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Another question reporters could ask is whether this attack occurred in yet another place where civilians were banned from having guns. Former members of the Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas claim that the very left-wing Rabbi “didn’t allow his member (including myself) to be armed during services.” Whether this attacker knew the characteristics of this synagogue, 94% of the successful mass public shooters pick places where victims aren’t allowed to defend themselves. The national media constantly ignores dozens of what the police say would otherwise have been mass public shootings if a legal concealed handgun permit holder hadn’t been present.

— John R. Lott in What Reporters Should Ask Biden About Guns at His Promised Press Conference on Wednesday

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  1. I stopped asking permission from people; businesses, church/synagogue, employer, people I am visiting. I don’t give a fuck. I just carry. If they have signs, fuck the signs.

      • If I were a reporter a chuckling joe would ask me why I’m wearing a swim cap? My answer would be to keep perverts from sniffing my hair.

        My question for joe would be…joe, instead of debate America quite often hears and sees you associating your opponents with “Jim Crow.” Apparently you must not realize joe that over the past 47 years all aspects of your Gun Control are directly inherent with Jim Crow Gun Control and other atrocities where Gun Control led the charge.

        Knowing all aspects of your Gun Control directly ties you to Jim Crow do you now feel you owe millions of Americans simply exercising a Constitutional Right an apology and assurances you will cease with any and all forms of what is and has been joe’s Jim Crow Gun Control?

    • The Rabbi has since decided to put together an Armed Security Team. As much as he dislikes the idea of armed security in the synagogue. The realization of being a target of extremists and terrorists. Has changed his perspective on protecting his parishioners. Bad Experiences can become great teaching tools. As long as You survive.

        • “they’ll all get a gun”

          not a good idea. unlike the right, the left believes power comes out of the barrel of a gun and uses them that way.

      • fine. The fox nearly ate three of his “people” last week. About time he woke up.This guy is too liberal to really think straight.

        Whet he SHOULD do is go have chat with the folks at JPFO, same office as the Second Ammendment Foundation in Seattle. They can happily send him some ccurate and informative literature on precisely this subject. Those guys (at JPFO are the real deal. THEY know why God made some of the laws He did. I’ve got a lot of respect for that outfit. This rabbi guy whould simply annonce that henceforth anyone participating in the ctivites at this facility now has full permission to carry whatever “defensive” tooks they see fit. Only catch is, yu MUST be well versed in USING that tool yuo want to bring.

        He should read the stories of the Sutherland Springs church shooting, the West Freeway Baptist Church shooting not far from him, and wise up. One of those two went VERY nadly in terms of lost innocent lives. The other went badly enough, but FAR less bad than it would have been were it not for the well organised, trained, coordinated security team (all members who had volunteered and organised and trained togehter (“well regulated militia” defined right here).

        I visited friends at a church wervice near San Antonio a few years back, I knew Texs law had just been changed, it was no longer a crime to possess gun in a church service. Their laws had also recently changed such that they now recognised my own Mother May I Card from my home state. (my state won’t recognise Texas cards.. stupid,but….) I was just coing into SAA that morning, had the address of the churchhouse, and so drive directly there, arriving shortly after meeting had started. I did not now their “preference” or policies with respect to weapons in the hands of folks. in meetings. Knowing I could not be charged with a crime, I simply walked right in, my “friend” right where it always is. I took a seat near my friends……. meeting went on, was good. After was a full on sit down fellowship meal.
        During the meeting, observing, I got the strong impression that many of the men, and perhaps a few of the women, were armed. I|By the time his sermon was done, I was certain the preacher was armed, and most if not all the elders. During the visitng time s the meal came onto the tables, I got the strong impression that quite few of the men, and a signficant number of the women, carried. No I did not SEE anyone’s gun or printing. Just their manner and bearing. Noe individual in particular stood out… a one legged guy I took to be a veteran of war, likely Marine Corp. His positin, body language stance, constant casual alertness, tole me he was still “on”. O happened after a bit to get close eough to verhear his conversation with another young man.. about guns and training. Hmmm.. certain he’s a gun guy.

        After I left the meeting with my friends, and was at their house, one of them mentioned that he was going to be taking some training from the one legged ex-Marine (I HAD pgegged him well). So the “issue” was out in the open. I asked.. is it my imagination, or do a large number of folks there (maybe 150 total) carry regularly? He lughed. Yep. I told him I had guessed pastor and most if not all the elders were pakcing earlier, Every all the time, yes. AND two thirds fo their wives and adult daughters. mm… and at least half the other men and t lest a third of the other women also carry all the time. Then it was MY turn tol laugh.. well, I guess I didn’t need to worry about anyone “making” me as I was carrying. Noe. They’d thank yuo for doing your part. Wish I’d been able to stay in town for longer, I’m told the Marine gent would have been happy to go with me out to the range and spend some time with me. Turns ut he has trained abut two thirds of the members in that church, and he has drafted the security tem organisationi and plan “in the event”.

        No wonder I felt totally at ease whilst I was with them.

  2. quote————-94% of the successful mass public shooters pick places where victims aren’t allowed to defend themselves. ———–quote

    Much of what John Lott wrote about has been debunked by independent research.

    At the Los Vegas massacre where 400 some people where shot the Band there that night was armed to the teeth with pistols which they admitted were totally useless against a maniac shooting at them from over 400 yards away with assault rifles he had converted into full auto via bump stocks. The Band said they totally changed their minds about gun control and the need for more gun control. You do that when you have to face reality like they did.

    In the Colorado theater massacre the gunman had a bullet proof hat, jacket and pants on. A person watching the movie and armed with a handgun would have had almost zero chance of stopping him. His only chance would have been to make a between the eyes shot and in a darkened theater, which even a master pistol competitor would have probably failed to do under stress. And remember the nut case was armed with a high power rifle which made it easy to shoot anyone in the theater even at the last seat in the back of the room.

    When one considers the attacker has the element of surprise, has already aimed his weapon, is probably wearing bullet proof clothing and does not hesitate to pull the trigger and knows he is going to eventually die anyway this is the type of person and situation that is very hard to survive in.

    Keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them is far more effective as European and Asian gun laws have proven decades ago. There are very valid reasons foreign countries give mental tests to people, have long vetting periods to get a permit, have interviews with the persons neighbors and co-workers, have firearms training for safe gun handling and knowledge of the laws , and have safe storage laws and restrictions on the type of weapons allowed for civilian use. This is how civilized countries do it. Its all proven to work and work well.

