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Another Father’s Day. What was it this year, a pair of socks? A set of socket wrenches? Maybe a(nother) ‘World’s Greatest Dad‘ coffee mug? Gee, thanks guys! 

Now that you’ve eaten your special breakfast with the kiddies and said all the obligatory thank-you’s, it’s time for a real Father’s Day present. Which means (if you’re lucky) you can use that gift card they gave you or you’re just going to have to treat yourself. And why not…you deserve it!

Here are a few ideas for gear you know you need to satisfy the gun guy in you.


UpLuLa Magazine Loader

Magazine Loader – Sore thumbs at the range? Spending more time stuffing rounds in your mags than you are shooting? Pick up a good loader and keep those magazines topped off the easy way. An UpLULA is worth its weight in gold!

Rem Oil Gun Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies – Action cleaner, CLP, Hoppe’s or Rem Oil? That’s the kind of cleaning gear every gun owner needs more of. Maybe some Swab-Its Bore Tips or a Bore Snake in that caliber you’re missing. Even if it’s just some lint-free patches, make sure your cleaning kit is fully stocked.

Electronic Hearing Protection

Ears – Sure, those foam plugs are good enough to get by so the range officer doesn’t hassle you, but you know you’ve always wanted a good set of electronic muffs. They’ll actually protect your hearing and let you carry on a conversation while muffling the concussions from guy next to you on the line who’s shooting that AR-10 with the muzzle brake. Peltor’s Tactical 500s have Bluetooth, dynamic suppression, and voice tracking. Whether listening to a podcast while mowing the lawn or taking calls on the range, these things are awesome.

Eyes – A good pair of eye pro is a must. If you’ve been making do with a pair of Home Depot specials, it’s time to upgrade. Get yourself a shooting-specific pair that lets you swap out different color lenses for changing light conditions and targets. It will make a huge difference in your comfort and your shooting.

Sights – How about a new set of offset iron sights or a red dot for your AR? Leupold’s RDS 1×34 red dot is a great performer, comes with a Picatinny mount and won’t break the bank.

Streamlight TLR-1 HL Weapon Light Home Defense

Weapon Light – Whether it’s for your bump-in-the-night pistol or your hog-hunting gun, a good light like the Streamlight TLR-1 HL is a must.

Let us know what gunny gift you got (from the kids or from yourself) today.


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  1. Waiting for my IWI TS12 and set of Walther Q5 match pistols- one steel and one polymer.

  2. “Buy Yourself a Father’s Day Gift This Year”

    I did, rotors/pads, and calipers all the way around, front bearing hubs, rear axle seals, and new tires all the way around…total w/labor, $1600…

    At the price of a new truck, I’ll keep mine on the road for as long as I can…

    2002 GMC 2500HD w/Duramax/Allison, 168k miles…

    • Good job! For Father’s Day this year I installed a new AC compressor in my 16 year old daughter’s car and saved myself a lot of money.

    • Did all that myself not long ago. The only thing I did for the differentials was swap the fluid out. Got lucky. All is well. New struts and suspension all the way around. Callahan brake kit with everything for about $400. New IWE’s, tie rods and tubular upper control arms to help with leveling kit angles. VCT solenoids too. Obviously oil and filters, fuel too. Total cost of parts was around 1200. I don’t trust shops to work on my vehicle, I have to do it myself. Went a little nuts with my tax return. 140k running great 😉

    • I bought a supergay undercarriage led light kit for my golf cart. Not really tactical, now that I think about it.

      • “tacticool”

        Seriously though, if your golf cart has LED lights on its undercarriage, it’s probably the coolest golf cart ever.

    • I drive a 1993 Dodge Dakota. The A/C has been out for years, but the heater works and the radio only works on A M stations. Just spent $500 for a fuel pump(including labor) so I’ll drive another year or 2. Buying the little woman a Tacoma soon and we’ll be a 2 truck family……

    • I replaced the passenger side upstream O2 sensor on my 03 Expedition. It took far longer than it should have, because nobody thought about fitting a full-size human’s hands in there. (Thanks, Ford.)

      Father’s Day content: #2 Son came over and held one of the extra-length needlenoses from the wheelwell while I worked another up from underneath.

  3. I got a BBF Make iwb holster for my 43.

    Pretty pleased with 20 dollar purchase so far.

    • Oh yeah….I almost forgot 😉
      Ordered a CRKT Fulcrum 7404…. But it won’t be in till this week…
      This Fenix PD35 v2.0 light is pretty damn awesome tho!!!

  4. Got myself a Fenix PD35 v2.0 😉
    Still waiting for my gift from the kids…. IF I even get a gift from the kids… Not that i require it really…. They are 12 and 14 so it would really depend on their mother… Lol

  5. Daughters got me a Frontier hatchet and a heavy duty cleaver, with purple and glow in the dark handle . Hand made by a friend of the youngest daughter .

  6. If you want/need a red dot that won’t break the bank, the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is very nice. PSA and Amazon both have them for $120. 2 moa dot, shake awake, and 2 mounts. I love mine.

  7. Buy? That’s what kids are for. Didn’t get no gunm stuff this year, however my youngest did give me a basket case Moto Guzzi. “All you gotta do Dad is put her together.”

    • Good luck with the Goose. If the Americans can build it with 15 parts, the Germans can do it with 11, and the Italians can do it with 37.

      Those Italians like their machinery.

  8. My sons both got JOBS for Daddy Day😄 So I’ve been buying ammo & magazines. Oh and they just got me a giant burrito( best one ever!).

  9. Got a Trash Panda for my SBR. Hope to have it by Father’s Day next year….

  10. After giving my boy a couple hundred for Father’s Day (he has 6 kids), I got myself a Dan Wesson v-bob. Now to sell a pistol or two and replenish the bank account.

  11. Wife gave me a gently used Ruger Mk IV 22/45 lite she found at our LGS…came with a Vortex Venom already mounted / sighted in…perfect match for my Sparrow.

    • I bet your little ones will love plinking with a suppressed .22! Hell I’m about to turn 30 and it still makes me smile.

      • My “littlest” one is a half-dozen years older than you…he can shoot it if he wants to…she gave it to me to watch me smile (actually it was more of a cheese-eating grin). She is the best thing that ever happened to me (43 years married and she still surprises me).

  12. Bought a Ruger SP-101 in .357 with a 3″ barrel. My kids will enjoy shooting it. My kids, yup.

  13. 2 days prior to Father’s Day, I bought another $250 worth of ammo, got some 6.5 CM on sale too!

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