Women Marines Less Accurate Shooting Rifles
courtesy washingtonpost.com and Marine Corps
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Marine experiment finds women get injured more frequently, shoot less accurately than men

This will never do. Time to give men less accurate optics . . .

Women in a new Marine Corps unit created to assess how female service members perform in combat were injured twice as often as men, less accurate with infantry weapons and not as good at removing wounded troops from the battlefield, according to the results of a long-awaited study produced by the service.

The research was carried out by the service in a nine-month long experiment at both Camp Lejeune, N.C., and Twentynine Palms, Calif. About 400 Marines, including 100 women, volunteered to join the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, the unit the Marine Corps created to compare how men and women do in a combat environment.

“This is unprecedented research across the services,” said Marine Col. Anne Weinberg, the deputy director of the Marine Corps Force Innovation Office. “What we tried to get to is what is that individual’s contribution to the collective unit. We all fight as units… We’re more interested in how the Marine Corps fights as units and how that combat effectiveness is either advanced or degraded.”

Assisted First Shot Disabled Shooter Hacker
courtesy hackaday.com

Hackers Made a Gun That Can Be Fired With a Raised Eyebrow

Armed self defense is for everyone . . .

Over the last four years, a small group of assistive technology hackers has been developing a remote-controlled gun that can be fired using just the muscles in the shooter’s forehead. Last week, 37-year old Floridian Michael Phillips put the shooting assistant to the test at a local shooting range and probably became the first person to ever fire a gun with their eyebrow.

Phillips lives with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a genetic disease that results in the loss of voluntary muscle movement. When he was born, doctors gave Phillips less than a year to live, but nearly four decades later he’s still crossing items off his ‘Things to Do’ list. Although he describes himself as “ultra-liberal, anti-NRA, anti-all things Trumpian,” Phillips still included a visit to a shooting range to “fire a gun with a switch” on his to-do list.

How Self-Defense And Suicide Are Changing The Conversation On Guns In The West

How Self-Defense And Suicide Are Changing The Conversation On Guns In The West

A fairly balanced panel discussion . . .

Guns have always been a part of life in the West. Forty-two percent of Utah residents own a gun, according to a 2017 Salt Lake Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics poll. The number of Utah women who own guns has surged in the last five years.

States in the Mountain West have some of the most permissive gun laws in the country. But many of these states struggle with the same problem: suicide. Utah has one of America’s lowest homicide rates and one of the highest suicide rates.

Nearly 90 percent of all gun deaths here are suicides – and half of suicides involve a gun. How do Western states square an affinity for guns with a rising suicide rate? And what can be done to save more lives?

Firearms Tracing Center ATF
courtesy bloomberg.com

Let the Firearms Tracing Center Do Its Job

What could possibly go wrong? . . .

When law-enforcement agents seek information on guns found at crime scenes, they call the firearms tracing center of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Agents at the tracing center, in West Virginia, then try to establish a chain of custody based on the gun’s serial number, manufacturer, distributor and retailer.

The agents pursue this task in the most inefficient, wasteful and time-consuming manner imaginable, manually searching records — about 800 million of them — because federal law purportedly prevents the center from organizing them into a searchable digital database.

This absurd prohibition needs to be lifted.

David Horsey Anti-Gun Cartoon
courtesy latimes.com

The Gun Cultist as Horror Movie Villain

The entertainment industry demonizes gun owners at every opportunity . . .

One of the qualities of the Horror Movie Villain that makes him so creepy is his sociopathic narcissism. Such villains give us chills, not because they twirl their mustaches and rub their hands at being eeeeeevil, but because they simply do not see their victims at all even when they are looking right at them.

This is the mark of the Gun Cult. A Gun Cultist, I say again, is not somebody who owns or shoots guns. A Gun Cultist is marked rather by his total, obsessive, self-absorbed narcissism. When confronted by the spectacle of slaughter in an elementary school, the normal person automatically responds, “Dear God in heaven, what can we do to make sure this never happens again!” It is the normal response of any psychologically well-adjusted human.

