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It’s the holster that got my attention in this particular pocket dump. VersaCarry has been making the rounds again as they come out with new holster designs but might be a bit better known for models like their ZeroBulk Holster (that one launched something like eight years ago). Their newer designs do provide more coverage than the originals, which is a pro, and don’t require you to insert a peg into your gun’s barrel from the muzzle end – also a pro.

What do you guys think? Has VersaCarry come a long way? Are the newer designs something you would use?


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  1. Fobus and Uncle Mike’s get punched on a lot but they do have some holsters that are pretty good.

    However, Versa Carry is to crappy holsters as Hi-Point is to crappy pistols.

    • What is it? 457? I have one and it is very difficult to find holsters for. I had Ed Rodek make one for it.

  2. Their holsters do not look impressive but I’ve never owned one.
    I have owned 2 versacarry belts and they are nice and frequently on sale.

  3. I’ll just hop on the bandwagon. That’s a really terrible holster. Looks like it fits poorly, has poor retention. Looks like it relies almost completely on the belt holding the gun in place. Only marginally better than stuffing the gun in your waistband.

  4. No experience with them, bit just looking at the pic, no. One size fits all is never a good thing. Especially when it comes to pistols and holsters. I want my leather tooled to fit my particular weapon.

  5. No way.

    Galco thumb break leather on the belt for the full size pistol.

    DeSantis Firefly in the pocket for the mouse gun.

    And he’s carrying two knives but only one spare magazine? Seriously?

    • For the 2 knives, i’m guessing one is for left hand draw and the other for right. The fancy one is primarily for personal defense and the other primairly as a tool. The typical minimal loadout, on that EDC website, for gun owners seem to be: gun, spare mag, 2 knives, and flashlight. I tried the 2 knife thing for a while, but it didn’t work out for me.

  6. Wow, buncha experts who never owned the holster shown sure know alllllll about how well it fits and retains. I’ve been wearing that same holster shown for a month with my SW9VE and had zero issues with comfort or retention.

    Galco makes a couple of generic fit holsters with no retention straps but they are somehow holier than Versacarry? Buncha effing snobs.

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