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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Joe’s luck has turned. Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton all came into office with majorities in both the Senate and House, as well as a honeymoon. All of them — yes, even Trump — were far more talented and charismatic than Biden. In those days, moderates still roamed the halls of Congress. Even George W. Bush was able to pass a big education bill (unfortunately).

Right now, the prospects of Republicans holding the Senate are high. Even if the GOP loses run-offs in Georgia, a thin majority makes any big reform improbable. One now wonders if such reforms would even get out of the House, where Democrats now have one of the slimmest majorities of any party in decades. And what will the House look like in the future? Most pollsters were predicting a Blue Wave would give Democrats control of a number of Republican statehouses and thus redistricting. As of this writing, Democrats have flipped none.

After a possible COVID-relief and, maybe, an infrastructure bill, Biden would face the prospect of gridlock. There will be no Green New Deal hiking energy prices and destroying personal freedom. There will be no Court-packing. No state programs funding late-term abortions. There will be no single-payer socialized medicine. No gun bans. No big tax hikes. There will be no big progressive reforms. It’s also difficult to see Biden replacing a “conservative” Supreme Court justice. Not in the foreseeable future.

– David Harsanyi in This Is Biden’s Worst-Case Scenario for a Presidency

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  1. I suspect an executive order is all that’s necessary to move all or certain classes of semi-autos to the NFA possibly creating several million instant felons.

    • Which won’t stand up in SCOTUS. Without court packing Biden-Harris won’t risk an EO that could result in a far reaching SCOTUS decision on gun rights. There is precedent for this. Cuomo got DC to let the DC Appeals Court ruling on concealed carry stand out of fear that SCOTUS would through out all may issue laws.

      • “Without court packing Biden-Harris won’t risk an EO that could result in a far reaching SCOTUS decision on gun rights.”

        Yeah, but…

        All it will take is one or two school or other mass shootings, and they can flip a couple ‘R’ senators for “Common-Sense Gun Control”.

        That’s a very real possibility, and there just may me a nutjob Leftist who decides to ‘Take one for the team’ and get the party started…

        • Bingo.

          All the below is low hanging fruit under the right circumstances.

          Ghost guns and some parts kits.
          Pistol braces.
          Standard cap mags.
          Uni checks.
          Fed Red flag.
          Binary triggers.

          I’m sure there’s more…

        • Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action, and it has been way over three times.

          • No, first they will try to impeach Barret and Kavanaugh.. THEN they will get on with their bullshit, A Conservative Senate is not a lock YET…

        • McConnell would be the majority leader, he wouldn’t allow anything to get a vote. Also anything would need 60 senators to overcome a filibuster which they couldn’t even do in 2013 after Sandy hook

        • Max you realize it takes 2/3rds of the Senate to impeach the Justices the same number they could not get for the Trump impeachment?

        • I would like someone to please explain in detail what common sense gun control really is. Even though the phrase has been mentioned a lot know one ever elaborates or explains.

        • What DDay said and also keep in mind that the vote for the 2013 AWB right after Sandy Hook when emotions were extremely high that included grandfathering and no registration of already owned firearms had FIFTEEN democrat senators vote NO. Memories are still strong of all those who lost their senate re election bid after voting yes on the Clinton AWB. senators are more independent that house members with their 6 year term and that it now cost tens of millions of dollars be competitive in senate race. I can imagine democrat Joe Manchin voting for an AWB in West Virginia, a state that President Trump won with 69 percent of the vote compared to 29 percent for Joe Biden.

        • Fire Marshall, let me try to explain clearly. “Common sense gun control” means door to door searches by armed and armored goons who will kill your dog for practice and then you if you question their warrant or such revolutionary ideas. They will confiscate any firearms, all ammunition, knives, clubs/baseball bats, and anything else they want for themselves. In the process they will tear open your walls, rip up your carpets, and beat your children until they (or you) confess. Once they are finished, if they found a gun you are off to prison, if not they’ll be back next week. Clear enough?

    • Kamala was advised by Biden during a primary debate that the gun ban she wanted to enact through executive action wasnt plausible and exceeded a president’s power. Her rebuttal was let’s not say cant and say we can this is the BS we gotta worry about.

      • Kamala’s from CA…my home state. Believe me, I know full well how CA works. The Dems in Sacramento pass a dozen gun control laws, they’re all challenged, eleven are struck down in lower court, the State appeals, ten of them are struck down again in the Appellate Courts, the State appeals again, nine of them are struck down yet again in various versions of en banc, etc. etc.