In contrast, the sole response of the Gun Cultist is “I didn’t do it! Screw you! Don’t touch my gun!” He may elaborate on this primal selfishness with more crazy, such as, “This was a hoax perpetrated by Obama! The parents of those ‘dead kids’ are in on this!” or some variation on these themes. But at the heart of the response is this: when push comes to shove, the Gun Cultist would rather see every single child in the US have his or her head blown off than consider even the tiniest change to our gun regime.

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  1. ‘…female service members… were… less accurate with infantry weapons…’

    According to a friend of mine who served in both Iraq wars and Afghanistan, the (enemy) female snipers were by far the nastiest.

    ‘When confronted by the spectacle of slaughter in an elementary school, the normal person automatically responds, “Dear God in heaven, what can we do to make sure this never happens again!” It is the normal response of any psychologically well-adjusted human.’

    When a normal person is confronted by wickedness and evil they accept the fact that there is wickedness and evil in the world and that they (and government) are powerless to change that. The notion that we could ‘make sure this never happens again’ is pure idiocy to a normal, psychologically well adjusted human.

    • According to a friend of mine who served in both Iraq wars and Afghanistan, the (enemy) female snipers were by far the nastiest.

      doubtful. Data doesn’t support it. And we know know the kill counts on the handful of Soviet female snipers were exaggerated

        • And esp. nasty every 28 days. Probably spent a few days each month hunting their officers. “Nasty” indeed!

        • Yeah female cops are famous for shooting people when male cops would have grappled or used other non-lethal force…

        • Women are also efficient swimmers, runners, and basket ball players, but men swim and run faster and score more points even when up against stronger faster men playing defense.

      • There’s probably a psychological effect. “Female sniper” means “I’m gonna have to shoot a woman” means “I’m butting right up against egalitarianism” means “I’m going to displace these unpleasant feelings as ‘Female snipers are the meanest hombres in the valley,’ TPTB can’t condemn me for that.”

    • When significant numbers of female service members come home in body bags, that will be the real test of the efficacy of women in combat.

      All else is conjecture, no different than us bs’ing about who would win an all out nuclear exchange with Russia or China.

      • “no different than us bs’ing about who would win an all out nuclear exchange with Russia or China.”

        Heh, the answer is no one, except the supermutants. Fallout’s a b**ch

      • Almost 200 women have died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can’t name one of them without reaserching the topic and I doubt many other people could either. It seems we’re already at the point of ambivalence regarding women dying in combat. Now, if ISIS, al-Qaeda, etc captured a bunch of US soldiers and raped, tortured, and burned them to death (and put the video on the internet) it would only make us want to slaughter them all without reservations. I don’t think it would make us pull woman out of combat MOS’s.

        The USMC studies above aren’t going to change anything either. It’s just going to be the new reality in combat units. Ultimately women will simply be medical discharged or moved out of combat billets in other capacities due to injury at a higher rate then men. Combat realities arent going to change and neither is the physiology of woman or the policy of women in combat.

  2. There is no right to have the government provide personal safety or security. Bring your own. The Police exist to “protect and serve” society at-large. They have no duty to protect individuals (and certainly don’t have the resources to). They protect and serve society at-large by investigating crimes and apprehending suspects.

    Since schools are “gun free zones”, it is incumbent on the administration of the schools to provide safety and security to their unarmed students, teachers, and staff.

    Anyone that prevents you from bringing the tools necessary for you to provide for your own safety and security should be held responsible for it.

    • ‘The Police exist to “protect and serve” society at-large.’

      The police exist to enforce the laws that politicians enact. Some of those laws, mostly the ones that have been on the books for many, many decades or centuries, exist to protect or serve society. Gun free zones are NOT among those laws, yet the police are there to enforce those laws as well.

      • My point was that the Police are not required to provide protection to individuals. They enforce the laws (all laws that our elected officials enact) after they are violated (and a suspect is caught).

        These new “red flag” laws seem to be moving in the direction of Minority Report (punishment before the crime and without a jury) and hopefully will be ruled unconstitutional by the next Supreme Court Justice and four other justices.