    And last but no least would an armed Rabbi have been able to stop the attacker. The answer is no he would have been blow away before his gun was completely out of his holster. As it was because the Rabbi was not armed is the main reason he survived.

    • John Lott = science (proven, backed with facts and evidence, as true today as when it was written)

      dacian – speculation (misinformation, agenda approved narratives, fear encouraging tropes)

      • RE: darcydodo…”Much of what John Lott wrote about has been debunked by independent research.”

        Funny how a twerp like you attempts to discredit “John Lott” with an unknown, unnamed, totally anonymous “independent research.” Well poop for brains you and your unnamed independent research pals can run around unarmed all you want. And I encourage you to do so because it increases the odds you’ll get the criminal treatment that you and your sick ilk want to impose on others.
        You keep it up because busy body ignorant twerps exactly like you never cease to be an accident waiting to happen.

        • “Funny how a twerp like you attempts to discredit ‘John Lott’ with an unknown, unnamed, totally anonymous ‘independent research’.”

          he doesn’t say it because he believes it, he says it in order to steer perceptions.

          just like you do.

        • Noe. He says this stuff to get hispachecks from the dweebs who prop him up. He is obviously a shill for someone else that we can’t see. A front man, a puppet.

        • you see him. or rather them. it’s just that when you say who it is, you get shouted down. “how dare you! haven’t they suffered enough!”

    • “Much of what John Lott wrote about has been debunked by independent research.”

      No it hasn’t. In every case where “independent research” has approached the issue using the same verified data and information Lott used his research has been validated as true every time.

      • to Booger Brain

        I just love tearing your arrogant ignorant ass up one side and down the other.

        . The central finding in that book — that rates of gun ownership and the existence of “right to carry” laws reduce violent crime — have been the subject of numerous subsequent studies, the most sophisticated of which conclude Lott’s results are specious. (A National Research Council report found that the data did not support the theory.)

        After controversies involving his work and his aggressive, sometimes pseudonymous defense of it online, Lott left academia to become the founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. Yet that has hardly dented Lott’s reputation among defenders of minimal restrictions on guns.

        In other words Lotts bullshit got him booted out of Academia in disgrace.

        In our view he remains the single most important quasi-academic figure opposing gun control: There are many people making Second Amendment arguments in favor of the right to bear arms, but he is the originator of two of the NRA’s favorite talking points: that “right to carry” laws reduce crime and that murderers seek out gun-free zones for their “sprees.”

        But despite the effusive praise from gun advocates, and respectful treatment by the mainstream media, The War on Guns is riddled with errors and falsehoods that undermine most, if not all, of its major claims.


        • Lott dismisses the link between guns and suicide
          Every single case-control study done in the United States has found the presence of a firearm in the home is a strong risk factor for suicide. (That’s 24 separate studies.) Indeed, a 2014 meta-analysis by Andrew Anglemyer and two colleagues examining 16 studies found that gun availability tripled the overall risk of suicide (not just firearm suicide — suggesting that it wasn’t a question of victims substituting guns for other options). Indeed, if there is one aspect of the gun debate that is decidedly uncontroversial, it is that more guns means more suicides — although, of course, much research remains to be done on the subject.


          Lott claims, for instance, that James Holmes, who killed 12 people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012, specifically targeted the Cinemark theater because it had a gun-free zone policy, and that Holmes had ruled out attacking an airport because of its “substantial security.”

          Yet the main reason Holmes decided against attacking an airport, according to passages in 36 pages of handwritten notes gathered during the post-shooting investigation, is that he didn’t want his motive to be construed as terrorism.

          Moreover, the entire basis for Lott’s claims about the psychological motivation of Holmes is a highly unscientific search Lott conducted reported on his website

          In classifying theaters as gun-free zones, Lott makes the suspect assumption that any theater without a visible “No Weapons Allowed” sign must necessarily allow firearms. This also proved to be very wrong.

          More broadly, are we really to believe that sociopaths like James Holmes are hunched over their computers, searching for theaters within a certain radius of their home, calling up place after place to hash out the nuances of their weapons policies — all without any concern about arousing suspicions on the other end of the line?

          Along with his claims about the Aurora shooter, Lott also cites statements in the rambling “manifesto” of Elliot Rodger, who killed six people and wounded 14 others in Isla Vista, California, near the University of California at Santa Barbara campus. But Rodger makes it crystal clear that it was police officers he was worried about encountering, not armed civilians. (“There would be too many cops walking around during an event like Halloween, and cops are the only ones who could hinder my plans.”)

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “Lott dismisses the link between guns and suicide
          Every single case-control study done in the United States has found the presence of a firearm in the home is a strong risk factor for suicide.”

          Strange, in Japan, where private ownership of guns is nearly non-existent, suicide rates are vastly higher than in the USA.

          Refute, that, nattering nit-wit…

        • to Geoff

          quote————Strange, in Japan, where private ownership of guns is nearly non-existent, suicide rates are vastly higher than in the USA.————–quote

          You totally ignore the findings of the numerous studies which simply proves that if Japanese citizens did have the right to own handguns that their present rate of suicide would be far higher than it presently is.


        Lott’s empirical claim that only three mass shootings have occurred where civilians are allowed to carry firearms is also false. He misclassified shootings in Umpqua Community College in Oregon; Hiahleah, Florida; and elsewhere as occurring in gun-free zones. But as Politifact has reported, Umpqua permitted people with concealed-carry licenses to carry arms on campus. And it was widely noted that several students there were armed at the time of the shooting. The college “was never designated as a ‘gun-free zone’ by any signage or policy,”

        • Colleges are widely regarded as gun free zones because they almost always are, I certainly would not risk carrying there and I don’t know anyone dumb enough to do so. Even if we add those data pieces to the other side of the equation, congratulations, you go from 3 mass shootings where firearms were allowed to 5. A pathetic drop in the bucket compared to all the other places where guns were banned and people died. It doesn’t debunk anything as it’s statistically insignificant. Another “debunking” “fact check” that debunks nothing and is just another set of lies by ommission and framing.

          As for you Dacian, I take some small solace in knowing that someday you will be put up against the wall when you’re no longer useful. The only reason TTAG lets you post your drivel is because it drives comments, and comments = revenue. Frankly Dan and the others should consider gatekeeping obvious communist agitators like you, buuuut that would mean fewer comments, which would mean less money. And after all, what’re a few lies from marxist shills if TTAG gets paid to let it happen?

