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Today, we have a young fellow from the great state of Montana who shares his “Budget-Friendly” collection.

As a Forensic Mental Health Technician, Chayne Harding probably has a lot of contact with those who are mentally unwell.  Likely in a setting that doesn’t exactly welcome carry with open arms.

As for the rest of the time, he has his S&W Shield in a Raw Dog IWB rig.  At $40, it fits well-within the “affordable” or “budget friendly” them Chayne sets down for us.  He also carries a reload (bonus points) and a light (Cyclops) and a Schrade MAGIC knife.

Just like he writes:  Enough to get through the day without breaking the bank.


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  1. Looks like he at least spent money where it counted most, the Shield is a nice pistol with which to defend oneself. the other named items I am not familiar with. Obviously he feels confident in his equipment, which is what matters in the end.

    Good luck to you my man.

    • I bought my 2nd shield for $275. If he bought at the right time, he could have done better.

      Nothing wrong with economical but dependable.

      • I keep coming back to this simple carry. It is analogous to my ideal. A simple carry, a light, keys, phone, wallet and watch. It is just missing one electronic doodad and my thin blue line bracelet. Even looks to be THX hollow points. The Dad bullet.

  2. Breaking the bank as many think is not bullet proof. Its just breaking the bank or just silly tacticool.

  3. There’s lots of reasons to get an expensive gun. One of those reasons is that you just happen to like it more than the inexpensive ones. But in an average self-defense shooting (usually within a few meters) there is almost nothing an expensive gun will do better than a ‘cheap’ but reliable one.

    As for holsters… anything better than some wal mart nylon style puts you way ahead of the pack.

    • Saw one here in MT the other day that was just in the waistband, no holster, just a belt. Not sure the type of gun but was a polymer style compact. Assuming either had a manual safety or didn’t have a round ready to rock. Either way, stupid way to carry. Saw another idiot with a SERPA attached to their front pocket. Just bouncing back and forth on his loose jeans. Even seen a ridiculous size revolver in a cowboy style holster when someone was getting out of their Honda Pilot. Pretty sure that’s not how cowboys do it… He looked like Marty Mcfly going back to the old west in BTTF3. I see it so often here in MT. Terrible carries, from people who obviously have no training. Makes it hard for me to agree that something is better than nothing, even though I know it’s true.

  4. Another believer: You don’t need to be equipped like Inspector Gadget to leave the house.
    Real deal, well done!

  5. Looks good to go.

    Interesting holster….I will give them a look.

    Some shell-on-backing holsters that I have seen seem a little loose.

    • I have that holster for my G43. Actually had to loosen the retention screws when new. Fit was so good it was hard to draw. Also very comfortable holster. Would recommend.

    • you place damp washcloth to cover backing, then hair dryer/ heatgun the kydex ’til you see it “shift”, then shmush it further into the trigger guard, etc. best case scenario would be unloaded. you can loosen overly snugs that way too.

  6. I know for a fact they shoot Bigfoots in Montana. TTAG did an article a while back on a miss identified shot at a Bigfoot. So knowing you have the chance at a Bigfoot wouldn’t you arm yourself with something a little larger?

    • We prefer the term Sasquatch up here. Big Foot was something a Californian came up with. In all seriousness though… it’s a Native American thing and the stories came from them. Probably in reality was a tribe somewhere in the vicinity of theirs and they never really met, but were known for cannibalism and had a big hairy dude amongst them. Native American folklore is crazy… Peace pipe beat the drum type shit.

      Personally, I still carry a big bag of Jack Links just in case tho.

      • I like the one about the Vulture poking a hole in the blanket of night so we can see the stars. Then I watched a Turkey Vulture soaring way up there, got my BInos out, that sucker flew above a thunder cloud( cummulas nimbus? Hell I don’t know) Anyway I thought ” No shit,that bird can get up there”

      • Well, if it’s a real Cryptid…Then YOU might need a large Safari rifle/ elephant gun…Like .458 Win Mag. If any of the hostile encounter stories are true…Various hunting rifles and handguns DIDN’T even phase them…Your talking a large 8ft tall and up…Muscular Crypid, capable of ripping people limb from limb…There was a newspaper from the old 1790s Colonial newspapers…Where a group of 12 men went to investigate an incident of farm animals being killed by a “swamp ape.” According to the paper, a well armed group of men had a violent and deadly encounter where several of the men were killed outright by the BEAST…After being shot by muskets, and stabbed with hangers…All the men, had their head ripped off of their bodies! It was a frightening and horrific news story of old…If It is REAL…I’d give it a wide room and the F***Out! Why mess with the unknown..Only until it messes with you…

  7. Solid carry.

    Wish they made a decent hybrid for my M&P M2.0 3.6″. But I definitely plan on getting one for my p365. Probably the Stealthgear, since they make one for the LIMA.

  8. Nice set up…but what is:

    Forensic Mental Health Technician

    Is it like a Director of Facility Management>>>janitor????

  9. …Well, I have the same Schrade knife in my collection…Its sturdy, fast assist, reasonably sharp, and has a sci-fi look…Small 2.9 inch, tactical style Tanto…

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