    • All y’all don’t jump to the ‘end-state’ of the argument fast enough (or enough, period).

      The roll of any “cop” or “government” or your asshole neighbors who needed a job (comprising your government) will sunset an INFINITE amount of time before your RTKABA does.

      “The question is hereby asked, and answer demanded: How long will America last? [10].
      This is an unknown, and assertions can be guaranteed by no one. However the existence of America requires not only the desire by its incorporated societies, to defend it but by THE VERY MEANS. Therefore, possession and retention of arms (as a right) IS HEREBY GUARANTEED to outlive even the idea of America.” [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 39]

  3. Paranoia is bad basis for policy, eh?
    I smell both sophisty and Alinsky tactics there.

    But then, one foes not have to be paranoid to realize you can’t put a genie back in the bottle….

    • What about communist cock-baggery?

      We hunt communists, around the globe, for sport.

      Assholes like that MF projecting ciz ‘gun villain’ shit wants to be able to starve you and your kids to death, after taking every good fucking thing away from you. Make sure something sharp and heavy is broken off in their ass way before that happens.

  4. Nearly 90 percent of all gun deaths here are suicides…

    …the obvious result of having (gasp) an overwhelming lack of ‘gun crime’…oh, the horror, the horror.

  5. Women shot less accurately than men? Seriously??
    Something must have been skewed because that sounds like a load of horse shite to me.
    I work at one of the largest firearm training institutes in the world and women (including my wife) consistently shoot as well, or out shoot men, especially at the end of a 4 day course.

    • I have no dought under ideal conditions a women can shoot more accurately than a man. But wear full kit and run miles to simulate stress will the same be true.

      I would love to know there testing methods to come up with this.

    • Combat shooting in full kit is not the same thing as shooting in shorts and a t-shirt after a nice full night of sleep. Women’s bodies are biomechanically inferior to men’s in this regard. Sorry ladies, but unless you’ve been dosing with testosterone to promote muscle and bone density increase since your teens, you will never be able to keep up with an equally fit man. It’s why the trans-“women” are kicking your teeth in every time they are allowed to compete in the same sports.

      • yep Serge

        There’s a saying in the military, “you just don’t have enough ass for that”. It’s not a ‘dig’, we all love our sisters in the military, we need them. We just don’t get the same mileage out of them humping a 240G with ammo, and when we do, we get a little less mileage the next time. And even if some can do better than some men, stacked all together, it’s just not the case (and I ain’t for trying to breed more manly women).

        It’s a thing.

      • the most effective snipers just lie in wait…and wait….and wait…there not running around all the time..

  6. The infantry is hard physical work. It has been since organised warfare started. There will always be women who can be good soldiers and men who can’t be. One size fits all is a idea that never works.

    I have multiple female relatives who were in the Australian Army including some who have only left in the last year. None of them ever thought they would front line infantry (a job I did do)

    • Given that most infantrymen are in the top 10% of human performance boundaries for men, this would put equal performing women in the top 1% of higher. aka not worth the logistical effort and other drawbacks.

      • Absolutely true. And by logical extension the same is true for ALL MOS. While some or the gals can well fill many combat service support jobs much (not most/all) of the time the BS and costs (short or long term )involved does not make they worth it. Nurses OK. The Airfarce or Navy who cares.

        • The NAVY cares. We had some outstanding officer and enlisted women in our SEABEE unit. When we all needed to pull together, we did, and we offset and complemented each other nicely, and we all went on some patrols, but it wasn’t infantry duty 24/7.

          They should never have given the “space force” to the Airforce, only the NAVY and MARINES build in to their units ship-board discipline needed for working together long-term in closely-confined quarters. Plus, the Airforce is super at making shit as expensive as possible. I saw Airforce ATC personnel in Iraq (who barely saw daylight, much less outside the wire, issued brand new 727’s with laser designator package in rolling Pelican cases). The nerdy dudes were laughing and taking selfies with them before getting shipped home.