        • dacian, “Politifact” as a source? they have been discredited so many times, I lost count. IN fact in Oregon you are NOT permitted to carry a firearm on campus so that makes it a “gun free zone”, doesn’t it? As to the shooting in Hialeah, FL, I have tried to find out if that was in fact a “gun free zone” but cannot find anything either way.

          However there a NUMEROUS instances of shootings in gun free zones since you anti gun zealots came up with that stupid idea.

          Kind of shoots down your nonsense doesn’t it? I guess Sen Lott was correct.

          While not on point this is rather revealing:

        • dacian the stupid,

          Yes, college professors write all sorts of stupid s***. Idiots like you read it, and take it seriously. If you’d actually BEEN to college, you would know that professors are . . . not the brightest lights on the string. Ever heard of “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”??

          I had a few great professors (my Econ professor and one of my math professors were a credit to their profession). The rest varied between OK and useless. Professors have to “publish” to maintain their status. So they regularly put out nonsense, ALWAYS ideological, and usually partisan.

          And that is literally meaningless. I’ve read more doctoral dissertations than you’ve had dates with actual women . . . most of them are useless dreck. But I’m sure they impress the rubes, like you. “Academic peers” my happy @$$, you illiterate imbecile.

        • dacian Let me tell you a real life story. I was a Freshman at Long Island University taking a World History 101 Class. The professor was actually an “instructor” with a full beard, brown sport coat with matching brown trousers, a yellow colored dress shirt and an appropriate tie.

          The first words out of his mouth spouted Karl Marx ideology and the “wonders” of Communism. I had a utility OD jacket and a green beret. As he started spouting his nonsense, I quietly skipped on you utility jacket and placed the beret on the desk top. As he strode over in front of my desk, he glanced down and said, “Oh shit.” The entire class laughed at him.

          As a proud American, I promptly made minced meat of his ideological rant. (this incident happened before I enlisted in the USMC)

    • You know you could write entire books full of that drivel, and you could probably get them published, too. Then we’d come to this site because we’re gun nuts and we wanted to know details about the new HI POWER THAT FN IS PRODUCING but instead we’d all see articles posted here saying how you wrote more left wing stuff we disagree with because whoever runs this site seems to put up plenty of articles devoted to lefties.

      But hey if you’d rather waste your time posting it directly here in the comments that’s up to you.

    • I would take issue with your narrative. First off, most incidents don’t occur at 400 yards, nor does someone have a bullet proof hat since the kinetic energy would be enough to scramble his/her brain whether the bullet penetrated or not and I am not aware of any headgear that is truly bullet proof or would absorb the kinetic energy. Also, not sure I have ever seen a bullet proof jacket or pants even on swat teams or military. Usually, they are wearing hard armor under or over their clothing. Most self-defense take place at less than 10 feet so your arguments are poor ones. I think it is obvious that you know very little about this topic including the stats on the number of these incidents that are prevented by the good guy/gal with a gun. Its best when you don’t understand all the issues to stay silent.

      • “most incidents don’t occur at 400 yards”

        7 feet.

        most military infantry incidents take place at 21 feet.

    • At the Vegas concert if the band wasn’t “armed” with scoped equipped precision long guns then they weren’t “armed”. Padock was shooting from elevation at nearly 500 yards.

      • Much of what John Lott has written has been debunked… in a special edition of ” MadMagazine self defense questions requestioned ” – pick it up on fake news stands now.

        • For all of you who insist upon responding to Derpian, I have a question:

          If you run across a madman raving on a street corner, spouting the most insane, gibbering nonsense-cum-word salad imaginable, do you rush up and confront him with cogent arguments, carefully-phrased counterpoint, and reasoned, rational discourse, or do you go out of your way to avoid him because he is an insane, gibbering madman?

          Stop engaging it, and it will wither and die. Please.

        • John, so you’re saying that you don’t have a laser, or that you dont have any cats around ?

        • ” Stop engaging it, and it will wither and die ”

          No it won’t. Dacian is a self-feeding, self-perpetuating germ that feeds on its own bullshit. The more it vomits, the more it writes. I don’t think it cares if any reads its crap. It thrives on reading it itself. It’s never going to go away.

        • Upinarms,

          Which is PRECISELY why I kick his stupid ass every time he sticks his head up. His idiocy is an affront to rationality, and I feel obligated to abuse his worthless @$$ every time he shows up. I may not be able to make him go away, but I can abuse him, and laugh uproariously, every time I have the opportunity. Which, because he is a moron, is literally all the time.

          You would think a rational person (ah, but that excludes dacian the stupid) would get tired of getting their @$$ handed to them, but not our dacian. Nope, that nitwit keeps coming back and offering his @$$ for another kicking. Kinda sad, in a way.

        • To The Lamp that went out in his head.

          Quote————Which is PRECISELY why I kick his stupid ass every time he sticks his head up.————-quote

          Lamp out as of late I do not even have to respond to your rants as they have become so bizarre you make a fool of yourself without me even having to respond. You really are in need of a mental health care professional. Your howling, cussing and throwing yourself on the floor and kicking your feet really show how demented you really are. Of course this is the forum where I have found the most demented and sick far right people.

        • dacian, If you are not “responding” to his “rants”. what do you call this? Talking about someone being in need of mental health care, you Lefties forget that socialism is a mental disease.

          Again, to you, anyone to the right or Karl Marx is a “sick far right” person.

    • Fortunately for you, we don’t have a comptency test for ownership of firearms. You claim to CCW. Somehow, I don’t believe you. You say the bad guy will always get the draw on you, and you wouldn’t carry if a firearm would be worthless for self-defense. Your claimed intelligence would dictate that carrying a firearm would be a waste of time.

      So which is it? Carrying a firearm is worthy of self-defense or not? Do you prefer to die defending what is important to you like your family, or will you die on your knees like the coward you have shown you are?

      • to Wanabee Partrooper

        Your reading comprehension is at the 4th grade level and you ignore what I really have said many times. I have said that people should have the right to carry but that studies show that when you resist an armed robbery when the thief has already drawn down on that your chances are light years less of living if you resist rather than comply. The studies prove it beyond all doubt which of course you ignore with the wave of your hand because it does not fit your far right political agenda of “Never confuse me with the facts because I have already made up my mind”.

