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DC, one of the anointed ones in California, shares his “Off Duty Carry” set-up.  From Everyday Carry.

Trying not to get political here…  but I’m pretty sure the new SIG P365 isn’t available for everyday people in the land of fruits and nuts.  But good on DC for picking a great gun in a Haley Strategic rig.  And carrying a spare magazine.  Because after all, many parts of California are becoming very over-run with people doing illegal things.  After all, take away punitive consequences for anti-social misbehavior, and you’ll get more of that sort of behavior.

DC loves his blades.  As Americans, sometimes we fail to understand that most of the world has a knife culture, whereas in America, we have our gun culture.  DC’s got his fixed-blade Benchmade SOPC and a couple of auto knives (a Benchmade out the front and a Boker Kwaiken).  Cough.  Felony for regular folks.  Cough.

The Smith & Bradley Ambush watch is a new one to me.

No keys/keyring/phone/belt/wallet shown.  And no badge.  But most of us mere mortals don’t have one of those.

Except for a foolish one here or there who carry a concealed carry badge (BAD idea!)

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  1. DC shouldn’t be able to carry until the rest of Californians have that right recognized.

      • He’s correct. Born and raised here, been here my whole life. “Cali” is a term from L.L. Cool J’s song from the ’80s. It’s not how natives refer to this state.

        • And for those of us who are not natives it is perfectly sums up our view of CA.

          Man…. I don’t think so….

        • Perfectly fine to refer to this state as “Cali”. We’re not offended. It’s just a way to tell who’s a native and who isn’t.

  2. Cloudbuster, just do what I did before I was LEO and before Florida had CCW. Carry anyway. Many say better judged by twelve than carried by six, but few mean it. The knives. They appear a bit light for my taste, but he has several. I guess if one breaks he can go to another.

    • I wouldn’t live in California. Commuted there occasionally for 13 years and that was more than enough.

      I have a cheap knockoff of the SOPC and it’s actually a pretty solid piece of steel.

      • Cloud, I like Benchmade. I’ve carried an Emerson Benchmade for years. That blade just looks a little light for me. As for “He’s the armed enforcer of those laws. Making life uncomfortable for him is job one.” Careful what you say. I was loathe to arrest an otherwise law abiding citizen for a firearms violation. Just wouldn’t do it. I remember a traffic stop. I asked for driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration. In addition he gave me his CCW. I handed it back to him and asked, “Did I ask you for this?” He said, “No, but I thought you should know I have a gun.” I replied, “That’s none of my business.” A verbal warning and sent him on his way. I hated writing traffic citations too.

        • Sounds like he thought he had a legal “obligation to inform upon contact” and had seen one of those videos advising presentation of the card instead of speaking the words.

        • Needing more Police Officers like Gadsden Flag.

        • Careful what you say.

          No, thanks. Your profession’s reputation isn’t my fault. Your profession is stuffed full of institutional privilege, qualified immunity and officious, power-drunk bozos. I can’t be worried about the few exceptions. Most of you, when you get the order to go execute that ERPO, you’re going to do it. Every time I’ve interacted seriously with cops — last time for a burglary of a building on my property, they were utterly useless. Local grapevine was far more helpful.

          I think it was Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit who said that the cops aren’t there to protect the citizens, they’re there to protect criminals from the much harsher justice the citizens would deal out in their absence. The only law enforcement I’ve got out here is the county Sheriff’s office and they’ve never done me or my neighbors a damn bit of good. I wouldn’t care if they were shut down tomorrow.

          he gave me his CCW

          In Ohio, “promptly” (undefined in the statute) notifying the officer that you are carrying is the law. It’s just another opportunity for officers to harass citizens. In Akron, a guy pulled over for an ostensible traffic stop — they were really pulling him over because they thought the female passenger was a prostitute — had to fight charges that he didn’t promptly notify despite the fact that he was trying to present his permit to them, because the officers were too busy yelling at him to listen to him, then kept telling him to shut up and when they finally saw the gun, still in its holster, started yelling at him more, drawing their guns and threatening him for not notifying. He won, thank goodness.

  3. Don’t fault the man for carrying what is available to him… Even if it’s not available to the general civilian population… Those laws are voted on by the Kali-commie residents and if you live among them, that is your problem…
    If I lived in commie-fornia I’d obviously be breaking their BS laws everyday….I would carry REGARDLESS?!!

    • He’s the armed enforcer of the people who make those laws. Making life uncomfortable for him is job one.

    • When the 10 rd max capacity mags was proposed, it included LEOs. They protested so an excemption was made. Then LEOs said it was fine.

      When LEOs begin to side with the population when it comes to 2A violations, maybe we would be more amenble to supporting them fully. They are SUPPOSED to work for us, not the government.

    • But from “Animal Farm”, and not “1984”. The better book, by far(IMO, naturally). But almost unknown compared to 1984.
      Good on Billy-Bob for having read both. At least, I would assume that if someone read Animal Farm, 1984 was also on the menu.

      • Unfortunately, we are seeing animal farm “for realz” in our society and around the world.

        I’m afraid there is only one outcome over time.