        • Joe,

          The “Space Force” will not be a spaceship-borne navy. They’ll be operators sitting at keyboards at safe USAF facilities issuing commands to satellites and drones, and they’ll go home to their families at the end of every shift.

  7. “..How do Western states square an affinity for guns with a rising suicide rate? And what can be done to save more lives?”

    I don’t know… maybe you could try focusing on what brings a person to having suicidal thoughts? Focus on the person who is suicidal instead of the tool they may use to actually commit suicide?

    just a thought.

    Here’s another thought…. removing access to the tools use to commit suicide does not remove the desire to actually commit suicide. The gun is the effect, not the cause.

    • exactly mate. the gun is the methodology chosen, not the cause of the suicide. if no gun is available then another method will be chosen if they are serious about it and if they wish to do it by means of a gun they usually are.

    • Guns are the most effective and popular choice. When the UK stopped using coal gas in the 1970s, suicides went down about 30%. Sticking your head in the oven and getting CO poisoning was their go-to method, and once that was no longer an option there were a lot fewer suicides.

  8. My first thought when I read that was the female Russian snipers of WW2 did a pretty damn good job of holding up their end of the fighting. A lot of Nazi’s thought so too, at least the ones that survived did.

    • Snipers are not infantry. Especially not in WWII when the average gear load weighed a fraction of what it does today.

    • Popular mythology. Next tell us about the death dealing Israeli sabra ninjas gals.

      Women in combat units get young men KILLED. Plenty of weak males do as well. Battlefield Darwinism is a thing.

  9. The problem likely isn’t simply “women serving in combat roles”, it’s more likely: has equal opportunity and obama era inclusiveness programs lead to the introduction of subpar female (and male, for that matter) recruits? Democrats are notorious for destroying the military time and again, most notably through reducing combat readiness, by using the military as a social experiment program, rather than a combat force.

  10. The so called evil, gun cultist…. Actually doesn’t want to be part of the incident, discussion, or aftermath. Far from wanting to make it about themselves, gun owners feel compassion for the victims, families, and are angry at evil doer who committed the heinous act, hoping for some justice, angry at the failures of people who claim to have the ability and responsibility to stop such.

    A shooting happens, I wouldn’t think it has anything to do with me at all, anymore than a hurricane, earthquake, volcano, war breaking out, etc.

    So we are put on the defensive, or rather, viciously attacked, when we are blamed, as evil, irrational, terrorists, uncaring…gun cultists, when we are told by the “religious progressives” that we should be ashamed, we have blood on our hands, that they want to turn us into criminals, confiscate our property, that we can’t wear certain hats or shirts in schools or public places, that we need to come to the table, compromise, that we can’t post video or photos of us engaging in safe, legal activities on Facebook or YouTube, can’t privately sell our legal property to others, can’t buy legal products from certain stores because the legal products are inherently evil, if we have a legitimate business it will be attacked, protested, defunded, regulated, dropped from banking, blacklisted. We must pay sin taxes, agree to confiscation, registration, pay fees, take classes, submit.

    I am happy to exit the discussion, focus on justice for the families, honor them, raise some memorial funding, just drop all the blame and we can go about our separate lives, hobbies, and interests.

  11. “This will never do. Time to give men less accurate optics ”

    Nice ‘Harrison Bergeron’ reference, Dan… 🙂

      • Google ‘Harrison Bergeron’, it’s a short story.

        The ‘gist’ of the story is that no one is allowed to excel. Everyone must be dragged down to the lowest level of ability. The strong must wear heavy weights, the beautiful must wear ugly masks in public, the intelligent must wear earpieces that periodically blast loud sounds in their ears distracting them.

        ‘Harrison Bergeron’ the blueprint of a Leftists utopia…

  12. Just in response to the “gun cultist” thing, I think most POTG recognize that no proposed gun law would have had any effect on any of the shootings they are discussing, with the possible exception of raising the long gun buying age on the Florida shooting, though there is no reason to believe that shooter wouldn’t have turned to illegal means to carry out his already illegal actions.

    The DOJ under Obama said that the 94-2004 AWB had no effect on violent crime.

