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Our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex are fond of telling women that owning a gun increases the danger that it will eventually be used against them. They preach that owning a firearm will only allow an abusive husband or attacker to take it away and use it against them. Try telling that to the Houston woman who used her firearm last eek to stop her husband from murdering her in front of her children

Derek Martin forcibly entered his estranged wife’s apartment where she lives with her four children. This, despite the fact that the woman had already obtained an order of protection against him. It’s almost as if a piece of paper doesn’t really provide a defense against a determined attacker.

Martin then began strangling his wife in plain sight of the children. While the oldest, an eight-year-old, started hitting Martin as hard as she could, a five-year-old retrieved Mom’s gun and handed it to her.

The woman then shot the husband in the arm, stopping the attack.

The fact that the mother kept a firearm that was accessible to her four small children — ages 8,5, 2 and 1 — is disturbing enough. And seeing their mother shoot her estranged husband is something the older two will probably be dealing with for a long time.

But far more disturbing would have been those children watching as their mother was murdered in front of them.

Martin was treated for his wound and is now being held in the local graybar hotel.

He is being charged with a felony count of assault and a felony count of violating a protective order.

We await comment from Shannon Watts and John Feinblatt on the danger that gun ownership poses to women who are being menaced by abusive partners.



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  1. But there was a protective order from the courts. Isn’t that bullet proof and all that?

  2. The protective order should come with a permit and a handgun, without them the protective order is just a catalyst.

  3. Pretty sure none of the children will be feeling bad or bothered that they did the right thing and saved their mothers life. Also I’m sure that 4 new 2a heroes were born . Great outcome all around. Good mom, great kids, excellent shoot!

    • +1! Before we stone the mom for allowing her kid access to a gun, we need to remember each situation is different. A smart stalked woman might have shown her kids where the gun was stored. She may have called to her son to get it. The gun may have been stored in a retention holster. The 5yo did everything right. He and his sister are heroes. The only bad outcome is these kids now know what a dirtbag their dad is.

  4. Ok. Can’t wait for the idiot’s shouting “you let a 5 year old grab a gun”?!?😩😖😏

  5. There are some obvious downsides to keeping guns locked in gun safes. When you really need a gun it’s not available.

  6. But she left a loaded gun where a 5 year old could access it. She should be put to death for that.

  7. I also find it interesting that the 5-year-old was smart/disciplined enough to:
    — retrieve the firearm for mom
    — and
    — not try to shoot the firearm himself

    • Good parenting. There was a time, before the snowflakes took over, when even the smallest kids learned useful things—like bringing mom her gun when somebody’s trying to strangle her. Snowflake kids can’t do that.

    • I maintain my opinion the the most important piece to gun safety with kids is to just involve them. Kids are smart. Adults don’t give them enough credit anymore.

      • Look how accomplished Asian kids are at a very young age. White and black people stunt kids’ growth.

    • I started shooting a .22 revolver and rifle at age 4. Lots of people do/did. Not normal for city dwellers these days but I don’t believe it is all that remarkable that a 5 year old could be that disciplined.

      • By the time i was five i had shot every one of my fathers pistols. Just as importantly i knew how to break down and clean every one of them. Saturday mornings were spent watching Lone ranger over breakfast and cleaning guns over coffee.

      • My son just turned 6 so for his first handgun I purchased him a S&W Model 500 with a 6.5″ barrel. If he keeps up with his chores I’ll move him up to a BFR chambered in 50 Alaskan.

    • It’s hard to home carry when you have small children because they always want to play. It’s not a good idea to play around with kids when you have a gun on. At least if you do carry at home don’t carry chambered.

      • Home Carry is a Belly band holster up high above my stomach with a hammerless j-frame revolver in it.

        No worries and we play with out concern.

        It’s on me all the time. Hell, I sleep with it on me. The rats know not to mess with it on or off Dada and it’s comfortably unlikely to go off without intent. My kids will grow up knowing that guns are a normal part of everyday life.

    • That’s so last week. This week it’s the 365 Blackmoor that’s hot.

      • Just wait for the 224477 Valkyrmoor +p+ hits the shelves next month! The number of the cartridge actually stands for how many feet per second SQUARED it travels!

  8. I’m concerned about the 5 yr old getting the gun. but in the end it all worked out. An maybe the father will never bother her again.

    • Why do you assume the parents, mom, have not instructed her children on what to do, if anyone attacked them, including their own father???

      Not every family has the best situation. And those in what might be called a “war zone” have different standards than those in a safe neighborhood.

