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  1. YouTube. When you think nothing can be as ridiculous as the video you are watching, all you have to do is read the comments- and be reminded it can always be worse.

  2. Are you drinking right now, Robert? Is this a joke? Are you just messing with your readers? Seriously? In all that crap this idiot did say one thing that makes sense. I am not even sure if he is aware he said it, …”basically everyone should have a gun because if only a few have them they will reign…” For that one sentence this entire video of garbage makes sense.

    • What? Ummm.. ummmm… hemmmmm… ummmm… Jim… ugggggghhhhhhhhhh….. whahaaaaaa… huhhhhh? Uhhhhhh… Jim… I …. narrrrrr…… brrroooommmmm…. rent…… ummmmm… I resent. I resent what you said…. ummm…. yeah… Jim.

    • I made it to 1:12 before my brain screamed at me. WOW! This kid has so much to experience and learn before he should be making proclaimations on how others should live.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, but yeah, like, it’s okay to shoot one policeman a month as long as you eat them because like when we didn’t have policemen we had a musket and there wasn’t, like, a lot of food like we have now. So okay.

  4. Oh, this kid needs a weekend in the woods with some real men and some real guns and some real camping. He says it’s his two cents. But I really feel like he robbed me of my time. He can keep his two cents. Oh this poor kid, he’s mentally crippled.

  5. Well, this kid is difficult to listen to, but if you made it thru the vid (I made it about 2/3 thru) he is actually kind of sensible.

    Badly spoken, rambling and awkward, but he’s pretty normal.

    His points were:
    – Guns are fine for hunting, target shooting, defense.
    – There should be some limits (not very clear on what)
    – The NRA is mostly right.
    – People should have guns, specifically for defense.
    – He’s a vegetarian, but he’s Ok with folks that hunt for their own dinner.
    – he’s kind of weirded out by folks that have racks and racks of assault rifles and such.

    If you delete all the Uhmms, ahhhssss and Liikeees, the basic points are there.

    Normally I would give him shit about his hat being on backwards and his non-haircut…but I am getting kind of shaggy myself, so I will restrain myself.

    That was what I got out of it. Now, why Mr. R. Farago would bother posting this on TTAG…I dunno.

    Dont you guys have a gun to review or something?

  6. I made it to 22 seconds. The combination of, “I’m a vegetarian, but a weird one,” and picking the zit on his chin was more than I could bear. I’ll watch the comments for anything interesting.

  7. That kid is an ignorant idiot.

    I shut it off right after he said that shotguns are not self defense weapons and that rifles that shoot buckshot are OK.

  8. I found the kid’s ramble quite amusing. On one hand he’s trying to send an “I’m a good, hip, kind of vegetarian against guys with fifty rifles” message to potential anti-everything babe followers. On the other hand he couldn’t help himself. Paraphrased: “I have guns, you should have guns, we need to protect ourselves in a crisis, handguns are fine…” In other words, when he cuts back his weed intake and finally has to get a job he’ll become a pro-2A guy. Guaranteed. Oh, and he needs a clip for those bangs.

  9. 2:30 he comes to the realization those with the guns would rule in the event of total collapse of society.
    Thanks for telling us what we already know there, kiddo.

    • If this is a representative of the younger generation, I weep for the future of our Constitutional Republic.

      Where is Darwinian selection when you need it?

  10. When children speak, I do not listen. As soon as this kid said he was a vegetarian, I clicked it off. How can you trust anyone, much less what they say, if they don’t eat meat.

    I never want to see another video like this again on this website.

    Thank you.

    • Brother Steve,

      I think you are being kind of silly. Of all this kid’s faults, his diet choices are probably the least. There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. In fact, from a health perspective and sustainable agriculture perspective, there is a lot right with it.

      Consider that there are 6-7billion souls on Earth now. That number will only grow, at least for the foreseeable future.
      We know that it takes at least ten times as much land to grow the fodder to raise a beef cow as it does to feed a person (if they eat veggies). As the population grows we will need more and more arable land….and you know the saying “they ain’t making more of that”.

      The long and the short of it is that with a given plot of land, you can feed more folks by growing vegetables than you could by raising cattle or other animals.

      • 1) Not all land is good for producing vegetables and grains. There’s a reason that Vermont produces cheese instead of tomatoes or wheat.

        2) There’s plenty of land that’s no longer in production – for example, over 90% of Massachusetts was once under hoof and plow… it’s now mostly forested.

        2) Giving up meat doesn’t put food on the table for people who are starving today, much less people in some hypothetical future.

    • “Vegetables ain’t food – vegetables is what food eats!”

      Jeff McNally, from an old “Shoe” cartoon. So true.

  11. “I would like to point out that we do not have a right to arms for hunting or sport. Specifically it says “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The fact that they use the word “militia” implies it means military grade weapons, as for a militia to be in the least effective, they need to have contemporary military weaponry.”

    I left that as a comment, was it good?


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