    The FBI, also under Obama could find no means by which to obtain a gun online without a background check, without turning to the Dark Web.

    The shooters who purchased guns through legal means all either passed a background check or were determined after the fact to have been able to pass one had they been required. The others obtained them illegally.

    The U.K. has seen an increase in homicides every year except 2010 since their heavy gun control, while the U.S.A.s homicide rate dropped by nearly half over the same period, demonstrating that gun control does not equal reduced homicide rates. Australias homicide rate decreased, but at a slower rate than the U.S., in case anyone wants to use that example.

    More people were killed in mass shootings in France between 2008 and 2016 than in the U.S.A., despite having some of the strictest gun laws in the world and a fraction of the population.

    If Australia used the same definition of mass shooting that the FBI does than the per capita rate of mass shootings in Australia is less than 1% less than that of the U.S.A.

    Even accounting for the fact that the U.K. classifies Burglary as a violent crime and the U.S. doesn’t, the per capita non homicide violent crime rate in the U.K. is higher than that of the U.S.A., and the estimated number of sexual assault victims in the U.K. in 2016 was over 610,000 versus the estimated number in the U.S. for the same period at about 330,000 despite the U.S. having about 50 times the population.

    All statistics are from the respective countries government websites.

    These are facts, and if caring more about facts than feelings make me a “gun cultist” then so I must be.

    • We in Australia are about to undergo another round of “gun cultist” backlash after a father used legally acquired handguns to execute his teenaged children who were subject to a custody dispute. The anti gun groups, and The Greens, are no doubt already copy-and-pasting their next press releases.

      The father has since been found dead from suicide.

      This is despite two important facts. First the father had a criminal history, albeit a minor one from a long time ago. And second handgun licenses have very stringent background checks and long probation periods which means this was planned well in advance.

      Time to duck and cover.

    • The facts are irrelevant because not one piece of truth in the “gun cultist” puff piece was brought forth. It was all a bunch of hooey and the entire point of the piece was “it’s better off you have no guns.”

      They really do want to take everyone’s gun, but they don’t understand the result of that. Instead of a few instances every year, in the world’s 3rd largest country mind you, of a tragic shooting, the result will be worse and it will not just be children harmed.

      The child is the trojan horse the Left wants to parade as those whose only life matters and that we as adults must give up our rights to give them a better world. No, that’s not our job Nancy Pelosi, it’s your job to stop spending us into oblivion and to secure the border and to stop protecting the incompetent and corrupt cops at the FBI.

      The author wants to make David Hogg out to be a pure as the driven snow angel and he’s not. The author wants to paint people who believe no more infringements on the RKBA as uber-Nazis. He’s the type in the media who want to push us closer to civil war and if he and his cohorts keep pushing, they’ll get their civil war that they can write about and cover and get lots of ratings for.

      And more than a few children will die in that civil war, but hey, to make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs.

    • will also add that australia has been on the same downward trend since the 60’s when it did reach its actual peak. since then it has been on the same gradual downward trend. the NFA had nothing to do with it going down. what the NFA did bring down was suicides with guns which were almost 70% of the suicide deaths and those were lumped into the gun crime statistics as well. however there was no 70% drop after the NFA which means that actual crime with guns has to have gone up. no i dont call suicide a crime, i call it a damn sad situation that with the right help may or may not be able to be turned around.
      another thing the NFA HAS done is reduce accidents and this is i think in part due to the mandatory safety training as woeful as i think it is but it does focus on all the basic safety rules.
      but again with all the suicide deaths and accidental deaths by firearms cut dramatically in the space of a couple of years yet there is no corresponding sudden drop in the death rate by gun does mean that there has to have been an increase in the actual crime rate using firearms.
      if the left want me to feel anything but anger aimed at the criminal and at them for doing to do the only thing that wont actually work (taking the guns from the hands of the law abiding) then they need to do a damn sight more to do something that will actually solve the problem. IHMO that would be to arm and train all law abiding citizens in the country but that is exactly what they dont want because it is power they really want and to keep the public in fear. so my response is screw you and the horse you came in on with a 105mm howitzer straight up the clacker. yes it is well overdue time for CW in this country even though that is a last resort.

