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“Most people in Iowa don’t even know it’s on the books.” Nathan Gibson reckons that Iowa’s prohibition against kids under 14 touching handguns flies under most gun owners’ radar. Hence the bill currently wending its way through the state House that would allow them to plink while under adult supervision. And as day follows night, the perpetually aggrieved and outraged are, well, outraged at the prospect of Gramps teaching little Timmy how to hit a Coke can at five paces with a Mark III . . .

“What this bill does, the bill before us, allows for 1-year-olds, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds to operate handguns,” state Rep. Kirsten Running-Marquardt (D) said earlier this week, according to CBS-affiliate KCCI.

“We do not need a militia of toddlers.”

Can’t you just picture the formations of toddlers in their Realtree onesies and Pull-Ups goose-stepping around Iowa’s corn fields packing Desert Eagles (micros, of course)?

State Rep. Jake Highfill (R) said the new bill, which passed 62-36, “brings the code in line with long guns and shotguns” by allowing children to also use handguns under direct supervision from a parent or legal guardian.

Highfill figures it’s part of responsible firearms education…teaching kids to handle guns safely, ultimately saving children’s lives.

“Allowing people to learn at a young age the respect that a gun commands is one of the most important things you can do,” Highfill told The Washington Post. The alternative, he said, is “turning 18 with no experience.”

But don’t try that gun safety argument on the forces of statist control. They’ll always find a bloody shirt to pick up.

During the debates earlier this week, state Rep. Mary Mascher (D) brought up the case of a 9-year-old girl in Arizona who accidentally shot and killed her shooting range instructor with an Uzi.

“Unfortunately the instructor and the parents made the wrong decision and someone died,” she said, according to Iowa Public Radio. “Every three hours in this country a child dies from gun violence.”

Never mind that most of those “children” in the statistic Mascher cites are gang bangers as old as 24. And don’t confuse a hoplophobic harridan with facts when she’s on a roll. Still, it makes you wonder why she’d oppose a bill designed to instill safe gun handling practices in children. It’s almost as if keeping saving kids’ lives isn’t her real objective.

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  1. First firearm I ever shot was a .357 magnum S&W 686. I was 9, under the supervision of my dad and a family friend on private property.

    The rest shall we say was history.

  2. “We do not need a militia of toddlers.”

    Yeah, what are we? Uncivilized, or something?

    First you teach children to shoot. Then you turn children into soliders. The next thing you know, it is acceptable to marry children. Then you can marry donkeys. Then we can reclassify people as atheist pan-sexual horses. Where does it end?

    Slippery slope, people.

  3. Back in the early seventies, my parents gave me a .22lr pump action Winchester rifle at 11 years old for Christmas. I got a .22lr semi-auto pistol a year later. I kept them in my room, and I could take them out any time I wanted to shoot without asking permission. All my friends were the same. We would go out plinking after school, and week ends, no parent supervision required.

    I lived in a rural area on the coast in California, 10 miles from Santa Cruz and 60 miles from San Jose.

    How times have changed.

  4. That picture should be courtesy of Guns Save Life!


    I recognize that guy (no, he’s not me, but he’s a friend).

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, TTAG!


  5. “We do not need a militia of toddlers.”

    Did she actually say that? That remark speaks as much about her as it does how stupid she considers the public to be to fall for it.

    • At the Legion Park, the town had two 3 inch anti-tank guns which were semi-operable. We kids got pretty good at operating those field guns. It is really too bad we had no ammo for the guns, but we still scared drivers of passing cars silly.

  6. “We do not need a militia of toddlers.”

    We can’t afford to give up any tactical advantage to the jihadis so as long as ISIS had toddler militias we too must have toddler militias.

    BTW, the wheels of legislature run pretty slow in Iowa. Probably because of representatives like Running-Marquardt and Mascher who think they’re qualified to pass laws concerning firearms when they don’t have a clue what the difference is between a fully automatic Uzi and a Ruger Bearcat.

    • Do the toddler martyrs get their virgins, too?

      Man, you know, those martyrs are getting younger and younger. They just blow up so fast, now days.

      • Hmm… virgins for virgins.

        I would draw the line at toddlers beheading infidels, though. At some point you have to take the moral high ground.

        • I’m going to put all joking aside for a minute. You know, the question posed as to why Islamic terrorists use kids and have no issues killing kids is actually disturbing to the core once you really get into it.

