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A couple weeks ago I visited a manufacturer in Texas and spied this pallet of four, 14,000-round drums of Winchester M193. Apparently there’s a whole lot more where this came from, too, stored above their test firing range.

They aren’t a huge manufacturer as the firearm industry goes, but in the course of test firing their guns they go through about a million rounds of ammo a year.


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It’s one of our most popular posts on the @Guntruth Instgram feed, so I figured I’d share it to TTAG Actual here, too.


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Seen at the same manufacturer was the first of two DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) machines for “3D printing” their new suppressors. Layer by layer of titanium dust — almost 2,600 in total — the laser sinters (melts) each subsequent layer to the previous few layers and builds a suppressor about three-and-a-half thousandths of an inch (0.0035″) at a time.

The end result is a monolithic silencer with a grain structure that’s even more uniform than machining from a billet of material, and with internal features such as hidden gas passages that would be physically impossible to make via traditional means.

Any guesses which manufacturer I was visiting?


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        • TTAG had something about a drum of ammo a few years back, and I wanna say it was something like 14,000 bucks back then…

        • I was in error, the drums have 14,000 rounds, maybe it was 6,000 back then? Now, 15 grand…

  1. Private intelligence agencies are currently examining the labels in this Photograph to identify the location and name of the company responsible for its production. This information will soon be passed on to higher authorities for possible private action.

    It’s possible that several slightly over weight Men in Camo, will approach this company with suitcases full of money.

  2. Last Friday my brother and I went to the 1st day of a 3 day gun show, it was completely loaded floor to walls with every fire arm you could get or want, and all the ammo you could imagine in every size! Big problem though, every vender and seller were really “proud” of their super extremely inflated prices…all boxes of ammo were 4-8 times higher than reasonable, laughed my ass of at all of them (venders) because nobody was buying anything from them at all, after 2 hours of looking we left like 99% the others empty handed with nothing! We then the next day went early morning 6 am to a soft not advertised grand opening of a new Rural King that had was stocked up with firearms and ammo for the occasion. I paid $14.99 for boxes of 9mm, my brother bought boxes of 4 different calibers of rounds all at pre- pandemic, and pre-political bullshit times at “old normal prices”. They have another planed “advertised store grand opening” on Saturday 3/27- Sunday 3/30 and the Gun Barn department will be completely stocked up, including the above article of the Winchester RED AMMO DRUM of 14K rounds of 5.56 NATO 193, price $5799.99 (.41cents per round). I have the advertisement flyer sitting right next to me.

    • My local Rural King earns some of my cash regularly, good place. Too bad your new one is a bit of a drive for me, and I have too much going on for a “weekend away” trip. Enjoy!

      Too bad, they have some competitive pricing on guns.

  3. A mix and match pallet would be ideal. A barrel of 5.56, a barrel of 9mm, a barrel of .22LR, and a barrel of .45 ACP.

    • I’ll trade the .45 ACP for .300 BLK and call it a day… 😉

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