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Bless Jessica Trame’s little heart. She takes her job as chief of the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau very seriously. Seriously enough, in fact, to email deceased Illinois gun dealers seeking their compliance with Kathleen Willis’ new Gun Dealer Licensing Act.

The Gun Dealer Licensing mess stands as a giant hot mess for firearms retailerw. The ISP’s bureaucrats don’t really understand the realities of business and, for now at least, don’t seem very inclined to accept advice.

One now-deceased Illinois-based federally licensed gun dealer received this email dated Saturday, June 15th from Trame.  At least for this batch of emails, Jessica used blind carbon copy for the recipients, unlike an earlier one

From: Trame, Jessica
Sent: Saturday, June 15, 2019 8:40 PM
Subject: UPDATE – Firearm Dealer License Certification

Dear state of Illinois FFL:
If you are having difficulties completing your Firearm Dealer License Certification application on-line, please send a copy of your FFL and your completed FFL Valid affidavit to this email address – [email protected] by COB Monday, June 17 to reserve your date of compliance with section 68/5-10. The ISP will continue to work with you to finalize the remaining steps prior to July 17.

If a person engages in strictly gunsmithing services, and only those services (where, for example, they accept a firearm for service, service the firearm, and then return it solely to the same person who gave them the firearm to service), they will not be required to be obtain State certification. If, however, a person who offers gunsmithing services also engages in the business of selling, leasing, or otherwise transferring firearms to third parties, they will be required to obtain State certification.

(430 ILCS 68/5-10)

Sec. 5-10. Copy of Federal Firearms License filed with the Department. Each licensee shall file with the Department a copy of its license, together with a sworn affidavit indicating that the license presented is in fact its license and that the license is valid. The Department may by rule create a process for checking the validity of the license, in lieu of requiring an affidavit. Upon receipt and review by the Department, the Department shall issue a certificate of license to the licensee, allowing the licensee to conduct business within this State. The Department shall issue an initial certificate of license within 30 days of receipt of the copy of license and sworn affidavit. If the Department does not issue the certificate within 30 days, the licensee shall operate as if a certificate has been granted unless and until a denial is issued by the Department.

(Source: P.A. 100-1178, eff. 1-18-19.)

Jessica Trame
Chief, Firearms Services Bureau

Even though this particular dealer died in early 2018 and his license expired a few months later the same year, Jessica Trame is still hounding him, lest a dead man get away from the State of Illinois’ regulatory over-reach.

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  1. It’s a chance that someone in the family even read the email.

    When my Mom died, I could neither find nor guess her password, so I have no idea what information was lost (to me).

    • This shit right here is what tore me up for months after my mom passed. Since she lived at my place before her death, they kept sending junk mail to a dead woman for years and man that messed with ya finding that in the mail box each time…how can the FEDS keep her on a mailing list they obliviously SOLD$$$ for medicare users???
      ohh and she did not vote dem…so that was out…lol

    • Obviously. His wife has his email forwarded to her account.

      If they have the resources to hound dead people, why can’t they bring in the (live) registered sex offenders who aren’t properly registered? Or check on the revoked FOID holders to ensure they don’t still have their guns if they haven’t submitted their firearm disposition form?

      • The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on guns. What ever the majority of people think you shouldn’t have whether it be privacy, what you put in your body or an object they will make sure you can’t have it if they don’t like it.

      • Sure was nice of you to put sex offenders and gun owners on the same scale. Only in Illinois could a gun owner seek to enforce the registration known as a FOID. I’m glad I live in the United States where the 2nd Amendment still means something. You turds in Illinois voted for it, now go suck it.

    • There was something like for the twin towers 10 years after. The towers had their own postal code or post office and they would get piles of the mail even though they postal code was no longer valid .

      Just a FYI if you want junk mail to stop (the credit card offers) use

      I have not gotten a unsolicited junk mail in close to 10 years now.

      • I was referencing the tendency of the dead to vote in Chicago elections, should have phrased it differently. Oh well, inside baseball and all. FWW, this one’s for you….

        • OK, I was referencing the inner-city precincts that magically have more voters that vote than residents who live there…

      • Which one is her, the one on the right end or the on the left end? My guess is the one on the left end as the one on the right end looks like a manwantabe………..

      • There’s a chick there, and a dark skinned man. How many more tokens do you want? (That character on the right? Not sure what gender that is – it doesn’t look feminine, it doesn’t look masculine – maybe it identifies as an Apache attack helicopter?)

    • That what I say. If the dead can vote they should have to follow the gun laws just like the living.

  2. I’d be tempted to respond with something like
    “Your laws are unconstitutional, please fuck off”

  3. The deceased is probably not listed as dead if you merely cross reference his name with the list of people eligible to vote in Democratic primaries.

  4. This is what happens in a state that the politicians get donations from drug dealers and gangbangers .

    • Donations? The ‘politicians’ actively entertain the vote of the ‘hood, having meetings and all the rest of the rot…

  5. For some of you whose parents use direct pay to vendors, (phone, internet, tv, water, gas and electric) using a bank account, you may have problems.
    After my mother died I called the bank and gave hem her death certificate.