        The end result is that out of every dozen, nine will eventually be struck down, but it takes years to go through the entire process (because CA drags it out by using every appeal opportunity) and they’re still enforceable and prosecutable in the meantime, but the other three remain on the books.

        Then the next year another dozen are introduced. The end result is a chaotic labyrinthine patchwork of gun control laws that attorneys have to navigate, and no street-beat LEO can possibly keep up with.

        • Concealed means concealed. Most DGUs involve a criminal fleeing when he sees a gun, in which case LEO doesn’t need to know.

        • I think the 9th Circuit will now be reluctant to overturn pro Second Amendment lower Court decisions because they fear the new conservative majority might kill all gun control laws. The real threat is that the Harris administration will ignore the Court.

        • “I think the 9th Circuit will now be reluctant to overturn pro Second Amendment lower Court decisions because they fear the new conservative majority might kill all gun control laws.”

          Then let’s pack the 2A lawsuit pipeline with carefully-crafted challenges with SCOTUS as the planned eventual target.

          Let’s start setting up a big, beautiful gymnasium floor with an array of dominoes just asking to be knocked down…

          (Dominoes – They’re all “just asking for it!” 🙂 )

      • Yup, it doesn’t cost them a dime to try and they can throw everything against the wall. Whatever sticks ends up being very expensive and paid entirely by our tax money.

      • Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Joe Biden is where he is thanks to history illiterate politically inept useful idiots who stand for nothing and fall for anything. Sugarcoat poop and they gooble it up like hungry farm animals. Sad.

        • Joe Biden may be the luckiest guy in the world. He’s only where he is thanks to Obama picking him for VP, and the media and tech companies carrying him over the finish line. No one cares about Joe. He’s been part of the problem with governing for five decades. What’s his signature issue again?

  2. I know I’ve been saying this, but I’m going to keep saying it. It’s time for all of us to start working on 2022. Read what the leftist rags are saying. They fully admit 2022 is going to be rough for them. They’re at each others throats blaming eachother for failing to flip anything but the presidency. This is not the sign of an effective, cohesive party.

    Democrats are also bemoaning failure at failing to gain many state legislatures so they can’t jerry mander new districts like they’re so fond of. This is the unseen big victory of 2020 for the GOP, as these are the legislatures that make the districts for the next decade. (It’s based of the census).

    Therefore 2020 can be seen as quite a massive failure for the left. Like I said, read what the left is writing about eachother. It’s delicious.

    We can flip the house and expand the lead in the senate. The two years until 2024 will then be a pretty easy ride into an election where we’ll have the advantage.

    • Let’s get through the fight in the courts first. If they get away with stealing this election they will just steal every election from here on out.

      • Look, I’ve been doing this a somewhat long time. A lot of this isn’t new, but it is more ugly and personal then it ever was before.

        The democrats may or may have not cheated here. I don’t have that answer. But I can tell you the GOP got a grade A lesson in investigations and obstruction the last four years. They did it to us, we can do it to them.

        There was a constitutional and conservative movement in America long before Trump and it will be here long after he is gone. I’m not saying I like the outcome, I don’t, but I feel like many have embraced this idea that “so goes Trump, so goes the nation”, and it’s just not True. No organization or movement should ever be the embodiment or solely rest on the success of one man. That is a foolish and defeatist strategy. For men no matter how successful are not immortal.

        We can continue to win with or without Trump. And showing the left that will crush their spirits even more.

        • “They did it to us, we can do it to them.”

          How do you do that when you aren’t in power? At that point all you can do is try to get the word out, but the censors are stepping up their game, so how would you do that? Everything that goes against the Party is labeled a conspiracy theory or memory holed. Earlier this week, I thought the republicans would have the senate, but I’m not sure about that now. It could very well end up 50-50.

        • “the GOP got a grade A lesson in investigations and obstruction the last four years.”

          You know, both the Republican controlled Senate and the Trump controlled department of justice conducted multi year investigations of the Clintons and Obama/Biden, they found no evidence of criminal activity whatsoever.

          Unlike the investigations of Trump and his merry band of pranksters, imprisoned campaign manager, assistant campaign manager, long time personal attorney, national security advisor, etc.

          And coming soon to a courtroom near you, multiple state and federal indictments of the Trump crime family.

