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Y’all should know that I’ve never actually written anything, I just supervise the computer while it does all the work.


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    • Homicides may have positive as well as negative outcomes. The Department of Defense, international police forces, and pretty much every governmental organization that can arm itself already do, so I have good/bad company.

  1. While I do not disagree w/ the general thrust of the meme the underlying implication is that “people” should not be killed. Yeah, I am not on board with that. Some should in certain circumstances. Not all homicides are bad. I am in pretty good/bad company as the DoD, police departments around the world, and just about every gov. entity that can weapon up does.

    Just like writing or writings go, some are bad and some are good (and alot in between) the same goes for homicides.

      • The deaths are often an unintended byproduct of neglect and shortages.

        Or like “Cannibal Island” a deliberate result.

  2. “There is no swifter route to the corruption of thought than…Through the corruption of language. George Orwell

  3. If when a Police Officer shoots someone. They are guilty of a crime. Why is it then when a civilian shoots someone it is Gun Violence.

  4. Denice and Denephew have a smart ass uncle.
    I had a few teachers that would do the write a hundred times, I taped two pencils together with a little wad of paper in between and doubled my output.

    • Probably more then what’s known.
      Stalin was purging his country of what he thought were traitors to mother ruska.

      • And his political rivals. Naturally, the two categories were conveniently interchangeable.

  5. Ant colonies succeed because all the ants think the same..
    I was kinda gung ho for Trump, didnt vote for him the first time, did the second.(says something, huh)
    America needs some true leadership, theBiden crew aint it. Playing race cards and crime,along with its inherent nasties, isn’t what brings together an ant hill. I want, America needs, a Commander In Chief I’d/We’d die for. theBiden ain’t it, sorry Joe you lost the real America.
    Scary thing, I don’t think he cares. Prez O said he was going to change America.

      • America better get its shit together and quit this racist, crime, gunm control, in fighting, there’s bigger fish frying and without a devotion to our country America is not going to be so great.

    • Okay possum so whatcha gonna do if you was pres?
      ” Adhere to the Constitution of The United States of America, unquestionably. ” done and done.

  6. We need to get these high-capacity serving spoons off the streets. Childhood obesity and diabeetusss are ravaging our youth and the purveyors of child-killing-calorie-conveyors must be held accountable for their actions. We need to sue the big eating-utensil industry and shut down its lobby, the NUA (National Utensil Association).

    Nobody needs a high-capacity serving spoon. A ladle works just fine; my grandfather taught me how to use a ladle growing up and said he doesn’t understand why anyone would need a serving spoon, and real men don’t need serving spoons.

    Also, we need to reclassify sporks as serving spoons. They’re concealable serving spoons disguised as forks.

  7. Guns kill people? Well, I guess a gun could kill someone if you beat them hard enough with it.
    What kills people are the bullets or shot pellets they launch. Which takes at least a couple actions by a person to accomplish. The anti gun idiots claim guns kill, but, so do knives, clubs, motor vehicles, poisons and drugs, dogs, Doctors, and just plain old age.
    The anti’s also claim mass shootings have not happened in Australia since the ban was put in place. A quick google search will put the lie to that 1. The anti’s also claim mass killings don’t happen in countries that don’t allow civilian ownership of guns. Again, they lie. Thing is, in many of those countries, the mass killings are perpetrated by those governments. Of course, the leftist would be OK with that. Murder is fine as long as it’s government sanctioned.

  8. This meme is cool. if a police officer kills someone with a shot. They have committed a crime. I bought an essay on this subject using as a similarity checker. Why is it therefore considered gun violence when a citizen shoots someone?

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