such an initiative.

    If such a huge demonstration were in the works, I would like to think that I would know about it.

    • Same. I’d say I’m fairly well connected in the state 2A community. Based on the planning and execution for previous 2A rallies in the state capital, I’m quite sure I would have heard about such a “huge uprising” movement by now. I can’t speak for all states, but if this happens in New Yorkistan, it ain’t going to be the usual 2A crowd that does it.

      Plus, if this actually happens in Albany, it will be with Cuomo’s blessing. When we had unarmed 2A rallies in Albany, his goons even confiscated cardboard cutouts shaped like rifles. If a bunch of people show up actually carrying guns in Albany and they aren’t shut down immediately, we’ll know the fix is in.

  3. You have a right to protest. I believe we should show up on Inauguration Day and let the incoming administration we are not going away. But leave your guns at home.

    • @Scott Baker,
      I agree with you.

      I think a pro-1stA and pro-2ndA sign would better than showing up armed/kitted up. Just feeds into the MSM narrative and push for gun-control.

      • When somebody says shit like this, I always like to ask “what have you done for the 2a, for liberty this year?” The answer is always nothing, just like the counsel others to do.

    • Theres too high a risk of some idiot with <100 rounds through his AR doing a ND and security forces returning fire. The day an AWB is proposed I'll be in the streets protesting armed but peacefully with the rest of you, but 15 cops were hospitalized and 2 died; feds are going to have itchy fingers.
      Clear eyed threat assessment (remember basic self defense?) says stay the fuck away. You do what you feel you have to though.

      • Do your rally, but away from the hot zones. And if someone wants to take the protest to the capital, they are probably a planted agent provocateur.

      • Poor cops, the first one killed was an unarmed veteran shot dead by the cops. Nobody seems to remember her.

  4. I would not doubt a false flag, or just a rumor for the MSM to have hysterics over and push the gun control narrative.
    Dont fall for it.

    And is it just me, or looking at that . . . flyer/poster, look more like something a socialist/SJW would make? The color combination, the words at the slant? Yellow stars on Lady Liberty’s armpit? Looks more like a Soviet era propaganda poster.

    • You beat me to it. The design seems all wrong for a right wing/2A event. Maybe the Liberal Gun Club is trying to do this?

    • “just a rumor for the MSM to have hysterics over and push the [fill in the blank] narrative.”

      Remember the reporting on how Trump’s cabinet was on the verge of invoking the 25th Amendment? Go scrutinize the reporting on that. It’s nothing but the media reporting that other media have reported it. The genesis appears to be unnamed sources, possibly state department “officials.” The entire point was to insert this narrative into the public conversation, so it wouldn’t seem to crazy when the politicians began calling for it, which was the plan all along. State run media indeed.

      • “Remember the reporting on how Trump’s cabinet was on the verge of invoking the 25th Amendment?“

        You are aware that three of his cabinet secretaries resigned rather than be caught up in the 25th amendment push, right?

        His acting Homeland security Secretary resigned after Trump withdrew his nomination because he had spoken against the insurrection.

        His secretary of Blackwater, Betsy DeVos, resigned in what will prove to be a vain attempt to avoid investigation.

        And most importantly, his secretary of the Chinese communist party, Elaine Chao, resigned to avoid too many pointed questions by the press.

        That scurrying sound you hear is rats leaving a sinking ship.

        • “You are aware that three of his cabinet secretaries resigned rather than be caught up in the 25th amendment push, right?”

          The resignations have nothing to do with the 25th amendment. The resignations are because they don’t want to be canceled. Have you missed the non-stop cancellation talk since the election? It escalated recently. They’re using the Capitol incident as an excuse. They only have two weeks to go, essentially making the resignations meaningless. The resignations are a type of virtue signaling to save their own butts.

          The 25th Amendment talk was seeded by democrat operatives and the media in order to pressure the Trump administration to do their dirty work. They knew the administration wasn’t really considering that. It was propaganda. They also know that they have the votes for impeachment, but it’s useless. The senate won’t even have time to take it up.

        • The left is pushing the 25th, not for Trump, but to get Americans comfortable with the terms.

          They plan on losing china joe in favor of kamala.

        • Nobody thinks the 25th amendment plan will fly because the remaining cabinet members are Trump loyalists who lack the patriotism necessary to move forward and remove Donald Trump.

          “The senate won’t even have time to take it up.”