      so in short yeah i must be a gun cultist. that dont mean i dont feel sad for the victims though. i just wish that they could have had some sort of fighting chance when the criminal decided to take their life. also govt tends to be the absolute worst for killing lots of people once the peons are disarmed

  13. A few miscellaneous links for the ‘Digest’ :

    A ‘The Fourth of July is racist’ update :

    “Facebook Algorithm Flags The Declaration Of Independence As “Hate Speech”


    “Teen Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat, Assailant Fired”



    • I think that guy picked the right 16 year old i have a cousin benching around 200 that would’ve whipped his ass…

  14. Look, inclusivity is great and all, but when it comes to national security, I want the best of the best protecting my country, and it turns out that maybe women aren’t the greatest at it, oh well. I want shit kickers and pipe hitters, certain groups’ feelings be damned.

  15. I’m sure there are “gun cultists”(like that Moonie offshoot bunch). I’m not one. Only been a gun owner for 7 years and don’t shoot my meager collection often enough. But I HOPE Trump nominates the pro-gun guy for SCOTUS. They’re all anti-baby murder and I know repealing Roe v Wade won’t happen. But we CAN put some law enforcement into our rights. Before the civil war…I’ll be damned if I take the blame for evil.

    • “I’ll be damned if I take the blame for evil.”

      THIS! I am so tired of being blamed for stuff I have no control over.

  16. “In contrast, the sole response of the Gun Cultist is “I didn’t do it! Screw you! Don’t touch my gun!”’

    Well, I DIDN’T do it.

    So, indeed that is one of my responses. I also may have other responses, so I must not be a Gun Cultist.

    • Goes to show you that you don’t have to have committed a crime to be guilty of something.

      That’s the Socialist world that people like him want and it’s that world that the 2nd amendment’s existence keeps at bay.

    • To go full circle into gun-grabber penis-gazing tendencies,

      Do we take penises away from all men when one is a rapist? Register all penises over 3 inches? The ridiculousness of this is obvious when applied to a bodypart. This is what gun owners see and realize when lawmakers propose new laws and restrictions that will obviously do nothing to stop criminals.

      • This is an interesting problem.

        Do we measure and ban based on length flaccid or erect? Is it a one-feature test or a two-feature test? Where does girth enter into the conversation (is it the “shoulder thing that goes up”?) And then there’s the, er, magazine capacity issue…

    • should we do everything possible to keep it from happening again?…of course…but that doesn’t include disarming people..if anything, just the opposite…..

  17. Pft, I wish the NRA acted like that cartoon. Instead they endorsed both the laws against it (Banning rocket launchers with the 1934 NFA and banning 25% of the population from buying a firearm with the 1968 GCA). I wish the Supreme Court did too instead of having KKK members accept obvious sham trials without question.

    • Stop whining about the NRA. 25% of the population are NOT excluded under the GCA. In terms of certain criminals being excluded that is something the vast majority of gun owners agree with, so why would the NRA not agree with their members? I’m a lifetime NRA member and I agree with banning felons.

      • 24% of the US is under 18. A category whose rights are explicitly and specifically infringed by the 1968 Gun Control Act that Franklin Orth, then head of the NRA, endorsed. Resident aliens and a few other groups easily bring the number to over 25%. The vast majority of these 25% are criminals.

        The NRA is directly responsible for it being impossible for a teenager working a summer job to use his earnings to buy a 22 rifle and box of 22lr to feed it (can easily be done for under 200 USD, so 100% feasible). He can’t gives the money to his parents and have them buy it either, as then they’d be committing a straw purchase, a crime the NRA insist be actively prosecuted. That’s a total disqualifier for claiming your organization supports gun rights.

        • “He can’t gives the money to his parents and have them buy it either, as then they’d be committing a straw purchase, a crime the NRA insist be actively prosecuted.”

          As soon as I got a job, I was expected to contribute to the family income.