        • Well dude I tell you how you do it…Hold the democRat Party liable for Reparations like the democRat Party holds tobbaco companies, the boy scouts, talcum powder, etc. liable for
          things that happened waaaaaay in the past.

          The democRat Party is liable for damages from Slavery to Jim Crow to Eugenics.
          Fearful RINOS allowed the democRat Party to make racists out of the Party of Lincoln. NOW is no better time to hang the race card back around the neck of its rightful owners the democRat Party.

          The evidence against the democRat Party is so overwhelming I can safely say, “A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

        • “conducted multi year investigations of the Clintons and Obama/Biden, they found no evidence of criminal activity whatsoever.”

          This is objectively false. Hillary Clinton was found to have broken the law. Comey actually came to her rescue by holding a press conference stating that she shouldn’t be prosecuted. The FBI investigates, they don’t prosecute. They changed the wording of Clinton’s behavior from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” for a reason.

        • Ron says: “The democrats may or may have not cheated here. I don’t have that answer. ”

          Preponderence of circumstantial evidence says they cheated. Candidate A has thousands of cheering supporters at every appearance. Candidate A has rallies attended by thousands of supporters in his name, when he doesn’t even appear. Candidate B has to fake attendance of a couple dozen supporters, because no one shows up.

          Now we know where all the Biden supporters were: working behind the scenes to massage the numbers, and producing fake ballots. All 375 Biden supporters have been working full time for the last 12 months to pull off this coup.

          Okay, so the Rs are still failures. Apparently, they never saw this crap coming. No Republican ballot count observers in key swing state precincts? A Pennsylvania sheriff won’t allow observers in the building, even after a court orders their admission? Fail. The Rs should have shown up with a couple hundred armed men (with badges, preferably) to force the issue. But, no, they whimper and walk away. Fail!

        • Makes a good story, but I have to tell you that I have not been able to discern one iota of difference between a Democrat politician and a Republican politician. Nor one iota of value in either. What has recently made the slightest involvement in either worthwhile has been Donald Trump. If he is not going to be involved, we must look for someone else who is not and has never been involved with either party, but has been successful in private business (not government contracts, IOW).

    • “They’re at each others throats blaming eachother for failing to flip anything but the presidency. This is not the sign of an effective, cohesive party.”

      And it’s a beautiful thing to see.

      Trump was a highly-effective and massively-influential El Presidente, but I’m thinking new blood is needed for the next push, like Ambassador Nikki Haley.

      The first female ‘Person of Color’ president should be *ours*.

      The shrieks of hate and outrage from the Leftist scum will be sweet, sweet music to our ears.

      (Insert evil laugh *here* 🙂 )…

      • For 2024 there will be plenty of great options. Kristi Noem, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, josh Harley, Marco Rubio. Trumps best role would be getting his rural voters to support the R candidate in 2024 and the ones above and a few other would have a ton of appeal to suburban voters which was trumps weakness. Also they would take a sizable number of minority voters. And all are as conservative or more so than trump

        In 2022 midterms Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin governors will be up for election. Big wins will set up 2024 to take out a senile 82 yr old biden or an incredibly unlikeable harris. She would be a terrible candidate

  3. Didn’t you get the memo? They expect US to obey the law, but it doesn’t apply to them. They will do what they want and force us to fight it. As they have stolen the soap box, and are trying hard to steal the ballot box we are almost down to the jury box and the cartridge box.

    • Now many times have we heard “not my President” from the Left about Bush Jr. and then Trump? At least those were legitimately won elections. Now, with all the distrust over this election due to the increasingly frequent reports of glitches, miscounts, and even outright fraud, conservatives will be able to truly say Biden/Harris/Democrats did not win legitimately, and therefore would not be our President.

      Guys, this is where the Civil War (not necessarily a hot war, but a split nonetheless) begins. At the institutional level. If Biden is somehow able to squeek across the finish line amidst all the “evidence” of foul play, conservatives everywhere will denounce him and say they won’t obey anything that comes from his desk…City Mayors, County Sheriffs, even State Governors. When that begins to happen, it will pick up momentum and our country will schism.

      Good luck with that, Joe. Good luck with that, Pelosi. And after Joe is given his early “retirement” via the 25th…then good luck with that, Kamala. Good luck with that, AOC.

      True Patriots will not comply.