          Until after the inauguration, when the Democrats will have a majority in the Senate and they will move forward with a successful conviction, thereby depriving Donald Trump of the opportunity to ever hold another office of public trust.

        • Congress doesn’t have the power to impeach a private citizen.

          “thereby depriving Donald Trump of the opportunity to ever hold another office of public trust.”

          That’s a perversion of the impeachment process.

        • But the Manchurian Candidate will need to be there for two years before his CCP funded retirement so Kameltoe can have 2 years plus 2 terms.

    • If you look closely through magnifying glass at the poster you will find fine print “Printed In China”

    • “flyer/poster, look more like something a socialist/SJW would make? The color combination, the words at the slant? Yellow stars on Lady Liberty’s armpit? Looks more like a Soviet era propaganda poster.”

      Flat-fucking-nailed it…

  5. Definitely looks like something a lefty would make, not an American. I would urge people to treat it like the FBI and Antifa trap it is.

    Maybe they’ll screw it up and the FBI and Antifa will start shooting each other.

  6. Anyone else believe that “refuse to be silenced” poster is something that came from anyone associated with the 2A/Trump crowd? Not to totally bash our side, but we don’t usually put out posters or flyers that are designed that, well-especially for an under the radar event. Plus, the colors are all wrong. Everything pro-Trump is typically red white and blue. Throwing the USSR red/yellow flag colors into a pro-2A/pro-Trump poster seems like more than a minor right wing faux pas.

    • @WARFAB,
      Good to know I was not the only one making the wrong colors/format observation.

      If you known anyone who thinks this is a good idea, and no one knows who is actually organizing this and not some just popped up on the interwebs, tell them to stop and think for a moment.
      Without further intel/information, or gun rights organizations backing, this does not pass the smell test.

    • “Everything pro-Trump is typically red white and blue. Throwing the USSR red/yellow flag colors into a pro-2A/pro-Trump poster seems like more than a minor right wing faux pas.”


  7. Heck, even the color scheme of that Leninesque alleged poster smacks more of BLM, Antifa and the far left than it does of conservatives. A pro-liberty, pro-conservative rally poster would be patriotic (for the US!) colors, not something that’s just lacking a hammer and sickle to make it fully representative of the group sponsoring it.

  8. Antifa/BLM (they are essentially “fronts” for a common revolutionary socialist leadership) are especially skilled at manipulating crowd behavior. If you look carefully at the video’s of the DC congressional break-ins you can easily pick-out the “agent provocateurs” who were leading the charge. They were dressed to resemble MAGA folks but actually weren’t. That’s how false-flag operations are carried out. Antifa/BLM know exactly how to do this.

  9. please stay home, the best statement we can make is to have all the media hysteria and National Guard presence be to stare at empty plaza’s. if you show up with a fire arm you are falling into the trap to take the right to bear arms away. make them look like fools, go to the range that day.

  10. Unless it is private groups in certain states who only communicate amongst themselves I have not heard anyone advocating, or any discussion or rumors of any armed protest anywhere including DC. This is either a sting operation by the FBI to entice us to join the fray, or it is completely a false flag operation with them busing a “rent a mob” in, giving them some Trump hats and turning them loose. Even if there was an armed insurrection being planned assembling in large groups around protected capitols does not make tactical sense.

      • We all know that the FBI entraps motivated but ill informed rubes all of the time. We don’t think it’s so bad when they set up foreign militants but now they’re trying to entrap as many gun owners as possible. Don’t fall for it !!

    • The FBI wants to be the American Stasi.

      They’ve already pledged allegiance to the Democrats. It would be a minor step to pledge allegiance to Xi Jinping and the CCP.

  11. I believe we should stay true to the message and symbol on the Gadsden flag “Don’t Tread On Me. Meaning we should be like a rattle snake: only respond to an attack, not starting it if left alone.

  12. Commie red and pulp, straight out of CHAZ/CHOP graphics department.
    PsyOp BS glowing like tritium on steroids.

    Not a Democracy, and Patriots don’t have to ‘DEMAND FREEDOM’, it’s God-given.

    Do not show up, and if you do(God help you), do so unarmed with the intent to wrestle any of their bots when they strike, maybe sacrificing your all. This is an infowar that these lumpy headed morons are trying to physicalize. DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT.

    Read uncommon’s description of the poster near the top.

    God bless America, long live the Republic.