          These hardcore fundamentalist truly know that there is life after, and death is only the transition to move unto heaven or hell. So, by killing kids who are too young to sin, they believe they are not hurting them, but setting them free. So, the young kids can transition to heaven before they old enough to sin or be tainted by their infidel parents.

          So, I joked about it. But, the reality is that these people do believe that they will be helping their children by killing them. And even more disrupting, they feel the same way about our children, as well.

          It’s a hard concept for Westerners to wrap their mind around.

        • Yeah, but the kids may have problems getting into heaven due to Original Sin.
          “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me.”
          the intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth.”

  7. Well, de- normalization of guns and complete control of everything the growing little sprouts seems to be the agenda here. It isn’t even people.doing dangerous things. It’s people doing things.

    “Everything not compulsory is forbidden.” And “Not to worry, we’ll decide for you.”

    OK we get the offer. Have you heard the “No, thanks?”

  8. Another progard law allows the watermelons at the “Dept of Natural Resources” control of ATVs and snowmobiles and bans carry of firearms on such. In particular concealed. Get out of your car carrying and on your Gator and you illegal.

  9. “Every three hours in this country a child dies from gun violence.”

    First, the statement is simply untrue.

    Second, even if it were true, “gun safety” and “gun violence” are mutually exclusive concerns that get conflated all too often. Reducing “gun violence” will not impact accidental gun-related deaths (a failure of “gun safety”), and increasing “gun safety” (thereby reducing accidental gun-related deaths) will not impact “gun violence”.

  10. That woman is an idiot. The bill doesn’t say it allows 4 year old childred to foam the streets with a handgun.
    I taught a my kids to shoot a handgun from the time they were old enough to hold it. 6-7 years old for the girls and 5 for my son. They learned immediate respect for the power of guns by holding on to one and pulling the trigger. In every case it was a full size 9mm. They were all shaken a little bit and felt the power and destruction it was capable of. They all three grinned ear to ear as well and all 3 are pretty good with a handgun now as adults.
    What putting a gun in a kids hands at a young age does is take the mystery away. They have no desire to “play” with one anymore.
    I had a bb gun at 8 and a 22 when I turned 12. Dad taught me to shoot from the time I could hold a rifle.

  11. My friends who are uneducated in gun laws can be quite surprised about (in TX., at least) the fact that my son can only own a long gun at 18 years of age, and a pistol at 21 years of age. As one friend put it, “What’s the difference, both shoot bullets.”

    Away from the cities, no one really cares. In another state, my great nephew got his first deer. Age – 4. Not in Kindergarten, yet. Made his older (First Grade) sister mad, she had to be taken out for the next two weeks, until she got a deer.

    • Unless the law has changed. You can own a handgun under 21, in Texas, if it was gifted, but you cannot buy one.

      How’s that for some logical gun laws.

  12. Even here in my part of Australia you can have junior rifle or pistol licence from 11. Some states 12

    I grew up before licences for rifles and started at 8 with .22. Pistol was up to local club and was usually 10 before you could use under supervision and 18 to own same as now

  13. Started my sons on a Walter P22 at 6, M&P22 when their hands got a bit bigger to hold the full-sized frame, then on to 9mm at a later point (my youngest is starting to make that transition, but his hands are not quite there yet).

    Started them on Rossi break-open .22LR youth rifle at around 8, transitioned to a M&P 15-22 shortly thereafter and now my oldest (12) shoots a regular AR-pattern well enough to be jokingly called “10K” by my Z-nation watching range friends. We are currently in the process of building his own AR from parts with him doing the build.

    These people are idiots.

  14. And as day follows night, the perpetually aggrieved and outraged are, well, outraged at the prospect of Gramps teaching little Timmy how to hit a Coke can at five paces with a Mark III

    That IS pretty scary. Those things are a bitch to disassemble and clean; he should be using a CZ Kadet.

  15. Any law enforcement person that says anything about teaching my child to shoot being illegal will immediately develop multiple new holes in their body.

    I am done will stupid tyrants.

  16. Everyone just shut up, sit down, and do what the Almighty and Omniscient State tells you to do … the Almighty and Omniscient State knows what is best for everyone.


  17. The best thing I did was to have my kids shoot my .45 acp when they turn 8. Taught them that they went boom, violently! It taught them that they deserve respect and that the consequences of using them are real. They constantly wanted to touch them all the time (which I allowed only under my direct supervision anytime they asked to take away any mystic that they had) and after one shot not so much.


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