      • I Haz A Question says: “At least those were legitimately won elections. ”

        I still have my questions about the Bush-Gore campaign. The best we can say is, Florida Man was embarrassed, and cleaned up his act since then. Even Florida Man can be shamed if he screws up badly enough.

      • Correct, and there are some traitors among the republicans in the Senate. How much did they fight the muslem occupier in the White house ?

  4. “Special Delivery of 1,000,000’s of Sleepy Joe/Camel 🐪 Toe Harass, Mail-In-Mystery ballots… Courtesy of the USPS Union for DNC Ballot Stuffing !” (Re: 2nd amendment?! Paah! What 2nd Amendment!… Just stole a National election with the help of the Pravda Fake News Media!)

  5. …I wouldn’t count on it…They may go after Trump and his family….After seeing the National Fake News Media “Catcalling the President of the USA” is absolutely disgusting! You think these people will let up…They will find a way to “make You give up your 2nd Amendment/Firearms/Private Property! ” They will put a public stigma upon the owner/firearm…If you noticed, like me, that the fake news media hasn’t reported any “high profile mass shootings ” lately….These things seam to pop up at opportune times…. Don’t you y’all think…. Coincidental…..Very coincidental….

  6. “Trump…came into office with…a honeymoon”

    What? No, that didn’t happen at all. The establishment republicans hadn’t even warmed up to him at that point, and the dems had their knives out before he was sworn in.

  7. Truth is there’s no way the Dems rigged this thing. They are just not that smart. They would have rigged it to win big not small. No way they went through all that effort to barely win and finish with only a weak majority.

    • There’s enough unusual activity with the voting process, that reforms should be put into place. No one knows if there’s been enough fraud committed to change the outcome. It’s all speculation. It should be such that there’s no question about the winner. The problem is, one party has a long history of being vehemently against any reforms. They tend to prefer a very lax, chaotic process. Why is that?

      I think there’s actually a much bigger problem than voter fraud. It’s the behavior of authoritarian like media and tech companies that put all of their efforts into creating an ignorant electorate. There has never been anything like this in the history of this country. Both media and tech openly promised to do this after the 2016 election. It’s only going to get worse.

      • Not seeing that all. No Presidential election gets done counting any faster. This year has the biggest turn out ever in total voters. The liberals told their voters to mail it in. Trump side said to show up in person mostly. All this looks normal to me. Truth is, Trump failed us. We are lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.

        • Various anecdotal reports of fraud, a batch of 23,000 votes that were 100% for one candidate, statistically unlikely voter turn out in a few districts, a software “glitch” that changed Trump votes into Biden votes, etc. Doesn’t that deserve scrutiny? The process is flawed when the outcome is questionable. Hodgepodge rules that allow (by design) inaccurate voter rolls and no ID are begging for fraud.

        • @Dude,

          You’re arguing with someone else posing as TCP. The true Pirate has an avatar of a black and crimson custom gun, remember?

        • Yeah. Millions and millions of mail in votes, completely overwhelming existing systems is normal. Fool !

    • I’m generally an anti-conspiracy theorist, and see most negative change as simply dumbocracy in action.

      Nevertheless, I’m finding it very hard to find a non-rigging explanation how half a dozen swing states, each 2-5% favoring Trump on Election Night, all suddenly stopped oscillating and swung, steadily, almost in unison, toward Biden ever since. Were ALL Trump precincts swift to report, and ALL slow-reporting precincts overwhelmingly (if not unanimously) for Biden, by pure coincidence? How do you explain that?

      • Counting “stopped” because it was late, then a vote tally dump large enough to swing the state happens at 5:30 a.m. That occurred in two states. Maybe it’s legit, but it seems pretty weird.

  8. Just wait, democrats (communist party USA) have not finished creating ballots. They will have majorities in the house, senate and win POTUS before it is over.

    • With every election the fraud is just going to get worse. Republicans should kiss the party goodbye. Don’t worry, they’ll leave a few of you around as useful tools to deliver soothing words to help pacify the masses.

  9. Meh…if the Dims can steal a presidency anything can happen. Lock n load. I will not comply.

    • Complying doesn’t matter when you’re a small business owner and the Left ruins your livelihood and taxes you to death. It’s all about quality of life. They’re promising utopia to the ignorant youth, and people like me are going to pay for it. By the way, I don’t make that much, and I have to fight for every penny, but I worked through the entire pandemic without ever receiving a government check while people were taking advantage of the situation with the extra unemployment money that was magically growing on trees. The Left is promising equal outcome without equal input. It’s called socialism.

