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Nate in Kansas says “Typical carry everyday to work. The MIDRAT DPCVR Sleeve allows me to be versatile and switch my loadout easily from one bag to another depending on the day and the appropriate attire.” His gun is a CZ P-07 and he includes a spare mag. The holster used is soft rather than Kydex or stiff leather which does have its down sides.

If you carry off-body whether out of necessity or personal preference do you also practice drawing and firing your gun from the bag or pack? Is your bag containing your carry gun always in your immediate control? Those are both important points to keep in mind when carrying off-body.

You can check out our coverage of the DPCVR here.

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  1. Off body carry, for me…no, I go where my firearms go, thank you. I’m too old to chase down some fool. I’ve never had to shoot someone in the back and I don’t intend to start now.

    • Ever stop and think it’s a back up to the one he carries on body? Or a back up of the one in the vehicle?

      I did this. One in the back-pack, one (or two or three) in the truck (where I also had my backpack when not on me, and one on me.

      Really not that hard of a concept to think about before you comment like you know everyone and everything.

  2. All guns that I may carry all have a sticky holster that I can fit IWB or drop into a bag if off body is needed. I have a great little Petzl Bug ( that I started using while overseas, which is what I have on my nearly every day. There’s a space between the main compartment and back that even a Beretta 96 will fit comfortably in. I also carry a ManPack sling that has a designated slot for a gun, a small revolver or more compact gun will also fit that quite well. When I still had my Jericho 941 (full size, steel) it was a breeze to carry off body. I can’t carry every day due to work and even when I do carry it can’t always be on body, so my bags are good enough.

  3. I am a lot more fortunate than most of you in some ways. Being retired and rural there are very few places I go that I can’t carry on body. The few that represent a threat if caught with a gun( think Federal facilities) I arrange to either not go to and if there is no choice I secure the gun in my vehicle. In my state if someone sees the gun in a posted area you can be asked to leave or face trespass charges if law enforcement arrives before and you refuse to leave, not likely.
    Also being rural the attitude of the locals is a lot more forgiving. I was told at one time not to be concerned about a concealed permit since no one had ever been arrested with a concealed gun as the primary charge. I employ a “man bag” and holster if covering clothing is not appropriate or likely to be compromised like a doctor’s visit. As I said, very fortunate.

  4. If I did carry off body I would definitely practice yanking it out .. . @ Nate, Living in Kansas, why the off body carry?

  5. I carry off body sometimes as a backup but I do it the opposite way that most people think of a backup. Occasionally, when it’s called for, I’ll carry a smaller gun on me and my usual full sized pistol in my bag.

    I don’t worry about theft because the times I do this I keep the bag within a few feet of me at all times.

  6. Off body carry in a bag is useful in a work environment that does not allow guns.
    Ankle, waist and even pocket carry can all be compromised by reaching or bending.
    The gun in the bag wil never be accidentally seen as long as the bag stays closed.

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