Remington Adds Three New Performance WheelGun Loads in .38 Spcl, .45 Colt

Press release: Consistency, Accuracy and Iron Clad Reliability, The Remington Performance WheelGun Ammunition Line Lonoke, AR – Remington adds new loads to Performance WheelGun Ammunition. Remington Performance WheelGun ammunition features high-quality components and Remington Kleanbore priming that will not rust or corrode barrels. Available in traditional revolver and lever gun bullet styles – the LRN […]

More Remington Ammo Quality Issues: .22 Hornet Recall

Back in October, TTAG reported that Remington produced a large batch of 115-grain UMC 9mm cartridges that were too short. The company wouldn’t tell us how many rounds suffered from this defect, which caused a double-feed in our T&E Ruger SR9c. And another journalist’s Ruger SR9c. And, get this, our Gun Doctor’s Ruger SR9c. Earlier today, […]