        • I know what you said. Your logic is carrying a firearm is hazardous, and if you resist, you will die. Yet you carry. Why? You’ll just die before you can act. Or are you a superhero and have skills the rest of us don’t have?

          And you even claim you’re more likely to die because you have a firearm. Again, you claim to have firearms.

          Either you full of shit or your a polemicist. And you’re not intelligent enough to be the latter.

        • dacian what you know about “reading comprehension” be summed up in a single word. NONEXISTENT.

          When you are confronted by an armed assailant it is best to comply at first until you see you have the advantage. Then you seek cover (not concealment) and play on your advantage while trying not to endanger other victims.

          “Never confuse me with facts because…” you already know everything, isn’t that right?

    • Just for the record, they were not “full auto.” The bump stocks allowed them shoot much, much faster, but NOT full auto. Facts can help carry your argument. Factually incorrect statements have the opposite effect.

    • dacian A “bullet proof hat?” Psst! There is no such thing. Don’t you mean a ‘ballistic helmet?” Which for your edification is “bullet resistant” not bullet proof. For your further edification, a “bullet proof vest” only prevents the projective from entering the victim and then it depends on the level. It is clear that those who have written articles on this incident did not address what a bullet proof vest does.

      Clearly you don’t know either. If you are wearing a bullet proof vest, in most cased you will be knocked down and receive at the best a very server hematoma (that’s a bruise). That bruise is a rather serious injury and while it is not fatal, it will land you in the hospital ER at best.

      Before you start in again, you might want to research your information far more thoroughly. Your anti-gun propaganda articles area incomplete at best, nonsense at worst.

      • Walter,

        Seriously, do you honestly think dacian the stupid ever bothers to research ANYTHING? He just grabs his latest list of Leftist/fascist talking points and spits them out.

        He knows nothing, he researches nothing, he certainly never says anything original . . . he’s just a jabbering nitwit spouting the talking points he’s been fed, and puffing himself up with how “intellectual” he is. He’s a clown, on his best days, and an embarrassment on most days. I personally find it satisfying to kick the crap out of him when he sticks his head up, laugh, and then go on with my day.

        • LampOfDiogenes In a word NO. I do not think that dacian the lame brain ever researches anything he says other than from one of his Karl Marx cronies. But my statement is to embarrass the “gentleman” to the rest of the members of the blog.
          Please don’t call him a clown. It’s an insult to clowns everywhere.

        • “Please don’t call him a clown. It’s an insult to clowns everywhere.”

          You are correct, Walter, and I apologize – being a legitimate clown is an actual profession, requiring actual work. Being an Internet hero, like dacian the dull, is . . . annoying? Pointless? Pathetic? Compensating (hey, dacian, how big is your gun??)?

          But thank you for correcting me.

      • to Walter Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies

        quote————dacian A “bullet proof hat?” Psst! There is no such thing.————-quote

        Your childish responses and crude attempts at one up-man-ship are really a laugh a minute. The police report stated he wore one.

        And you idiot here is just one of many advertisements for one.

        • dacian, the dunce, ROFLAMO A ball cap that is bullet proof? Oh please. That is going to do you a lot of good if you are shot in the face, isn’t it? It is an absolutely worthless, useless piece of gear. Almost as useless as you. I read the police report, it said he wore a “ballistic helmet, dunderhead.

    • cite the absolutley proven evidence that that lne shooter” actually USED bump stocks…. BATF never ws allowed to take even one of the rifles for examination. They were denied. There is NO eviddence bumpstocks were actually used. At 400 yards there wasn’t much energy left in those puny 5.56 rounds. The powers that shuold hve been CHOSE to overlook a PILE of signs thaat something was not right with this guy. And so far NO ONE has explained how that 800 pound window was removed and ticked inside the room. YU got any ideas?
      Aurura.. now that was NOT a “high powerd rifle” It was a plan jane garden variety AR pattern weapon firing the puny .223 rund.. not even legal for the taking of DEER in hunting season. Maybe he did have armour. Even a nine mm handgun rund will impact that plate armour with enough energy to cause SERIOUS pain and disorientation. Plenty of places to shoot where he’d have been taken out. If even one in ten of the moviegoers had defied the same signs he did and brought their handguns in for protection, and half of them had chosen to fire, he’d have quickly been taken out of action. Yoi’re lsitenign to the naysayers who will spew any crock of Brown Stuff to “support” their point. Within the space of that theatre room, anyone half decent with a handgun CIULD have hit him multiple times. If ALL the one in ten had been firing, he’d have collapsed like a cheap wet suit in a gale. A nine round fired from twenty five feet distance, hitting a steel armour helmet (an easy shot at that range) would have knowcked his head sideways and given him sich a headache from the CLANGGGGGG he’d have been totally disoriented for easily long enough for five guys to ground him and stomp on hhis rifle.

      In my state, those NO GUNS ALLOED signs can be ignored.. they only mean pretty please the owner would prefer you not bringyur gin inside. IF we catchyou we MAY ask pretty pelase that you remove your gun from our pweshus pwayce but you can come back in without it if yuo like. No crime is committed by the simple ignroing of that sign. In Colorado, however, being caught with a gun in there IS a crime, simpliciter. This killer knew that.

      You always leave out some of the critical details when you weave your fairytales. I know many who defy the leglly binding signs and carry anyway. They figure its better to risk getting busted than risk being caught in a Certified Defenseless Victim Zone unarmed when a nutjob is shooting. at you. I always ignore the signs. Many others I know do as well.

      You live in a VERY strange world.

      • “There is NO eviddence bumpstocks were actually used“

        “You always leave out some of the critical details when you weave your fairytales“

        You are nothing but a sadly deluded right wing liar, I’m not sure if you believe this shit or if you’re just spouting the narrative out of fear.

        I bet you think Donald Trump won the 2020 election as well…

        “Guns found inside Mandalay Bay rooms 32-135 and 32-134:

        Colt M4 Carbine AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. Front sight only.
        Noveske N4 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 40 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        LWRC M61C AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        POF USA P-308 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine
        Christensen Arms CA-15 AR-15 .223 Wylde with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        POF USA P-15 P AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.

        Colt Competition AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        Smith & Wesson 342 AirLite .38 caliber revolver with 4 cartridges, 1 expended cartridge case.
        LWRC M61C AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        FNH FM15 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.
        Daniel Defense DD5V1 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.
        FNH FN15 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.