    • Hard to believe he won’t be back more angry than before now that he is festering in a cage. She is going to have to always be armed until that man can’t get out of prison or is dead.

    • While there are general trends with children, there are also exceptions. I would trust my 10 year old son with a firearm, and would have done so several years ago if legally allowed. But his cousin who is several years older I wouldn’t trust with a water pistol or cap gun.

  9. “We await comment from Shannon Watts and John Feinblatt on the danger that gun ownership poses to women who are being menaced by abusive government.


  10. “The fact that the mother kept a firearm that was accessible to her four small children — ages 8,5, 2 and 1 — is disturbing enough.”

    Anyone who has a problem with Parents giving access to their children trained and trusted, is NOT a friend of the gun community. No matter how many guns they own.

    Parkland IS ABOUT A KIDS ACCESS to GUNS, as long as they are responsible. And how do you determine if they are responsible???
    ONLY the parents will really know. And they do want to take away a parents right to teach their own children about guns.

    1. Examples of #Kids Using #Guns to Defend Themselves #2A #tcot

    2. A 15-year old boy used his father’s AR-15 to defend himself and his 12-year old sister–a-15-year-old-boy-used-his-fathers-ar-15-to-defend-himself-and-his-12-year-old-sister.html

    3. 10-year-old Wash. Boy Shoots Mom’s Attacker in Face With BB Gun

    I used these examples for my college paper on teaching the Second Amendment to school kids K thru 12.

    • I don’t have a problem with parents allowing their kids to have access to firearms. I do also beleive if kids misuse those firearms either accidently or intentionally the parent should be criminally culpable. If the parent is the best judge, then when they judge wrongly they need to be held accountable also.

  11. I know it’s not popular these days, but I am glad to see some folks remember that good raising of kids does not mean banished from firearms. Way too many of us were raised well enough to be around firearms, lawnmowers, and other things that can cause harm and came out OK.

    As someone alluded to above, the problem is parents who don’t raise their kids or prep them for life, and instead hide them from life until it happens and they aren’t prepared. That’s a recipe for disaster..

  12. Why is the scumbag only being charged with assault and violating the protective order? Sounds like attempted murder to me, and I’m sure they can throw in some stuff regarding the kids (endangerment and the like). Throw this asshole away for a good long while so he doesn’t cause any more trouble.

  13. I keep empty chamber, loaded magazine pistols in different furniture drawers both upstairs and downstairs
    The kids have always been shown where they are kept
    When they were little, they knew a severe punishment awaited anyone who touched one without permission
    As each turned 10, they came to the range and learned how to operate them.
    Now I trust that if I am not home, they are able to shoot anyone who needs shooting
    And will not touch those guns unless someone needs to be shot.

  14. Imagine “LA Confidential”’s Bud White in a similar situation.

    Fewer wife beaters busted on kiddie raper beefs on Christmas Eve???

    • One of my all-time favorite movies! I love the shoot-out at the Victory Motel at the end!

  15. Got into it with my (now ex, for unrelated reasons) girlfriend last year. I have many guns in the house, usually a loaded pistol in most of the major rooms for easy access. Nothing crazy, but I have enough of them, makes sens to keep on within fairly easy reach in case of emergency. When my niece and nephew come over for visits, I don’t do anything about the guns. Because we’ve worked with them since they were old enough to talk about what to do if you see a gun (Eddie Eagle program), and when they got older the 4-rules of safety, etc. I know they’re responsible enough, and won’t do anything stupid or dangerous. When HER niece and nephew (literally within 2 months of mine in age) came by, I’d round up all the “loose” guns and secure them in the safe upstairs. She got insulted because I was treating her family differently than mine.

    “You know your niece/nephew, would you trust them around firearms?”
    -Well, no.
    “Have you ever discussed firearms safety with them?”
    -Well, no, bu-
    “Have they ever fired or handled a firearm?”
    Of course not but I don’–
    “Have they ever been hunting to see firsthand the kind of carnage a gun can create?”
    -(Sigh) No….

    Point being: just because a lot of kids wouldn’t be safe around unsecured firearms (whether due to temperament or training or both), doesn’t mean its ALWAYS irresponsible to have unsecured guns around small children. It depends entirely upon the child, and how they are raised.

  16. you its its disturbing that the child of 8 knew how to easily retrieve the gun. did it never occur to you that maybe they PLANNED for such an attack??? its OBVIOUS the guy is nuts, restraining order, so most likely this is something they rehearsed. how sad.

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