      • Exactly.
        I had 41 employees and when the shutdown happened, I went down to 7. It was slow because of the nature of my business and I went home every day worrying.
        Opened back up May 18th and it took a while but I’m back to employing all but 2 of my original employees.
        No one in America has seen anything like 2020. Covid, riots and political unrest.
        Life will go on with Biden as President if it’s found to all be legal and nothing tampered with. Life will just be harder.

        • You are a fool. He has already promised increased ” covid ” mandates and restrictions. His proxies are saying laid off workers will never return to their previous jobs. And here’s one you can ridicule; CDC website includes list of quarantine camps where most ” high risk ” potential victims of the scourge will be separated and held safe from infection. That’s just one little mention of his brave new normal.

        • Bride and I are “high risk”, when they come to save us I will shoot them until I’m dead. After that they can display my rescued body to the world. But I will not comply.

      • Yes, and wherever there is dumbocracy (an equal vote on the outcome for those who contribute zero input) socialism is the inevitable result. Earning one’s outcome is hard. Why would anyone work for his, who has been gifted the “right” to vote himself yours instead?

  10. The state of the union is decidedly different than it was in 1994.
    Widespread non-compliance with new gun control, millions of new gun owners, an almost even split of votes, the extremely personal level of partisanship making “cooperation” impossible.

    We know they hate us. Any new gun control is just going to make for further non-compliance, further divisions and a deeper hatred.

    Really good for the nation as a whole.

  11. Guess we will have to wait and see what actually transpires…and hope that there are no GOP traitors when the votes come down.

  12. Of course not. But when you chicken littles thought you could have Trump for 4 more years you throttled up the rhetoric, like toddlers throwing a tantrum, to try and get what you want.

  13. I’m waiting for Joe & Kamal to force all 2A supporters and gun owners to wear blue stars. Then next comes the cattle cars etc….

    • You bet, we’re reserving a 40-8 railcar just for you and your family!

      It will take you to the abandoned Walmart where you will be incarcerated in the underground tunnels and forced to kiss the Koran while participating in a same-sex wedding.

  14. The 2 Georgia senate seats are now going to a runoff election in January. If we lose both of those seats to the Dems (a real possibility), then the senate is tied at 50 members each.

    Tie votes in the senate would then be decided by Vice President Kamala Harris. I’m pretty sure she’s not looking out for our interests.

    A Biden administration with a tied senate is a truly nightmarish scenario for our entire country for many, many reasons.

    I don’t live in Georgia; but I still plan on donating to both Republican candidates’ runoff efforts to help assure a Republican majority in the senate. I urge everyone else who cares about our country to do the same.

    • Democrat political consultants are making a fortune. They keep breaking records on the money spent for senate campaigns.

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  16. The author’s (D. Harsanyi) optimism is predicated on the Dem/Socialists not going kinetic to get the power they want. History show’s that kind of optimism is not based on reality.

  17. If they get the Senate, they’ll push through whatever they want. They’ll barge through committees, all the while the useful idiots are rioting in the streets of America’s cities. And the Republicans will sell us out, thinking their buying their lives once the full commie revolution gets underway. Sadly, they’ll be mistaken.

    Many people are not going to live through what’s coming. I suggest y’all get right with Jesus.

    • Back to business as usual. Open borders, outsourcing jobs to other countries, endless regulations. Just when it looked like the middle class was going to make a comeback. Biden’s policies favor the super wealthy and the government dependent class. Will he revert to empowering China and Iran?

      • The Left won’t let him get back to “business as usual.” They’re gonna push for full revolution.

      • We are unlikely to face much danger to the 2A except maybe for the ATF deciding that pistol braces are now stocks. The major danger is from the US Chamber of Commerce and the Jackass Wing of the Republicans going along with open borders. As soon as he won reelection Senator Lindsay Graham said he would work with Democrats on immigration reform, which is Deep State code for amnesty for the illegals.

        Never turn your back on an establishment Republican because they will stick a knife in it.

        • Yeah, I don’t trust Graham, or any of those establishment slimeballs as far as I could spit them. ¡Jeb! and Marco wanted amnesty and open borders as well.