        POF USA P15 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        Colt M4 Carbine AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine.
        Daniel Defense M4A1 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. EOTech optic.
        LMT Def. 2000 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        Daniel Defense DDM4V11 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip. No magazine. EOTech optic.
        Sig Sauer SIG716 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, red dot optic and 25 round magazine.

        Daniel Defense DD5V1 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod and scope. No magazine.
        FNH FN15 AR-15 .223/5.56 with a bump stock, vertical fore grip and 100 round magazine. No sights or optics.
        Ruger American .308 caliber bolt action rifle with scope.
        LMT LM308MWS AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod and red dot scope. No magazine.
        Ruger SR0762 AR-10 .308/7.62 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.
        LMT LM308MWS AR-10 with a bipod, scope and 25 round magazine.“

  3. I probably would go to a reform synagogue myself to begin with. Most of the conservative synagogues I would attend allow us to carry.
    If I was told I could not I would not make a fuss, I would just not attend services there.

  4. When I am going to an establishment that does not allow guns, I simple adjust the level of concealment. Example: at church, my Sneaky Pete is fine. Lot’s of folk guess what it is but no one says anything. When going to an actual Post Office (not a pack-n-ship) my LCP-2 in a pocket holster serves nicely. Friends and family that do not allow guns in their homes: don’t got none of those.

    • When I go into my local Post Office, I’m confronted with the classic dilemma of Federal gun law, in which it’s a crime to be in possession of a gun while on Federal property without a special permit.

      It’s pretty much a no-brainer to refrain from bringing your gun into the building, but what about the usual fallback of leaving it unloaded and locked in a container in your vehicle outside? Technically it’s still against the law. And for a real brain teaser, our local PO has a large drop-off bin outside near the street, located in a pull-thru lane on the far end of the parking lot down the hill (building is way up on top of the hill, bin is down by the entrance). If I want to avoid the problem of bringing a gun up the hill – even if locked away – I can drop off my mail in the bin below. But you need to pull through that lane to access it, which brings your vehicle about twenty feet into Federal property, even though there’s nothing there but a bin and some trees.

      The true Gray Man says nothing. The true Free Man says nothing. Just sayin’…

      …or maybe sayin’ nothing. 🙂

      • Haz,

        You, my friend, are more scrupulous than I. It is all about risk management. I know the layout and operations of the two post-offices I occasionally use. Risk of having concealment discovered is close to zero. If a bad-guy shows up, I may have choices to make, but that is a risk I accept.

        Now, going to New Jersey to visit family, no way I take a gat. The risk of an event on the road (have you seen how those maniacs drive out there?) and subsequent police involvement is too great. A nephew of mine is an NJ cop. He told me straightly “I really do not care whether it is constitutional or not. I enforce NJ law.”

        • I consider all possible events, including an unexpected vehicular accident. If I’m hit by someone and am rendered unconscious or incoherent, I’ll be transported and separated from my guns/gear while my vehicle is towed to God-knows-where, with God-knows-who having access to it. If one of the persons going through my vehicle is a LEO filling out a necessary report, I don’t want the situation to go sideways in a direction that will put me into a legally disadvantageous position, regardless of my good intentions (and constitutional rights, which are used by our Sacramento elites to wipe themselves).

        • Must be a lousy cop to violate his oath to the Constitution. Not sure why anyone like that would want to be a cop and think its OK not to obey the laws they swear to enforce that are Constitutional. No balls I guess.

        • Dprato,

          Cannot argue with you.
          In his favor, he has been a stellar husband to my niece and a loving father to his children.

          That being said, I agree, the Constitution is critical to the health of our nation…if you are in law enforcement, get with the union and come up with a plan to enforce the Constitution.

      • The instane my car or bicycle crosses from the sidewalk or driveway onto the tarmac of the postoffice, I am in violation of the law no matter WHERE the gun is. If it is above that tarmac it is in violation. BUT how can I get from home to get the mail legally when I WILL be armed riding the bike out on the roads, but cnnot be once I get to the post office. I can’t even drop a letter in the box without stepping on PO property.

        But I DO know there are almost never any feds hanging out at or near the Post Office Local cops cna’t arrest for fed crimes. I just carry on as if that law does not exist. Now when I have piece of “sensitive” business where discussion might get a bit “excitable”, then I will leave it in the car, still illegal, but no one has a clue. Except me and I don’t care. That way if I happen to get “made” during the discussion well I’m not armed. The instant I’m back at the car, its back upon my person, where it belongs.
        SO far I’ve never had ANYONE “make me” while I’m out on the road bike. Even the times a copper was harrassing me in public, deliberatley trying to provoke me into “going off” on him so he oculd deck me *a real pig, far more equal than most other pigs) He never had a clue that this old guy on a road bike MIGHT be armed, cause if he’d suspected and ASKED I’d have been bound to answer in the affirmetive. No duty to inform in that state, but if asked I MUST answer accuratley and if also asked produce my Mother May I CArd, which I always have anyway. Never suspected in the least. Most cyclists do NOT go about armed. Easy targets for the dirtbags, which is why I am always armed when on that thing.

    • LifeSavor,

      I, too, ignore “no guns allowed” signs on state and federal buildings, unless they have magnetometers (which many do, these days) – I pay for those damn buildings and the salaries of the “security” they employ. If I want to carry, I will carry. If they have scanners, and I can’t carry, I will usually avoid them.

      But private businesses have the right (IMHO), to say, “You can’t carry in here”. OK, you don’t value my life, so I won’t do business with you. But I don’t willfully violate a “no guns allowed” sign in a private business. I just don’t go in, and never go back.

      • I carry in those laces. WHO are they to tell ME I cannot be prepared for any eventuality that might unfold on their dirt? THEY do not take any responsibility for MY security, nor will they compensate me if I am harmed due to their policy.

        Besides, that Second Article of Ammendment clearly states “shall not be infringed”: note well: it does NOT provide any limitatioins on wh/what may or may not do the infringing. Not even a guy operating a store(a public accomodation by law) cannot disarm me uless he provides a locked secure storage place for my gun, to which I will have the only key until I retrieve it. His privat ehime? Fine. But HE now has responsibility for my safety on HIS home property. That is not a “public accomodatiom”. His business IS. Besides, concealed is concealed. Discrete carry rig, my manner and bearing being non-threatening, why would he suspect, and even ifhe did, why would he ask me? MY bidness and nunna his.

