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So this one has a rather lengthy title: “What you need to carry in your pocket, being in a mafia dictatorial country where human rights are not respected? – Real Russian EDC.”

What do you carry when you can’t…carry? Whether it’s a non-permissive environment or a dictatorial state/country, you have choices to make. What’s your personal carry when firearms are either not allowed or flat impossible?


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    • Same. Try really hard not to go, but my daughter lives in Chi Town, so knife. By the way, read the laws re knives in Chi Town, they are as goofy as the gun regs.
      and be careful out there.

      • Good points… I was mainly thinking of foreign countries will federales at the border and such.

        When I lived in Indiana (1st place I could get permit to carry), most of the people I knew bought Makarovs for carry in IL.

        If you you got caught, mainly you lost the gun……kinda like MS where I grew up.

  1. None of that stuff goes BANG! like I want it too. And what’s with all the different “NiteEyze Doohickey” stuff?

    I do see the value of the titanium spoon, that’s brilliant really. After all, you never know when you will be in a restaurant and they’ve some killer dessert but they are all out of clean spoons.

    Or you are walking in a supermarket and see a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s in the ice cream section. That stuff’s expensive, so whip out your personal ice cream sampling device and make a tactical determination on whether you should transport the entire carton to the checkout, or just stash it behind some unopened ones back on the shelf.

    Yup, a tactical titanium spoon makes excellent sense.

    But hey, why isn’t it Nitride Black?

    Possibly a proto-type?

  2. I live in Idaho, work in kalifornistan

    In Idaho I carry a Les Baer Custom or a Dave Lauck Slimline Professional (sometimes a CZ TS/CTS 40)

    When behind enemy lines in kalifornitopia I carry a Glock, 19, Glock 43 and a North American Arms 22 mag.

    If pressed, the commie police can take my Glock and I’ll just go back to the office and get another one……..if they wanted to take my Dave Lauck…….I’d have to kill ‘m

    Just say’n

  3. I think I’d go with a taser and as large a knife as possible. A sturdy cane for my bad knee is also becoming less and less a joke every year

  4. What I don’t do is carry a bear-banger on a pen flare launcher.

    Why? Well, partly because here in the Land of the Free bear-bangers are illegal ever since the ATF reclassified them as explosive devices.

  5. I heard a story years ago about a guy in Washington D.C. shooting a guy trying to steal his car with on of those old H&K multi shot flare pistols. Shot him right dead center in the chest and the phosphorus started burning his skin right over his heart. Dummy tried to wipe it off with his bare hands which just transferred some of it to his hands which started burning. Last he saw of the guy he was running off screaming for anyone to help him.

  6. “What do you carry when you can’t carry”., Like I’d tell anyone. You know some of these TTAG questions seem awfully loaded. Almost as if the Feds are asking them…… Where would you hide your guns if they banned guns? Do you use a gun safe? Are you a “,super owner”? How much ammo is enough? Do you carry a gun in gun free zones?Inquiring minds want to know. (!)

    • @possum

      How many 80% lowers do you have? Where do you hide your hi-cap mags? Do you use an AR 15 for home defense? What’s your favorite plate carrier?? Have you ever put a stock on a pistol for defiant fun????

      Don’t worry your email and IP address are totally anonymous here…. 😂

    • Possum, is that you…

      I’m your rich uncle for Nigeria and I want to give you $100,000! Please send me your account numbers, so I can wire transfer you the money.

  7. Guys, if we are in fact talking about a Russian, the real answer is pretty simple – don’t forget a phone.

    The most important thing to carry in Russian is the contact info of someone who is someone. Preferably a semi-close relative, or someone who owes you a favor.

    The world always works the same – if you have the right contacts…

  8. Knife, flash light big enough to be a striking weapon, and my martial arts training.

    I think everyone should get legitimate martial arts/hand-to-hand training. Not every situation calls for shooting someone. Being able to put someone on the deck quickly and roll out is a good skill to have. And you can always carry it with you.


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