          “Facebook, Microsoft and Silicon Valley back Marco Rubio. Mark Zuckerberg is a social justice CEO who panders to Hispanics with his pro-amnesty, anti-deportation advocacy; Facebook is an H-1B visa dependent company working hard to obliterate hurdles to hiring an unlimited stream of cheap foreign tech workers. It’s no coincidence that Facebook’s lobbying outfit,, was waging war on Sen. Cruz online this week in parallel with Sen. Rubio’s disingenuous onstage attack.

          The D.C. front group, which Zuckerberg seeded in 2013 with nearly $40 million during the Gang of Eight fight, has consistently provided political protection for Rubio as he carried their legislative water.

’s GOP subsidiary, “Americans for a Conservative Direction,” showered Rubio and pro-illegal alien amnesty Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., with millions of dollars in media ad buys.”

    • ” If they get the Senate, they’ll push through whatever they want ”

      Maybe so, but I suspect that what they want is going to be very watered down. In spite of all the hyperbole, the Dems do not have a mandate — they are, in fact, barely hanging on by their fingernails. If they go too far with their agenda, they get hammered in 2022 and lose the whole ballgame, and, looking at their agenda, too far isn’t very far at all. If they’re looking at the long game, they are going to be very careful about who they piss off — if they lose a fraction of a percent of their support, they’re old news.

      • MANDATE!!!! MANDATE!!! After all the shit these clowns have pulled to get this far do you think they REALLY give a damn about a MANDATE?… They WILL go for it all because if they fuck this up they will all be gone….

  18. Even if the GOP loses run-offs in Georgia, a thin majority makes any big reform improbable. One now wonders if such reforms would even get out of the House, where Democrats now have one of the slimmest majorities of any party in decades.

    Au contraire mon ami!

    If Democrats are outstanding at one thing, it is holding the party line. The Democrat Party will beat any wayward Democrat Senator or Representative into submission on any high-priority legislative endeavor, no matter how contentious.

  19. Biden will try to Caifornicate the whole country. When our rights depend on a single Senator or a single Justice supporting the Constitution, the whole country is in deep trouble.

    America voted for that hair-sniffing turd. Now it going to get what it wanted — good and hard.

  20. If this ass tries to do a ‘mandatory’ buyback (confiscation) is he willing to accept the responsibility of the deaths of those that try to enforce it? I doubt it. 🤬

  21. Every gun control bill has been made possible by Republican traitors in the Senate. Biden only needs one or two. They will turn coat and stab you in the back when the time comes.

  22. “A President Biden Won’t Be Able to Enact the Radically Anti-Gun Agenda He Says He Wants”

    Oh, such a big surprise, could’a kncked me over with a feather when I read that pearl of wisdom…

    Yes, that was sarcasm.

    A slim victory, Barrett the fifth and one half vote to defend gun rights, and this massive liberal shopping list all say there is little to worry about from Biden. He lacks the mandate, the political backing and the time to get more than a couple of big things done.
    Joe Biden will Ensure all Americans are treated with dignity
    Our Diversity is Our Strength
    The Biden Plan for the Latino Community
    The Biden Plan To Beat COVID-19 Joe Biden has a real strategy to take on the threat of COVID-19, deliver immediate relief to working families, and reopen our schools and businesses safely.
    Build Back Better Joe Biden’s Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families In this time of crisis, Joe Biden has a plan to create millions of good-paying jobs and to build back better an economy that works for everyone.
    The Biden Plan To Give Every American Affordable Health Care
    Joe Biden has a plan to build on the Affordable Care Act by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our health care system less complex to navigate.
    A Tale of Two Tax Policies Trump Rewards Wealth, Biden Rewards Work
    The Biden Plan To Restore American Leadership Abroad
    The Biden Plan To Ensure the Future is “Made in America”
    The Biden Plan To Secure our Values as a Nation of Immigrants
    The Biden Plan To Support our Veterans
    The Biden Plan To Support Educators and Students
    The Biden Plan To Tackle the Climate Emergency
    The Biden Plan To Strengthen Tribal Nations
    The Biden Plan to Improve Racial Economic Equity
    The Biden Plan to Strengthen the Caregiving and Education Workforce
    Tackle Climate Change
    The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Future
    The Biden Plan To Safely Reopen Schools
    The Biden Plan To Empower and Protect Women
    The Biden Plan for People with Disabilities
    The Biden Plan to Support Essential Workers
    The Biden Plan To Scale Up Employment Insurance
    The Biden Plan To Fix Our Bankruptcy System
    Lift Every Voice The Biden Plan for Black America
    The Biden Plan To Strengthen Ties with Central America
    The Biden Plan To Serve our Military Families
    The Biden Plan To Empower Unions and Workers
    The Biden Plan To Fix Campaign Finance and Government Reform
    The Biden Plan To Support Students Beyond High School
    The Biden Plan To End Our Gun Violence Epidemic
    The Biden Plan To End Violence Against Women
    The Biden Plan To Strengthen America’s Commitment to Justice
    The Biden Plan To Strengthen Rural America
    The Biden Plan To Honor Older Americans and Retirement
    The Biden Plan To Invest in Housing
    The Biden Plan To Advance LGBTQ+ Equality
    The Biden Plan To End the Opioid Crisis
    The Biden Plan To Invest in Our Infrastructure
    The Biden Plan To Secure Environmental Justice
    The Biden Plan For Recovery, Renewal and Respect for Puerto Rico
    The Biden Plan To Support Nursing Homes and Long-term Care Facilities
    The Biden Plan for American Manufacturing and Innovation
    The Biden Plan To Revitalize Main Street and Invest in Small Businesses
    The Biden Plan for The Catholic Community
    The Biden Plan for Students and Young Americans
    The Biden Plan for The AAPI Community
    The Biden Plan for The Indian American Community
    The Biden Plan for The Jewish Community
    The Biden Plan for The Muslim-American Community Our Diversity is Our Strength
    The Biden Plan for the Latino Community
    The Biden Plan for The Arab American Community
    The Biden Agenda for The African Diaspora

