Remington Lonoke Ammunition Factory
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Earlier this week I got a tour of Beretta’s manufacturing facility in Gallatin, Tennessee. While I’ve never been to Remington’s Lonoke, Arkansas ammunition plant, I just ran across one of the videos in a series that Remington has produced in recent months that give you a peek at what their people do to keep you supplied with gun food. It’s good to see them busy and the machinery humming. Enjoy.

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  1. Keep the military contracts supplied, yay.
    We The People are on the back burner and get the left overs after U Crane

    • Remington doesn’t make 5.45 or 7.62×54 as far as I’m aware and even if they do it’s not a popular round here so I fail to see your point.

      For sake of argument Ukraine has some 5.56 and .308 guns in circulation but they are few and far between.

      Until after the war, when they’ll probably switch to NATO weaponry.

    • How right you are. Now, even our military is getting dangerously low on ammo in their arsenals, because Joe McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants is sending pallets of the military stockpile to Ukraine.

      I reload, so I stocked up on components during 2019. Never expected Ammogeddon to last this long though. I began to seriously curtail my range trips and how much I use
      during 2021, because Primers are a real problem right now. Even when I find some, the price gouging going on is pure, unadulterated Usury.

  2. I’ve driven past the Lonoke plant many times. I’d like to take a tour, but, never once asked about it. Somehow, I just can’t see the public being allowed inside of an ammo plant. It’s not like a beer plant tour, where the worst thing that can happen is spilling a beer on your shirt.

    • Got to be an insurance carrier’s nightmare/no-no. I doubt seriously that general public tours of any ammo plant are available. We did a haz-mat response related tour of a Hornady facility outside Kansas City back in the 90’s and a similar gunpowder plant tour in the north FL boonies. Safety concerns & precautions were paramount. Mom and dad dragging along their rug-rat for a look would not be something a company would be in favor of.

    • ……and QUALITY 30 Luger (7.65Para/7.65×21),
      93gr pushing over 1300fps.

      I bought 3k rounds of Prvi Partisan in late 2020. Should have purchased all the seller had at that time (7k rounds).

  3. I always kind of secretly wished I lived close enough to one of the plants to get a job with one. Good video.
    I enjoy reloading. I still use a Single Stage Press because of the Attention to Detail my OCD requires. Some of my shooting buddies give me a hard time about going to a Progressive Press, but I still stick with the old one I bought 40+ years ago.

  4. It took several months, but the old Remington facility in Lonoke, Arkansas is now up and running, almost at full capacity, Outdoor Life reported. It hired back hundreds of former and new employees and is now producing upwards of a million rounds every day. Click here for more details: Off road Wheels brand


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