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You know that “bump in the night” situation that home owners fear? Well they don’t always happen at night. As a recent defensive gun use in southwest Virginia illustrates, those bumps can happen any time of day.

As WSLS reports, this particular break-in happened last week at about 4:30 p.m.

The man authorities say broke into a Botetourt County home is in the hospital after being shot by the homeowners’ adult daughter’s boyfriend Thursday afternoon, according to the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office.

Forty-six-year-old Edward Colman Barbour somehow got into the home, pointed a gun at the homeowner’s daughter and demanded the keys to her car.

When she refused and yelled for another person in the home, the intruder began firing his weapon inside the home.

Another resident retrieved a weapon, came down the stairs and he fired one shot at the intruder, who was coming up the stairs, hitting him in the neck.

When law enforcement officers responded to a 911 call, they found Barbour exsanguinating in the front lawn. He received treatment and is now in custody.

Barbour is being held at the Botetourt Craig County Regional Jail without bond.

Barbour is charged with breaking and entering and the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. More charges are pending.

Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam has called a special session which starts next month to consider a series gun control proposals.

Northam is proposing a series of what he terms “common-sense” laws and called for a July 9 special session of the Virginia General Assembly, following a May 31 mass shooting in Virginia Beach, where a city employee killed 12 people.

The governor proposes universal background checks; banning “assault weapons;” limiting the capacity of gun magazines; banning suppressors and bump stocks for assault weapons; establishing an extreme risk protective order initiated by law enforcement that would temporarily deny an individual’s access to guns; reinstating a law to limit handgun purchases to one per month; preventing children’s access to firearms until age 18; requiring people to report lost and stolen firearms; and expanding local authority to regulate firearms, including inside government buildings.

To the extent that Northam is able to push some or all of these restrictions through the legislature and onto the books, the new laws (think magazine limits, “safe storage” requirements, handgun purchase limits) could reduce law-abiding Virginians’ ability to respond to home invaders such as Barbour.


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  1. Fine example of what my Grandpa called “white trash”.
    The young man that shot him should get a free pass to a range for good shooting!

    • My grandpa also. I’ve lived in all white areas. The jails are full. Of white guys like this.

      • Lots of people’s Grandpas. “White Trash” has been a commonly used epithet in this country since….well, since whites got here, I imagine. Nothing unique about it.

      • Sensible people understand this there is plenty of white trash and plenty of black trash. The color has no meaning. The trash part does

    • Being found “exsanguinating (bleeding out) on the lawn” after being shot inside the house may indicate the home invader (with firearm) was possibly still a threat inside the house. Personally, I would have used more lead.

      However, I won’t second-guess the homeowner’s daughter’s boyfriend’s actions. I hope to never encounter an armed home invader.

  2. Just inches away from saving taxpayers the cost of feeding and housing this skrull.

    • Re: “taxpayer relief shot”, as one local radio commentator puts it.

      My training (CO-POST) is “two to the body, one to the head.” If the invader was armed, I suppose I would then have to observe – from a safe distance – whether the invader was still a threat. This could take several minutes to be sure. The lives of my family are at stake.

      I hope to never encounter an armed home invader. I hope they feel likewise.

  3. I think my Taurus Judge with one blast of 000 buck shot in the neck would have saved the tax payer.
    The governor of Virginia is a klansman. Of course he wants gun control. The Democrat klansman have always supported gun control.

  4. What did he shoot him with, a pellet rifle? If I shot him, it would either be 7.62X39, .300 blackout or .40 with Hornady Critical Duty. I seriously doubt he’d be in jail. Maybe if I should with my .22 PCP air rifle, OK, I could see him getting treated at the hospital and getting a mug shot at the jail.

    • He was probably shot with a handgun round, maybe even the big .40 problem solver. But all handgun rounds suck if .45acp and below.