        • I don’t disagree with you, philosophically, tionico. But it is THEIR business. If they want to structure their business in such a way that shows their disdain for my life and safety, why would I patronize them in the first place??

          Just like I want them to acknowledge my right to self-defense, I must recognize their right to conduct their business as they see fit. I don’t do business with lots of people, not because I disagree with their ideology – they can believe whatever the f*** they want – but because I don’t accept them making an issue of it. I haven’t watched a new Hollyweird movie in a decade, and I won’t watch the NFL or NBA. They are entitled to their idiocy; I am entitled to do business elsewhere.

      • To The Lamp that went out in his head

        quote———–I, too, ignore “no guns allowed”————quote

        Admitting you commit crime on the internet is about a dumb a move as you could ever make. And if an employer or Law Enforcement ever wants to nail you you just gave them another tool to do it with in several ways but even if I explained this in depth it would be way over your head.

        • dacian, the dunderhead, Oh please. to have admitted to committing a crime, he would have had to give time date and place. From what LampOf Diogenes told you, no prosecutor would tough your complaint with a ten foot pole.

          Did your mom bounce you on your head as a baby? Maybe she is still bouncing your head around the table with your siblings?

  5. If I was still in the clergy, I’d probably be defrocked for recommending parishioners come to services and other activities discretely armed.

  6. It makes no difference to me personally if the president is ask about this or not. The question and the answer won’t change anything I do. The problem is that when no one publicly voices concerns like these people gloss over them. One of the biggest problems with the media is in what you don’t hear. Lies of omission.

    • Perhaps it would be good for Biden to make a statement on “gun control”. If the trend continues, his toxicity will have the opposite result.

      There is a reason why 7% of Democrats have jumped over to the Republican side in the last year.

      • This is a double edge swords. Democrats on the Republican side is exactly what RINO’s are. Too much of that and you end up with people thinking there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

  7. My question for Biden would be: “Do you know what you ate for breakfast this morning?”

    Or maybe:
    “Without looking down, can you tell me the color of your shirt?”

    Or this:
    “You really do not care about when the election fraud is proven and you are sent to prison. You do not know where you are, anyway. Correct?”

    Or, finally:
    “You are getting near the end. Aren’t you even the least bit trouble about what God will have to say?”

    • “My question for Biden would be: ‘Do you know what you ate for breakfast this morning?’”

      should ask him how much longer obama will on vacation leaving him as president. betcha he’d say a week or two more.

    • My question for Biden would be, “What’s your full name, and can you spell it?”

      Biden was a moron when he was in the Senate. Now he is a senile, child-groping moron. His cognitive capacity may be less than dacian’s (it’s a close-run thing).

  8. That rabbi should actually read the Book of Esther so that he understands exactly how Queen Esther saved the Jews from a royal edict to exterminate them. Since Persian law prohibited even the King from rescinding a royal edict, Queen Esther Kitty Whipped the King into issuing a new edict that commanded the Jews to arm themselves and gather together to defend themselves. The Bible is very explicit about the tens of thousands of would be exterminators that were killed.

  9. Every morning Jill has to tell her husband that the yellow stain goes in the front and the brown stain goes in the rear.

  10. Why are you using tax payer funded stimulus money (that was supposed to help the tax payers the government hurt) to fund the southern border invasion? Why are you allowing terrorists into the country?

  11. A question that will not be asked Pestident joe theBiden , ” Did you just fart or does your diaper needs changed?”

  12. My question for Biden would be: If a car travels 340 miles on 20 gallons of gas, and gas costs $4.646 per gallon, how long will it be before you are ridden out of town on a rail?

  13. Bump fire stocks do not convert rifles into machine guns, they simply make firing that rifle through bump firing easier.

    An AR-15 is not a high-powered rifle either. Typically they are chambered in a cartridge so weak that they’re not even legal for hunting game animals in most States. There is a reason AR-15s and the cartridge that they typically fire was contemptuously called a poodle gun back in an era when men were familiar with real rifles and had use them in combat.

    Even when a person is totally covered in body armor you don’t have to hit them in the torso, head, or legs to take them out of the gun fight. Hands and arms that are holding the gun are easily damaged by returning gunfire and firearms themselves if they are a fragile design such as an AR-15 are all so easily disabled by being struck with a bullet. I know this from first-hand experience.

    Of the 471 people that were shot in the Las Vegas shooting only 60 of them died which is a pathetic fatality rate for a rifle wound. They are lucky that the shooter used something as weak as an AR-15. Were I plotting to do the same thing I would put together a Browning 1919 and the fatality rate would have probably been in the high 70th percentile range. If you want to nitpick about the implausibility of someone building a Browning 1919 I know from first-hand experience how easily they are put together having built dozens of legal NFA variations in my life.

    What I think is funny is how leftist describe an AR-15 as an Unstoppable death ray in the hands of a mass shooter while in the same breath saying they’re utterly useless if you’re trying to oppose the government.

      • Leftwing Rabbi…who’s surprised? Meanwhile the conservative hardcore orthodox are armed. Oy vey! My hunch was correctomundo…

    • “Were I plotting to do the same thing I would put together a… “

      Now that there is sure scary…

      • Miner49er, just because someone has knowledge doesn’t mean they act in a bad way. Sometimes, we find that when we are looking at defensive measures and gaming them against known offensive capabilities, and we follow that rabbit into the hole and find some disturbing knowledge.

        • One can theorize about the tactics of their opponent without adopting the fantasies and delusions they hold.

          Many are all too ready to see themselves as the mass shooter, fantasizing about exactly what weapons and tactics they would use to kill innocent victims.

          In some situation it’s nothing but rehearsal.

        • Miner49er Isn’t that all you are doing? Theorizing?
          Let me clue you in. When a trained individual is in a situation where he might have to use his firearm, he in short order surveys the situation and then quickly formulates a plan and then executes that plan.

          Who do you know that has “fantasized” about being a mass shooter? I think you have passed delusional and become idiotic.

      • I’m sure lots of things scare you, MinorIQ. I try to limit my fear to actual situations that endanger me or someone I care about . . . but you do you.

        All us redneck, gun-and-cousin-humping rednecks are out to get y’all, donchaknow???

        Grow the eff up, you snowflake.

        • Limpid, in point of fact, I’m the gun toting redneck that you should be concerned about. Here in the mountains we know what a redneck is, and we are ready to defend our country from rebellious scalawags who would tear down democracy in order to install their chosen dictator.

