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Mr. Michael Schmidbauer (common spelling), a train conductor, sends his Everyday Carry gear courtesy Everyday Carry.

He notes right off that he doesn’t carry the gun while at work.  In fact, he writes more than that

Typical carry on a daily basis. Obviously no gun at work.
– ROCO minimalist wallet
– Holt Specter
– USG TiScribe Bolt v2 brass w/ mokuti clip
– Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
– Samsung Note 8 w/ Spigen case
– Vitesse Design ROCKIT
– Lumintop Tool Ti
– S&W M&P Shield, 9mm w/ extra mag
– ’16 Dodge Charger fob w/ brass punisher bottle opener

Some of us are lucky enough to get to carry at work.  Are you one of those people?

Not sure what the Vitesse Design ROCKIT really is.

The Lumintop Tool Ti light looks interesting.  I followed the link and found the LUMINTOP TOOL AA 2.0 EDC Flashlight.  650 lumens, one AA-sized battery (probably lithium to get that output), five output levels, less than $19.  My cart just gained another darn item.



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    • “Sleek, stylish and supremely sharp – the exclusive Vitesse ROCKIT is a pocket-sized scalpel for your everyday carry.”

  1. Some nice stuff, but not a digital watch fan am more into analogs, but I can commiserate with not being able to carry at work. My retirement gig is driving special needs school bus and definitely no carry at work.

    • I got a Fitbit for Christmas and I use it at the gym, when I play golf and to monitor my sleep. I like the light weight. The fitbit is a basic smartwatch that can go 5 days without charging. I looked into the high-end smart watches and you are always going to be charging them. I wear a watch all the time so that is a non starter. You can configure a smartwatch as an analog watch. Samsung some excellent high resolution analog faces.

      • First, another shield. Hmmm…

        I switched from Fitbit to the Nokia smartwatch for durability. Fitbits barely last me a year, just enough to get out of warranty. I prefer the Fitbit software, but like the fact the Nokia picks up if I go out dancing or surfing and records the excercise.

        • Yea I got my mom one for mothers day a long while back, and it’s a POS. She has a samsung watch now. Loves it.

        • The higher end fitbits pick up exercise too. I don’t know how it knows I am playing golf but it does. I generally wear a Casio outdoor watch or my Citizen ecodrive when I dress up.

    • I used to fear the digital watch thing, until I got a Samsung Gear S3. Goes great with my S8, syncs everything, get a call or text I just look at the watch etc etc… Awesome.

      The downside is charging. Not the battery life necessarily, because I can get 3-4 days with all the health monitoring off and minimal usage, but it has to be charged wirelessly. I did not know that. So I just bought a backup charger in case the included one fails. I don’t expect it to last forever, but for the convenience of it and having the ability to send a SOS with GPS location by pressing a button 5x is a win in my book too. I am definitely a smart watch fan now. Battery life will improve in years to come, and my next one hopefully won’t be for another 3 years when I decide to upgrade my phone too. I’ll get the combo again.

      But trust me, I understand the phobia. Battery life is something people don’t want to worry about in a watch. I just treat it like everything else with batteries, and got all rechargeable batteries for everything I own anyways. It would be nice to have replaceable ones in these smart watches, since that is the biggest failing part in them. I came from Suunto’s, Garmins, G-Shocks etc etc. The Samsung watch IMHO, is absolutely amazing. Don’t buy into all that health monitoring crap though. Only fat people need to count their steps to feel like they achieved something. But… there are people with heart issues that would greatly benefit from that stuff as well.

      • Don’t fear them, have had watches with digital movements, even went with one exclusively in the early 80s for a time. Just, don’t like them, these days I like the way an automatic sweeps the hand around the face. As far as linking with my everything else, don’t have too much for them to link with. Just got my first smart phone a year ago my wife and daughter insisted on being able to message me. Don’t do the in car electronics, don’t do Alexa or any of that other stuff. I worked in IT for 20 years mostly in the auto industry, wore beepers and cell phones, blackberries, PDAs etc 24/7 and just got tired of being “linked in” hooked up and always available no matter where I was. Now I rebel against it as much as I can and it feels so nice.

  2. I thought train guys all used pocket watches and wore large bandannas, great for first aid.

  3. When I was a lot younger I wanted to be a RR man. Loved the blue and white stripped hat.
    Too bad there are so many no carry employers. Nice load out.
    I sometimes stop and watch the trains on the Wasatch grade. 100+ cars and 2 or 3 motors and 1 or 2 pusher motors. Wow!

  4. The warncliff is a great design for deep cuts but that thing is so small I’d be afraid of just pissing Bubba off. Just under 3 inches would be better as a dedicated slicer.

  5. I just visioned him strolling down the isle playing Crazy Train while he shooters everyone. Crazy, But that’s how it goes.

    • “Crazy, But that’s how it goes.”

      I miss Randy Rhodes…

  6. I wonder why he can’t carry when he’s on the job? Unless he has to pass through a metal detector every day or something. Otherwise, concealed means concealed. Even if my employer had restrictions on carry, I’d still do it. God forbid if I ever should have to use it, I’ll deal with whatever my employer wants to do at that point.

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