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“The court heard how, in September last year, [Chanze Nolan and Devonte Harris] were driven to Wellingborough in a rented white Golf to pick up a friend,” reports, “and brought the loaded shotgun ‘for no specific purpose.’ But while driving in Burns Road, they spotted someone they thought was a rival gang member and ordered their driver to pull over . . .

The 18-year-old victim was helpless as Nolan rolled down the window, pointed the shotgun at him and shot him in the leg before the car sped off.

The teenager was airlifted to hospital and needed two rounds of surgery to close a six-centimetre wide gunshot wound.

A case of mistaken identity it was. An only slighter larger more mistake than the antis make when they claim that the UK — a country with 25 percent more crime victims than the U.S. where “gun crimes” are up 23 percent— when they say that The Land of Hope and Glory is a gun-free paradise.

The lads were jailed and the victim recovered. And American antis will say it’s an outlier. New flash: it stops being an outlier when it starts being you.

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  1. The UK has a growing problem with fatherless males raised by single mothers on welfare, and a growing gang culture to go with it. Their gun control regime may indeed make a mass shooting unlikely but it will not prevent criminal gangs from shooting up the neighborhood.

    While they might have no mass shootings they do have mass bombings, run overs and a lot of underage sex trafficking.

    • tdiinva: Maybe UK is like chicago. Nothing counts until at least 4 people die and it isn’t an immigrant or progressive.=

    • No…it doesn’t make a mass shooting unlikely……they had one mass shooting each decade before the gun ban, then they had the Cumbria shooting and they also had 2 other mass shooting attempts that were stopped by dumb luck…the 19 year old got a glock on the dark web to shoot up his former university, he was caught be3cause he posted about the attack on social media.. and a 15 year old brought a shotgun to his school, and then decided not to shoot anyone and called the police on himself…………..there are guns in Britain, and if you know a drug dealer you can get the gun. What is more likely will be a terrorist attack…..with mass casualties……

    • France’s gun control didnt stop a mass shooting. Juat because it hasnt happened doesnt mean it couldnt happen.

      • An organized terrorist attack may end up shooting a mass of people but it is not a mass shooting. It is a terrorist attack. Orgsnized terrorists have the means to get the weapons they need no matter what the law is. A potential mass shooter is less likely to have access to the means because he may not have the ability to find someone who will actually sell him the weapon before he is ripped off or murdered in the attempt.

        We are losing our edge in public support because we fail to admit the obvious, i.e., if something is hard to get fewer people will get it. Our frustrated would be mass shooter may have to use other means to kill or just give up and go retro and become a good old fashion serial killer.

        • “… if something is hard to get fewer people will get it.”
          That stands to reason. Unfortunately, crime defies reason.
          We in the US. have a ban on illegal drugs. The War on Drugs started in the 60s.
          Since then, drugs are more powerful, cheaper, and to your point, easier to get.
          Making something people want ‘hard to get’ does not mean fewer people will get it, it instead drives that something underground, where it’s harder to see. It looks like there’s less of it, but that doesn’t make it so.
          Prostitution is illegal in most places, but it thrives nonetheless.
          Guns are lust like any other desired item; make it illegal, and those who want them will still get them.

  2. What punishment will the British courts give to these 2 fine looking subjects?
    My guess is a slap on the wrist
    Even though it was a “gun crime”
    Do we have any information on how long might they be imprisoned if convicted

  3. I hear acid to the face is what all the cool immigrant kids are doing these days.

    The UK needs to complete Brexit and punt all the foreign squatters back from whence they came. Oh and deploy the Royal Navy to the Mediterranean and start sinking the immigrant boats.

    Of course Englishmen aren’t quite what they used to be since they have grown fond of letting the daughters of their countrymen be raped and traffiked by 3rd world rape gangs.

    But hey…diversity is their strength.

      • “Took”

        Englishmen have been neutered since the 40’s. They are so weak now they let their 13 and 14 year old girls be raped and trafficked with impunity for fear of offending the Islamic savages, rather than dragging them into the streets and publicly hanging them.

        • I mourn for our contemporary brethren, indoctrinated to be subjects of the crown.
          Imagine flooding England with 300,000 American firearms. Most American gun owners own more than 1 or 2 guns that they admit to, hell before my boating accident I owned 17 firearms, including hunting rifles, lever rifles, semi auto pistols, revolvers, and shotguns.
          now i just call 911 and wait to be saved by our fine govt provided police.

        • I believe the Americans DID flood the UK with privately owned arms, after the first time UK disarmed themselves. This was shortly before a German invasion looked imminent. In response, the Brits then confiscated and destroyed all of those after the immediate threat was over and the war was won. I believe #neveragain# is applicable here….

        • As I recall. Most of the firearms sent by the NRA ended up on the bottom of the Atlantic and the rest were never issued/used. Some were actually returned to the original owner after the end of the war. NRA “American Rifleman” had an article several years ago. An interesting idea.

          Perhaps the enslaved subjects of the crown need a “Gun Lift” much worse today than in 1940. Today their enemy is within the isle. Randomly dropping is (as to the French “resistance”) a few hundred thousand “Liberator 2” likely would do wonders for them. Same to the NORKs (and into Chicomland). In all cases enclose a New Testament for the heathens (mohammadan or commie).

      • If you march enough brave young men into the meat grinder of battle you’ll be left with a country of older men who were not so brave and found ways to avoid it.

        Look at France after WWI.

      • Mack is right when he says “took.”

        Also of note, it was mostly hired German mercenaries they sent into the grinder here during the Revolutionary War. I believe the devolution of the British People dates to the socialist governments of the twenties.

      • The Royal Crown has been sacrificing their sheep/subjects from the very beginning why should it stop now.

  4. Somewhat recently declassified MI5 docs reveal that the crown gave weapons to Protestant militia in N. Ireland as recently as the 1990’s. There are guns on the streets of the UK because “the crown” put them there. Not all guns, but some. But I guess it is OK if you want the subjects to due the dirty work that the kingsmen cannot be seen doing. They learned since the days of the Auxiliaries and Black & Tans but the crown’s hypocrisy is glaring.

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