    • Identity politics is for weak-minded morons. Skin color shouldn’t matter. Where’s the Biden plan for middle class America? We had just crawled our way back to where we were pre-Obama, only to be smacked down again.

  23. It seems everyone assumes the existing laws combined with a Republican majority in the senate will guarantee the most radical elements the new normal leaders look to inflict upon us will be effectively blocked. Hmm ? All social media platforms as well as MSM are completely controlled with any attempt at presenting the truth strictly censored. The old rules no longer apply. Wake the fuck up.

  24. It’s not “A President Biden.” It’s “Jim Crow Gun Control crooked presidunce joe biden.”

  25. I voted for Trump in 2016 and voted for Biden in 2020 and I am a proud gun owner with several ARs, suppressors and NFA items. I live in Georgia.

    No one stole the election, Trump was voted out because he acted like an ass, divided the country and made it ok for people to spew hate at each other

    Let’s move on. I will vote for both republican senators as I did last week. There are several of us in Georgia. And we believe in our guns as much as we believe in wearing masks to prevent others from getting COVID.

    • If you’re looking for an element in our government that “made it ok for people to spew” opinions – regardless of their effect on your irrelevant feelings – it’s called the First Amendment.

    • “Trump was voted out because he acted like an ass, divided the country and made it ok for people to spew hate at each other”

      A difference of policy opinion is one thing, but voting for anything other than the outcome of said policies is about as shallow as it gets. Yes, I get that the world is full of shallow people. In other news, people judge others by what skin color they were born with…

    • Ronnie,

      … Trump was voted out because he acted like an ass, divided the country and made it ok for people to spew hate at each other …

      Huh. I did not realize that Trump convinced Maxine Waters and her ilk to call on The People to harass and disrupt Republicans. I did not realize that Trump convinced Hillary Clinton to call Conservatives “deplorables”. I did not realize that Trump convinced the countless Democrat sympathizers to punch and/or shoot Republican CANDIDATES/POLITICIANS as well as Republican sympathizers. Who knew that Trump had so much power over Democrats?

      Or, Ronnie, you could open your eyes and see how the vast majority of Democrats HATE Conservatives with a passion. And you could see how Trump did not kow-tow to said Democrats which infuriated them even more.

      Trump is NOT responsible for the hatred and vitriol that we see in our nation. The people who express and act on such hatred and vitriol are responsible.

    • ” I am a proud gun owner with several ARs, suppressors and NFA items. ”

      You’re proud of how many times you’ve had to bend over and kiss the ring for your collection?

      Fudds and elitists, always shove their gun credentials in your face when their arguments lack persuasion by themselves.

  26. Divided government is about the best we can hope for.

    I say that because even with a dem potus, gun control went nowhere for 8 years.

    • Nobody can trust Toomey, Collins or Romney. When push comes to shove, they’ll vote with the Dems on guns.