  13. Yep, nothing but a false flag operation!

    So our friend Monty is an agent provocateur?

    He’s an undercover agent for the FBI?

    “Montana Actual says:
    January 11, 2021 at 14:53
    Hopefully that changes on inauguration day.

    Without it we are fucked.

    Show up armed this time and don’t back down.

    Even the groups of people I know who consider themselves “patriot groups” and half assed militias are thinking about one thing: themselves. No balls to organize and take the capitals. So I guess I’ll be looking for a more “extremists” group to frequent.


  14. VCDL Lobby Day is still on for Jan. 18th in VA. It’s a rally, not a protest. It also has a different format than last year because of covid 19 and lack of significant access to legislators to lobby.

  15. “Either way, it might be a prudent idea for gun owners to stay far away from their state capitol buildings in the next few days …”

    It’s wise not to carry firearms to any demonstration. It just raises the temperature.

    This could be an effort by TPTB to drum up panic and support for gun control. The FBI is famous for entrapment.

  16. The FBI as well as any other federal “alphabet agency” cannot be trusted, PERIOD! When professional criminals such as hilary clinton go about their sordid business while true patriots such as Leroy Finicum are murdered by government agents and an FBI “coup” is used to “take down” a duly elected President, all bets are off.

    • Don’t forget the blatant fraud known as “The Clinton Foundation” which took over $100 million in expenses to disburse about $5 million in charity. The biggest beneficiaries were William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton.

      Hunter Biden’s “Foundation” will have Joe Biden as the primary beneficiary and the main contributors will be the CCP and other party members.

  17. This has been discussed at length at, and the majority urge people to stay away, and certainly don’t bring any openly carried guns, as that would violate California law.

  18. I would suggest everyone stay home or be at work. Let the Police, Sheriff, and National Guard be prepared for any and all riots or domestic violence which arises but no one there but the rioters and Police. Arrest and jail all of them . Then get around to designating the groups as ‘domestic terrorist organizations’ and ban them along with their leaders forever.

  19. Caution: FBI Warns of ‘Armed Protests’ in State Capitols reads the headline.

    And what one wonders might the FBI hope/plan to do in the event of the above mentioned?

  20. The evil that has always beeb among us has been emboldened to become overt and active. Beware, my friends, beware.

    Be as gentle as doves and as shrewd as snakes. Best advice I can give and it is not me, it is Mathew 10:16

  21. it’s a trap!! but if everyone has guns who’s getting trapped? the Dirty tories said same thing don’t fight our lord and king georgie!!!

  22. Weird that there is no pro-gun group taking credit. Not point of contact(s) listed. Really just a dearth of information except for the DC location, which has all the national mall monuments on closed to the public currently AFAIK

  23. Bottom Line. The FBI has proven to be a Criminal Organization and is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

    They are American Storm Troopers and their actions prove it! They are the ones that attempted a COUP in order to remove a Duly Elected President. Remember the Mueller Scam Investigation?

    Some would call them Traitors and others would call them Dirty and they would be Correct.

  24. It’s a trap whether it’s planned or not. It may actually be targeted at the left to cement the idea of insurgency in their brains, and to encourage the antifites to show up for their revolution. If patriots show up they counter them or infiltrate and defame them or they blame all violence between the two on one side. We know well enough the mo of communists and they believe they need to physically take over symbols of authority to have a revolution. Small scale examples have already taken place with police and mayors taking orders from apparently the same people.

  25. Some people also say that there are a race of lizard people trying to take over our world. It doesn’t mean there’s any merit to it.

      • I couldn’t disagree more, Paul. I think that, in general, news reporting is broken (corporate control of the media, etc) but it doesn’t make this QAnon insanity, or a vast conspiracy to rig an election a viable belief.

  26. You’re missing the point. If Trump does not leave office he will NOT BE a private citizen and can be impeached at that point. Nancy is not as stupid as you think she is.

  27. An internal memo “obtained” by abc news. Sure it is. Not even the standard line, anonymous sources, probably fed to the fbi by abc or the dnc or ……. who knows. For what it’s worth my sources, who have local, state and national level connections all say its a set up. No 2A, Pro Trump, or conservative groups are responsible for or planning for these events.

  28. Doesn’t matter if no trump supporters show or not. The antipastos will show up dressed as armed Trump supporters, beat on the police, and the media will show it as such. And then the rest of is get ducked over for it with unpatriot act 2.0.

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