        • If it weren’t so scary to see where politics has gone and is going rapidly, it would be funny watching AOC assuming the form of a human and trying on suits.

        • Yeah, the horse gets turned into soylent green for asking too many questions…

  4. No Cuffs/key off duty and one of the few it would make sense for. I imagine he is a big guy and wants a knife within reach. No Whistle or Call box key so he is a youngster. Guess he qualed with the P365, most agencies require you carry their Issue handgun or qual with an “authorized” gun if your packing under Dept Authority.

    • By “youngster” you mean what? Under 60? Lol. I don’t know what city he works, but L.A. county hasn’t had call boxes for probably 40 years. Call boxes aren’t a generation past, they’re two generations past.

      • Yeah, call boxes are still required on freeways here by (state?) law, but there are fewer of them nowadays. Definitely not as many as twenty years ago, thanks to the proliferation of the handheld cell phone.

  5. So what happens in Cali if our LEO steps out of law enforcement into Auto mechanics or pizza making.?

    What happens to his ” not suitable for the plebian masses” P365 and auto blades?

    • Specialist, House Bill 238 I think? Signed by the last President Bush. All active and honorably retired LEO can carry concealed in all 50 states. Qualify once a year with a local agency. Know you don’t like it. Neither do I. It is a right accorded to all citizens. Some states unconstitutionaly restrict it.

      • So…working 4 or 5 years as a cop and quitting is honorably retired?

        No snark…..I’m asking?

        And you are correct…..I do not like it.

      • Here in CA (not “Cali”), the disparity of afforded rights and privileges between LE and private citizens is getting so wide that discussions are now being formed regarding the formation of a “special class” of citizenry, which is a violation of the 14th Amendment. Originally written and intended to remove the barrier between former slaves and the plantation/owner structure, it’s now becoming unexpectedly applicable to the growing divide between California’s LE and the public.

        The public will be cited for driving and texting. A LEO may do so.

        The public may not carry a gun openly (at all), or concealed without a permit. A LEO (active or retired, on or off duty) may do so.

        The public may not directly purchase any gun not on the absurd “not unsafe” list, such as any Gen 4 or 5 Glock, but a LEO may do so. BTW, if a G43 isn’t safe in my hands, how does it magically become safe in Officer Friendly’s hands, or when he legally transfers it to me? Sacramento thinks it somehow comes in “super dangerous” mode from the manufacturer, and is fixed when the registration paperwork is filled out with Friendly’s name?

  6. If the p365 was available in 2016, a LEO could have sold it to a non-LEO for at least $1,000. A few years ago a CA law was past where a LEO can only sell an “unsafe” off roster gun to another LEO. BTW very nice EDC, I envy the gun and knives. I’ll have to stick with my old, but “safe” gen 1 Shields.

    • Yeah. I remember seeing several blues Walther TPH pistols in the early 80s.

      Cops figured out they could order them and then sell at a massive profit to collectors as the TPH was not comfortable under the GCA of 68.

      Walther started making them in the US ( stainless) and deflated the market a little. Blues versions are still pretty rare.

      Maybe thats the loophole the lefties are looking for…..cops selling guns that plebes cant obtain otherwise.

    • @SoCalJack,

      Link to the CA Penal Code stating so, please? I’m not aware of this alleged law, as I’ve never read about it and none of my LEO friends have ever mentioned it in conversations. Thx.

  7. His gunms junk, his nifes are junk, his watch is junk, his holstered is junk, and so’s the camera he used to this picture . He’s a Coo, what can I say. . . . . . I smell Brownies, that’s weird?

  8. LEO?! I thought that was 007’s EDC! ( MI 6 Operative: License To Kill !) Anyhow, To bad its NOT available to ALL KALIFORNIA’s under OUR fine U.S. Constitutional -Bill of Rights! But, Authoritarianism, YO!

  9. In commie kalifornia, Freedom and Liberty only applies to those with certain job titles and clothes worn. The rest, are meme servants/cash cows of oppressive government. The photo shows that a “oath taker” could care less about YOU!
    Ain’t America great?

    • alas, Cops get to use some cool tools.
      And they get their nifty swat gear paid for by seat belt citations, drive distracted at will while diddling on their computers and smart phones, and only work 20 years to retire.
      They end up living lives finding fault with other people, and subjugate themselves to a system that is a harsh master; but somebody in the grand design of things needs to uphold he Law, and for that we thank them.

      • Sewage treatment engineers are every bit as needed by society. I doubt they deserve any less thanks.

      • Yup “master” truly fits the bill. YOU will bow and obey the master.
        For you brain stem only thinkers that stumble in here. That would be ALL OF GOVERNMENT. Especially those that are armed.

  10. If you really want to know what cops think about the 2nd Amendment and Gun Control put the words “ Policeone gun control survey” into a search engine and read some of the results. 15,000 officers participated which is 7 or 8 times the number of people polled in other gun surveys. Obviously some of you should be surprised.

    • Don’t care. Like I said above, when they are ordered to execute the ERPO most of them will do it. That’s all you need to know.

      • Cloudbuster, That may be all YOU need to know!
        Some people are so narrow minded they can look through a keyhole with both eyes.

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