    That’s when I found out the agreement/contract was between my mother and the above mentioned vendors. The bank refused to stop paying them from her checking account as the bank had no contract with the vendors.

    It took months, phone calls, letters and emails to people who did not give a shit, they had her money. She had money coming in for several months after she died and it was a pita.

    Forget direct pay for your parents, get a bill in the mail, then pay by check.


    • I think you mean automatic payment. Another paperless method is payment by the bank but the account holder has to authorize each one every time.

      Did you seek advice from a lawyer or a CPA? The job of an executor is to settle the estate. That means closing accounts, paying outstanding bills and distributing what’s left to the heirs. Banks must cooperate with executors.

      I”m surprised the bank would continue automatic bill payment. There is a reverse problem of living people being declared dead due to a clerical error in the federal government. (Probably Social Security or, maybe, the IRS.) Their lives become impossible because everything gets frozen. In particular, they cannot access money in the bank. Their ATM, credit and debit cards cease working, their checks bounce and the bank won’t let them withdraw cash in person. A hardball way to block future payments would be to drain the account or close it entirely.

    • My mother is married, and thus has someone to deal with such things in the event of her death. My father however is single and I’m his only child. As such, we set up a POA allowing me to act on his behalf in basically any situation; health care, real estate, personal finances, etc. On top of that he made me a signatory to his checking and savings accounts.

      As such, not only can I cancel all services in his name, but I could also simply automatically forward any deposits into his checking to my account, solving many issues.

      Auto pay is just too useful to not have it, especially for seniors living independently or semi independently. There are plenty of other ways to solve such problems, including having the elder supply passwords and pin codes to a trusted person, so that in the event of unexpected death that person can stop all paid services.
      Where there is a lack of trust, such information can be left with an attorney, allowing whomever becomes the executor of the estate to easily sort such things out.
      Where there is trust however, elders should seriously consider granting a conditional power of attorney to a trusted person. It makes everything so much easier, and can actually protect the elder quite a bit if they find themselves struggling with cognitive issues.

      Additionally, a will is an absolute must for basically anyone who has any sort of assets at all. Since attorneys frequently hold copies of wills, things like passwords and IDs, the location of valuable assets and cash, and other sorts of information can be addended to a will, again facilitating the work of the executor when the person dies.

      Every time I hear of someone who died intestate, and all the problems it causes their family and executor, all I can think is how terribly irresponsible it is to not have a will. I can’t understand nor forgive someone who is so incapable of admitting to the fact that they will eventually die that they leave a horrible mess for their grieving family to sort out.

      So, here is a PoTG challenge: If you carry a gun to protect your family, do you have a will? Realizing that the likelyhood of armed confrontation is low, but that death is inevitable, which is more likely to assist your family?

      • A will? When I die, nothing will change. My wife will give my stuff away to whomever she pleases, just as she does today. “I haven’t seen your father use these tools in years, just take them home with you, Son!” She gives away everything except my wife!

  6. This shouldn’t be news to anyone here,however the states and Federal politicians and bureaucrats are mainly comprised of the brain dead,even though they have not yet expired.

  7. One can only imagine if an Illinois FOID card holder passes away or moves out of state….after the FOID card expires, the state police will be knocking down doors of the last known address on record and then later sort out the mess after everyone’s civil rights have been violated who now live at the last known address…..time to leave “The Peoples Republic of Illinois”.

  8. Of course the state gun law morons are trying to enforce laws against deceased people or businesses. The data is in a computer and it just will not die. So automatic notices go out. Even if a person must confirm each notice, the list they work from still comes from the same dysfunctional database.

    I do not see how this is any different from any other automated system that fails to recognize address changes, businesses going under or human death. My home address still gets automated mail from businesses, federal and state government agencies for someone who died over twenty years ago, I mark the mail, I send it back, nothing changes. I filled out a form at the USPS to only deliver mail having my last name, I still get mail for people who do not live here.

    It is a normal failure mode for the data systems people create. Does not matter if it is government or industry, the deletion of no longer valid data is never given the attention it requires. The result is that every time an action is applied to an entire data set, useless crap is generated.

    It’s not a conspiracy, it is people screwing up in the normal range of responsibilities that people screw up in.

  9. Fun fact: ‘Illinois’ is the ancient Algonquin name for ‘poison ivy’. Cool, huh?

    Recommend staying far away from both, for the same reason.

    • My father always told me the word Illinois was an Indian word for Land of the Dumb F@#KS. based on the people allowed to be in control. I’d say it fits.

  10. And one of my old aquatinences was finally found quilty of.murder. To bad hed been dead for a few years.

  11. Cops are not the problem. ITS ONLY THE POLITICIANS! Or some such bullshit. Fuck you to everyone that regurgitates that idiotic lie. The police are our enemy and will always be our enemy.

  12. Well since the dead still vote in Illinois it is reasonable to think they still continue to operate there gun retailing businesses as well. Let’s see if they are able to arrest him too!!! Damn Communists!!!

  13. I am sure that the thinking was that since dead people still vote, at least the Democrats anyway, then by gosh they should still continue to comply or ELSE on other things.

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