          Regretfully, the history you learned in school was edited by big corporations and wealthy landowners so you don’t really know what redneck is.

          I’ve sat in Sid Hatfields parlor and raised a toast to his memory and bravery.

          I find it quite fitting Appalachian coal miners such as Sid and Smedley Butler have shown the way for freedom living Americans to take back their government and country.

        • Good Gawd, you ARE becoming as big a dips*** as dacian!!!

          In the first instance, twit, you are not ANYTHING I am, or ever will be, afraid of. You want to jump froggy, junior? I am your huckleberry.

          In the second instance, I know more actual history than you are even CAPABLE of learning – witness your absolutely lunatic “interpretations” of the Constitution, and your IDIOTIC argument that Congress can enact gun control to “regulate the Militia”.

          i used to think you deluded, but at least somewhat articulate. Now you are become both irrational AND illiterate. But have a nice day!!!

        • “You want to jump froggy, junior? I am your huckleberry“

          You certainly are a big man, hiding behind that keyboard…

          Lamprey, i’m not surprised you stoop to name-calling and posturing.

          Others have said it much better than I could, so I’ll apply their language:

          “You’re nearly a good laugh
          Almost worth a quick grin
          You like the feel of steel
          You’re hot stuff with a hat pin
          And good fun with a hand gun
          You’re nearly a laugh
          You’re nearly a laugh
          But you’re really a cry”

        • Miner49er Give it a rest. You Lefties allege that history was/is “edited by corporations and wealthy land owners”? ROFLAMO. You Lefties want to bombard our kids with your woke nonsense and 1619 crapola. Sorry Bub, but your mouthwash isn’t cutting it.

    • to Officer Bill

      Billy Boy you know as much about weapons as you do about rocket science. A buddy of mine who once owned a small farm shot corn fed Ohio White Tail Deer who on the hoof went 180lbs and he shot them with fmj bullets at a measured 225 yards. It took one shot to kill them. And you mouth off that the .223 is anemic. I might add the longest distance any of the deer shot ran was just 25 yards. Most though just drooped dead without even taking one step. Now tell me the .223 is anemic.

      60 minutes did a special on the destructive power of the .223 and seeing was believing. Too bad you missed the program it would have prevented you from making a fool of yourself.

      There also exist some very horrific photos both civilian and military of the destructive power of the military 5.56mm and the civilian .223 and you laughably call the round anemic.

      • dacian Wow! You use 60 Minutes as a source? Please tell me you are kidding. While I do believe that the .223 (or the 5.56mm which is slightly more powerful due to increased powder) it has been found to not be so powerful as any of the .30 cals or the 6.5 Creedmore. The .223 is a good cartridge (notice I said cartridge not bullet) for self defense when it hits bone. I agree it is not “anemic” but it is not recommended for deer or other big game hunting.

        I’m still waiting for your response to my question about the firing sequence of a cartridge. But I won’t hold my breath, wannabe.

        I notice in your story, you claim he “shot them”? I do believe that unless he had a special permit he could not have shot “them”. Have a good day. I do think as usual you are lying like a rug.

        • Walter Jed Camplett of the Beverly Hillbillies

          Your response is about as ignorant as you mouthing off that bullet proof baseball caps did not exist. You are a laugh a minute.

          I might add you Dotard that the Eskimos for years preferred the .222 Remington for killing walrus, polar bears, and caribou. But what would a retard like you know about cartridges and hunting and killing power.

        • dacian the dunderhead, If you bother to read what I wrote, I said that what you described as a “bullet proof hat” was not a “bullet proof hat” but a “ballistic helmet.” Keep up showing how incredibly stupid you really are.

          A .222 Rem for hunting a walrus, or polar bear or caribou? I wouldn’t know as I have never hunted either. But a .222 is not the same round as a .223 or a 5.56, now is it? Here is some very pertinent information for your sorry behind about the .222 Rem.

          If you knew anything about .223 ballistics: you would know that the .223 is suitable for varmints and small game but not very effective for “big game” such as deer, polar bears or caribou. Your knowledge of ballistics is pathetically lacking.
          Now I don’t know what Eskimos do but it could be that they can’t handle a .30 cal. Too much recoil for them. You do know what recoil is, right, “gun expert”.

          I am still waiting for you to tell us what the firing sequence is for a cartridge. I mean you claim to be a firearms “expert”, don’t you? But I sure as hell am not going to hold my breath.

          When God passed out brains you thought he said trains and took the express out of town. The conductor is still looking for you as you did not even pay for the ticket.

      • I am an FFL 01, 07 SOT and have forgotten more about guns than you will ever know. Any bullet can kill, my goal is to kill humanely. Most states have a 6 mm minimum for game animals and they do that for a reason. Can you kill large game with a 5.56? Sure you. Is it the best cartridge to choose? No it absolutely is not. At close range a 5.56 is quite destructive because it uses velocity to cause disproportionate to caliber wounding. What’s the velocity drops below about 2600fps you have to depend on bullet design to cause adequate wounding for immediate death.

        • Boy talk texting sure butchered what I was trying to write. We should really have a feature that allows us to edit a post within the first few minutes of posting

      • I just noticed your comment about my knowledge of rocket science. Ironically enough I have a level 3 HPR certification for rocket science and have won several awards in the hobby did I have participated in for the past 46 years . I’ve also built my own experimental class airplane that I have flown around the world a few times.

  14. Or how about this one: “Mr. President, if you could be any barnyard animal, which one would it be?”

    • Such research, much truth, Vox. Come on man you could at least pretend to have an argument even Vice would be a fig leaf.

    • You SERIOUSLY cited VOX as a source for your argument????

      dacian, every time I think you can’t get any stupider, you prove me wrong.

      Like I’ve said before, boy – you are dumber than Baalam’s off ass (figured it out, yet?? No, because you’re stupid.)

      Tell us all about your degrees from Harvard and Oxford, dacian the liar.

  15. “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women are created, by the, you know the, you know the thing,”

    — Joe Biden March 2020

    I think one of the things reporters should ask him is “Mr. President, have you read the Constitution yet?”