  27. avatar So ur saying the Commie DEMS Can't fix those Senate elections too????????Its ain't over yet! Shame on the ones who did not Vote Freedom!

    So ur saying the Commie DEMS Can’t fix those Senate elections too????????

    It ain’t over yet!

    Shame on the ones who did not Vote Freedom!

  28. Democrats control of a number of Republican statehouses and thus redistricting. As of this writing, Democrats have flipped none.

    FL actully gained 6 seats in the house and 1 in the senate, Dems will have very little to say in redistricting in FL…

  29. OK, it looks bad, but it isn’t really. The Democrats have absolutely no wiggle room here. They cannot afford to anger or alienate anyone who voted their way, so they are going to tread lightly. Biden might go down in history as the biggest do-nothing president since — well, since Obama. Plus the Democrat Party is already circling the drain. They’re going to tear themselves apart with internal infighting — liberals are basically nasty people, and they are about to get very nasty with each other.

    Biden has the misfortune of coming into power just when events are about to overtake everything. In a way, Trump is sort of lucky he got booted when he did. There is nothing either one of can do about Covid. There is nothing either one can do about the soon-to-be crashed economy. There is nothing either one can do about violence in the streets. The news media, short on credibility going in to the election, now has no credibility at all. The gubmint, never long on trustworthiness, is now widely viewed as an illegitimate enemy and non-compliance is about to run rampant (not just on guns, either).

    In short, the whole f*cking tapestry is coming unraveled. Whoever is in office is going to get blamed for all of it, justified or not. If Trump had won, he’d be blamed. As it is, it’s SloJoe and the Ho that will take the heat. That leaves Trump in a good spot to come back in 2024 and play the savior, if he lives that long.

    SloJoe is in for a real rocky ride. He’s coming in at the worst possible time, he’s probably the least well equipped to deal with what’s coming, and he’s got the backing of a political party that is self-destructing right before our eyes. And as for him being an American president and healing the divides — dream on, Joey. It’s the Dems that split the country, and a half-wit isn’t going to put it back together.

    Good luck, Joey boy, you gonna need it.

  30. With COVID-19 as an example, they will declare a public health emergency, empower FEMA, and confiscate all firearms….
    If we let them…
    You have a Republic… if you can keep it.

  31. It is NOT going to be “President Biden”. He has blatant obvious senile dementia and will either step down or BE REMOVED from office within weeks….perhaps even days of being inaugurated. It will be President Horizontal Harris. And she is NOT going to bother with being legal and going through Congress. She
    has already told us she’s going to go all Barrack on us cause she has “a pen and a telephone”. She will
    issue edicts and EO’s to destroy freedom and NOTHING will happen to prevent it. Congress won’t act as the Senate is pretty much 50/50 and the House is still owned by Commie Peloser. So grease up and bend over because the big shafting for ALL of us is on the way.

  32. He’ll just wait till January till dems steal the Georgia runoff elections.

    Just an extremely minor setback.

  33. As much as a the concept a president Biden or Camel Hairyass makes me want to throw up my pot-roast, there’s a simple fact that can’t be ignored. The democrats know they won by the slime on their teeth…if that and they don’t want to be kicked in the face in the 2022 mid-terms and lose both houses and then lose the presidency in 2024, so any heavy handed approach to much of anything is off the table. Bidens been doing this a long time and while he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and never was, plus it’s painfully obvious that some of his cheese has indeed slid off his cracker, but having swam the swamp for 47 years, he still knows the ins and outs of it.

    I don’t expect to see any significant changes. He knows he has about 75 million people mighty pissed off.

    • You act like they really give a fuck about all that shit.. They have an agenda and two years to get it done, I can assure you their plan does not include free and fair elections in 22-24 or any other time in the future… The future of this Republic depends on the willingness of the few with enough balls to stand toe to toe with them NOT the sheep that stood by and let the media and the DNC steal this election….. The party invitations have been sent, RSVP is not required but full participation is….

  34. It is because of soft ass baby boomers that this is tolerated. Gen Z, with a sprinkling of millennials and Gen X, literally burned the country down over a felon. But the blow hard old “patriot “ men that make up the GOP won’t even do shit about what they say is a stolen election… they might say muh 2A 3 or 4 times at some point, but they’ve decided long ago to take the easy way out when dealing with overreaches. You deserve what you tolerate.

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