          ‘Junior’ can make an additional ‘contribution’ and his adult guardian can legally gift him the rifle. After everyone involved knows to keep their mouths shut as to where it came from…

      • CC, I have a problem with the fed gubt simply having the mechanism available to prohibit *anyone* from purchasing a firearm under *any* circumstances, and I contend such capability is a clearly unconstitutional infringement. I don’t really care if you SHOOT the MF you want to call a “prohibited person”, but gubt should not possess the *means* to prevent a firearm sale to anyone who is alive. Because it is unconstitutional.

  18. Anit-gun Cultist:
    When confronted by the spectacle of slaughter in an elementary school, the normal person automatically responds, “Dear God in heaven, what can we do to make sure this never happens again!” It is the normal response of any psychologically well-adjusted human.

    In contrast, the sole response of the Anti-Gun Cultist is “Take away everybody’s guns!”

  19. States in the Mountain West have some of the most permissive gun laws in the country. But many of these states struggle with the same problem: suicide. Utah has one of America’s lowest homicide rates and one of the highest suicide rates.

    Oh WTF we KNOW what it is.

    We know gun and non gun suicide is much higher among new (less than 40 generations) populations to mountainous regions worldwide. It has been documented in a dozen studies.

    In fact within Utah, colordao, Wyoming etc the suicide rates are highest in the counties at the highest elevations.

    Yes this is not observed in Tibet or much of the Andes but this is because populations there have had thousands of years to acclimate and those populations have way more red blood cells. People of pure European background in the Andes, in places with no guns also have elevated of depression and suicide. Even among native Americas it is tribes moved from low altitude central US to the mountain areas that have higher suicide rates than native Americas whose tribal history was high elevation mountain areas to begin with.

    Lower blood oxygen, especially chronic 24/7 mild hypoxia, exactly what you would see in transplanted populations in a mountains areas is proven to increase rates of depression. more people with mild depression, and more people that would otherwise have mild depression having severe depression.

    We’ve known for decades of the correlation of non native populations living at elevation and suicide (by all means). We now know from the science the reason and causality. just go to google scholar or NIH searchbar and search: hypoxia, elevation, suicide depression mountain states.

    The press is not giving this coverage since this destroyed the narrative that higher gun ownership in those places is casual. Again non gun suicide is as severely elevated in those places as gun suicide showing guns don’t increase suicide risks one iota.

    Again over 20 studies looking right down to average elevation of counties showing increased suicide risk in the mountain west is all about altitude

    • Well, altitude could very well be a reason, but, the way the suicide rate is determined is also a reason. My home state of Montana has one of the highest suicide rates in the USA, but, MT also has one of the lowest populations at just a tad over 1,000,000 residents. (WY takes the cake at just under 580,000 residents) The reason is because the suicide rate is determined by the percentage of the population that commits suicide, not the raw number of people that commit suicide which would make MT one of the states with the lowest number of suicides. So if you used raw numbers from states like FL, CA, TX, NY etc. they would have the highest number of suicides.

      But that doesn’t fit the gun control narrative.

  20. “But at the heart of the response is this: when push comes to shove, the Gun Cultist would rather see every single child in the US have his or her head blown off than consider even the tiniest change to our gun regime.”

    OK, I’ll go along with myself being labeled a “gun cultist”.
    I am really not OK with a child’s death, or suicide by gun.
    Fvck you people.
    I’ve talked people down from their suicidal ledge. Even got an award for it. (Undeserved)

    I am not OK with the death of children. Whether it’s abortion, partial birth abortion, or “Din Du Nuffin” shooting up the wrong house.
    Death penalty for those murderers!

  21. “A Marine Corps veteran who has advocated for full integration, Katelyn van Dam, also took issue with the study, saying it is time to stop asking if women can “hack it” in combat units and instead focus on developing gender-neutral standards that apply to all. She is a spokesman for the Truman Project and Center’s No Exceptions initiative, which calls for opening all military jobs to women immediately.”

    So in other words, the actual data doesn’t matter, so long as the standards are “neutral”.

    What a vapid cunt.