      • It’s well known and I know very well that handgun rounds are largely ineffective and more people than not survive being shot by one. I by no means believe that .40 is a magic problem solver. At 62, I’ve carried virtually everything, from .22 up to and including .44 magnum. It’s just my current daily carry is a P229 Elite in .40, so yes I have to defend it as the best thing since microwave bacon. If it was .357 Sig, I’d be praying to that.
        There’s a reason for the saying that the purpose of your handgun is to fight your way to your rifle. I truly subscribe to that philosophy. If SHTF, I’m running for the AK or AR pistol in 300

  5. “Common sense” guvner?!? Like murdering newborn babies? Say hi to the grand kleegle. And why no mention of the killer’s Muslim “faith” from ANYONE?😫😡

    • Well, here’s a story with no mention of the shooter’s Christian faith.

      “Five people are confirmed to be dead after an “ongoing dispute” in a California neighborhood prompted one man to open fire on two others before his home went up in flames with his wife and son inside.”

  6. That home invader is one surly looking dude. I truly hope that no one in my family ever rounds a corner in our home and comes face-to-face with such an unsavory character. Nevertheless, since such events do happen (however rare they may be), I always have my handgun strapped to my side even when I am inside my home. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

  7. FTA “The preliminary investigation has revealed that the intruder had been staying in the area for the past three weeks after being dropped off by family members and was attempting to get back to the Roanoke area.”
    Is this code for dumped him off and didn’t want to see him again?

    • You can only take drug addiction of a family member for so long. They steal, get arrested, hurt people and the only thing that they care about is the next hit.
      At some point you have to save yourself and protect the rest of the clan.
      If he’s willing to break into a strangers house armed and shoot the place up what would he do to family?

      • @ GS650G
        That’s exactly right and the sooner stupid relatives figure it out and tell the loser relative to kick rocks the better. Druggies DON’T care about anything except their pathetic miserable existence and next high. To a druggy, EVERYONE is a possible asset. What can THEY do for the person or what DO THEY HAVE that can be obtained, or stolen and converted into usable assets by trading, being sold or hawked. You can DO NOTHING FOR THESE PEOPLE and anything who thinks they are helping are stupidly naive. All you do if you provide ANYTHING is enable.
        YOU CAN’T HELP them except by telling them to GET F—–king lost.
        Maybe when they are hungry, cold or sick enough….they might decide to seek help, although it’s highly unlikely especially with opiates and meth, but until that time, any help provided is just being stupid and giving into emotions.

  8. Given the rural location, with which I am generally familiar, it is astonishing that the intruder was not met with a shotgun or an AR and permanently dispatched. Northam is a nightmare, full of hypocrisy and self-loathing.

  9. “they found Barbour exsanguinating in the front lawn:

    I really like that line.

  10. The Virginia legislature needs to put a giant poster of Northam in his racist accoutrements up for all to see during this special gun control session. Remind everyone of what’s really behind the agenda.

    • . I recently had a conversation with a probation officer about the Meth problem in this town. Law Enforcement has pretty much given up on stopping it.

      • What do you mean. I have to jump through hoops to get sudafed. I thought the meth problem was fixed

  11. Statistically more likely in daylight hours. Some crews WANT to invade your home when it’s occupied….but most would prefer the residents be away….usually at work. Thus daylight is often when they ply their trade.

  12. Guy shoots up work place with 2 pistols, one with suppressor… Politicians and puppets, lets ban suppressors for assault rifles… wait… what?

  13. Hard to believe he’s 46. Looks rough.
    At least now he will get free medical treatment for wounds he received while committing a felon followed by food and shelter in jail until his release by the bleeding heart left. All at taxpayer expense. And don’t forget all the money we spend apprehending, charging, convicting, and processing him.
    Next time aim a little higher and hit the noggin square on, save us a pile of money.

  14. Wait till all ur guns are taken by the far left..Dont believe it but it will happen in time if we keep on the path we are going… How many people do u think would be walking out of that house…

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