    • ” Don’t be such a horse’s ass. I don’t work for you.” Joseph R. ” King Dribblecup ” Biden , March 11, 2020

    • his Chinese interpreter has filled him in on what he needs to know about the it.
      theBiden hasn’t been in office very long and look what he’s did to the country already.
      Stopped the spread of coronavirus in just 100 short days, ended the wars in the middle east, made shopping easier and less confusing on what you want to buy,stopped the mostly peaceful rioters, slowed the demise of dinosaurs, increased the sales of scented hair spray, increased trade with China, decreased the work load of the American worker, decreased the stigma of dementia, secured our boaders, ,disarmed the Taliban of their com bloc weapons, restored faith in the voting system, brought unity to America and much more.
      Our Pestident has did a lot to this country so far and he is only getting started. With his leadership our future is an oyster.

      • In satire we find the truth. Excellent Mr Possum. I apologize for having ate a few of your relatives when I was younger. Had I known the true wisdom of the Possum I would have excused myself from the table.

    • .40cal,

      The first problem would be that Senile Gropey Joe wouldn’t understand your question in the first place. The second would be that neither Senile Gropey Joe or anyone in his administration, or his handlers, give a flying fornication about the Constitution, so of course they’ve never read it.

      And they bitched about Donald Trump and his mean tweets.

  16. I would like to ask why illegal immigration is so profitable to his Party.

    Why must those who are working need to have vaccinations to continue working and paying taxes while those who choose not to work don’t need vaccinations to draw enhanced handouts?

    Does the POTUS remember the May 2020 riots at the Capital and how many casualties there were among LE?

    Were you for the filibuster before you were against it? Will you still want to get rid of the filibuster when the Rs take the House and Senate?

    Mr President can you answer a question truthfully?

  17. Biden let slip the truth about any gun control efforts. Criminals don’t obey the law.
    We always get told by those who would limit our rights about how things are done in other countries. Forgetting that we are not those countries and don’t have their particular cultural or societal moray’s. This is not Germany or Japan. We don’t have the shared background of a more homogeneous society. And, with the current identity politics being jammed down our throats, likely never will have the shared culture of just being Americans.
    We do however have our Founding Documents, and our Bill of Rights. Which is amazingly well and understandably clearly written. The Constitution and Bill of Rights very clearly defines and limits the powers and duties of the Federal Government. Most of those limits and duties have been long ignored or overridden by ever more power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats.
    Both classes of people need to be reined in harshly from time to time. And reminded as to who works for who and who is supposed to hold the real power in the country. I just hope we can do so without it costing lives.

  18. Daddy dacian, please tell me my favorite story again. You know the one where all the smart people explain the tactical advantage of being unarmed in a gun fight.

    • If you are in a gun fight, you have already lost.

      “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle”
      Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      • Oh, FFS, MinorIQ, did you fall down and knock out what few brains you might have had? OF COURSE, no one in their right mind would CHOOSE to go into a gun fight – but INTELLIGENT people realize that we don’t always get to make that choice, so being prepared for it is an intelligent option for those willing to exercise it properly.

        Again, I used to find you deluded, illiterate, ahistorical, and wrong-headed, but accepted that there MIGHT be some degree of intellect (albeit completely off-the-wall). Now, you’re becoming just another dacian-clone clown. You aren’t even fun to kick around, anymore. You’re now too stupid to insult.

      • Miner49er This might surprise you but there are times when you are unable to avoid being in a fight let alone a gun fight. I would suggest you grow up and grow a pair.

        • Lamprey, there’s nothing wrong with working out a plan in advance to protect one’s life in a self-defense situation, even one involving firearms.

          But that is a far different thing from theorizing how to kill the maximum number of innocent people at 400m with a home built M1919.

          Officer Bill:

          “Were I plotting to do the same thing I would put together a Browning 1919 and the fatality rate would have probably been in the high 70th percentile range“

          I guess he’s just “playing a game in his mind… “

          Troubling… I think any prudent person should be concerned.

        • Miner49er Working out a plan in advance? ROFLAMOBT! There is no way you can anticipate events. Sometimes you perceive a danger and it is bet to not be there, but such is actually way beyond your control.

          I repeat the question I posed to you a few hours ago. Who do you know “theorizing how to kill the maximum number of innocent people at 400m with a home built M1919.”?

          I await your response.

        • “Who do you know “theorizing how to kill the maximum number of innocent people at 400m with a home built M1919.”?“

          Officer Bill:

          “Were I plotting to do the same thing I would put together a Browning 1919 and the fatality rate would have probably been in the high 70th percentile range“

        • Miner49er Lamp is 100% right, You have a rather low IQ coupled with a reading comprehension problem. Officer Bill is NOT “fantasizing” He uses the word IF to denote that he is NOT “fantasizing”. Your “gotcha” just shows your educational deficiency.

          Please, go back to grammar school and take your reading course all over again.

  19. Miner49er, sometimes gunfights are unavoidable and when they absolutely have to happen professionals like myself get called in to do the Dirty Work that people like you are afraid of. Unfortunately for people like me I’m dependent on people like you to avoid me having to get into a gunfight and so far in my lifetime none of you have been up to the task. Maybe your dumb ass can find a quote from The Art of War concerning that.

  20. Miner49er, I see both side of an engagement. It comes with training and experience; it also keeps you and those around you alive. When I made my comment about a 1919 I was mocking how pathetically ineffective Stephen Paddock’s (if you believe he pulled the trigger) efforts were and was pointing out how much worse it could have been if he had chosen his equipment with a little more care.

    It is comical to me that people like you are terrified of what are labeled assault weapons when a common 12ga bird hunting shotgun loaded with buck shot causes massively more damage then any wound I have ever seen caused by an M4, AK, or M16. If fact the only wound I have seen first hand that was more egregious then a 12ga wound was caused by a grenade that I dropped into an enclosed area.

    • “a common 12ga bird hunting shotgun loaded with buck shot causes massively more damage then any wound I have ever seen caused by an M4, AK, or M16“

      The situation we’re discussing involved ranges exceeding 400 m, your 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot would’ve been less than worthless at that range.

      • I was not talking about any specific distance at all. I was talking about what a wound looks like.

        As someone who has shot other people at 400 yards with a 5.56 I can tell you that most people can keep going from that hit unless you hit them in the throat or head. Any gun shot wound hurts but some do a lot more damage then others. Past 200 yards I want a much heavier and fragmenting bullet instead of the 77gr OTM bullets I was shooting in 5.56. I believe the Hornady 75gr BTHP match bullet would have been a much more effective load over the 77gr SMK I had to use. An old style A-Max was a perfect bullet for light game or people at just about any range if you went 7mm or larger but I have only shot critters with an A-Max.

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