    • lol she would love what i would do then. i would push her till she broke and then push twice as goddamn hard. i have tried to join the army here in australia however before i had tried the first time i already had injuries that prevented me from doing so (got hung up and dragged from a horse suffering multiple slipped discs that give me problems quite often)

      • I wouldn’t bother trying to join the Australian military. If you are male you WILL be discriminated against. Recruiters have quotas for female recruits and more so in combat roles. This has been openly admitted by the military. Even with this push the recruiters are still finding it impossible to meet the quotas because not enough women are interested.

        Political Correctness has gone absolutely crazy.

        • i am a female ex jillaroo/sawmiller (grew up doing that) with a back injury from a horse accident just before i turned 21. since the injury i have worked as a jillaroo, builder, and doing asbestos demolition and worked in a quarry. up until recently (starting to slow down a bit) i always kept up with the guys (maybe the guys i have worked with over the years have been pussies though i have been called a slave driver by guys that swing the tordon axe for a living and i was leading by example at age 15).
          i am at an age now that they would not accept me anyway without having done a trade they needed (44 yeah i know good caliber:P )

  22. No. A big expensive research was obviously needed . Wow. What a surprise. The research wasn’t expensive enough. Let’s put more money into this.

  23. Katelyn van Dam, also took issue with the study, saying it is time to stop asking if women can “hack it” in combat units and instead focus on developing gender-neutral standards that apply to all.


    Women can’t do the job of war because they are women. That’s not a problem, just reduce the quality standards or accept everyone who wants in regardless. Special Operations teams can be full of super short Mexican women trying to get American citizenship.

    Oh, and don’t worry about men and women being together, they won’t make babies because there is already rules against that. They totally follow the rules, just look what happens in the Navy.

    I think women would be better suited for vehicle based jobs, such as pilots.

  24. Geee….when I was a kid, I used to build and launch Estes rockets all the time. So what is the problem?

    • you know why women did not want the vote for a long time…. it came with certain responsibilities being national service (be it militia or regular military and depending on the country) fire fighting etc etc. all the hard dangerous jobs. wonder how many men these days would want to vote if it came to having to do all those things. i would but i am one of those rare females who grew up jillarooing/sawmilling and was a volunteer bush fire fighter. then the vote was given to them without any of those responsibilities and it was removed from all males as being mandatory that they did do their bit in those things

  25. I”m a bit surprised to hear the women aren’t as good at marksmanship. That seems like that would be the area where the most parity exists. Collegiate and Olympic competition tends to show little difference in marksmanship ability between the sexes. My understanding is that US collegiate rifle competition is mixed with no separate trophies based on sex.

    • I’m sure there’s a difference between Olympic target-style marksmanship and shooting at moving targets while being surrounded by chaos and noise after you’ve just humped 80 pounds of gear 20 miles.

  26. “A Gun Cultist is marked rather by his total, obsessive, self-absorbed narcissism”
    There’s that psychological projection again…

  27. Love, love, love it when the government (our “ahole neighbors who needed a job”) comes right out and says that they can’t do something.


    Now pack yer sh_t, and go the F home.

    PFFFFFT gun registry. That’s just taxpayer funded tyranny.

    If your government says “We cannot protect you, until you do X”, ONLY THE FIRST PART OF THEIR STATEMENT IS TRUE. If your government says “We can’t protect you, unless and until you have given up the means with which you protect yourself”. Then they have overtly proven themselves to be a bunch of tyrannical (and likely POS (D)) MFrs, and they need to be hunted to extinction.

    “Common sense will tell us that the power which hath endeavored to subdue us, is of all
    others the most improper to defend us. Conquest may be effected under the pretence of friendship; and ourselves, after a long and brave resistance, be at last cheated into
    slavery…. Wherefore, if we must here-after protect ourselves, why not do it for ourselves?

  28. FYSA, the article on USMC female infantry trials is ~3 years old. Not exactly breaking news for the roll.

  29. “Nearly 90 percent of all gun deaths here are suicides”

    Thank god Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and Robin Williams didn’t have guns.


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